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Affection For An English Guy.

Chapter Two: She had to Pee, and He was a Cinderblock

He e-mailed me. Not a text, not a call, not even face-to-face. He fucking e-mailed me.

I cried into my pillow as my mother comforted me. "Baby, it'll be okay," she tried to soothe.

But it wouldn't. It would never be okay again.

"Should I call that band's manager to cancel?" she asked.

I shook my head. "I didn't get his phone number," I said through tears.

My mom pursed her full lips in consideration. My mom was beautiful, to say tha least. Straight, platinum blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, and a body that could bring any man down to his knees.

Everybody tells me that I look a lot like my mother, but I just don't see it. With my curly brown hair, almost black eyes, and curvy figure, I feel like I look the exact opposite of my supermodel mom.

"Maybe you should go hang out with this boy band and your friends. It'll take your mind off of things, sweetie."

I sniffled. "I don't want to see anyone, Mom."

She nodded. "I know it seems rough right now, baby, but it'll all work out. You just gotta get out there and explore what the world has to offer you."

"I don't want to explore! I want Jeff," I cried some more.

She pursed her lips again. "I'll call Lyssie and Aly-Cat to let them know what's going on."

She got up and left me alone to be miserable. I liked it better this way. I hated showing my negative emotions to anyone. I was the suffer-on-the-inside type.

My mother came back in and handed me the phone. "They want to talk to you."

I sniffled. "Why?"

"They're with that boy band at the Yum! Center," she replied.

I nodded and held the telephone to my ear. "Hello?" I said into the speaker.

"Sophie! Where are you?" Lyssie whined.

"At home," I sniffled.

"Aw, Sopher Wolfer, what's wrong?" Aly-Cat asked.

"Jeff broke up with me."

"What?" the two girls shrieked.

"Why I otta..." Lyssie began. "Well, it doesn't matter. You know why, Sophie?" "No," I said, hiccuping. "Because you are going to get your booty out of bed, and you're going to have an awesome time with us and One Direction." "Lyssie, I don't—" "You are going to have fun today, Sophie! Are you clear?" she yelled. I nodded. "Yes, ma'am." "Good," she said, more serene. "See you at your place." "Lyssie, don't bring—" She hung up. I groaned. So this is how it's going to go. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♪ ♥ ♥ ♥ I sat on my porch, pouting. My mom had kicked me out of the house. She kept going on and on about how this was better than filling up on ice-cream, how I needed this. Deep down, I knew she was right. What I wanted to do wasn't healthy in the slightest. But that didn't make this any easier on me. "Sophie!" Aly-Cat and Lyssie screamed as they exited the limousine that had pulled up in front of my quaint home. "Hi," I said, my voice completely drained of emotion. "It'll be okay," Lyssie said, pulling me up to my feet. "You know what you need? Ice-cream. Big buckets of it."

I laughed at her, my face feeling weird when expressing this happy feeling. "I doubt that One Direction would want to see me eat buckets of ice-cream."

"No, they wouldn't," Lyssie said as Aly-Cat hopped into the limousine. "But they wouldn't mind if, maybe, we stopped by your Nonna's house to swim while you drowned yourself in your sorrows. Not literally, of course."

I considered it before nodding. "That could work."

"Great," she said as we entered the limo where the boys of One Direction awaited.

"Ey, you look like you've been crying," Louis said.

I wiped at my eyes for any loose tears. "It's just allergies," I lied lamely.

There was silence until Niall Horan asked, "So, where are we going?"

I thought about it. Where had we decided on going? Oh, now I remember.

I looked at Aly-Cat and Lyssie. "Did you guys bring your bathing suits?"

They nodded, grinning.

I looked at the boys. "Did you guys bring your trunks?"

They shook their heads.

"Then first stop is y'all's hotel."

"Y'all?" Niall asked. "What does 'y'all' mean?"

"You all," I answered in annoyance.

One of the boys opened a window that revealed the driver eating a taco. "Take to the hotel, will yah, lad?"

The driver coughed, nodded, set down the taco, and drove us to the hotel. The boy that had asked him closed the window.

"That's Liam," Aly-Cat whispered in my ear.

I nodded and attempted to put that face and name to memory. I studied Liam to make sure I got all his features right. Wavy brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a very strong facial structure. His nose was slightly large, and he was very muscular compared to the rest of the guys. He had thin pink lips and a dark blotchy birthmark on his neck that was in the shape of a heart.

"Is that natural?" I blurted out before I could stop myself.

"Ey, I think she's talking to you, lad," Niall said to Liam, who looked up at me.

"What is?" Liam asked.

"Your birthmark," I answered.

"No," he said immediately. "The makeup artist made it look like this."

"So what shape is it really?"

He shrugged. "Shouldn't really say."

Now that just piqued my curiosity, and I felt determined to figure out what his birthmark really looked like. Or if he had one at all.

"So, what are your names?" another one of the boys asked. He had curly brown hair, light green eyes, and tanned skin. He was a skinny guy, but at the concert, he had the best vocals in my opinion.

"Well, I'm Lyssie," she said, flashing the boys a dazzling smile.

"I'm Aly-Cat," said our blushing friend whose shyness was slowly getting the best of her.

There was silence as I didn't introduce myself.

"Your turn," Louis Tomlinson said, grinning at me.

"Sophie," I said simply. "My name is Sophie."

"Sophie what?" curly haired dude prompted.

"You want to know my last name, too?" I asked with raised eyebrows.

The boys nodded.

"Wolfe," I said with a grin.

"Are you like a wolf?" Louis questioned.

