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A life of Payne

Chapter 19

Katie's POV

Once the lame little announcement was over and countless different people had introduced themselves to me, we starting getting ready to leave the building. Thank god because I was so jet lagged and just wanted to sleep this whole thing away, hoping I would wake up in New Zealand again.

There was still so many cameras around which made me glad that I had dressed nicely to say goodbye before we got on the plane because we came straight here. Knowing that my picture would be all over the world in less than a day from now really scared me because what if people thought I was ugly or fat?

"Katie are you ready?" Liam asked me as he made his way over to me with Louis.

I nodded and Liam grabbed my hand to lead me outside.

When we got outside I noticed that there were more girls out here than when we went inside. Awesome.

Most of the girls were yelling trying to get the attention of Liam or Louis but I heard a few faint calls of my name. Oh god they just found out who I was and they were already calling my name.

I turned my head in the direction that my name was coming from and saw a group of girls waving at me.

I put on a small smile and waved back with my free hand since my other hand was still holding Liam's hand.

"Shit I left my jacket in there. Louis! Watch Katie for a second." Liam said while letting go of my hand and running inside.

Louis moved closer to me and smiled down at me so I smiled back.

"Come on. I am going to say hi to some fans, since no one else is outside yet I need you to come with me." Louis said linking his arm with mine.

We walked over to the fence that all the fans were standing behind. Some of them smiled at me while others glared but none of them said anything to me which is good because I don't feel like talking right now, I'm to tired.

Louis was talking to some girls and taking a few pictures with them while I stood awkwardly next to him. Out of nowhere the girls that in front of me said hi which gave me a bit of a fright.

"Oh um hi." I smiled to them not expecting anyone to actually want to talk to me.

"So are you like a Payne for real or did they adopt you now?" One of the girls asked me. obliviously not hearing what Liam had said in the announcement.

"I'm a Payne I was adopted out when I was younger but some stuff has happened with my old family so now I'm a Payne again." I smiled to her while she and her friends processed what I just said.

Louis smiled from next to me and guided me to some more fans down the fence that wanted to say hi to him but these ones just seemed to glare at me rather than saying hi.

While Louis was taking some photos with a fan, a camera man bumped into me causing me to get to close to the fence.

All of the sudden one of the fans who had a wicked looking grin on her face, reached out and scratched the side of my face with her nails. I let out a small yelp before covering my face with my hand.

The same girl pushed me as hard as she could through the fencing which caused me to fall on my butt and let out another yelp.

"YOU ATTENTION SEEKING WHORE!!!" The fan screamed at me then all her friends began yelling things at me too but I couldn't make out much of what they were yelling.

Louis turned around to see me on the ground and ran back over to me and helped me up. I really wanted to cry right now but I wasn't going to in front of so many people.

Finally Liam came rushing over with the other boys and all looked confused at why Louis was crushing me in a huge hug.

"What's up?" Liam asked once Louis let me go and moved me away from the fans.

I kept my hand over my cheek because I didn't want any of them to see what that girl did to me. Not even Louis has seen it because I made sure to cover it before he ran over.

Louis forcefully pulled my hand away from my cheek and gasped and what he saw.

"My god Katie! are you okay?" Louis asked once he saw all the blood coming off my cheek and all over my hand.

"I-I just want to go." I managed to say while holding my tears in.

Once he turned me around to face the other boys, all their eyes widened at what they saw.

"KATIE!?!" Liam screamed moving closer to me.

"W-who did this?" He asked me trying to hide his anger. By now most of the cameras were gone but all the fans were still here and most of them knew what happened.

"One of the girls behind the fence." Louis answered for me.

Just then Paul came over with a first aid kit saying that he will help once we get back into the limo. Thank goodness for Paul. But where was he when that mean girl did this to me?

Before we made our way over to the limo, Liam turned to face the group of girls who had done this to me. They were still in the exact same spot with smirks on their faces so it was easy to tell it was them.

"Why would you do this?" Liam asked them still trying to hold in his anger.

"She just wants attention. I was just doing what the whole fandom wanted to do." The girl that did this said while shrugging her shoulders.

"She didn't even get a choice about being a Payne! We took her away from her old family and then you go and do this! great way to make her feel welcome." Liam yelled at her making her feel guilty. After that nearly all the girls went quiet. Now everyone knows the truth which I bet will just make them dislike me more for some reason.

Liam grabbed my waist and pulled me close to him, walking me over to the limo.

When we were all inside Paul began cleaning off my face making me wince every now and then which caused him to say sorry over and over again. Once he was finished he went and sat next to the driver and we started driving away.

I still didn't say anything even though I knew all five boys had their eyes on me.

I couldn't hold it in any longer and began to bawl my eyes out so Liam came and sat next to me rubbed small circles in my back.

"Why were you so close to the fence? when I was with you, you weren't that close. Next thing I knew someone had pushed you to the ground." Louis questioned me making Liam tense next to me at the thought of Louis leaving me alone.

"A c-camera man p-pushed me closer when he walked past." I managed to say through my sobs.

"Wait. They pushed you on the ground too?" Liam asked getting anger all over again.

I just nodded and tried to put my face in my hands but winced when my hand came in contact with my cheek.

"We won't let anybody hurt you like that ever again." Liam said to me making all the other boys nod their heads in agreement.


The boys carried on saying how sorry they were that it happened even though I kept telling them it wasn't their fault. It went on like this until we arrived at Liam's apartment building. Thank god the ride is over!

We all walked out of the elevator together. It took them forever to get me in there because I was in such awe with the lobby. I can't even imagine what the actual apartment is going to look like.

I was slightly confused as to why all the boys were coming to Liam's place but I don't feel like talking to them at all right now let alone asking questions that involve them talking back to me.

Once we reached Liam's door, he unlocked the door and put in a pin code to turn off what I'm guessing is the security system.

Liam stepped aside to let us all in, the boys walked in like it was nothing but my heart started to beat rapidly at all the different possibilities of what it could look like. Liam smiled at me waiting for me to step inside.

When I got inside and looked around I was completely shocked. This was amazing!

I don't understand why someone who lived alone needed such a big place but I guess when your in one of the biggest boy bands in the world this is the kind of place you get.

Liam walked away down some hall while the rest of the boys sat down on the big circle couch. I just stood there not wanting to touch anything in case I got in trouble. I cursed myself in my head for having to touch on floor, I mean what if my shoes were dirty?
I knew they weren't but still what if they were.

Once again I felt out of place.

The four boys sitting on the couch began to stare at me funny for just standing there awkwardly.

"You know Katie, this is your house too now. You can make yourself comfortable." Zayn said patting the spot next to him on the couch.

I took my shoes off and sat them neatly next to the door before walking over to the couch.
They all watched me intensely as I sat as far away as possible from them all.

"Why are you sitting so far away?" Zayn whined at me while pouting down at the empty spot next to him.

I pointed at the spot before talking.
"That spot is for Liam." I simply said but they all smiled at me because it was the first time I had talked since I stopped crying in the limo about an hour ago.

"You could fit three of Liam in that spot you left for him." Louis said laughing at the end of his sentence.

I just shrugged and carried on looking around the huge lounge room. It was all cream colours with small splashes of green and blue. It was fairly easy to see that no girls have lived here until now.

Liam walked back into the room in some sweat pants and a singlet. He came and sat next to me with a box in his hand. Of course my curiosity got the best of me and I looked at the box to see if I could tell what it was from the outside. Sadly I couldn't.

"See Katie! that spot was far to big for Liam! I still have a empty spot next to me." Zayn pouted but then quickly laughed afterwards.

Liam turned to face me.
"How come you sat by yourself?" He asked in a small but curious tone.

I shrugged again returning my gaze to the box in his hands.

"This is for you." Liam smiled at me before handing me the box.

I looked up at him then at the rest of the boys. They all had very large smiles on their faces as they waited for me to open the box.

I began to open the pink box that was in my hands, at the same time all I could think about was the fact that this small pink box was literally the only pink thing in this room right now. It was a big change considering at my old house in New Zealand I lived with two sisters so there was always pink stuff no matter where you looked.

After I opened the box I saw an iPhone box sitting inside. I gasped slightly before opening that box too. Inside was a pink iPhone and when I say that I don't mean a phone with a pink case, like the actual phone itself was pink. It was so cute!

"But I already have a phone." I said trying not to sound ungrateful.

"I know but since your starting a new life here I thought it would be a good idea to start fresh with everything, including a new phone." Liam smiled at me.

Words can't even describe how nice this was for him to do this for me.
I hugged him tightly while saying thank you at the same time.

"Can we please show Katie her new bedroom now?" Louis whined getting to his feet.

"I guess so" Liam said while laughing at how impatient Louis was being.

"YAY!" Louis screamed while tugging on my hand for me to stand up.


Once we walked down a very large hall Liam stopped outside a door that had a pink 'K' on the front of it.

"My room is across the hall right there just so you know." Liam smiled at me before opening the door.

The room was incredible and had a lot of pink in it. I was glad it wasn't the same boring colours as the lounge room.

I was in complete awe all over again.

I turned around to see all the boys with proud smiles on their faces. They knew exactly how much I loved it without me even saying anything.

"I love it!" I screamed while looking around again. Wow. Just wow.

"Are you sure? Because if it's to much pink we can change it. Or if you want a bigger bed I can arrange that. If it feels to young for you just tell me." Liam rambled on while scratching the back of his neck.

"I love it how it is." I smiled up at him before giving him a big hug.

"Hey! we helped too! Where's our hugs?" Harry said opening his arms. I laughed before hugging the rest of them.

"I have another room to show you" Liam said while guiding me out of this hall and down another.

In this hall there was another two doors. This hallway was smaller than the last one but still quite large.

The two doors were opposite each other again. One door had a green 'L' on it while the other one had a purple 'K'.

I'm guessing since my door had a pink K and the room was pink, the purple K must mean the room was purple.

Liam opened the door to show me an amazing purple movie room. It was absolutely beautiful.

"Why is it purple? Don't you need a movie room too?" I asked Liam being quite concerned that he turned his movie room purple just for me.

He laughed at my strange question before answering.
"My one is across the hall again. And even though I like purple, mine is blue." He smiled

"Wow your awesome." Was all I could manage to say to him.


After that we all went and sat on the huge couch again. Of course I tried to sit by myself but Niall came and sat with me and helped me set up my new phone. He even put twitter on my phone for me.

"@Katie_Payne: Just got shown around my new house! This place could belong to aliens it's that flash!"

Liam's phone went off just after I posted my tweet so I'm guessing he gets updates when I post things.

He laughed at my tweet before looking up at me.

"Aliens?" He asked and laughed again.

"It could" I shrugged but laughed as well.

I looked at my twitter to see a post from Liam.

"@Real_Liam_Payne: According to @Katie_Payne. I'm an alien. Well I think that makes you an alien too!"

I laughed before scrolling to my profile to see that my number of followers was growing and growing by the minute now that Liam had used my twitter name in a tweet.

I laughed again before locking my phone and yawning which made me realise how jetlagged I was still because it's only there 3 o'clock here.

"I think Katie needs to get some sleep." Niall laughed from next to me.

"Yeah. Katie say bye to the others then you can go sleep off the jetlag." Liam told me.

I nodded hugging the other boys goodbye.

"See you around kiddo." Louis smiled while hugging me then ruffling my hair.

"AW! Louis already gave her a nickname. I haven't thought of one for her yet." Harry pouted while crossing his arms.

"You can think of one tonight and tell us tomorrow you big baby." Liam laughed while hugging the boys goodbye too.


Once the boys had left I said goodnight to Liam and made my way to my room.

When I walked in and closed the door I just kind of stared at everything. At first I was joking when I said It was like an aliens house but now that I think about everything it could be an alien world, well at least compared to what I was use to anyway.

I just thought about everything. The private jet, being attacked by a fan, the overly large pink room staring right at me. This was truly an aliens world to me.

No matter how happy I tried to be, the pain always caught up to me when I was alone with my thoughts.

Before I knew it my back was sliding down the door and I was using my hand to muffle my cries.

This is just the start.

I thought to myself which just made my crying heavier.


So I know that fans would never attack Katie if she was real but the story is called A life of Payne, which means there is going to be pain.


Thank you xo

This is really good!

Thank you sweetheart! xx

I only really come on this site to see if you updated. You have the best fanfictions ever

Thanks darling ♡ I'm really not okay with it but I can't put my life on hold forever so I think I'm ready to get the last few chapters done then onto the sequel! (: