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Bad Boy falls in Love with a Good Girl

Chapter 2 - The Note and What Happened at Lunch

Chapter 2 (Still Harry's Pov)

I take a look at the note that she gave me. It says:

would you care to sit with me at lunch?
Penny, xx.

I smile at her note. Sure, if she wants me to sit with me at luch, why not? I wonder if there is something wrong. I didn't notice, when Louis and Niall came to me.

- Harry, are you okay?, - Louis asks.

- Yes, I'm okay, - I say.

- What were you smiling at, then?, - Niall says.

- Nothing, - I say, but it's a lie and Louis notices that.

- I will have a talk after school, - Louis demands.

I just nod.

I go into the classroom and I see Penny, sitting at a table alone near the window. Then I look around and I find an empty table near her. So, I go sit at that table.

When I sit, she turns her head to me and she smiles. Oh, that smile! I smile back. With that the teacher comes and starts the lesson.

- - - - - Before lunch and at lunch - - - - -

It's lunch break and I will sit with her! I go out of the classroom, which was geography. She had a free period, because the teacher was missing.

I actually didn't listen to the teacher, because I was thinking about her and the kiss that she gave me before math.

I remember her note and it makes me smile. I go put my books into my locker, I shut the locker with a noice and I run into the cafeteria, where I see Penny sitting alone at a table, which is far from everyone.

When I walk to her, she smiles at me and pats the spot that is next to her. I smile back and I sit next to her.

- So, - I say, - I got your note.

- Good, - she says, - because I have something to ask you.

- Well, - I say, - ask what you wanted to ask me.

- I don't know how to, - she says.

- Just ask me, Love, - I say.

She blushes and then she talks again.

- Maybe you happen to live alone?, - she asks.

- Yes, why?, - I say.

- Well, you know, - she says, - there is one girl, who needs to live somewhere.

- Who is she?, - I ask.

- Me, - she says.

- I live alone, - I say, - and it would be a pleasure to have a girl to live with.

- Ok, - she says and she smiles one more time, - and your name is Harry, right?

- Yes, - I say, - my name is Harry.

- Nice to meet you, Harry, - she says.

- How many periods do you have left?, - I ask her, - and what are they?

- I have two periods, - she says, - geography and biology, the last one. How about you?

- I have two periods like you, - I say, - but I have the last one the same as you - biology.

- Great, - she says, - after biology, we could go grab my things and then head to your house.

- Perfect, - I say and I see that 5 minutes are left till the next class, - do you want to eat something?

- No, - she says, - how about you?

- Me too, - I say, - so mine next period is literature, so see you before biology, right?

- Yes, - she says and she kisses me on the other - right - cheek and she goes to her next class.

I stand up and walk to literature.



I will update today!

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Cant wait for the next part! This is pretty interesting.

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