"I guess."

"That's not an answer."

"Yes, it is."

"No, it isn't."

"I'm not arguing with you about this," I said, crossing my arms across my chest in defiance.

Louis opened his mouth to continue the conversation when screaming girls interrupted as they banged against the car.

"I think we're at your hotel," I said with a victory smirk.

"We'll be right back," Niall said as the rest of the boys were fighting through the crazed fan girls.

"And here I thought you two were obsessed," I said as one of the girls tried sticking her hands down Niall's pants.

"Now you appreciate us more, don't you?" Lyssie teased.

"Nope," I said, grinning at Lyssie's angry glare.

The boys got back just that second, and I must admit that I was impressed greatly with the way they maneuvered through the crowd of people that were grabbing at them. "Paul is not going to be happy," liam said. "Oh, who cares? That was amazing," Louis said. "Where are your trunks?" I asked. "We're wearing them," all the boys answered at once. I inclined over to ALy-Cat and whispered loudly, "Do they always do that?"

She shook her head.

I nodded and leaned back in my seat. "Next stop is..." I said quietly, making the boys bend in closer. "A SURPRISE!" I yelled right in their ears.

I leaned over Liam's lap to open the window and reveal the driver eating another taco. I whispered the directions into his ear, and he nodded as I declined into my seat.

"Where are we going?" Aly-Cat whispered.

"It's a surprise," I replied at normal volume. "So I'm not telling."

Aly-Cat glared playfully at me.

A couple minutes later we were in Lyndon, a small town in Louisville where my Nonna lived. The driver parked outside of the closed Arby's restaurant.

"So we're going to a closed Arby's restaurant?" curly haired dude asked.

I shook my head. "The limousine was just too big to get where we're going, boys. Follow me."

"Sophie!" Lyssie said, holding her arms out. "Carry me?"

I sighed and kneeled on the ground so that Lyssie could ride on my back.

"So, where are we going?" Liam asked.

I thought about it. "A place."

"That's very specific," Louis said.

"I know," I said, grinning.

"Seriously, where are we going?" Liam persisted.

"I told you. A place," I said, rolling my eyes. "And if you ask me one more time then I will tie you to the train tracks."

"That's mean, Sophie," Lyssie said disapprovingly.

"Like as if I care," I scoffed.

We kept on wallking for a couple of blocks before making a right turn onto Encino Court.

"Where are we going?" Liam asked.

I shot him a nasty look and set Lyssie down. I grabbed his arm and started pulling him toward the railroad tracks.

"Where are we going?"

"To the train tracks. I'm going to tie you to them."

He planted his feet firmly on the ground, and I couldn't move him another inch. I pulled and pulled and pulled, but he refused to budge.

"Gahaha!" I yelled. "What are you? Made of rocks?" "Sophie," Lyssie snapped. "What?" "I have to go! So quit fooling around and take us to your G-maw's place." I huffed and gave up on trying to move the large cinderblock. "Fine. Follow me."

"What's a G-maw?" Louis asked me.

"A grandmother," I replied back sweetly.



"Quit flirting!" Lyssie snapped.

"I'm not flirting," I defended quickly.

"You're right. You're slirting."

"Slirting? What's slirting?" curly haired dude asked. (Man, I really need to learn his name.)

"Sophie-flirting," Lyssie replied. "Because Sophie flirts weirdly."

"Weirdly isn't even a word," I said, rolling my eyes.

"Yes, it is," Aly-Cat said. "Weirdly just sounds weird."

"Weirdly cannot be a word," I said as we approached the driveway to my Nonna's house. "It just doesn't sound natural."

"well, it is a word and that's that."

"Sophie!" Nonna yelled from her porch.

I smiled and ran towards her. She engulfed me into a hug and told me about how much she missed me, asked me why I didn't visit more often, and then asked the dreaded question, "So which one of these boys is your boyfriend?"

"Nonna!" I said indignantly. "I don't have a boyfriend."

"Sweetie, you're fifteen," she said, giving me a knowing look. "Of course you have a boyfriend."

Nonna was beautiful for her age of over sixty years. Gray hair that was almost white in the front and black in the back, honey colored eyes, and olive skin. She was tall, somewhere around 5'8", which dwarfed my 5'4" height.

"I don't have a boyfriend," I repeated fiercely. "Seriously. I don't. And I especially wouldn't date any of those twits."



"Hey!" the five boys said.

"Well, I'm off to run some errands," she said. "Help yourself to anything you like."

"Thanks, Nonna," I said, giving her a final hug before she hopped into her car and drove away. I turned to the boys. "I hope you twits like swimming."

"Quit calling us twits," Liam said.

I shrugged. "Alright, dimwit."

"Sophie," Lyssie said, "let's try not to make enemies out of people that have a lot of money and can use that money to hire somebody to clobber us."

I considered this and sighed in defeat upon realizing that she was right. It was stupid, and I was only doing it because I was in a bad mood.

"Fine," I said, opening the door to Nonna's house. Three dogs jumped up on me. "Down, girls, down."

They sniffed Lyssie and Aly-Cat, but the boys stood on the porch awkwardly.

"Are you sure it's okay for us to be here?" curly haired dude asked.

"Yeah, fine," I said, shrugging. Slowly, they came in and the dogs jumped all over them. "Lilly, Katie, Beez! Down!" I said as I grabbed their collars and pulled them back inside.

"Ey, it's alright," Louis said. "I love dogs."

"Where's the bathroom?" Lyssie asked.

"Uh, down the hall and to the right," I replied.

Lyssie nodded and disappeared.


What else happened after
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