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Bad Boy falls in Love with a Good Girl

Chapter 4 - Food for Me and Her Story

CHAPTER 4 (Still Harry's POV)

- - - - - After my shower - - - - -

After my shower, I go out of the bathroom. I decide to go in to my room, so I go in and change in to my "house" clothes. After that I go out and I smell something. I go down the stairs and I see Penny, in the kitchen, making pancakes.

- You didn't have to do that, - I say.

- I wanted to, - she says.

- Well, ok, - I say, - thanks.

- You're welcome, - she says.

She motions me to sit at the table, where I usually sit alone and eat. I sit and I watch her taking two plates, two forks and two knifes.

With that she comes to the table.

- Here you go, - she says, putting the first plate with the pancakes in front of me.

- Thanks again, - I say and I try one of them, - these are really good! Do you know how to cook?

- Thanks, - she says, - yeah, I know and this is my mother's reci--.

And without finishing, she starts crying. Why is she crying?

- Love, why are you crying?, - I ask, when I get up and walk up to her. I put my hands on her
shoulders and she kisses both of them.

- I'm sorry, - she says crying.

- You don't have to be sorry, - I say, - do you want to talk about it?

She thinks about a minute and then she answers:

- I think I need to, - she says, - but first finish the pancakes, unless you want to eat them, when they are cold.

- I'll leave them and eat them later, - I say, - and now I want to know why are you crying?

- Let's go to your room, - she says, - and I'll tell you.

- Ok, - I say.

When she gets up, I wrap my hands around her and she puts her head on my shoulder. We walk upstairs to my room. She drags me into my room and pulls me right onto the bed. We lay down on the bed. She lays her head on my chest. I love that feeling.

As she is crying, she starts talking:

- So, my story is, - she begings, - my both parents died a few years ago and I flown here away from them. That is the sad part, but there is the worst part!

- I'm so sorry, - I say, - what's the worst part?

- No, it's okay, - she says, - the worst part is that, - here she starts to cry harder, - they used to abuse and rape me.

- WHAT?, - I say, - they used to r-a-p-e you and a-b-u-s-e you?

- Yes, - she states, - but it's okay.

- How can it be okay?, - I say, but I feel some liquid down my cheeks.

- Shh, don't cry, - she says.

Now I realise that I'm crying.

She takes her hand and wipes my tears of my face. When her hand touches my face, I feel sparks in my stomach. Wait?

Am I falling in love with Penny?


Please vote and comment what you like and what you don't. I will try to update every day from now. :)


I will update today!

Harrysgirl16 Harrysgirl16


Lia_lily569 Lia_lily569

Cant wait for the next part! This is pretty interesting.

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