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Bad Boy falls in Love with a Good Girl

Chapter 1 - The New Girl at School


Harry's POV

Today is the day, when a new girl is coming to our school. I hope she is not shy.

I'm Harry. Harry Styles. I go to school, it's my last year. I have four best friends, whose names are - Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. I go to school parties always with them. It's now the beginning of December. I live alone in my house, because my mother is busy working and my sister, Gemma, is at uni right now. And the sad part is that my father passed out a few years ago.

I woke up earlier today. When I woke up, I went to the bathroom and did my stuff. After that I went to the bathroom and got dressed. I took my backpack and went downstairs.

I didn't want to eat anything, so I took my keys, put on my shoes and my coat, and went outside locking the doors behind me.

The school is near my house, so I go to school by my feet.

As I walk into the parking lot of the school, I see my four best friends getting out of the car. I jog up to them and I say "hi" to them. After they say "hi" to me, Zayn asks:

- Have you heard, - asks Zayn, - that a new girl will come to school today?

- Yes, I know, - I say, - do you know her name, yet?

- No, - Niall says.

- Well, ok, - I say, - let's get to class, before we get late.

- Yeah, let's go, - Liam says. He is like the daddy for all of us.

Then the five of us go to class. When we get there, nobody is there, so we take our seats, while the students start to come in.

5 minutes before the first bell rings, into the classroom walks the new girl. When I lay my eyes on her, I see the most beautiful girl in the world I've ever seen. Her whole body is shaking that means she is shy, very shy.

I wish I could just run up to her, hug her and make her feel comfortable.

She starts walking down and every boy in the classroom lays their eyes on her. I don't like it.

I know that Liam, Louis and Zayn have girlfriends. Niall is dating some girl from school. So, I am the one left and of course I'm single. She is my chance. I've never fallen in love to any girl, yet.

Suddenly the teacher comes into the class and says:

- Hello, - he says, - oh and please welcome the new girl at school. Her name is Penny.

- Hello, Penny, - the whole class says, including me.

- Penny, - the teacher says and points at the spot between me and Niall, - can you please sit between Harry and Niall?

- Y-e-s, - she stutters the word.

She sits and sits in between us. Throughout the whole lesson she doesn't talk. Maybe she is really shy?

When the bell rings, the boys go out of the classroom, but she and I are still sitting at our tables.

We sit in silence for about two minutes and then she starts to talk:

- I ....... think ........ I ......... should go to the next period, - she says. Her voice is the most beautiful voice in the world.

- Yeah, - I say, - what is your next period?

- I think, - she says and looks at her timetable, - yeah, it's math. What's yours?

- The same, - I say, - let's go to the class together!

- Ok, - she says.

We walk out of the classroom and I ask her:

- What number is your locker?, - I ask.

- It's 299, - she says.

- Mine's 297, - I say, - let's go to our lockers, yeah?

- Yeah, - she says.

We walk to our lockers, open them and take our math books out.

- So, let's go, - I say.

- Let's go learn some maths, - she says.

While we are walking, she doesn't talk. When we come near to the classroom, she does an amazing thing to me. She kisses me on the left cheek, then she puts a note in my hand and walks into the classroom.

I stay for a while in amazement.




I will update today!

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Cant wait for the next part! This is pretty interesting.

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