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Try To Scream

Look To The Skies

The next day wasn’t too eventful. There were a couple interviews; all of them included basically the same questions. Then we all headed back to the hotel, played video games, the guys talked to the fans outside for a bit and then we left for sound check, ate and there was the concert.

So maybe saying it wasn’t too eventful would be a lie. Of course it was eventful. There was a moment when we were finished with an interview that some crazy girl found a way through security. She was literally all over the boys in an instant. But the boys being boys, they simply lifted her and handed her off to Paul. I sat back with Cora scared for my life. Was she really so desperate to meet them that she would sneak around a building, break the law by trespassing and attack the boys she idolized?

With all their fame and scary run ins, they admitted when girls literally jumped them with no warning, was one of the scariest things to happen. It was expected, they were the hottest boy band around. But it was scary. How could girls have no self control? By attacking them, it made the boys less keen on meeting that fan again. Sure, they loved their fans, but there were just some things that were completely unacceptable. Like throwing things on stage that could hurt them. Apparently there was a time Harry got hit in the face with a tampon. Really…a tampon? What on Earth went through that girls mind moments before she threw it? “I bet this will totally turn them on! Like, it won’t nearly poke an eye out!” Fans scared me.

We packed up and got on the tour bus. We were headed to Maine for a couple days, we were heading up to Augusta, we’d spend the first day doing interviews and the second was free time and the concert.

It was an 8 hour ride, so we all curled up in our bunks and talked for a bit. Slowly, one by one, everyone started falling asleep. Niall, Liam and Josh were still talking when I finally rolled over and fell asleep.

I wasn’t used to the tour bus bed, so I was up a couple hours later. I crawled out of the bunk and grabbed my glasses and ladybug slippers. I snuck down to the lounge and found Niall playing a game on mute. I sat beside him and watched quietly. It took a while for either of us to speak, but finally he said, “If’ I’m not mistaken, you must hate ladybugs.” I looked down and smiled at my slippers and PJ shorts.

“Yeah, I couldn’t hate anything more.” He smiled at me and turned off the game and handed me the remote. I turned on the DVD player and put in one of my favorite movies.

It was an old black and white comedy. Probably the only film I liked from that far back. The movie was Arsenic and Old Lace. It was about this author getting married and trying to run off on a honeymoon with his bride. He finds a dead body in the window seat and thinks it’s his brother, who thinks he’s Theodore Roosevelt, that killed him. The story is pretty crazy, but it’s funny. He finds out his aunts are the murderers and that there are more bodies buried in the basement of their house. He tries to turn the blame on his brother, so his aunts won’t get in trouble. His psycho, face changing, brother, Jonathan, comes back to town, also with a body. It starts getting messy. In the end, he gets his brothers and aunts locked in Happydale, a place for crazy people, and his brother, Jonathan, sent to jail. He also finds out that he’s not a blood relative and he wasn’t going to go crazy like the others.

I curled up and admired the characters. When I asked Niall if he’d ever seen the movie, he shook his head. “It’s amazing. All the characters are so clueless about what is really going on around them.” I told him. He gave me a weak smiled before turning to the screen again.

It took him a while, but he finally got into the movie and was laughing rather loudly. I found his laugh was contagious. Every time Teddy yelled “Charge!” and ran up the stairs in the movie, Niall and I were laughing so hard, air was basically a forgotten matter. We got hushed a couple times, but continued our movie.

By the end of it, we were quoting the movie over and over. We went downstairs and made some food. Paul joined us for a bit, but he was feeling tired himself and took one of the free bunks. He told us to get to bed soon, it was a long day. To him, it was always a long day. He had to babysit a bunch of grown kids. But to us, we made it fun. In 2 days, I was buddy buddy with the band; I was closer to Niall than the rest. (Probably because of our mutual love of food.)

After we ate, we walked back up the stairs and crawled into our beds. I pulled out my laptop and opened twitter. The first tweet I noticed was: @NiallOfficial: I’m not a Brewster; I'm the son of a sea-cook! Ha! Ha! Chaaaaarrrge! @MunroEllis

I quickly replied with: @MunroEllis: @NiallOfficial And I'm not a cab driver, I'm a coffee pot!

I heard him laugh a few minutes after. There were many messages asking what I was talking about, there were the rare few that actually admitted to loving the movie and knowing about it. It was nice that more people enjoyed the movie. It really was a wonderful piece of work. I signed on my facebook and found a message from my sister. “What the heck, have you corrupted Niall with your weird movies?” The first one said, “My poor baby. He must be in hell with you!”

I smiled and replied, “Yes, and sucks for you, he loved it. So nope, he isn’t in Hell. :P”

“Ugh, can you Skype with me?”

“Tomorrow. I have to get to sleep, though tour bus beds are uncomfy.”

“Lucky ho. Ttyl <3”

I signed off and opened up Tumblr. I posted a few of the pictures I took from the concert earlier tonight. I went through my dash and reblogged things. Most were Doctor Who, Supernatural or Sherlock related, but I do admit I reblogged a few One Direction things. When I finished, I closed the laptop and started at the curtain of the bunk bed.

It was officially day 3 of my 3 month trip. I came here expecting jerks. I didn’t think I’d actually hang out with the guys and like it. I figured I’d come for my sister and my best friend. With Cora, I wouldn’t be alone. But since the night at the club, the damn girl spends most of her time around Zayn, who honestly loves it. He’s just as attached to Cora. I was happy for her, I won’t lie. But it upset me she didn’t even bother with me all day. I spent most of my time with Niall and Josh.

All this bonding was good though. I knew, at least, this wasn’t going to be a complete waste of 3 months. I’d get amazing food, endless laughs and great memories. Hell, if the whole trip was on this stinking tour bus with a bunch of movies, I’d be happy. Because I was wrong about these guys. They weren’t stuck up, rude or narcissistic. They were charming, clever, funny, real and most of all, they were turning into my friends.

Just as I was about to fall asleep, I heard someone get out of their bunk and sit in the little lounge near mine. All that was really there were a couple little couches and a huge window to look out from. And with that, there was only a highway to look at.

I slipped out of my bunk and joined whoever it was. Liam was sitting by himself looking up at the sky. I sat next to him, “Can’t sleep?” I asked. He just shook his head. His face expressed not only tiredness, but pure sadness. In the dim light, I saw his eyes getting red. He looked away from me; I leaned over and wrapped him in a tight hug. Before I knew it, his arms were around me as well and his tears were soaking my shoulder. I rubbed his back lightly and let him cry.

I held him until he fell asleep, I didn’t ask him any questions while he lay here trying to calm down. I didn’t move or make him move. He fell asleep on my shoulder. Being the big sister I am, I was used to this. Now that my sister was 13, boy drama and friend drama was almost a daily thing. I moved slightly and fell asleep like I always did with Ellie.


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Hey sweetie,

I am not updating on this site anymore. If you DO want to read the rest of this story, which isn't finished but there are 8 (?) more chapters, click here
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