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A life of Payne

Chapter 47

Katie's POV

After I told Liam I loved him he wouldn't stop hugging me saying that I finally know how he feels. It was nice at first but now he won't let me leave his side for even a second like if I leave for more then a minute I will change my mind about what I said but I won't.

The paramedic left and it was just Liam, Harry, Ashley and myself in the lounge room of the small apartment.

"Yeah she's fine but she is never moving out now." Liam was on the phone to god knows who and was talking loud to make sure I heard what he was saying.

"That's not your decision to make!" I elbowed him in the ribs and he let out a small yelp before saying goodbye to however was on the phone before turning to face me.

"Do you really think it's a good idea after what just happened? And please stop moving around so much! You need to rest." He pushed me so my back hit the couch. I huffed and crossed my arms while he had a smug look on his face like he knew he was right about me not moving out.

I didn't say anything, instead I pouted and used my best puppy dog look that always made my brother melt and give into me.
Liam sighed and pulled me in for a hug, afterwards he rested my head on his legs while we listened to the pointless conversation Ashley and Harry were having about her not staying here anymore either.

"Harry is right Ash. You can't stay here so either you move in with Katie and myself or you can move in with Harry." Liam combed his fingers through my hair as he joined their conversation. I felt relaxed by his touch and didn't bother added my two cents into the conversation.

"Move in with Harry? It's far to soon for that!" Ash squeeled at the thought and made me jump since I was half asleep but not anymore.

"Ouch Ash." Harry looked hurt but not really that much, like he knew not to think to much about it since Ash was still trying to make a final decision between Harry and Luke.

I let my eyes close while still slightly listening to what they were saying.

"I mean it would just ruin things but at the same time Liam and Katie both have singing career's now and I would hate to be in that big apartment alone all the time, now that I think about it it would be like that no matter where I moved into. What do you think Katie?" I guess they all turned to look at me and even though I could still hear them talking, I couldn't bring myself to open my eyes or even talk.

I was to tired.

It's had to be around midnight by now.
I felt someone picking me up with ease like I was a feather.

I didn't try and open my eyes instead I cuddled closer to what I was guessing was Liam and just let sleep over take me.


I was woken by the sound of mumbling and laughing coming from around me. I slowly opened my eyes but shut them just as fast when I was nearly blinded by the brightness of the room I was in. I expected to be in a bedroom surrounded by darkness but I wasn't. Now that I'm starting to wake up more I realized that my head was still resting on someones thighs.

I blinked rapidly for a few minutes so my eyes would adjust to the room quicker and when they did I found myself in the bight lighted lounge room of Liam's and unfortunately myself's apartment.

Before I had a chance to look up I felt a hand run through my hair a few times as who I'm gueesing to be Liam laughed at whatever was happening on the television. Liam continued to run his fingers through my hair like he wasn't even putting thought into it, like it was just a natural thing.

After a few more moments I thought I might go back to sleep if I didn't move so I turned from my side to my back and look up at Liam. He looked down at me almost instantly after I showed the smallest sign of being awake.

"You should be back to sleep sweetie. It's three in the morning." He whispered like he was trying not to make to much noise because it would wake me up more.

"Why didn't you put me in my room? You must be uncomfortable." My voice was shaky as I attempted to sit up but Liam quickly pushed me back down carefully while still staring down at me.

"What? Let you sleep in your room alone when I just got you back here after one hell of a lonely week? I don't think so. Not to mention you had a concusion earlier today." He smiled weakly at me which made me know how tired he was, he couldn't even smile properly.

"You need sleep too Li." He simply shook his head and nudged me to turn back onto my side which I slowly did without any objections.

"Go back to sleep Katie." He ran his fingers through my hair and I felt my body start to relax once again.

"You promise that you will spend the whole day with me as soon as I wake up?" Oh god why did I say that? I sounded so clingly.
"What about Calum?" His voice was laced with hurt when he talked making me very confused.


"I have a feeling that he's going to ask you to join him on his tour, again. I mean I saw the way he looked at you during your performance and then the pictures of you two kissing at the arena where you performed, then again at KFC. You two can't stay away from each other after that." I surprised I heard his whole speech about me and Calum since he kept running his fingers through my hair.

"Then all the more reason for you to promise to spend tomorrow with me."

He stayed silent for a mmoment and for a second I thought he had fallen asleep but then the hushed tone of his voice was heard again.
"As long as you promise to go with Calum and have a good time with absolutely no drama."

"I promise."

"I promise too. Now get some sleep princess."


*Two days later*

"Are you sure?!" Calum's eyes brightened up as soon as I told him I wanted to come on tour with him.

He looked so utterly happy with my decision and I knew I was too.

The idea of a few weeks with no drama and no family hovering over me sounded amazing. I loved my family but to be bluntenly honest all my problems started because of them or someone that was close to them and I just wanted to spend time with Calum.

No dramas, no lies and no tears.

I grew the courage to ask Calum if I could come with him because I didn't know if he was actually going to ask me or not and know we're are standing in the doorway of his apartment he shares with the other boys both smiling like idiots.

After a while we were both still standing there smiling and I decided to once again make a move.
I moved closer and stood on my tiptoes so I could place a lingering kiss on his lips.

"Do you uh - want to come in? I don't think anyone else is home." I raised my eyebrows before answering.
"You don't know if anyone else is home?"

He shrugged while a smirk played at his lips.
"I spent most of the morning in front of the mirror after you told me you were coming by."

I laughed before taking his hand that he had held out for me. He intertwined our fingers as we walked straight towards what I am guessing to be his room but didn't quite make it all the way before a voice was heard from behind us making us both jump in fright.

"YAY! Katie's coming on tour!" A small yelp left my mouth and we both turned around to see the other three boys with smug grins on their faces because they heard our whole conversation without being caught.

Calum sent them all a glare before trying to convince them to leave.
"Hey I think were out of chips. Why don't you go and buy some more?" They all nodded like they took the hint and began to leave but made no attempt in trying to hide the jokes they were making about how it took three guys to go and buy chips but with these boys it probably did take three of them.

He lightly grabbed my hand again as soon as the front door was shut and walked backwards to his room while pulling me in for a kiss at the same time.

He closed the bedroom door with his foot and started to remove my jacket with a little help from me.

Just when things were starting to get good he pulled away and look me dead in the eyes while cupping my cheeks with his hands.

"I need to ask you something really important Katie." He look so serious as he tried to steady his breathe and look me in the eyes at the same time.

I slowly nodded as if I had lost my ablity to speak.

"Will you go on that date with me that we talk about? Tonight?"


Here it is!!!
I promised you another update if you checked out my new story and you did so here it is and exactly 24 hours apart.
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Thank you xo

This is really good!

Thank you sweetheart! xx

I only really come on this site to see if you updated. You have the best fanfictions ever

Thanks darling ♡ I'm really not okay with it but I can't put my life on hold forever so I think I'm ready to get the last few chapters done then onto the sequel! (: