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Bad Boy falls in Love with a Good Girl

Chapter 3 - Biology and at Harry's House

CHAPTER 3 (Still Harry's POV)

- - - - - After the lesson - - - - -

As the lesson finishes with the bell, I run out of the classroom. I run to my locker, put my books and I wait for her. After a while, she comes. She puts her books in her locker and takes out the biology book.

- So, let's go, - she says, as she closes the locker and takes my hand. I stood in amazement.

- Yup, - I say, - let's go.

While we are walking, she squeezes my hand 2 times.

When we go into the classroom, I see Zayn sitting at his table and talking to his girlfriend, Perrie. I smile at them.

Then Penny drags me to a long table, which has two chairs. I see her sit and then she motions me to sit next to her on the empty chair. I gladly accept it and then the lesson begins.

- - - - - After biology - - - - -

When the lesson finishes, Penny grabs my hand and we leave the class. Then we walk to our lockers.

She lets go of my hand, goes to her locker and puts her books in it. I do the same.

When she is done, I ask:

- Where are your things?, - I ask.

- There are next to the principals office, - she answers.

- Ok, - I say, - grab your homework and let's get your stuff, yeah?

- Yeah, - she says.

As she does that, we start walking towards the principals office. When we come near to it, she says:

- You can stay here, - she says, - I'll just get my stuff, ok?

- Okay, - I say and she walks away. After a minute she comes back with one bag, which is huge.

- Let me take that for you, - I say. She nods and gives it to me. I put the bag over my shoulder and I take her hand.

- So, let's go, - I say.

- Yes, - she says.

- - - - - At my house - - - - -

When we come near to my house, I unlock my doors and let her in first. She says a "thank you" and I put her bag on the ground.

- So, make yourself at home, - I say.

- Ok, - she says, - and thanks for doing this for me.

- Anytime, - I say, - for a beautiful girl like you.

She blushes.

- I'll just take a shower and I'll be back, - I say, - by the way, my room is upstairs, to the left.

- Ok, - she says.

And I walk away to take my shower.


Please comment on what you like and why you like my fan fiction, ok? I will be updating the next chapter tomorrow.


I will update today!

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Cant wait for the next part! This is pretty interesting.

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