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One Bump that Changed My Life Forever

Chapter 1 - The Ticket to a 1D Concert

Emily's POV

I came home from school and found my mother in the kitchen.

- Hi, mom, - I said and took my backpack of my shoulder.

- Hi, - she said, - do you want something to eat?

- Yes, - I answered, - what do we have today?

- We have a... , - she started to say, - .......... birthday cake! Happy Birthday!

- Oh, thanks, mom, - I said and gave her a hug.

- You are welcome, - she answered, - do want to eat the cake or look at the present that I got you?

- Let's think, - I started to say, - of course, first is the present and I will eat, ok?

- Ok, - she said and went to grab the present from her purse.

- Here is the first present, - she said as she handed me the first present. It was a plane ticket to London, - thanks mom.

- You are welcome, - she said and handed to me the second present, that was raped in a "Happy Birthday" paper.

I ripped of the paper and I saw ................................. a ticket to 1D concert!

- Thanks again, - I said and hugged my mother one more time, - so when do I leave?

- Tomorrow, - she said, - and the concert is in two days.

I was so thankful for my mother. I love her very much.

***** After a few hours *****
Tomorrow I was going to London and meet One Direction.

Later on this story, I will tell how I became a Directioner. But now, I will just tell you that from the band I really like or you can say love Harry.

So, I finished packing my bags and came down to see my mother on the sofa.

- So, mom, - I started to say, - will you give me some money for the trip?

- Yes, I will, - she said, - I will leave it on the table, ok?

- Ok, - I said.

***** Before sleep ******
"This will be the Best Trip Ever" - I thought and I drifted to sleep.



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