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Affection For An English Guy.

Chapter One: The Concert I Won Backstage Passes To

The speakers were booming, their voices were like angels, and it was an absolutely amazing night with my best friends, Aly-Cat and Lyssie. Both of whom have an infatuation with none other than One Direction, the concert were were currently attending.

Just as Niall Horan, a hunky Irish blonde, came closer to the edge of the stage, my two friends pactically jumped up on it to reach him. It was easy to say that Niall was their personal favorite.

Oh, you want to know which One Direction guy I find dreamy? None of them, actually. They're all good looking, yes, and incredibly talented, but I don't really see myself "with" any of the boys that make up the boy band. Besides that, I have a boyfriend already, and I see no point trying to make him jealous by droning on and on about some boy that I've never met.

"Niall, will you marry me?" Aly-Cat screamed.

"No, marry me!" another girl yelled.

Aly-Cat's proper name was Alyson-Catherine, but since that's a mouthful most people just call her Aly-Cat. She was a gorgeous girl with light brown hair that was almost a dirty blonde, and silky to the touch. Her green-gray eyes were soft and loving and lively. She claimed to be heavy, but to me she looked perfect. She had tan skin and was barely five feet tall.

Alyssa, or Lyssie, was short as well. Of course, that was partially due to the fact that she had been run over when she was a toddler. This accident should've killed her, but instead left her paralyzed from the waist down. With intensive therapy, she has been graced with the gift of walking with the assistance of crutches. She had chestnut colored hair and gray-blue eyes.

The concert was slowly coming to a close as the boys finished off What Makes You Beautiful. It was the song that had made them stars, more famous than Justin Bieber after he came out with Boyfriend.

Aly-Cat gave one last try to jump on stage. She failed, of course, and fell right on her hind end. I chuckled at my obsessed friend. I was nearly deafened as suddenly everyone screamed as the five boys said their farewells. I covered my ears in hopes of easing the pain, but it quickly ended as the boys left the stage with only a select few still screaming, "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" Two of those few were my own best friends.

"C'mon, girls," I said, grabbing their arms and leading them toward an exit. "Let's pick up some snacks before we have to meet them backstage."

They nodded their heads and produced the money that our parents had let us have to ensure our full enjoyment of the concert.

Incase you are curious as to how I managed to score us a trip backstage, I shall explain: I won a radio contest that not only gave me three front row tickets but backstage passes for after the show as well.

"I've got $5 left," Lyssie announced.

"$10," Aly-Cat said.

"$50," I stated.

"Did you even buy a souvenir?" Lyssie asked in disapproval.

"Yes. I bought this $25 jacket," I answered, rolling my eyes. "Are we going to grab a snack or what?"

They nodded, and we walked around the Yum! Center for any stands that were still open. There was an ice-cream stand that was giving away free ice-cream, and we eagerly took the chocolate and vanilla swirls.

"Should we finish before we head backstage?" Aly-Cat asked.

"If any of the boys want any then we'll just tell them about how they're giving it away for free," Lyssie replied. I nodded in agreement. "I really want to meet my future husband."

"You mean my future husband," Aly-Cat corrected.

I rolled my eyes at the two. Their obsession with one boy would be the death of me. "Let's hurry so that I can get back home. It's bound to be humid out there after all that rain we got."

We waited for the crowd to bare the halls before we made our way back into the performance room. I climbed up on the stage, much to my two friends dismay.

"Sophie! What are you doing?" Lyssie hissed. "We could get arrested!"

"We have backstage passes," I said as Aly-Cat and I helped Lyssie up. "We're merely taking the same way as the boys."

They seemed to consider this before squealing in excitement.

"Hey! What do you girls think you're doing?" a guard with an Irish accent asked.

"We have passes," I said, dangling the three passes between my fingers.

He checked them for authenticity. "Alright. Follow me." We trailed behind the bulky man as he led us backstage. "They're in there."

We nodded. "Thank you," we said in unison.

He nodded and walked away.

The two girls beside me were squealing so bad between licks of ice-cream that I took it upon myself to knock on the door, to which a very handsome blonde boy answered.

"Yes?" Niall Horan asked in his thick Irish accent.

My two friends squealed out excitedly. "Hi, I'm Sophie, and these are my friends, Lyssie and Aly-Cat," I said, flashing him a smile. "I won a radio contest wher I got these backstage passes and was promised to meet you and the rest of your little band."

His eyes glanced at the passes that were now propped on our necks and nodded. "Well, then please do come in."

I nodded as he opened the door wider, revealing four equally handsome boys.

"Ey, lad, who are these lovely ladies?" one of the boys asked. I raked my brain for a name, but came up short. "I'm Louis. Louis Tomlinson."

Aly-Cat squealed unattractively, "I know."

"How'd you ladies get past Paul?" another one of the boys asked. He had curly hair.

"Backstage passes," I said since my two friends were drooling over Niall.

The boys nodded. "So, which one of you is the contest winner?" Simon Cowell asked. Simon was a man in his early fifties with black hair, dark brown eyes, and a bit of stubble across his jaw line. He was a fit man, so he looked amazing for his age.

"That depends," Lyssie said. "Does the winner get a kiss from Niall?"

Niall looked as if he was deciding whether it would be a bad thing to kiss one of us.

"No," Simon said almost immediately.

Lyssie sighed, hopes crushed.

I stepped forward. "I won the radio contest."

Simon sized me up. "Sophia Wolfe?"

I nodded. "And the secret phrase is Niall loves potatoes."

"I could've told you that," Aly-Cat grumbled.

"Hmm..." Simon said. "Well, then you are aware that the boys will have to spend twenty-four hours with you starting at your chosen time tomorrow."

Crap. I completely forgot about that part of the contest.

"What?" Lyssie and Aly-Cat screamed at me.

"Sorry, guys. I forgot," I said, shrugging.

"Go ahead and get your autographs now, ladies. Gives you, Sophia, more time to hang out with them tomorrow."

All the boys looked up at Lyssie and Aly-Cat grabbed my purse and started digging around in it to find their One Direction posters that they made me drag around. Once they found them, they put on their best puppy dog faces.

"Will you please sign these?" they asked in sync.

"Of course, loves," Louis Tomlinson said, grinning. "We'd love to, right lads?"

They nodded and pulled out sharpies from the most random of places.

I started noting down the features of the only two One Direction boys I knew—Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson.

Niall was a blonde with his hair spiked up and electric blue eyes that almost seemed to pierce your soul. Fair skin, and a lean, muscled build weren't the things that made him stand out in the group.

Louis had light brown hair that was smoothed to the side and pale blue-green eyes. He wasn't the tallest of the bunch and had a tanned, muscled build in a lean body. As I was staring at him, he looked up to make a funny face that I giggled at.

"So, what time should we be meeting you at?" Niall asked as he signed about the millionth poster of him.

"How about eleven tomorrow?" I asked around a yawn.

"Where at?" another boy I didn't know asked.


"Sound good," Louis said.

"Great," I said as they finished up. Man, they could autograph fast. "See you boys tomorrow, then."


What else happened after
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