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One Bump that Changed My Life Forever

Chapter 13 - A Special Dinner (part 1)

Emily's POV

It was now Wednesday, the 11th of February. Past those days nothing really important happened. The days were the usual, but one day, Harry was gone for all day, but he came back to our flat.

So, I woke up and saw that Harry was alreday awake.

- Hey, my beautiful girlfriend, - he said.

- Hey, my gorgeous boyfriend, - I said and kissed him.

- Would you like breakfast?, - he asked.

- Yes, I would like to eat, - I said. He was really nice today.

I wonder what will happen next?

***** After Breakfast *****
Right after the meal, Harry asked me:

- Can I take you out to dinner tonight?, - he asked.

- Yes, you may, - I said.

- Ok, then, - he said.

***** In the evening (about 6 p.m.) ******

- Hey, are you ready?,- he asked, when I got dressed for tonight.

- Yes, I'm done, - I said.

- So, let's go, - he said.

With that we went out of the flat, locking the doors behind us. When we got to Harry's car, he opened the door for me and thanked him. I got into the car and buckled up myself. Harry went to his side and did it too. When he did, he said:

- So, I've got you two surprises tonight, - he said.

- Ok, I love your surprises!, - I said.

Then we drove away from the flat. We drove in a very familiar way. I tried to remember where he was driving me, but I couldn't remember.

When we stoped, I finally remembered where we were. It was the place, where I bumped into him!

- So, let's go, - he said.

He got out of the car and opened the door for me, I got out and we started walking. After a few minutes, he stopped and looked at me.

- This is the place, - he said and he pointed at the pavement, - where I first met you.

- Ok, - I said, not understanding what he was talking about.

- I saw you from right here, - he said and he walked to the place, which was like 5 metres away.

- Ok, - I said and I motioned him to continue.

- What I'm trying to say, - he started to say, - is that, this is the place, where I fell in love with you. It was love at first sight.

My heart melted at his words.

- I love you, Harry Edward Styles, - I said.

- I love you too, - he said.

- So, I want to ask you something, - he said. After that he knelt down on his knee.

- Ok, ask what you want, - I said.

- Will you, Emily, - he said, - marry me, in the future?

I was shocked by what he just said. After that, he put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a small box.

- Yes, I will marry you, - I said, - in the future! And, by the way, what is in the box?

He stood up and come to me. Harry gave me the box.

- Open it, and you will see it, - he said.

I opened it slowly and I saw a R I N G! It was a golden RING! The ring was small.

- Really?, - I said, - you got me a ring?

- Yes, - he said, - look inside the ring!

- Wha---?, - I said and I didn't have a chance to finish the sentence, because of what I saw inside the ring.

Inside the ring there were letters. I looked at it closely and my eyes wided. It said: "Harry Styles FOREVER".

I just couldn't believe it!

- So, - he said, interrupting my thoughts, - do you like it?

- I don't know what to say, - I said.

- Then don't say anything, - he said, - come and kiss me!

I practically ran into him. I hugged him first, then I leaned in into a kiss. My kiss was full of love and happiness. He kissed back.

- Why did you bought a ring for me?, - I asked him, when we pulled away.

- Because "I wanna tell the world, that you're mine girl", - he sang.

- Thank you so much, Harry, - I said.

- You're welcome, - he said, - now, let's go to the second surprise.

- Ok, - I said.



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