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A life of Payne

Chapter 30

Liam's POV

"Liam! mate calm down and tell me what is wrong!" Louis laughed through the phone at me, like literally laughed at the fact that I was almost having a panic attack.

"Well she is extremely grumpy and I know she is not hung over because she didn't drink last night and she keeps saying that her stomach hurts and she is eating like crazy and I have no idea what's wrong!" I rambled on to Louis through the phone. There is definitely something wrong with Katie today but I don't know what it is.
"Oh my god Louis! What if she is pregnant!"

"Really? She is far to innocent for that. I can't believe you would even think that."
He laughed at me again. The only reason I called Louis is because I thought Katie would have told him if something was wrong but he is not being helpful at all.

"You are so stupid mate. I'm sorry but I had to say that." He tried to contain his laughter but I could still hear him giggling through the phone at me.
"Liam she is at that time of the month."

Crap. I didn't think of that! Oh god I have no clue what to do.
"Louis you have so many younger sisters! What the hell do I do? Girlfriends always try to hide this from their boyfriends so I have never had to deal with this." I began to panic again not having a clue about how to handle a teenage girl on her period.

"Okay. All she needs is lots of ice cream and cuddles that will turn into a punching bag during the crazy mood swings." Louis' words honestly made me scared of how to handle this.
"Oh god. Am I going to end up with bruises all over me?" He laughed again. Well I'm glad someone finds this funny.

"Hopefully not mate, do you want me to handle this? I'm not busy today." I thought about it for a minute before making up my mind. I knew that Katie and Louis were on good terms again but I also knew that Katie didn't want to be around him alone because she was a big believer that if you spend to much time around someone that you use to like that the feelings will return and that's not something Katie wants or needs right now.

"No I think I need to handle this on my own. Plus I'm pretty sure she wouldn't be very happy if she found out that you know she has her uh thing." I couldn't bring myself to say the word period to another guy, that's just a bit to weird.
"Hate to break it to you Liam but you're on speaker and the other lads heard everything." Just then I heard all the boys start breaking down in laughter that they have been holding in during the whole phone call.

"Crap. Thanks Louis." I couldn't help the sarcasm that found its way to my voice.
"Mate it's just funny that you have never had to deal with this before." I heard Harry say through the phone then start laughing with everyone else. Harry only arrived back in London earlier today and this is the first thing he says to me, if I wasn't freaking out right now I would be so mad at him for not coming over and saying hi like he usually does when he gets back from a trip but I guess he did just break up with Kendell so I will let him get away with it.

"Well screw you guys! You guys are honestly no help, I guess I should try and talk to her. Bye lads." I wanted to get off the phone as fast as possible because these idiots were honestly not making this any easier.
"Remember Liam! Ice cream and cuddles!" Louis said to me before I ended the call.

I gulped and pulled myself off of the couch and made my way towards the kitchen.
I opened the freezer and grabbed Katie's favourite ice cream which is strawberry. A very plain yet still good flavour. Then grabbed a few extra snacks out of the pantry just in case she decides to reject the ice cream but I doubt that will happen.

"WHAT THE FUCK!!!!" Katie's sudden screaming made me jump and start walking faster towards her room.

Slowly I opened the door to her bedroom just in time to see a story showing pictures of Katie and Niall start on E news.

'Katie Payne and Niall Horan together? Or did the fire in their eyes burn out just as fast as it appeared? Pictures have been found of the two getting cuddly while walking down the isles of a supermarket. The pair were buying food for the New Years eve party that One Direction had up in the woods. Sources say that the two then had an argument while at the checkout and hadn't been seen together again until band member Zayn's birthday last night. Is their still hope for the two or should Katie just stick to being the baby Payne.'

Katie paused the TV on the last picture they showed for the story which was of Katie, Calum, Ashton and Niall at Zayn's birthday last night. Katie wouldn't even stand next to Niall to take the picture so there is a big awkward gap right in the middle of the photo which now that I think about it I slightly remember taking.

I knew Katie well enough to know that it wasn't the fact that the story was about her and Niall that was pissing her off, it was the fact that there was a story at all.

I sighed and made my way over to Katie's bed. By now she had pulled her knees up and wrapped her arms around them, she looked so vulnerable and sad but yet she had no tears running down her cheeks.

Sitting down next to Katie's small body, I spread the food around us and got comfortable.
"Katie it's just a story, I'm sure one day you and Niall will be fine but for now you just need to keep your head high and smile." I told her as I rubbed small circles in her back.
"I'm turning into someone I never wanted to be Liam." She whispered to me so I could barely hear her.

I wasn't quite sure what she meant but I knew it couldn't be good. I took a deep breathe before replying.
"What are you turning into?"

"Famous because of who I am related to. It's pathetic Liam! I'm going to turn out like Kim Kardashian, famous for being famous."
She still didn't have tears in her eyes, she just seemed blank. It was like she was training herself to turn her emotions off which reminded me of when she tried to do that when I had saved her from the dodgy police officer back in New Zealand.


