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Try To Scream

We Gon' Pull Together Through It

Niall watched me place the popcorn in the small microwave. He leaned against the counter as we waited. My eyes moved over to Dale. He was studying a map.

I shouldn’t have been so nervous. I didn’t have time to collect myself. The timer on the microwave read a minute-thirty. I had to suck it up now. “Niall.” I have whispered. His body tensed. “I-I’ve been thinking a lot about…us.” I watched as his chest freeze, as if he stopped breathing. “I really like you and I am willing to try this…to make this, what we have, work.” I played with my fingers quietly as I waited for his answer.

“Is…that really what you want?” His eyes met mine, causing the butterflies in my stomach to flutter around.

“Yes.” His lips crashed into mine, hard. He pressed his body against me as I kissed him back.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

I sighed and rested my forehead on Niall’s shoulder. “This is the only time I’ve ever wanted to ignore food.” I laugh as Niall spoke against my hair. “We better get back to the others.”

I pulled the bag out and poured it into the bowl and walked up the stairs, Niall closely trailing behind. Cora and Eleanor quickly looked my way. I sat down and passed the bow around. Niall sat beside me, his hand was hesitant as he placed it behind me, wrapping it around my waist. I leaned against him, loving the feel of his warmth.

He seemed more relaxed as the movie went on. Truth be told, I didn’t even know what we were watching anymore. I was constantly thinking about what Niall was thinking, if he would let the boys know about us, when we’d tell the fans. I wanted to get to know Niall and this relationship better before the fans were let in. But then again, they seemed to know everything anyway. So it would be confirming the rumors rather than springing a relationship on them. The rumors were soon to come, if there are not rumors already, that is.

When the movie ended, Cora and El quickly grabbed me and pulled me aside. I looked at Niall for help; he shrugged and went off with Louis. ‘Wonderful boyfriend you are!’ I thought. “You two looked awfully comfy. Did you ask him out?” Eleanor seemed to be quicker than Cora. I had never met anyone who was keener on getting the scoop than Cora was. “Well?”

“Yes! God, with all the constant nagging from you two, I realized I wanted to do it. I was just scared.” I turned to leave the back lounge but Cora pulled me back.

Her eyes lit up as she asked, “So the other boys know yet? Can we go on double…triple dates?” Her eyes grew really big with excitement.

“I don’t know when or if they know. On the subject of group dates: not so soon, maybe after a few weeks.”

“But I won’t be back until October…” She looked up at the ceiling and pursed her lips to the side as she thought, “15th? Yeah, the 15th.” She pouted and Cora soon joined in.

“Peer pressure is very bad.” I whined.

“It’s not like we want you to do drugs!” Cora smiled, knowing I’ve been defeated. “Yay! I’ll get things set up with Zayn!” Cora ran off.

El smiled at me. “I’m going to steal Lou and get him to take a walk with me. Then I am going to book a hotel room, these beds will kill me!” I laughed as she walked out.

I grabbed my laptop, crawled in my bunk and opened Facebook. Ellie’s name popped up instantly on the I/M. “Rumor has it you are Demi’s twin now. Pics leaked of you looking just like her at the new video shooy. shoot*” I sighed as I typed my reply.

“I swear, if people keep comparing me to her!” I sent it, almost instantly, my cell rang. “Hey.” I said. A loud sigh came from the other end.

“Why didn’t you answer me earlier?” Ellie sounded both annoyed and tired.

“I was out to lunch with Cora and El.”

There was silence. “So, like, Eleanor Calder, as in Louis Tomlinson’s girlfriend, El? Your tweet wasn’t a joke?”

“Yeah, she’s here, why are you so surprised?”

“She wasn’t even supposed to be there yet! Tell me everything, I am so blogging this.” I listened to her fingers typing away on the keyboard. “Do you have pictures, I want the first pictures up.”

“You might be too late, she and Lou are out for a walk, pictures should already be up.” The clicking of the keys never stopped. “Ellie, I need to tell you something, but you need to promise to keep it to yourself until I tell you otherwise.”

“O-M-G! You are knocked up, aren’t you? Whose is it? Harry’s? Liam’s? Oh! You’re the reason Payzer is over!”

I growled loudly into the receiver, “Shut up! I am not pregnant, nor do I have anything to do with the breakup. Will you restrain the urge to blog if I tell you?”

“Yes. Promise!” Her excitement was showing in the tone of her voice.

I bit my lip, “I’m dating someone.” Ellie remained silent, patiently waiting for the rest. “Niall.”

“What?” Here was the backlash I was dreading. “You whore, I’m so happy for you! He’s a good kisser, right? He looks like a good kisser.”

“Goodnight, Elliephant.” I hung up before she could protest.

Niall quietly peaked in the bunk as I went to grab my laptop again. “Hey.” He said, quietly. “So it seems it’s not much of a secret anymore.” I avoided his gaze and nodded. “Can I come in?” His laugh rang out as I scooted over.

“Apparently we will be going on a triple date soon.” Niall smiled.

“That could be exciting, how do you feel about letting everyone know?” I licked my lips and shrugged. “I’m sorry being in a relationship with me is so hard.”

I shook my head, “Hey, all relationships are hard.” I ran my fingers across his slightly pink cheeks. “Being with you has its ups and its down. But I can honestly say, I wouldn’t want to have it any other way.”

“That doesn’t answer my question.”

“I’d rather it’d be just the people that need to know. I get it, your fans are important, but that doesn’t mean they need to judge me so quickly. They don’t need to judge our relationship. It just started, we just got together.” I sighed. Niall wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close. “I’d rather it’d just be the boys, Cora, El, you and I that knew. Well, there are a few others, but you get it.”

Niall laughed and kissed the end of my nose. “If that’s what you want, then we’ll figure it out. I promise. I don’t want to see you stressed or sad or anything.” I made a face and poked his chest.

“Alright, Mr. Horan. I think it’s time for you to get out of here.” Niall pouted. “Stiffen that upper lip up little lady, I told ya.” I fumbled my words a bit trying to sing it. Not that I could sing.

Niall burst into laughter, “Did you just try to rap? Better question, was that Mockingbird by Eminem?” He grabbed his stomach as he laughed more.

“What of it, bro?” I tried to move my hands like a ‘gangsta’ and duck faced. “Okay, I’m done. Sorry, that was weird.”

He kissed my forehead and rolled out of my bunk, “You may be weird, but I like that about you.”


jkasdhkjasfhjasfh I'M TIRED.

You guys wanted it, I might as well please you. I want her to start coming out of this box, because she is a little crazy and she isn't always so...serious? I was going to use the word 'anal' but that didn't fit and I've been listening to Story Time With Mazz...so no. xD

Anyway, IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED? Next chapter will be interesting. I hope. I don't feel right typing on someone elses computer (My mommy's) so hopefully I will have mine back soon

Title Song: Mocking Bird - Eminem

Seemed fitting since she quoted the song, so I made it work <3

xx Bambi


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@BambiWithLove Thank youuuu! :D
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Hey sweetie,

I am not updating on this site anymore. If you DO want to read the rest of this story, which isn't finished but there are 8 (?) more chapters, click here
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Can you pleeeeeaaaas update?!?!? :)
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Please update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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