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A life of Payne

Chapter 29

Katie's POV
*11th January 2014*

I watched as Ashley placed the last few items in her suitcase before zipping it up. She has been so calm about this unlike me, I can't stop pouting knowing that I have to say goodbye to my best friend all over again.

She didn't seem as upset as I was which really makes this suck more. What if she forgets about me once she starts university?
If it wasn't for Liam and the Payne family then I would be going to the same university as her.

"Katie? Are you going to get changed? You can't go to the airport in your pajamas." Ashley spoke softly knowing that I wasn't really in the mood to say goodbye.

I sighed and without a word I went and took a shower.
As I stepped into the steamy shower I let all my tense muscles relax for a moment. It has been five days since I saw any of the boys besides Liam of course. I haven't left the apartment once since we came home from the cabin, I just haven't been in the mood to be in public but I had to today because today was the day Ashley was leaving.

I got dressed in a nice short sleeved outfit. Since I didn't need a bandage on my wrist anymore I thought I would wear something with short sleeves.
Once I was ready to face the world, I walked into the kitchen to find Ash and Liam both look at me with what looked like happiness in their eyes. How could they be happy about all of this?

"When do we have to leave?" I said as I sighed, I really wish this didn't have to happen but as I have learnt since I became a Payne that you can't always get what you want. I guess Ashley staying here is just another thing I can add to my list of things I can't have, right underneath Niall.

"Now actually." Liam says as he stands from his seat and wraps his arms around my shoulders. No amount of hugs will make me happy today.

"Okay." I went to grab Liam's car keys, don't ask my way but I felt like driving because in some strange way it relaxes me. It doesn't relax me to the point of being happy but it takes my mind off of things since I'm new at driving I focus all my attention into the road and the car, not my problems that were on my mind before I got in the car.

"Wrong keys. We need these ones." Liam said while holding up a set of keys that consisted of the actual car key, the car remote and a purple love heart that was connected to a keychain. I haven't seen those keys before so I'm really confused right now but on the other hand the keys were really pretty, well as pretty as a car key could be.

"What car are those for? Did you get a new car?" I asked him not really sure if I should take the keys from him or not.
"Not quite." He smirked then wrapped his arm around my shoulders again and lead me outside with Ashley right next to us.

We walked out of the apartment building and into the car lot where my eyes instantly landed on the only car there I haven't seen before. It was a purple Bentley! It was the cutest thing I have ever seen!
"Isn't that car a bit girly for you?" I asked my brother. I knew he liked the colour purple but I never thought he would get a purple car. He laughed at me which caused Ashley to laugh as well.

"What is so funny? Am I missing something?" I crossed my arms over my chest and huffed at their little inside joke.

"It's not my car, it's yours." He said while holding the keys out towards me.
"Are you serious!?!" I asked while eyeing the keys in his hand then looking up at his face to see a big warm smile on his lips.

"Dixie chick serious!" Ash butted in using a line from pitch prefect which frankly I never understood, maybe it was because I didn't know who the Dixie chicks were but I did understand that the statement meant Liam was very serious.

"OH MY GOSH! " I squealed as I jumped up and down now that the realisation of having my own car had hit me.
"Now that's the reaction I was hoping for." Liam laughed as he handed me the keys.


"Flight 265 to New Zealand is now boarding." The intercom system at the airport was heard and instantly made my eyes water.

"I guess I should get going." Ashley gripped onto the handle of her suitcase and started to turn away.
"Wait!" I yelled and ran up to her and gave her one last long hug knowing that no one else will ever make me as happy as she does. No boy compares to my best friend.

"I really need to go now." Ash sniffled away her tears and pulled away from our hug.
"Okay go before I make an even bigger scene." I tried to laugh but failed as there was no way I could be happy right now.

"I will see you soon." She smiled at me then turned away and walked to the gate where her plane was boarding.
What the hell did she mean?

"Liam what does she mean?" I asked while looking up at him. I am so confused right now that I feel like my head is spinning.
"Time will reveal all young one." He laughed then hugged me one more time before we turned away from the boarding gate.

I started to walk towards the entrance of the airport when Liam grabbed my hand to make me stop walking.
"What are you doing?" I asked him while looking at him like he had just grown an extra two heads.

"Lets go to Starbucks. You look like you could use a coffee." He smiled down at me and we made our way over to Starbucks.
As we walked closer towards the food court, the smell of Starbucks instantly hit me making me realise how desperately I really do need a coffee right now.

"One flat white please." Liam said to the man working at Starbucks as soon as he reached the front of the cue.
"And for the lovely young lady?" The man winked at me as he talked, it was actually kind of creepy I mean the guy had to be in his late thirties. I really didn't wanted to talk to the creepy man so I decided to whisper to Liam what I wanted. I know it sounds really lame that I'm eighteen and to shy to order my own damn coffee but today is just one of those days.
"She'll have a coffee Frappuccino." Liam smiled at me as he told the man my order.
"Can't she talk for herself?" The worker spat at us now that he realised I wasn't interested in him.
"She can but your a creep and I don't want my baby sister talking to you anyway." Liam shrugged while he kept a deathly glare on the man.

Once our orders were ready and we found a table at the far back of the small coffee place, I took a long sip of my drink and sighed as I let myself slump back against the chair.

"How are you feeling?" Liam questioned me as he stirred his coffee around.
"Well besides saying goodbye to my best friend, I'm feeling okay" I smiled a real smile and took another sip of my drink.
"Why do you think your okay?" Well that's a odd question.
"I don't know? Why do you think I'm okay?"
Liam sighed before talking almost like he was nervous to bring up whatever he was about to say.
"I think the reason your feeling better lately is because you haven't been thinking about boys as much."

Huh, He's got a point.

"Guess so, maybe I should do this more often."


*The next day*
*12th January 2014*

"KATIE! Hurry up!" Liam yelled to me from the lounge even though I was already walking down the hall towards the lounge room as he yelled at me.

"Calm your farm Liam! I'm ready!" I yelled back to him while plucking my phone off of the coffee table that is placed in the middle of the lounge.
I picked up my keys from the small table near the front door and turned around to see Liam huff and roll his eyes.

"If your farm is now calm, I am ready to leave." I said while waving my keys in my hand. I love driving my car and my keys are purple! They're cool!

"Yes I am calm. And why are we taking your car? It's girly." He laughed at his own words and this time it was my turn to roll my eyes.
"You brought me the car! and beside we both know who will be driving home tonight so that person is taking their car so she can show it off to everyone." I smiled and opened the door for Liam pretending to work down in the lobby.
"Why thank you ma'am." Liam put on a even fancier accent then the one he already had making me laugh and close the door behind me.

It was quite a short drive to Zayn and Perrie's place so we just spent the time listening to the really up beat music from the pop station I had on my radio.

"YAY! The Payne's are here!" Zayn yelled as he walked over and hugged both of us.
I saw Louis and Ashton walk over with big smiles on their faces.
"Oh the Payne's have arrived now the party can start!" I laughed at Ashton's words before giving him and Louis both hugs. I think it was at that moment that I realised that I didn't have any feelings for either of them, I guess when I wasn't worrying about my feelings for one boy I also wasn't clouding my feelings for other boys. I think that makes sense but for now I won't try to explain it to any of the boys.

"Where's Harry? I haven't seen him in ages!" I said while jumping up and down. Harry is like a friend that you could literally tell anything, it's almost like he's my gay friend without the gay part. He is such a great dude.
"He's not coming. He's still in America with Kendell." Zayn said getting all sad eyed that Harry was missing his birthday.
"Oh." I said getting a little down that I didn't get to see one of my besties tonight. Considering I had to say goodbye to Ashley yesterday I really could of used a bear hug from Harry.

"How come you haven't asked where I am?" Someone said from behind our group making us turn around and see Niall holding the waist of some random girl I haven't seen before. Great boost to my self-esteem.
"Because I don't care." I shrugged and walked off to find someone else to talk to. As I walked away fro the group of boys, I heard them all shaming out Niall.

Later that night I was wasting my time laughing at the lame jokes that Calum and Michael were telling me when I noticed Niall staring at me from across the room. I thought I would be happy that he was looking at me and not his date but it just pissed me off.
"Hey Calum? Do you think you could come outside with me? I need some fresh air." I asked remembering that I promised Liam to never go outside alone.
"Sure thing sweet cheeks." He smiled at me and intertwined our hands to lead me outside.

Once outside it was much easier to breathe, and to hear my own thoughts.
"So what happened between you and Niall? Your being colder then a freezer towards him." I had to laugh at his choice of words. Australians are funny.
"He wanted to go back to being just friends then didn't talk to me until today. So screw him." I smiled looking into Calum's pretty brown eyes.

He sighed before looking up into my eyes again and smiling,
"How much have you had to drink tonight?" He asked looking very serious all of the sudden.
"Nothing I'm driving." I smiled back at him.
"Good because I need to ask you something. How do you feel about the movies?" Calum asked looking quite nervous as he waited for my answer.
"I love the movies! Is there anything good playing right now? Who else is going?" I love the movies so I will admit to getting quite happy at the idea.
"I was thinking it could be just-" Calum's sentence was cut off by my phone ringing.

We both looked down to see that it was Harry's name on my phone. He never rings me so I'm guessing that this must be important.
"I'm sorry Calum, this could be important. I will get back to you about the movies okay?" He gave me a small nod and walked away with his head down. Now I sort of want to know what he was going to say.

I pulled myself out of my thoughts and answered my phone.

"Hey Harry! I miss you here at Zayn's birthday! I'm really bored so what's up?" I heard him laugh at me through the phone and sigh at the end, something is not right with him.
"Hey Harry what's wrong?" I asked trying to sound sincere.

"You don't sound very drunk, I'm impressed." He laughed at me before going quiet again.
"That's because I'm driving." I said proudly while skipping over to the bench seat that was on the deck and sitting down.

"So what's up?"
"Kendell and I broke up."

I swear I heard him whimper through the phone.

"Oh Harry I'm so sorry."

And at that moment I knew I was about to spend nearly the rest of my night trying to calm Harry down but I didn't mind because he needed a virtual shoulder to cry on and he choose me which is so sweet.


Hope you like it! (:

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Thank you xo

This is really good!

Thank you sweetheart! xx

I only really come on this site to see if you updated. You have the best fanfictions ever

Thanks darling ♡ I'm really not okay with it but I can't put my life on hold forever so I think I'm ready to get the last few chapters done then onto the sequel! (: