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One Bump that Changed My Life Forever

Chapter 12 - Today is ................ February 1st!

Emily's POV

So, today I woke up and I realised what was the date. It was February 1st. (And if you don't know, it's the date of Harry's birthday).

Today he turned 19. I turned to Harry, who was awake.

- Hey, gorgeous, - I said.

- Hey, beautiful, - he said.

- So, do you know what day is today?, - I asked.

- No, - he said seriously.

- Really?, - I said, - it's February 1st!

- Oh, really?, - he said, - I wasn't paying attention to the calendar. So, what about this day?

- Really?, - I said, - you don't remember?

- No, - he said.

- It's your birthday!, - I said.

- Ohh, well, - he said, sadly?

- Why are you sad, when it's your birthday?, - I asked.

- I'm not used to celebrate it, - he said, - I would just do what ever, what the boys planned, and not care.

- WHY?, - I asked.

- Just because, - he said.

- Ok, - I said, - so, what do you want to do?

- I think I want to call the boys over and watch a movie, I guess?, - he said, if that's alright with you?

- Yeah, sure, - I said.

***** After breakfast *****
- So, happy birthday, - I said, - my gorgeous boyfriend!

- Thanks, - he said, - my beautiful girlfriend.

With that he kissed me.

***** After the movie *****
The boys went to their flats. Harry and I were asleep on the couch in his cinema room.



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