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Stars & Stripes

Yes, well, celebrities do that.

Olivia arrived promptly at five and Niall was the only one up.

And she suspected it was only because he never actually went to bed.

Niall sat on the couch in sweats; eyes wide open, looking like a zombie. Pop cans surrounded him as well as three large boxes that had held pizza. All of it was gone now.

Olivia would have made a comment about their pig-like ways if she wasn’t too distressed that no one was up and ready like she told them to be.

“Niall!” Olivia called in a panic. The blonde snapped his head over to her, his mouth slightly ajar.

“Olivia,” He mumbled in surprise, “What are you doing here?”

Olivia wanted to laugh hysterically but had too many things to worry about.

“I have to get you five to The Today Show in thirty minutes! Get your ass in your room and get dressed!” She shoved him lightly off the couch and hurried away down the hall that held all the rooms. She burst through each one, rudely turning on the lights and shouting for them to wake up before moving onto the next one.

She heard threatening grumbles in her wake but she didn’t care if they hated her right now, she just wanted to at least survive her first full day with them.

“Get up!” Olivia cried as she turned on the last pair of lights. A prolonged groan filled her ears as a curly mop of hair popped up. Harry let the covers fall lightly, revealing his naked chest. Olivia quickly looked away as if it was something indecent.

“Oi,” Harry rubbed his tired eyes, “What do you think you’re playing at?”

“I guess a dozen times wasn’t enough to remind you to be ready by five.” Olivia seethed. Harry took a moment to register that before that infamous smirk covered his countenance again.

“Sorry, love,” He pulled the rest of the covers off to reveal him in nothing but a short pair of briefs. Olivia felt her face heat up and her eyes widened. “Guess you should have reminded us again.”

“We’re leaving in five minutes.” Olivia told him, making her way out the door so she could change.

“But, I have to shower!” He protested. Olivia grabbed the red beanie he had worn yesterday that was carelessly thrown on the floor, and tossed it to him.

“Guess you should have gotten up in time, love.”

It took fifteen minutes for the boys to collect in the living room and they were pretty mutinous by the time they piled in the elevator.

“I wish you a slow, painful death.” Niall grumbled. Olivia let out a small snort but didn’t feel that was the most appropriate thing he could have said when they were in an elevator. But, considering their short term memory, he had probably forgotten she was terrified of them.

“We’re running late already so when we get there, you need to go straight to make up. They’ll do something about,” Olivia examined their messy, tired forms, “…all of you.”

They grimaced before leaning back against the walls of the elevator, closing their eyes for the remainder of the ride.

+ + +

“You’re late.” Julia said as soon as Olivia entered the backstage area after dropping off the boys to their perspective stylists for the show.

“Sorry,” Olivia breathed, relieved to be out of Harry’s never ending questions. Even in a sleepy daze he never ceased talking. “They weren’t up.”

“Yes,” Julia nodded, “Well, celebrities do that.”

Olivia could feel a solid migraine forming behind her left eye. “Julia, I know that you want me to do this, but this needs to be temporary. I’m begging you to find someone else.” She pleaded.

Julia pursed her lips and thought it over for a moment. “No,”

“N-No?” Olivia asked, caught off guard. “Why not?” She demanded.

“Because this will be good for you, Olive.” Julia had a look in her eyes that was half pleading and half hopeful. “You grew up too fast. You need to have some fun before you’re my age and you’re too old to hang out with adorable British pop stars!”

Olivia furrowed her brows, slowly coming to an understanding. “You did this so I could have fun?”

“Yes,” Julia sighed, wrapping an arm around the petite girl.

Silently, Olivia thought it wasn’t working.

“You need a boyfriend.” Julia said suddenly.

“I’ve had a boyfriend.” Olivia muttered, not liking when Julia butted into her personal life. There were things more important than boys and sex. Sometimes she felt like Julia forgot that.

“That’s my point!” Julia exclaimed suddenly, “You should have had dozens of boyfriends! You’re too pretty and smart to be alone your whole life!”

Olivia noticed the staging people listening in on their very private conversation in a very public setting. “I’ll get a boyfriend if we can stop talking about this.” She whispered irritatedly.

Julia grinned triumphantly. Her bright red lipstick made her white teeth shine even more. “Good. That Harry boy is lovely, isn’t he? He’s a bit of a player but the right girl can make all the difference in the—”

Julia!” Olivia gasped as a few people around snickered. “I’m not dating a celebrity! Someone normal and very unknown is more my style.”

“Style. Styles. Harry Styles.” Julia tilted her head, talking loudly to herself, “I think it’s fate.”

Olivia shrugged Julia’s arm off her shoulders, pouting childishly. Sometimes Olivia got wound too tight. She knew she needed to loosen up, take a joke. It was hard to change when you’d been a certain way your whole life.

Olivia didn’t care about boys. She cared about dedicating herself to work. She didn’t care about some band and she definitely didn’t care about Harry Styles and his incessant questions in the least.

“I’ve got to go.” Julia announced suddenly as her phone rang. Her expression was no longer playful but serious and worried. Olivia opened her mouth to ask why when Julia answered the phone and walked away, leaving Olivia alone to deal with the five boys.

It was nice to have a break from them. The show lasted about an hour. They talked about their short tour of the East coast they were doing before heading back to the mother country. They greeted fans graciously with nothing but a smile on their face that read: I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else in the world but surrounded by slightly psychotic girls with our faces covering their walls.

Olivia had to give them props. She wasn’t sure she could handle One Direction personally but she definitely couldn’t handle being harassed by hormonal teens day in and day out.

They sang a few songs. Olivia had heard one of them, their most famous song ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ on the radio. It was a cute song. Olivia wasn’t a huge fan of boy bands but they were likable on television. If Olivia hadn’t been assigned to work with them and they weren’t famous and Olivia wasn’t Olivia, she could see herself being friends with them. Maybe.

Even after they thanked everyone for coming and the cameras shut off, they kept smiling and laughing. They ran off the stage towards Olivia in much better spirits than they had left her.

“Where to next, love?” Harry grinned, readjusting his beanie.

“You’ve got a radio interview for Z One-Hundred at noon.” Olivia checked her silver watch, “We have time to get you back to the suite, showered, and lunched before we need to be there.”

The boys saluted her and followed her through the staging area and to the back exit. They slipped out and almost made it to the SUV when the swarm of girls turned the corner and saw the boys of One Direction. They held up signs asking each boy to marry them or that they were the hottest, screaming and running.

Olivia and the boys jumped into the car, speeding off again, all their hearts thumping double time in their chests. Everyone exchanged a slightly terrified look before Olivia couldn’t stop herself from laughing. Shortly after, the boys joined in, taken aback by her sudden lightness.

“So, how did it look?” Louis asked once they calmed down. “Did we do okay?”

Olivia was caught off guard by the way they all looked at her, wondering if they had done a good job or not. She wasn’t used to being asked her personal opinion by celebrities.

“You guys did great.” Olivia smiled honestly.

“Considering we had fifteen minutes to get ready, I think we did fan-bloody-tastic!” Niall shouted, dancing around lightly in his seat.

Olivia found herself relaxing in her seat, slouching a bit even. She turned into the parking area of the hotel as they excitedly relayed the entire interview with her. She didn’t interrupt to remind them she had been there the entire time. She even enjoyed their theatric retelling.

The valet arrived to take the car as they hopped out. Olivia grabbed her purse but by the time she had pulled her wallet out, he was gone. Olivia watched in puzzlement as the valet worker drove away without his tip. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Harry shove something back in his jeans. Olivia glanced over at him as he simply shrugged.

“For not being ready at five like you told us to.” He answered.

“You didn’t need to do that.” Olivia muttered. Now she owed him a couple bucks.

“Oi! Harry! Olivia!” Liam called from the rotating doors, “Let’s go!”

Harry jogged over to them as Olivia sighed. She hated being in people’s debt, even if it was only a few bucks. Those few bucks would eventually pile up and she would be stuck in debt forever.

And Olivia had a feeling that being in Harry Styles’ debt would not be a pleasant thing.

Olivia quickened her strides as Harry waited in the door for her. They joined the rest of the group without another word of his gracious deed.


I should probably prrof read these since they're coming straight from the story on Mibba but I'm too fucking lazy. Deal wit it.
Enjoy (:



I can't find it on mibba did you change the name?
Lovingly lonely Lovingly lonely

Could you post it on here?
HopelessDream HopelessDream
I apologize! I thought I had put up the first chapter! RuthlessAdandon is correct. It is up on my Mibba page.
oh ok thanks :)

It's on her Mibba page under the same username.
RuthlessAbandon RuthlessAbandon