She just sat there. Not talking. Not crying. And barely thinking. She sat there emotionless, almost blank.

Katie finally had the courage to look at me, I was still standing in the exact same place as when that creep had left, except now I was looking at Katie with the saddest look on my face. Her pain was hurting me too and she didn't even know why.

After awhile I started to walk towards her and took off my basketball shirt leaving me in a singlet. I pulled my shirt over her head for her as she wasn't willing to move just yet, The shirt was similar to the one lying on the floor that she must of been wearing before that so called police officer tried to hurt her.

"There now it's like it never happened." I went silent for a moment pretty much knowing she wasn't going to say anything. It was like she didn't trust her own voice.

"But it did happen." I said while dropping my head into my hands and sighing rather loudly.

"Please say something, anything." I pleaded to her.
She stared blankly at the wall not realising she was talking out loud. "What do I say? Thanks for saving me but you terrify me."

"I-I terrified you?" I looked at her shocked. Shit I scare my only sibling.

"You said that out loud Katie don't pretend it didn't happen." I said before shifting on the bed so I was sitting right in front of Katie. I grabbed her small hands before talking again.

"I know your probably scared right now and I can see in your eyes right that your slowly shutting off your emotions to handle this, but please don't because it's not going to help. It will just make things harder." I said to her as softly as possible. She could see I really cared, I know she can see it. I saw the tears start to prick at her eyes and before I knew it she was full on bawling.

*End of flashback*

The memory made me realise how different her life is now yet she is still so innocent but as her big brother I like that she is innocent.

I knew it was no use trying to tell her not to shut her emotions off because things are a lot more difficult now then they were less than a month ago. I decided to focus on trying to help with what she had said. I wasn't going to let her be 'famous for being famous' because that's not what she wants so I will help her with anything I can to stop that from happening.
Katie placed her head on her knees and sighed.

To help her take her mind off all of this I decided to open some of the junk food I brought into her room.

I ripped open a packed of M&M's and her head instantly snapped up once she smelt the chocolate, It was so funny to see how fast she snatched the small bag of her favourite treat away from me.

Katie's weakness was M&M's and strawberry flavoured ice cream, while my weakness was Katie herself.


The next morning I opened my eyes to find myself still in Katie's room with Katie clinging to the side of my chest.
We had spent the whole night talking and telling horrible jokes to make each other laugh and eventually got bored and decided to watch a movie. Of course Katie chose The Muppets, it's her go to movie for when she is sad or having those crazy period mood swings so I guess I should have seen it coming.

Katie managed to last the whole movie even though it was very easy to tell she was tired, then it was my turn to chose a movie. Being me I considered Toy story but in the end I went with finding nemo. Unlike the first movie Katie actually cried during this one, I am assuming that it was another mood swing but this caused her to hide her tear stained cheeks in my chest which is how she fell asleep.

I looked down to see that Katie was just waking up herself and rubbed her eyes with her balled up hands, she was so young when you looked at her it was hard to believe that she was eighteen.
She looked up at me and smiled, her smile was starting to make a regular appearance and I loved it.

"I need to get up and shower." Her morning voice croaked out. This was the first time I had ever known her to not protest about getting out of bed.
"NO! I want Katie cuddles." I mumbled while pulling her back down and giving her a huge bear hug.
She giggled before giving in and hugging me back.

It was these kind of sibling moments that honestly broke me on the inside because I had to wait ten years after finding out about her before I finally met my baby sister so I am doing everything I can to make up for lost time.
The nice girly room, the girly car, everything I did for Katie was just me trying to make up for all the things I missed in her life and yet the closest I ever came to feeling like I have made it up to her was this moment right now.

I may not be the perfect brother, I may not know how to handle Katie's mood swings when she is on her period but when she hugs me like this, with nothing but happiness. It makes the fear of disappointing her disappear.


I sat across from Katie at the dinning table nervously scratching the back of my neck, how the hell do I word this conversation?

"What did you want to talk about Li?" Katie asked me. I couldn't help but smile like an idiot when she called me Li, it was the first time she has ever called me that and it was so cute.
I took a deep breathe before spitting out my words fast so I couldn't stop myself halfway through.
"I think I know a way for you to not have to worry about being famous for being famous, sort of like a way to take your mind of it and actually do something instead of being stuck up in this apartment all the time."

She looked at me confused and didn't even attempt to say anything so I continued talking.

"I think you should enrol for university."


I'm back in New Zealand now! Woop woop!

So for anyone confused during the flashback in this chapter, it is part of chapter 11 but in that chapter it was in Katie's point of view and now it is in Liam's. So its the same thing really just a different point of view. Anyway tell me what you thought of this lovely sibling chapter!

Oh and I updated the cover! Tell me what you guys think of the new cover because I'm still not sure how I feel about it all I know is that it's better than the last one!

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Thank you xo

This is really good!

Thank you sweetheart! xx

I only really come on this site to see if you updated. You have the best fanfictions ever

Thanks darling ♡ I'm really not okay with it but I can't put my life on hold forever so I think I'm ready to get the last few chapters done then onto the sequel! (: