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Try To Scream

You Can't Escape

Cora sat there for a minute silently. My heart was beating rapidly as Cora stared at me. “I know, I watched the shoot.” I face palmed and shook my head.

“No, Cora. I kissed him…more than once.” It was like a switch turned on suddenly. Cora was standing up and towering over me, she was screaming asking for details. I used my foot and pushed her back on the couch. “The night after we were in Salem, when I was telling Liam that Niall was sleeping in his bunk, I was really covering Niall’s mouth and hushing him after a heated moment. Then after the shoot, literally like…5 minutes ago. We’ve only kissed those 3 times, but…I’m so confused.” I let my head fall on the arm rest of the couch.

Cora’s long arms wrapped around me. She kissed my cheek and pulled me up to face her. She moved her fingers under my eyes and I had realized I was crying. “Calm down, Babe. Zayn and I had a feeling something was going on between you two. Of course, the others are completely oblivious.” I huffed lightly and whined. “You guys are cute together, why are you confused?”

I shrugged, “I guess it’s…I’ve just met him and he’s famous and I am just me. I’m ‘Miss. Mini-Lovato’. He can’t really like me, Cora. I can’t really like him. It’s not real, I used to get lectures for calling Niall British and calling them all weird and stuff. Ellie would slap me.”

“Ellie would be happy. And don’t you listen to the producer, he couldn’t even remember my name and he confused Liam and Louis so many times. You are not Mini-Lovato and they had no right treating you like a clone. But come on, I see those sneaky glances you guys give each other when you think no one is watching. I’m your best friend, Munro. I see all. Now you straighten up and figure yourself out. If you like him, then you have no reason to keep him in the dark, keeping everyone else in the dark is a different story.” Cora kissed my forehead, “Zayn and I have decided to finally confirm the rumors of us. Not that we tried hiding it or anything.” I smiled.

“Good for you guys. I think I just need some time, CoCo.” I sighed as she stood up.

“Don’t over think this, RoRo.” She held out her hand and pulled me to my feet. “Now let’s go eat, I bet you are starving.”

We walked out of the room and met everyone by the bus. We got in and a tiny brunette was sitting at the table, a large smile on her face as she talked to Liam and Louis. She wore a dark tank top over dark damaged jean shorts. Her hair fell in curls across her shoulders. A peter pan collar hung loosely over her shirt. Her long lean legs were outfitted in a pair of black heeled boots. I turned to Cora, who whispered her name and place to me.

“Munro, Cora! Meet Eleanor, she finally got time to come visit.” Eleanor turned to us as Louis introduced her, she glared for a minute and I held my breath as we made eye contact. “El, this is Cora, Zayn’s bird.” He winked and nodded at Zayn, who awkwardly smiled. “And this is Munro, she’s a new groupie, but we love her anyway.” I lifted my hand and gave a little wave.

Eleanor’s eyes softened as she spoke, “Hello, it’s lovely to meet you.” She said to Cora, she pulled her into a small hug then turned to me, “And it’s lovely to meet you as well.” She added, pulling me into a hug. It was a bit longer seeing as she had to whisper something in my ear, “Do I need to be threatened by you?” I managed to give a small, “No” as a reply before she pulled away. She seemed to relax as she held me at arm’s length.

“I think us ladies should go for dinner and let the boys have some time to themselves. I’d love to get to know you guys.” She pulled her purse to her side as she turned to her boyfriend. “That’s alright with you guys, right?” The boys shrugged and nodded. “See you all later, love!”

The three of us poured out of the bus and started on our little watch to a quiet little restaurant at the end of the road. “You alright?” Cora asked.

“Yeah, I don’t think she likes me.” I whispered, Cora’s eyebrows drew together in confusion.

“Okay, I know I don’t have to worry about Cora, but Munro, you’re not planning on sneaking in and ruining anything, right?” I looked at Eleanor, shocked as she stood before me.

Cora started laughing, “Oh, you think she is going to steal Lou from you!” Cora’s laughter rang through the empty street. “You have nothing to worry about, El. Can I call you that? I’m going to. She sort of has a little side thingy with a certain Irish boy.” I turned and slapped Cora’s arm.

“You and Niall? I thought that boy was hopeless with women. I see it though.” The air around us seemed to lighten. “Sorry about the bitch routine. I don’t see my boyfriend much and I don’t like new people moving in. You know?” I nodded. “So, what’s with you and Niall, I want all the juice.”

In that instant, it was as if the previous meeting was erased and replaced with years and years of friendship, because Eleanor was suddenly like my best friend. “It’s nothing really. I just kissed him a few times.”

“Lou never mentioned it.” I noticed the softness in her voice suddenly; her accent was so pretty. I was so used to male Brit accents, that when I heard El’s, it sounded so spectacular.

I bit my lip as we entered the restaurant. “None of the boys know. I sort of have Niall keeping it a secret.”

“Well, why? I mean, I’ve known Niall for quite some time now, he is a lovely lad, and you should let yourself be happy with him. I see the way your eyes lit up when you said you’ve kissed him.”

We all sat down and ordered. I pulled out my phone. @MunroEllis: Out to eat with the amazing and lovely @CoraHastings and our new beautiful friend @EleanorJCalder

I posted the tweet and smiled at the two girls sitting beside me. Within no time, my phone was buzzing, Ellie was texting me nonstop. I ignored it as we ate. We talked quietly about the boys. Cora and El started teaming up on me, insisting I give Niall a shot, tell the boys. If I wanted to keep the relationship away from the fans, then it was going to be hard after the video came out, but that was in a month, I had a month to decide. Then a month to deal with whatever would come for me when I did.

As we walked back to the bus, we noticed a group of girls snickering and trying to sneak past the guards. I turned to Cora and gave her the look we agreed on. One time, last week, we decided the next time we saw girls trying to be sneaky; we’d scream the boys names and point in a random direction. See how many girls we could get out of the way to get on the bus without a problem. We nodded for El to step back. I held up three fingers and counted down. As I put my pointer finger down, we both screamed, “Oh my God, it’s Zayn and Liam! Come back!” We jumped around and squealed, looking toward an empty street. “Stop running! I just want a picture.” I yelled. “Lewis! Where are you guys going?”

The girls’ attention turned to us and then they took off in the direction we were yelling. Eleanor, Cora and I ran to the bus and climbed on. The boys stood in the kitchen area and looked at us. “What was that?”

“My name isn’t Lewis!” Louis growled, grabbing his girlfriend.

We all settled down soon after and climbed the stairs to watch a movie. Of course, we could be in a hotel room right now, but we all wanted to spend some more time on the bus. Hotels were great and all, but on a bus, we could drive away from the screaming and have a semi goodnights sleep.

When it was all quieted down, Niall and I went down to get some more popcorn. Cora and El both gave me death looks, I ‘literally feared’ for my life. But I knew what they wanted me to do and I had 2 minutes to either man up or chicken out.


Ah! Hello. My room is currently being bombed for bed bugs. Icky things those are. :( I miss my bed.

So it's been hard getting an update out. And it's not the greatest. I con't even have my iTunes and I title my chapters by shuffle and my mind had this song stuck in it. So I had to roll with it. I guess.

So I wanted El to come in. And I know the outfit it's exactly her style (it's somewhat darker, but a little similar), but you need to realize this story is somewhat based in the future (not specific to a certain time, hell, I don't even know how old the boys are right now, probably never will :P) This is also why I don't list song titles and lyrics for things. It's sort of a "You get to decide what they sing and such" type thing. :)

El's Outfit

Title Song: Wicked - Chester See

xx Bambi


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I am not updating on this site anymore. If you DO want to read the rest of this story, which isn't finished but there are 8 (?) more chapters, click here
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