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Try To Scream

You Sing To Me

The next few weeks were pretty long. Despite the kiss in the bunk, Niall and I were as we always were, friends. He hadn’t tried to push the subject or try to kiss me again. Half of me felt as though he got over it, that he didn’t really like me after all. I tried not to let it bother me. It wasn’t as though we’d known each other long, how can we really know how we felt yet?

Today was a big day. We were in California shooting a music video for the new single. I felt privileged to be there and see the whole process, even more so since I was able to hear the new song. Since the big “Live While We’re Young” leak, the boys and management have kept a close eye on everything. To let 2 people who were nearly complete strangers look on, with complete trust, was amazing.

The location was an apartment building. It was a love song, like most songs were. So far there had only been the guys and the producers. It took them a good hour of setting up and planning before they told Cora and I we were the love interests. I declined immediately. They talked about how there was no one else to play the part, I quickly shot back with, “Open the window, I bet you’ll find 10 girls willing to play the part.” It took them a good 20 minutes to get through to me. “Who is my love interest?” I asked.

“Niall. You have a Demi Lovato look to you; you’ll get the Nemi shippers going.” The director said. I looked away from him. Maybe that was why Niall was so keen to kiss me. Was I just a Demi look alike? “There will be a new ship going around, Niro…no, Miall.” His hand went up as he growled happily. “Go get your makeup done, you hair, your clothes. Ugh, you’ll look smashing!” He shooed me away.

I sat down in a chair and let the team do their job. I hated it, they caked makeup on my face, sprayed my hair with cans and cans of hair spray. My hair was pin straight and I swear it hardly moved. I left that station and moved on to clothes. They handed me a white off the shoulder tee, shorts and a pair of black heels. When I was dressed, they put a necklace and ring on me. They shoved earrings in my ears and sent me on my way.

I was so overwhelmed, when they lead me to the apartment they were shooting in, I was already nervous. The director squealed as I walked in, never had I ever heard that sound from a grown man before today. “You look amazing! Miss. Mini-Lovato.”

“Please don’t call me that.” I snapped.

“Feisty, I like you. All you really need to do is let him sing to you, look longingly into his eyes and then kiss.” My patient smile faded. I had to kiss him? I mean, of course I’d done it before, but now…for the world to see, that was not okay. My cheeks burned as I turned away, “Aw, a shy one, Paul, you brought me a shy one.” He giggled in a girlish way and forced me to sit on the big blue couch.

I sat there for a while before Niall came in. His smiled at me before sitting down beside me. “Looking good as ever.” He said, I wanted to laugh, I was covered in makeup, I looked so different, “But anyone who knows you can see you didn’t dress yourself. I like you better when we chill on the bus.” He winked and I laughed.

“I thought you were going to compliment the look.” He shook his head and mumbled something about being myself. The director cut in.

“Great, you two look good together. Just keep this up, Niall, sing when you want.” He turned to his crew. “Cue the music!”

The song started playing, it was very upbeat. Niall made a face at me and I laughed. We looked at the TV, some of the boys other music videos played on mute. A large cue card was placed in my line of vision, “Act cute, be lovey.” I rolled my eyes and smiled. I laid my head in Niall’s lap as he sat back on the couch. One of his arms rested over my torso. I felt the butterflies dancing around; I knew the camera could pick up on it. But no one knew that wasn’t acting, for all they knew I was a Broadway actress. I could be an expert. No one would pick up on the real feelings behind this.

Niall’s solo came up, so he gazed down at me, singing with the music. I smiled and gazed back. My eyes never left his. His hand moved slowly up my body, I bit my lip to hold myself back from making any sound. His hand ran below my chin, he pulled me up gently and pressed his forehead to mine. I could feel his breath on my face as he sang softly to me.

The chorus was coming up. As the music played his lips found my bare shoulder, he kissed up to my neck, then up my neck. He placed a soft kiss on my chin then sang some of the chorus. When he finished, he placed a soft kiss on my lips. I didn’t hesitate. I kissed him back. We parted ways as the music suddenly stopped. “If that doesn’t stir up the tabloids and fans, nothing will! Perfect. Loved it.” He threw his hands up as he left the room. I stood there and looked at Niall. He looked away from me then left.

I watched the other guys quietly. When Zayn and Cora were up, everyone made kissy noises and aw sounds. It took more tries than one to get the shot they needed. When it was all done, everyone went to change. As I was leaving the bathroom, strong hands grabbed me from behind. I tried to scream, but my mouth was covered. I fought against the person behind me, but they had my arms pinned to my side. He let go of my mouth for a moment, I took it as my chance to scream. But before I had the breath too, he covered it again.

We were in this small dark room when he let me go. My instinct was to hit him, but his lips suddenly found mine. Forcefully he kissed me. It was in that instant I knew who had me, who was kissing me. I pushed him away and reached for a light. When I could see, I hit Niall’s arm. He would have pulled away, but there was little room in the closet he brought me to. “You scared me half to death.” He laughed and leaned over to kiss my neck.

“I’m sorry.” I felt a smile against my skin. “I’ve wanted to kiss you since the bus and when I suggested you and Cora be in the music video…I knew I’d get my chance.”

I pulled back, “So you’re the ‘clever’ one that made me feel like a living doll, the one that got everyone calling me ‘Mini-Lovato’? Thanks.” I faked a pout and crossed my arms.

“They did not! You are nothing like her, and trust me, I’ve been around her.” I relaxed more when he said that. Maybe I wasn’t some replacement for the girl he likes but can’t seem to get. “And please, don’t let them ever put that much makeup on your again. I couldn’t taste your lips under all that lipstick.” He smiled. “Though I loved the shoulder peek and your legs. God, I love your legs.” His hands moved down my side and slipped down my dress and on my bare leg.

I kissed him quickly then maneuvered out of his grip. “I thought Harry was the cheeky one around here.” I ran my fingers through my hair. “Next time, warn me when you want to sneak in a closet with me.” I opened the door and rushed off to find Cora. I felt bad keeping her in the dark about Niall and I, but now…now I just needed someone to talk to. Someone to understand what is going on in my life, because I honestly didn’t.

Cora was curled up on the couch with Zayn in the apartment we shot it. She wore a batwing top, shorts and the tribal sandals I have been trying to steal from her. She saw the desperate look on my face and instantly sent Zayn away. I shuffled over to her and sat down. Before she could ask what was wrong, I blurted out: “I kissed Niall!”


Needed a time skip. We are now into the second month, so I'll make it...September 1st here. Just so we can keep track haha. Then we will have until Halloween. Halloween is when they will part. Which today is! HAPPY HALLOWEEN MY LOVELIES!!!!

Munro Music Video

Munro After Video

Cora After Video

Title Song: Only Hope - Mandy Moore

So yeah, I lost power a couple times, it was an off and on type thing. Going off then on, then off. So I didn't spent time online. I did Sudoku and read so I wouldn't be disappointed I lost everything I wrote. But My prayers go out to those who are without power and homes right now. ♥

xx Bambi


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Hey sweetie,

I am not updating on this site anymore. If you DO want to read the rest of this story, which isn't finished but there are 8 (?) more chapters, click here
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