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Something To Live Up To

Sessenta e Cinco

1 month later…

(September 19th)
I started to wake up slowly just when the voices around me became higher and I got more aware of them.

"Do you think she's awake?" I groaned to that voice, I still wanted to sleep just for a few more minutes.

"Definitely awake." A more childish voice replied and I immediately felt my bed stiffen.

"Leave me alone." I groaned again.

"No!!" My sister insisted. "Happy birthday!!" She jumped on my back enthusiastically making me smile.

"Thank you!" I opened my eyes to face my mum and sister grinning largely at me.

"We have your present." My mum clapped and go out of the room to come again a minute later with a box in her hands.

"What is it?"

"Open it." She handed me the box. I pulled the strings out and opened the box revealing a lot of paper cuts hiding the real gift. I tugged the paper away and found a letter. I looked at my mum oddly and opened it anyway. As I started reading it I couldn't help the surprise.

"You're giving me my driver's license?" I snapped my head up.

"Do you like it?" She asked eagerly.

"Do I like it? I love it!!" I hugged her and my sister tightly. "Thank you so much!"

"But we're not done yet." My sister said.

"No?" I raised my eyebrows.

"No." My mum confirmed. "Your father also bought you a present, it's outside."

"Outside?" I frowned. "Is it that big?"

"You have no idea." India said.

"Oh my God, what did you bought me?"

"Well go outside and find out." My mother paused by the door. Nervously I stepped outside and immediately my eyes widened as I remained shocked. I quickly walked to the car with a huge pink bow around it.

"Dad bought me a car!" I gasped.

"Yes, but you can only drive it WHEN you get your license." Mum warned.

"I can't believe it." I was still an awe.

"Well it's your 18 birthday isn't it?"

"Aww thank you!" I hugged them again. "But I'm still very sleepy though."

"That's no surprise, I heard you talking to your dear boyfriend till almost 4 in the morning." India crossed her arms in front of her chest eyeing me suspiciously.

"You were?" My mother looked at me.

"Yes, I hear her giggling the entire time, who else could it be.." India replied entering the house.

"He's still coming right?" Mum asked.

"Yeah I guess so. I know he's really trying to stay with me the most he can because he got a busy schedule."

"Not just him, all the boys."

"I know that's why I really appreciate their effort to come." I smile fondly.

"If someone had told me One Direction would be at your 18th birthday and you'd be dating one of the member I'd tell them to…"

"Mother!" I chuckled.

"I know, I know." She raised her hands. "It's just a lot to take in you have to admit."

"Yeah probably it is." We stepped into the house.


There was one hour left till my birthday party and I was extremely nervous. It was a huge party! I decided to make it home because it gives us more privacy and as I have an extremely big space in the backyard everyone would fit.
But what's worrying me the most is the guests, I had invited my family and friends from Portugal but also the boys plus Eleanor and Daniele who would be here too and I'm not sure how everyone will deal with that though I warned everyone not to fangirl or something but I was just afraid something would happen. I don't know what to call it but I just have a weird feeling in my stomach.

No! I thought. This party will be perfect and everyone will enjoy it but for not I just need to make sure I'm ready by the time everyone arrives. I invited Ana and Ines to help me out so I knew they would calm me down.


Yeah right in time.

I ran through the stairs and opened it enthusiastically.

"Hello ladies." I greeted them doing my best to make a sexy face.

"Oh wow! You look extremely nervous!" Ines eyed me suspiciously.

"Is it that obvious?" I bit my lip. She just nodded trying not to scare me.

"Hello Aunt Erica." Ana greeted my mum who was on the kitchen instructing the catering staff.

"Oh hello girls. Ready for tonight?" I could see my mum was a tad excited too.

"Like always." Ines winked.

"Okay enough talking, I need to get ready!" I grabbed their arms upstairs doing the pitchy voice I always do whenever I'm nervous.

"Relax Mia, everything will be fine." Ana said. "Is that your dress?" She pointed to the dress perfectly placed on my bed.

"Yes. You bought it with me weirdo!" I rolled my eyes.

"Did I?" She frowned.

"Okay I'm just gonna ignore that and keep going."

"Do you have any idea of what you're gonna do to your hair?" Ines changed the topic.

"Yes!" I turned to her. "But I need your help!"


"Wow you look…" Ana was trying to find the right word eyeing from head to toe as I remained still in front of them waiting for an opinion.

"Absolutely stunning!" Ines completed.

"Stunning? Girl, you look hot!" Ana's eyes widened making me laugh.

"REALLY hot!" Ines was still mouth hanging looking at me.

"Harry's gonna die in the minute he takes an eye on you."

"Good." I smiled widely. "That's the point." I added with a wink.

"Do you know who else won't be able to take his eyes of you?" Ana looked at her nails pretending it was nothing important.

"I'll only have eyes for Harry." I rolled my eyes understanding she was referring to Filipe.

"You have too admit he really seems into you I mean the tried the entire summer to get your attention like every single time we were together."

"Well we're supposedly friends." I said motionless.

"Oh you know he wants more than that."

"Can we please stop talking about it, I really don't care. Moreover I ws being polite when I invited him, it'd be very rude if I didn't specially now that we started talking again." I explained.

"He'll try something." Ines said after a while.

"Harry will be here, I doubt he'll do anything at all." I stated. "Well I think I'm ready." I sighed checking myself on the mirror. I'm not the cocky style but I have to admit I was really beautiful today.

"And some guests have arrived too. Maybe we should get going." Ines stopped up to fix my dress. "You look perfect!" She added with a kiss on the cheek making me smile widely.

We went downstairs to the backyard. It was beautifully decorated all in white with lights and roses. It looked like a movie and the people fitted perfectly, dressed neatly as I told everyone so.

"Mia dear you look gorgeous." My grandma gave me a thighs hug like always.

"Thanks gran. I got good genes." I winked at her.

"Yes you do sweety, your grandma has got it all." She patted my bum playfully.

"Mia!" I turned around towards the voice calling me.

"Hey Alice." I gave her a quick hug as she already had a cup in her hands. "I didn't know you were here already."

"Yeah a few of us has just arrived." She pointed towards the familiar group chatting.

I went to greet everyone as more guests arrived, checking my phone every now and then impatiently cause Harry was nowhere to be seen. They're flight was supposed to land at 5:40 pm. It was now 6:55 and they're still not here, it don't take that long to arrive, maybe something happened.

"Mia? Hello?" My mum pinched me bringing me back to reality.

"Ouch." I said rubbing my arm.

"Where were you? The moon?"

"Sorry I was just…"

"Never mind, there's a black car parked in the driveway, I think that's your friends from England." In the minute he last word came out my stomach twisted and an electric current ran through my body. Oh no, I think I'm gonna be sick.

"Are you okay?" She asked worried.

"Yes mum I am." I said trying more to tell that to myself. "I'll get there."

When I reached the door I saw a black van parked and some noise coming fro the inside though it was impossible to see anything because of the black windows.

"What about we say 'Happy birthday Mia, your friends have arrived'?" I recognized Niall's voice.

"No, that's boring." It was Eleanor. I then realized they were discussing how they'd greet me.

"Ehm hello?" I knocked on the window.

"Shit." Someone cursed. The door opened slowly to reveal a smiling Zayn.

"Mia." He threw his arms around me. "Happy birthdaay!!"

"Hello big boy." I pecked his cheek.

"Hello darling." Niall was smirking at me.

"No, my turn!" Eleanor pushed away a very frightened Niall due to her extremely loud voice making me wince. "I missed you so much!" She said in my ear while hugging me. Soon Danielle joined us.

"Happy big birthday!" They said in unison.

"I don't want to ruin my make-up girls." I told them as my eyes started to tear up a little.

"Well well your king has arrived." Louis walked out of the car as if he was someone from royalty.

"Oh I'm sorry the kennel is still a few blocks away." I pointed out.

"You've always got an answer don't you?" He smirked. "Come here you." He circled my waist giving me a proper hug as everyone laughed. That's when I noticed a familiar chuckle joined. I directed m eyes towards the sound and noticed Harry leaned against the car with an amused expression and his arms crossed. I instantly walked to him, stopping inches away.

"Hey." I said shyly trying to shush my stomach still aching from all my nerves. His smile spread a crossed his face and his adorable dimples showed up. His arms immediatly found my waist as he grabbed me taking my feet of the ground slightly.

"I missed you." He breathed against my neck making me shiver.

"Me too." I leaned down to give him a proper hello. As soon as my mouth found his I knew that's where they belonged. His lips moved expertly against my eagerly as I got completely drowned in his taste. It felt so good that every single time we kiss I still get surprised about all the feelings and ways he makes my body react whenever we touch.

Although we saw each other on Liam's birthday, almost three week ago it seemed like an eternity because I missed him badly.

"Ehm I think that's enough guys." Louis coughed. Harry and I smiled into the kiss realizing it was probably too much to be done in public.

"Later." I whispered winking as his eyes immediately filled with lust.

"I'll make sure you keep that promise." He kissed me slowly in a short kiss, too short for my liking. "And you look extremely beautiful today." He added. "Maybe too much actually."

"I was thinking about you." I said passing my finger through his frown to ease the tension.

"So we're finally meeting your house." Danielle said excitedly.

"Yes, now it's my turn to show you my home."

"It was about time." Louis rubbed his hands.

"Do you have popcorn?" Harry came to my side.

"Of course my friend, you're dealing with an expert." I winked at him playful as an instant smile grew on his face.

"So your family is all in there?" Harry asked dry swallowing.

"Pretty much." I nodded. "Are you nervous?" I couldn't help but be surprised.

"Maybe." He said looking at the door house.

"It will be okay, they've already sen you obviously and if that's any consolation you look way better in real person than in magazines." I squeezed his hand reassuringly while pecking his cheek.

"May I say you look extremely fit?" Eleanor said checking me out.

"Because you do!" Dani confirmed.

"Well your not so bad yourself." I pointed at them. Eleanor was wearing a black and white cute dress with some black heels and her hair was pushed up with some locks loosened around her face. http://www.polyvore.com/17/set?id=86367728
While Danielle had a clear pink high-waisted skirt and a gray sparkling top with her beautiful natural curls bouncing around her head. http://www.polyvore.com/18/set?id=86371283

"Actually you all do!" I added, the boys were also dressed neatly.

"We try you now." Zayn acted all cocky brushing away the nonexistent dust from his shoulders making me laugh.

"Well it's time to get inside." I said directing them to the door. "Everyone's pretty excited to meet you."

"I'm not gonna be haunted by little girls am I?" Louis groaned jokingly.

"Well I have young cousins, they'll probably try to squeal you and all but other than that my friends are all around my own age so I believe they'll behave." At least I hope so cause I know a lot of my friends are also fans of the boys.

We entered the house and I immediately showed the boys around, obviously we took a bit more in my room as Louis made some joke about Harry knowing the room yet but that's something I'm used to already. Now I had to take them to rest of the people.

"That door please." I guided them through the crowd. Soon everyone realized who were in front of them as whispers filled the scene. "Okay I-I'll introduce you to my friends first." I said slowly.

"What about some music?" My mum said turning on the machine. I mouthed a 'thank you' as she also noticed the awkward tension.

"Okay guys this is Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall and El and Dani, Louis and Liam girlfriends." I introduced them to my best friends.

"Hi." They waved and I noticed my girls giggling a little making me smile inside. They do have a strong effect on everyone.

"Finally we met THE Harry!" Ines said shocking my boyfriend's hand.

"So she speaks about me?" Harry turned to me, his dimples cutely showing up.

"All the time." Ana replied.

"No I don't." I glared at them both.

"Oh you're right she makes a pause when she talks about the rest of the boys and the girl friends."

"I knew you talk about me too." Louis said and everyone burst out laughing as I just rolled my eyes.

A fair fifteen minutes introducing them them to everyone I grabbed Harry's hand to introduce him to my grandparents, they were dying to meet him and couldn't shut up about it.

"I need to introduce you to someone." I whispered to Harry so only he could hear it.

"Who is it love?" He smiled softly.

"My grandparents, they really want to meet you." I said. "But they don't speak english as you can imagine so it'll be brief."

"Sure, let's meet them." He kissed my cheek grabbing my hand. I guided us through everyone saying hi every now and then to the new people that were still arriving.

"Grandma!" I called her eagerly. "There's someone I want you to meet. That's Harry." As soon as Harry heard his name - the only think he could understand from my conversation with my grandma - he smiled. "Harry, my nan Emilia."

"Olá." (Hello in english) He said surprising of how he knew a portuguese word.

"Oh he speaks portuguese?" My grandma asked.

"No, I'm sure that's the only word he knows." I said.

"Oh I see. Olá." She replied to him. "So he don't really understand a thing I say?" She whispered to me.

"No." I chuckled.

"Good, then I can comment! Girl what a piece of meat you got here!" She eyed Harry curiously. "You've got a very accurate taste girl, even I would bite a piece of that."

"Grandma!" I glared at her but laughed nonetheless. She's always like that with everyone, thank God he doesn't understand.

"What did she say?" Harry asked curiously.

"Ehm she said you're good." I abbreviated my gran's words otherwise Harry'd be scared for life. I'm relieved she doesn't know how to speak english otherwise Harry would be running away from her right now.

"Oh there's your grandpa." My grandmother mentioned towards the food table.

"It's my grandfather." I translated to a very confused Harry.

"Jorge, come meet you granddaughter's boyfriend." She waved at him. As soon as my grandpa took eyes on Harry he frown. Oh boy.

"Hello young man." My grandpa smoke Harry's hand strongly.

"Jorge honey the kind doesn't speak english." My grandma hit him in the arm.

"Oh right I forgot."

"Olá." Harry said again smiling largely.

"Okay. I learned a few words of english when I was at the war so I'm just gonna say it. If you ever hurt my granddaughter" My grandpa paused to switch to english. "Me.Kill.You." My eyes widened as his words came out and so did Harry's

"Ehm okay, we better leave." I pushed Harry with him before shooting my grandpa a glare.

"Can you explain to me me what did just happen there?" Harry swallowed a bit frightened.

"Well basically he said he'd kill you if you ever hurt me."

"Oh that's…"

"He's very protective towards me and my sister. You know since my parents divorced he don't really trust man."

"Oh I see."

"It's okay, I'm sure you'll win him over." I pecked his cheek lightly.

"I hope so, otherwise I'll end up dead." He faked concern making me chuckled.

"Harry!" A petite voice screamed his name enthusiastically.

"India!" He let go go my hand in order to lean down and pick up my sister. "How are you sweetie?"

"I'm fineee. How are you??" She spoke happily. It was clear how much my sister liked Harry but it was mutual, he would melt whenever she spoke to him.

"Where's mum?" I asked her.

"Humm, there." She pointed behind me and my mother immediately spotted us.

"Hello guys. Harry sweetheart how are you?" She kissed both his cheeks as India was still on his lap with a huge grin from ear to ear.

"I'm good Mrs. Cortês how are you?" He said very politely still extremely charming.

"Fine yes. And please call me Erica" She said. "I hope you're taking good care of my daughter here."

"I think I'm doing a good job if I may say myself." He replied.

"I think so too." She whispered but I was still able to hear. "Well I gotta check if everything's in order. It was lovely to meet you again Harry." She smiled.

"You too Mrs. Cort- I mean Erica." He said. She smiled and left with India.

"I love your mum." Harry confessed once they left.

"Oh c'mon I'm a woman too now. Give me a break." I joked about his ame with older women.

"Oh you know I'd never leave you for any other person, woman or girl." He pushed me to him allowing me to feel his breath against my skin making me melt completely.

"You better sir." I patted his arm playfully. She smiled and leaned down to plant a kiss on my lips.

"Harry, we're in public, my family's here." I giggled pushing him away slightly.

"So? It was just an innocent kiss…" He shrugged.

"Oh you know there was everything but an innocent kiss."

"I'm sorry it's just… You're too hot and I can't touch you properly. It's driving me crazy." He confessed.

"I'm sorry You'll have to wait a few more hour until we're alone." I pecked his lips. "Let's find the other."

I walked to my group of friends and noticed Dani and El chatting with Ana and Inês as well as the rest of the boys speaking to my guy friends. A wave of relief washed over me when I saw that. I was afraid they wouldn't get along but they did, and pretty well. This party was just perfect!

A few hours later we finished dinner. We sat on the round tables, mine with me, the boys, Danielle, Eleanor, Ana and Ines. Our time went just fine, everyone was talking happily, the conversations flowed naturally and everyone seemed interested. Ana and Ines went very well with them which relieved me because that's exactly what I wanted, my friends together!
It was still beautiful day, the sun was still slightly up and despite the hot weather there was a slight breeze making it just perfect.

"You know what?" Niall paused to chew the rest of the desert… the third desert! "I don't understand half of what people are saying here."

"Only half men?" Louis asked matter of factly making everyone laugh.

"Fair enough." Niall chuckled.

"It's normal Niall, you don't speak their language." I concluded.

"Harry here should be the one learning portuguese actually…" Zayn patted Harry's back.

"As long as Mia teaches me I'm fine with that." He flirted winking at me. That made me blush a little but I answered nonetheless.

"Maybe my grandfather can teach you, then you would have an impartial teacher." I winked back.

"The only words that man said to Harry were 'me kill you' since when is that impartial exactly?" Louis pointed out.

"Oh my God, you all know that?" My eyes widened when they all nodded, even the girls.

"I'm so sorry again." I told Harry again feeling guilty that it might have scared him away.

"It's okay love, it was kinda funny." He squeezed my knee.

"Let's open the presents!" My mum diverted our attention to her. I was about to answer when Harry squeezed my hand calling my attention. He was frowning at my mum.

"Is everything okay?" I asked him. He instantly looked at me and smiled.

"Yeah sure, let me just do something." With that he stood up and went to say something to my mum's ear. Now I was the one frowning.

"Oh of course, I'm so sorry." I read her lips from distance. Harry looked back at our table and thumbed up. I was confused but the boys smiled and stood up with the biggest smile.

"What's going on?" I was about to get up when Dani pushed me down.

"You're supposed to stay here missy." She said coming to my side and so did Eleanor.

"What's happening?" I asked getting a bit nervous.

"Very impatient aren't you?" El rolled her eyes. "Just relax and enjoy."

"Enjoy? What the hell are you tal---" I was interrupted by a melody erupting from the speakers. Hold on, I know that song.

I looked further at the little stage we had here and noticed 5 solitaire figures sitting with mics.

"Oh my God!" I covered my mouth when I realized the boys were about to serenade me.

Your hand fits in mine
Like it's made just for me…

Zayn voice was the first one to be heard. Then it was Liam.

I know you never loved
The crinkles by your eyes
When you smile you've never loved
Your stomach or your thighs

When it was Louis cue they all stood up like it was synchronized and walked towards me. That's when the most angelical voice sang.

I know you've never loved
The sound of your voice on tape
Your never want
To know how much you weight

Harry placed a hand on my cheek and caressed it. He sang it with heart and soul, looking deep into my eyes and then fondly kissed my forehead. I couldn't help but tear up a little at how beautiful this moment was.
When all the boys sang together they were singing to me in a little circle, me in the middle. I hid my face in my hands as they all looked and sang to me. Just when they where about to sing the last few verses I looked at them before locking eyes with Harry as the last words came out.

And I'm in love with you
And all your little things.

I knew he was singing it straightly to me because that was actually the first song he ever sang to me, this exact song when we barely knew each other the first time we met in London. It was just as perfect. Actually it was more because they were all singing it to me.
By the end of the song a tear slid down my face but it was not a bad sign, I was crying from happiness.

"I love you so much guys!" I tried to hold them all in a group hug.

"We love you too!" They said in unison.

"That was so beautiful." El and Dani were both tearing up a little and so was my mum, I can't believe it. I looked around and noticed everyone had stood up clapping. I was so caught up that I haven't even realized it.

"Okay enough tears!" My mum ended all the hormone thing. "Let's open the presents." She was more excited than me actually. Does she know something that I don't?


I opened everyone's present's except from my british friends.

"Okay us now." El said obviously excited. "Dani and I bought it together." She ended me a piece of paper. I opened the envelop and it had the shape of a cheque! They had offered me 1,500 pounds at TopShops, one of the best clothing stores in England.

"Oh I love it!!" I said hugging them both. "I'll probably need more than one day to spend that amount of money! You didn't have to!"

"Of course we did, you're our friend! Plus we can help you shopping." Dani winked.

"Okay now us, now us!" Niall sounded like a child. Liam took a huge present from his back and when I say huge I mean it had almost my size. Curiosity took all over me as I almost ripped the paper out of it. I almost melted when I saw it. It was a gigantic yet fluffy bear with a pink shirt on saying Your #1 Fan <3.

"Aww thank you guys, it's adorable." I said hugging the bear.

"Uh uh there's more." Liam said pointed at the bear's front pocket on the shirt. I put my hand in there and found something solid. I took it out and saw a white iPad. I pressed the bottom and it already had a picture of me and the boys doing stupid faces when we were at Harry's once.

"I just can thank you enough!" I said feeling like crying again.

"Now you can sexype with Harry too." Zayn whispered in my ear.

"Zayn!" I said with shock. "You naughty boy."

"Well save your tears lady, there's more." Louis continued.

"More? Are you trying to kill me?"

"That one was Harry's idea and in my opinion is the best one." Louis added. "Let's take a look at that screen." He pointed at the big screen we had there.

Everyone looked curious with what was about to come out. Harry placed both hands around my waist and rested his chin on my shoulder as we and the rest of the people watched it attentively.

(Watch till the very END with the volume UP!!)

First I was laughing when they showed the first pictures and then moved to embarrassment when my baby pictures came out! Then some with my friends came up and I giggled at some stupid ones already crying but then… Then Niall's voice came in and pictures of me and every single one of the boys with a few words from each totally tore me apart! I was crying hard, with tears streaming down my face but laughing at the same time.

When Harry's picture came up and his words showed up he murmured it again in my ear making me shiver.

"I love you." He said planting a soft kiss on my collarbone.

"I couldn't love you more." I said back kissing his lips.

The suddenly the music bombarded through the speakers and everyone started dancing happily. I made a silly dance with Harry when he all of a sudden pushed me to him.

"I didn't give you my present." He said against my neck.

"Y-your present?" I asked trying to focus more properly.

"Yes." He nodded and then pushed me inside the house to a more quiet place. Then he removed a red tiny box from his pocket.

"You're not going to propose are you?" I joked with a bit of seriousness in my tone.

"No." He smiled. "At least not now." He winked making me nervous. He handed me the little box and I slowly opened it.

"Oh my Gosh Harry it's beautiful!" I said looking at the shining necklace with an infinite sign and the letter MH on it, our initials. "Help me put it on." I quickly added. He removed the necklace from the box and with expert hands put in around my neck and then kissed it.

"You look lovely." He said. "Though there's something more."

"More?Again? If you continue like this I'll get really pampered." I stated.

"Good." He pecked my lips. "Now look under the box."

"Huh?" I said confused.

"Here." He removed one of the layers on the little box revealing another. It hd two layers just like chocolates.

"A key?" I took the key with a little lace on it.

"Yes, it's the key to my apartment in London." He said catching me off guard. "Whenever you go London I want you to stay there, with me. I want you to fell like home whenever you step inside."

"Harry…" I said wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Now it's your home too." He looked into my eyes, his dazzling green orbs twinkling matching my own blue ones.

"How did Louis react?" I asked.

"Between you and me, he actually liked it." He smiled against my lips. I smiled too and leaned down to kiss him. Our mouths moved slowly against each other in such a passionate kiss that I almost fell of my knees if he wasn't holding me with such force.

We were making out for a little when I pulled away panting heavily.

"We better join the other now, we still have to sing happy birthday and cut the cake." I informed him.

"God, I can't wait to get you out of that dress, in a bed, just the two of us." He said seductivelly kissing my jaw line and my collarbone. I tilted my head to the right and closed my eyes with pleasure.

"Save that thoughts for later mister." I said squeezing his bum playfully.

We walked out of the house hand in hand to find the boys all laughing about something.

"Love birds finished it already?" Louis asked making fun of us.

"Thank you." I pecked his cheek taking him by surprise. "The key." I explained.

"Oh that was Harry's idea."

"I know, but it's your house too."

"Oh well what can I say if he's happy I am happy." He shrugged.

"I am happy." Harry said with a big smile.

"See?" Louis pointed at Harry. "Then I'm happy too."

"Well thanks for taking me into consideration." El crossed her arms rolling her eyes.

"Oh c'mon babe you know I only have eyes for you." He placed an arm around her shoulders and kissed her temple making her giggle instantly.

"Mia sweetie can you come here please?" My mum waved at me calling my attention.

"I'll be right back." I pecked Harry's lips and walked to my mother.

"Honey that's Barbara, a friend of mine from college." She pointed to a brunette lady around my mum's age. "She met you when you were little and then never saw you again. You don't remember do you?"

"Humm sorry I don't." I bit my lip.

"That's okay, it was a long time ago." Barbara smiled.

"Well anyway Barbara just stopped by to wish you a happy birthday." My mother explained.

"Oh thank you, that was not necessary." I said smiling.

"Well we haven't seen each other in ages too so…" She continued.

"Yeah how long has it been? Fifteen years?" Barbara debated on that.

"Yeah something around th… Oh my God!" My mum's eyes widened at something happening behind me.

"She's my girlfriend!" I heard a familiar yell causing me to turn around. That's when I noticed I small crowd was formed around something.

"What the hell?" I ran to the crime scene. "What's going on here?" I pushed everyone aside to have a better look.

"Well she was mine long before she met you." I recognized Filipe's voice shouting.

"She's not anymore!" Harry shouted too. I opened space just in time to see Harry punch Filipe straight in the face making him fall to the floor.

"Harry!" I yelled running to him. He was completely fuming.

"She's mine! Do you hear that mate? Mine!" He tried to reach for Filipe again but I stopped him right in time.

"Stop it! I'm not anyone's!" I shouted separating them. "What are you doing?" I asked getting angry. he was causing a scene and everyone was now aware of the situation and looking though he didn't even looked at me. He was focused on Filipe growling in pain on the floor as Sam and Fred helped him out.

"Take him out of here!" I yelled to Harry's best friends who were already trying to stop him but it looked like he was completely insane, even with a madness in his eyes that I've never seen before. The boys nodded and grabbed Harry out of there trying to teach him some sense.

"Are you okay?" I bent down to Filipe to see him bleeding from his lip and eyebrow.

