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A life of Payne

Chapter 34

Calum's POV

We sat in complete silence apart from Katie's slight whimpers that she would let out in her sleep every time I tried to move her off my lap. It didn't seem very comfortable to be asleep curled up on me on the floor, but she didn't want to move so we sat there as I continued to rock her back and forth because in a odd way it was calming me down as well.

If Sophia wasn't a girl I would be beating the living shit out of her right now, weather it ruined my friendship with Liam or not I would do it.
Now that I think about it how the hell am I meant to tell Liam what just happened? I know he cares about Katie a lot but would he rather believe Sophia's word? because technically speaking he has known Sophia longer then his own sister.

After a few hours I was beginning to doze off as well but had a very big urge to piss, I'm only human so it's not that shocking.

Very slowly and carefully, I lifted Katie onto her bed and started to pull my arms away from her. She groaned and tried to reach out to me like a little kid would before she realised I wasn't lying next to her so she sat up and rubbed her eyes. Once her eyes had adjusted she looked up at me with a very sad look.

"Are you leaving?" She looked like she was about to cry again so I quickly pulled her into a hug as I sat next to her on the bed.

Before I made a move on Katie at the concert earlier today we were what you consider very close friends without being best friends, I managed to escape the friend zone but while I was in there I learnt how hurt she was over both Louis and Niall.
It is hard to believe that Liam, Louis and Niall all caused her pain in some way and yet the only one she has forgiven is the one that didn't involve a feeling of love. Besides brother love I guess.
She doesn't forgive very easily and I am in no way going to put myself in a place where she will hold a grudge on me because I'm guessing it would last a long time. She may not like to admit it but it is easy to tell that she is still giving Niall the cold shoulder and now that I think about it Louis too, just not as bad as Niall.

"I need to get a drink of water baby, do you want anything?" I lightly brushed my fingers over her cheekbone and stared into her eyes. Her eyes were so emotionless, it was this moment that I knew I had to tell Liam what his so called 'girlfriend' did to his one and only sibling.

"I just want you." Katie whispered so it was barely audible then looked down at her hands. I couldn't help the small smile that found its way to my lips even at a really bad time like this it was good to know that she felt the same way as I did.

I placed a kiss on her forehead which made her visibly relax.
"I'll be back before you know it, try and get some more sleep baby."

She smiled when I called her baby which was good because I liked calling her that, it felt natural.
I reluctantly pulled away from Katie and made my way towards the Kitchen to grab a glass of water for both of us because I knew Katie would need a drink after all that crying. I honestly hated seeing Katie like this because she is so guarded and I just don't know what to do. Most girls I've liked before were easy to understand and I literally had them falling for me within days but Katie is different, she has this edge to her like she isn't letting us know everything about her but I will knock down her walls eventually.

I walked past the lounge room and noticed that everyone was still here and yet it was nearly midnight by now. I gave a simple greeting to everyone around the room except Liam who wasn't in the room, my eyes locked with Sophia's and I couldn't help but glare at her. That sick bitch would have me barking in her face right now if there was no one else around but fortunately for her there is plenty of people here.

Once I reached the kitchen the first thing I saw was Liam sitting at the island with tears running freely down his cheeks.
I knew right away when he looked into my eyes that he was like this because he knew Katie was in pain, like some sort of sibling telepathy-ness. I know it's not a word but I know what I'm talking about and Liam is defiantly feeling Katie's pain, if only he knew how it was caused.

"Why? Why was she crying so hard? Did y-you do something to her!" His voice began to rise with each word and so did my anger. How dare he even think I would hurt Katie!

"I would never do that to Katie! I was comforting her!" My anger was going crazy but I had to make sure he understood that I wasn't the one that hurt her it was his bitch girlfriend.

"Don't you dare lie Calum! This is my baby sister were talking about! That pain she feels hurts me too and I need to know who the fuck caused it!" His jaw clenched multiple times and he began to walk closer towards me with so much anger in his eyes it was hard to tell that they were normally brown not black.

"It wasn't me!" I tried to stay calm but the fact that he thought I hurt Katie was just ridiculous.

"Bullshit! What did you do? Tell her you regret what happened at the concert? Tell her you don't like her as much as you thought you did?" He kept pushing and pushing on my last nerve and before I knew it the words slipped out of my mouth so fast I couldn't stop myself.

"Sophia slapped her! She's blackmailing her!"

We both stayed silent he looked blankly at me before his eyes turned an even darker shade of black, something snapped inside him and he stormed towards the lounge room.

I have no idea if he even believed me or not.


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This is really good!

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Thanks darling ♡ I'm really not okay with it but I can't put my life on hold forever so I think I'm ready to get the last few chapters done then onto the sequel! (: