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Cut Like Knives


Tell me, what is it you think of when you wake up in the morning? Are you a downer or are you optimistic? Do you believe something good will happen or do you believe that something bad will happen? Or maybe, just maybe, are you one of those people who dont care and just let it happen? Whatever it is, you take it with open arms and assess the situation as it comes. That was me, despite my past, the horrible things that happened; I took things as they came, never expecting good or bad.

But you see, I never expected something spectacular, you know? I never expected my life to be changed in a matter of a few hours, or that I could change someone elses life in the matter of minutes. I never expected to meet someone I looked up to, to see the real them.

I could easily tell you my life story. Span it out in chapters and chapters of babble. But instead, I think Ill tell you what happened to me a couple weeks ago. Youll never believe it, but trust me, youll learn it all. Youll be amazed. You might even have a change of heart. Just like this one boy&.



This needs to be updated!

Plz update im in love with this story
IluvHazza IluvHazza
I like this!
Liam Payne. Liam Payne.
I've used so many names, I was SHOCKED I never used Brooklyn. So I had to, it's such a pretty name

But thank you. ♥
BambiWithLove BambiWithLove
I've always loved the name Brooklyn. Anyway, this is good! I like it! :)
invaderpayne invaderpayne