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Stars & Stripes

Lou's right about me.

The boys decided on a popular club on the strip that no one under twenty-one was supposed to be allowed in.

Apparently, One Direction and every other celebrity under the age were above that rule, much to Olivia’s chagrin.

Niall was completely wasted five minutes in. Olivia lost him for a moment and he came back smashed. Zayn and Louis were close behind and the three badgered Liam to drink and have fun.

They were in America after all, Louis had announced, the only logical thing to do was to get drunk.

Harry had a drink in hand, but could still walk a straight line. Olivia was relieved that at least one person would be able to help her carry the drunkards back to the apartment.

The music inside the club was loud, only worsening Olivia’s blinding headache. She would have killed for a drink to numb it only a little, but she had to be as sober as possible if she was going to cover up any mishaps that occurred that night.

Olivia took a seat at the bar with a good vantage point on the dance floor where Niall, Zayn, Liam and Louis were dancing madly, laughing nonstop. Harry was standing across the bar, speaking with a pretty blonde that Olivia didn’t recognize. She looked older, a little too old for Harry. But, after the conversation that had occurred between the two, Olivia guessed that was Harry’s type.

“Can I get anything for you, miss?” A handsome blonde in his late twenties smiled seductively at the teen.

“Just a water would be nice.” Olivia tried to smile back, having to almost shout over the bumping music.

He chuckled but Olivia couldn’t hear the sound. The man shook his head, “A pretty girl like you should be here relaxing with a drink and an attractive man. Not sipping a water.” His tone was almost mocking but he appeared to be sincere. She was surrounded by young, famous bachelors and she wanted a glass of water. He couldn’t believe it.

“Just a water.” Olivia repeated politely.

“Okay,” The barman shook his head in disbelief and handed her an expensive bottle of water that she couldn’t pronounce.

Olivia sipped on it occasionally, rubbing her temple soothingly. She tapped her foot to the beat of the music, trying her best to relax.

Niall caught her eye, waving excitedly at her. Louis made an obscene gesture to make her laugh. Zayn appeared to be too preoccupied with drinking his poison with Liam to notice the amount of girls that were leering at the four Brits, ready to pounce.

Behind her, Olivia heard the sound of glass moving down the bar. She glanced back and saw the bartender with a drink in his hand. “I know you said you just wanted water, but you seem to have a secret admirer who agrees with me.” He smiled and winked.

Olivia looked down at the drink, “What is it?”

The bartender chuckled, “He thought he was funny. Told me to make you a ‘dirty Harry’.”

“Harry,” Olivia snorted, leaning down to where the curly-haired teen had been. He was gone now.

“Drink up.” A husky voice whispered into Olivia’s ear.

Olivia rolled her eyes, “What exactly is in a ‘dirty Harry’?”

“No idea,” He shrugged, smirking madly, “But I bet it’s delicious.”

“I’ll pass.” Olivia pushed the drink towards him.

Harry pouted his full lips, “Don’t be like that, Olive. We took you out to have fun, not drink water and babysit.”

“My job—”

“Boring.” Harry cut her off, “Let’s dance.”

Before she could respond, Harry led Olivia to the crowded dance floor. The neon lights flashed rhythmically around to the beat of the music. The bodies swayed on the floor, almost in unison. It was mesmerizing to Olivia how they could ignore each other but be so in sync.

Harry held Olivia close as he moved. His hand found the small of her back. Olivia stared up at her captor at a loss of words for why her stomach had erupted into butterflies’ cage. Harry grinned triumphantly at her stunned face, moving his hand to her hip as they moved together. Olivia swallowed the lump in her throat as Harry’s breath beat down on her face. It smelt of liquor and mint.

His green eyes were dilated. His cheeks were tinted red from the heat in his body. Harry wetted his lips, staring into Olivia’s dark unreadable eyes. She could feel him closing in on her. Olivia didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t move, even if she wanted to. There were too many people locking her in with Harry.

His warm lips pressed against Olivia’s for a few moments. She froze. This was exactly what Julia wanted her to do. But, this was beyond unprofessional. Olivia was working for Harry. There were laws against this in some job sites.

But, Olivia wasn’t the one to pull away. Harry straightened up quickly. The two teens weren’t dancing anymore. They were just stuck swaying in the crowd. Harry smiled quickly but it wasn’t genuine or cocky. It was embarrassed and regretful.

“I’m sorry, Olivia,” He shouted over the music, “I think I’ve had too much to drink.”

“Maybe we should get the others.” Olivia suggested, trying to forget the kiss happened.

Harry nodded as a loud crash resonated from the DJ table. There was some scratching over the speakers and a booming voice yelled, “Alright, New York, this is DJ Malik, are you ready to par-tay?”

Harry and Olivia exchanged a glance before cracking up. It was just the thing they needed to get over their tense moment.

The rest of the night went off fine. Harry and Olivia drifted away from each other, an awkward air unmistakably between them. They left the club shortly after Zayn hijacked the DJ booth and found themselves in a tiny karaoke bar that suited the boys much more. They took over the bar, singing together or solo. No one minded. They were getting serenaded by the boys of One Direction for free.

Olivia thought the tiki-theme was a little tacky but it was a quaint environment. It was much easier to keep track of the boys when they were onstage singing or talking up some of the locals at the six-person bar table.

Olivia sat at one of the lawn chairs at a palm tree table staring at one of the many flickering tiki lights that lit up the bar. Niall’s margarita sat in front of her on a floral coaster. Since they didn’t exactly sell Guinness at this establishment, Niall had to experiment with other items on the menu. He had taken a surprising liking to the fruit drinks.

Niall had been sitting with Olivia, gushing over his drink when a fan of his tapped his shoulder meekly. He glanced over with a bright smile over his plastered face.

“Sorry to bother you,” Even in the dim lighting, Olivia could tell she was blushing, “But, some of us were wondering if you guys would play one of your songs?”

Niall’s blue eyes widened like that was the most brilliant idea he had ever heard. “Yeah! Yeah, anything for fans!” He jumped up off the chair, toppling it over. Quickly he set it straight and looked frantically for the boys (which wasn’t necessary in the small space). “Oi! Lads! We have a music request!”

Liam who had been singing a duo with one of the locals stopped mid-verse to look at Niall. “Yeah?”

“And what would the lovely bird like us to sing?” Harry strutted over from the bar, grinning cheekily at the pretty red-haired fan that had to be in her early twenties.

“One of our songs.” Niall announced, “I wish I had me guitar.” He said more to himself then Harry.

Harry’s eyes made contact with Olivia’s and she smiled forcefully. He nodded and looked back to the redhead. “I think we can manage that.”

Harry ran over to Zayn and Louis, grabbing their arms and bringing them to the stage. Niall began to walk away but whirled back around, his eyes alert.

“Olivia!” He shouted.

Olivia furrowed her brows, wincing at his unnecessary loudness. “No need to yell, Niall. I’m sitting two feet in front of you.”

“Right,” He nodded, “Watch my drink with your life. I don’t want someone drugging it and taking advantage of poor little me.” And then he skirted off to the stage. Olivia shook her head, laughing at Niall’s ridiculousness.

The blonde tripped going up the stairs and Olivia worried that he was going to forgot the lyrics of whatever song they were about to sing.

Liam, who had already been onstage, took the mike first. “First of all, we’d like to thank you all for being so gracious of our hostage take over of your wicked bar.”

“You have brilliant food and drinks.” Niall blurted into the microphone, earning a few hearty laughs.

“So,” Harry said in his sluggish voice, “we’ve had a request to sing one of our songs.

“We’re One Direction, by the way,” Zayn interjected, “Just in case you didn’t know.”

Olivia snorted, stealing a sip of Niall’s drink.

“Don’t think I didn’t see that!” Niall’s voice boomed over the speaker. Olivia winced as everyone in the bar turned to stare where the Irishman was pointing. Olivia leaned back quietly in her chair, keeping her eyes on the table, trying to hide her smile.

“Anyway,” Louis laughed, “What do we want to sing to these lovely fans, lads?”

They thought it over for a bit. Harry chewed on his lip. Olivia couldn’t help but stare. Two hours ago those lips had been on hers. She shook her head, swearing she would never bring up (or think about) those lips.

