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Bad Boy falls in Love with a Good Girl

Chapter 5 - "Will you be my girlfriend?"

CHAPTER 5 (Still Harry's POV)

"Yes, you are falling in love with her, - my mind answers for me."

I don't wait any longer. I bent down my head and I crash my lips onto hers. No time is waisted, when she starts to kiss back. When we pull apart, I ask:

- Will you be my girlfriend?, - I ask.

- Yes, I will be your girlfriend, - she answers, as she leans in for another kiss.

When we pull apart, she says:

- Well, as you are now my boyfriend, - she says, - do you want to see the scars that I got from my parents?

- Yes, - I say, with more tears in my eyes.

She lifts her shirt up and I gasp. The scars are all over her stomach. I lean down and I start kissing her bruises. She puts her hand onto my hair and she starts playing with them.

- I'm so sorry, - I say.

- You don't have to be sorry, - she says.

- I'll never again let someone touch my baby girl, - I say.

- Thanks, - she says, - I think we should get ready for the bed.

- Yes, - I say, - and will you go out on a date with me, it's Saturday tomorrow?

- Yes, I will, - she says, - now get ready for the bed, flirty!

I laugh and we get up from the bed. She goes downstairs and takes her bag. Then she takes her bag and goes upstairs to the bathroom to change.

When she is changing, a great idea popped into my mind.

I ran downstairs, grab two candles and the lighter, and run upstairs. When I'm inside our bedroom, I light the candles and place them on both sides of my bed. As I do this, I quiclky get undressed. I leave just my boxers on me. As I hear the bathroom doors unlocking, I hide behind the closet, which is near the bathroom door. When she walks into the room, I hear her gasp.

- Harry, where are you?, - she asks.

Then I jump out of my hiding spot and go up to her and I wrap my arms around her waste. As she feels that. she turns to me and she kisses me passionately.

When we pull apart, she drags me to the bed, pulling a bedsheet over us.

- Thanks Harry for today, - she says.

- No, problem, Love, - I say.

I give her a kiss on her cheek and I say:

- Goodnight, beautiful, - I say.

- Goodnight, handsome, - she says.

I smile widely at her word and she falls asleep.

I put my arm around her waste and I immediately fall asleep with a huge smile on my face.

This was the Best Day Ever!



I will update today!

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Cant wait for the next part! This is pretty interesting.

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