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One Bump that Changed My Life Forever

Chapter 8 - The Concert

Emily's POV

The concert just started. They started to sing their first song - "What Makes You Beautiful". I was thinking what was the surprise, that Harry was planing for me.

When they finished singing the song, Harry's beautiful green eyes were one me. He said:

- Emily, I know that we just met, but I want ask you something, - he said.

- Ok, - I said.

- Will you be my girlfriend?, - he asked. I was in shock.

- Yes, I will, Mr. Styles, - I said.

Then he came near to me and he did the most romantic thing, that I know.


After we kissed, I pulled away. I found myself smiling at him. He was smiling too.

This was the best concert and the best day ever.

- Would you like to go out, when you will be out of the hospital, - Harry said, interrupting my thoughts.

- Yes, I would love to, - I said, - but there is one more problem.

- What is it, love?, - he said.

- I don't have where to live, - I said.

- Oh, you can live with me and Louis, if you want?, - he said.

- REALLY?, - I asked.

- Yes, really, - he said.

- Thanks, my beautiful boyfriend, - I said.

- Now, let's get you to bed, - he said.

He took me in his arms, and while we were walking to my room, I fell asleep, in my boyfriends arms.

Next thing I know, that I was put in my hospital bed and that Harry said to me:

- Goodnight, my perfect girlfriend, - he said, - I'll be right back.

Harry's POV

I placed her in the bed and gave her a kiss on the top of her head.

Then I went to talk to the boys, but they were gone. Oh, well?! I send a message to Zayn, saying goodnight.

After I got the same answer from Zayn, I walked to her room, I undressed myself and got into the bed next to her.

Then I fell asleep, looking at my beautiful girlfriend.



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