“It’s Harry’s turn to pick, isn’t it?” Zayn said, glancing at said-boy.

“Do you have all our songs?” Harry called to the owner, a tall, bushy haired woman in her early forties.

She was cleaning a coconut shell when his voice echoed over the bar. She looked up with piercing eyes, “Sonny, we have everything.” She boasted.

The lads laughed and Harry nodded. “Well, I was thinking this was an ‘Up All Night’ kind of night. But, I’m feeling more in the mood to sing ‘I Should Have Kissed You’. Yeah?”

The crowd nodded fervently. Even the men in the bar were being good sports about the teen-takeover.

“Sounds good,” Liam messed with the karaoke machine, finding the song.

“I think we should dedicate this song to someone very special.” Louis grinned over to Olivia. Immediately her brown eyes widened, shaking her head manically.

“I agree with Olivia. She’s a filthy drink drinker.” Niall feigned a look of disgust.

Harry stared at Olivia for a few moments longer than necessary, making heat rise undesirably to her cheeks. “Yeah, I’d like to dedicate this song to a new friend of ours, Olive.”

The music started up. Liam’s voice came over the speakers first, as usual. The boys bopped around to the music, adrenaline coursing through their veins. The thrill of performing never got old. It was like a drug that never went bad. The crowd fed off it and it only made the performance even more exciting and genuine.

They jumped off the stage at some point during the song, coming into the crowd and singing to various patrons. Anyone who knew the words sang along. Olivia tapped her foot to the music, unfamiliar with the lyrics. Niall came over to her, glaring playfully as he moved his drink to the opposite end of the table.

During Harry’s solo, they made awkward eye contact once again. He held her gaze, making Olivia feel as though he was singing directly to her. The song felt a little ironic to her, considering Harry had kissed her.

When it was over, they received a standing ovation. The boys bowed politely and thanked them profusely. They hopped off and made their way to Olivia.

“Time to head back?” Louis asked the girl.

“You do have another performance tomorrow,” Olivia checked her watch, “Make that tonight. It’s after one.”

Niall sloshed back his drink. Zayn hooked arms with the drunken Irishman when he slammed the empty coconut shell down, stutter stepping. “Let’s get Niall home before he explodes.”

The ride home was silent. Despite their rigorous performance, the boys were tuckered out. Not only had they gone out drinking and flirting with the locals, they had had a performance earlier that night in Madison Square Garden. A sold out one that should have sucked the energy straight out of them. Now they were running on empty and falling asleep in the back seat.

As Olivia drove, she felt Harry’s half-closed eyes on her. She ignored him. He was drunk. Nothing he said or did meant anything. That was what Olivia told herself.

It took about fifteen minutes to get the five boys back into their apartment once they arrived at the hotel. None of them wanted to move or wake up.

“Let me sleep here,” Niall had whined. Eventually, Harry came out of his stupor and helped drag Liam out to rally the others. Harry ended up as a crutch to Zayn and Liam had to carry Niall to the elevator.

One they were back in the flat, they dispersed into their rooms. Sometime during the ride upstairs, Harry had fallen from being Zayn standing post to Olivia’s burden. She had to physically walk him back to his room and to his bed.

Olivia pulled back the covers and Harry silently got in, rolling over without another word. The American walked back to the door and almost had it shut tight when she heard her name faintly being called.

“Yeah, Harry?” Olivia grimaced, wishing he had just gone to sleep so they could forget about tonight.

“I’m really sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable earlier.” He mumbled. Olivia wasn’t sure if he knew what he was saying or if he would even remember this conversation. “You just looked really pretty. I was lonely. Lou's right about me.” He choked, “I promise I won’t do it again.”

Olivia didn’t know what to do. Harry sounded like he was on the verge of tears. “Forget about it, Harry.” She sighed, “It never happened.”


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I can't find it on mibba did you change the name?
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Could you post it on here?
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I apologize! I thought I had put up the first chapter! RuthlessAdandon is correct. It is up on my Mibba page.
oh ok thanks :)

It's on her Mibba page under the same username.
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