"That douchebag just hit me!" He said in disbelief.

"Someone get some ice please!" I said to the air in hope someone would do it.

"Does it hurt?" I asked lifting his chin to take a better look. I'm not gonna lie, it looks bad… Really bad. He just nodded not being able to respond properly. Harry had hit him hard I just don't understand his behavior, he was completely out of his mind!

"Here." My friend Alice handed me some ice.

"Put on your lip so it doesn't swallow." I ordered. Every single person that came to this party was now watching the humiliating scene and I was just to mad to hold it.

"Someone better take you to the hospital." I said.

"I'll take him." Fred quickly offered and I nodded.

"No, please don't leave me." Filipe pleaded grabbing my hand.

"Filipe I… I'll be right after you, I just need to do something first." I said passing through everyone.

I was so mad right now I couldn't even see, walk or think straight. Everything seemed like a blur to me right now.
I walked in the house but it was too quiet. I went to the kitchen, nothing, the living room nothing, not even upstairs. That's when I remembered the office next to the living room downstairs. I instantly ran towards it and quickly opened the door. Here they were.
Harry was sat on the couch with his head burried in his hands while Liam was rubbing his back soothingly and Zayn patting his shoulder on the other side. Niall was sat on the floor in front of Harry and Louis was leaning against the desk with a painful look towards Harry too.

"Ehm." I cleared my throat. Their heads instantly snapped up to look at me and stood up quickly, even Harry who was watching me attentively. "Leave us alone please." I said motionless with the most serious tone I'e ever had. The boys nodded and left the room with apologetic looks but I couldn't focus on their face properly as my eyes were on Harry's the entire time. He stayed like that for a while in silence just looking into each other's eyes, five metters from each other as the cold and tension filled the space between us.
He was the first one to break the silence.

"Mia I…" He sighed closing his eyes briefly.

"Don't you Mia me." I yelled. "What the fuck was that? Are you nuts?"

"You're mad." He stated the obvious making me worse.

"Mad? You think I'm mad?" I laughed sarcastically. "I'm about to hit you with that desk." I was sure everyone outside could hear our screams but at this point I din't care anymore. Well, my screams, he was speaking very softly, barely a whisper.

"That bloke was provoking me!" He said a bit louder now.

"Are we seriously having this conversation? How many times do I need to tell you that I DON'T care!"

"You may not want him but he certainly does!" He shouted. Oh now he was mad…

"We have a past, it's not something you obviously can't forget but it belongs to the past Harry, you are my present, I'm with you, not him, you!" I pointed my finger at him accusingly.

"I'm sorry okay?" He shouted. "I'm sorry! But you have no idea of the things he was saying to me!"

"Like what Harry? Please tell me." I crossed my arms with such force that I hurt my boobs.

"Like you still have feeling for him and…"

"Seriously? You hit him because he said he THINKS I still have feelings for him?" I was in disbelief.

"No he said more!"

"I don't care what he said!" I hissed at him.

"But he said a lot worse you need to hear it." He pleaded.

"No I don't I'm done hearing your excuses! You just caused a scene in front of everyone Harry, everyone! My friends AND my family."

"Mia I--" He tried to reach me but I stepped back.

"No Harry, you ruined my birthday!" A flash of hurt crossed his eyes. "Get out!"

"No, let's talk please." He said more softly.

"There's nothing to talk about, I don't even want to look at you right now." I shook my head facing the wall.

"Please don't run away from me, not again! You always do that." He said desperate.

"I'm not running away!"

"Yes you are!"

"No! It was my day Harry, my day! And it was going just perfect, I had everything! And all of a sudden you pampered boy decide to ruin everything because you're jealous of some stupid guy from my past? No Harry, I'm not running aways." I said the last words with tears threatening to fall but I was too angry to let them slid.

"Don't cry please." He took me in his arms too fast for me to refuse it.

"No, let me go!" I tried pushing his chest but he was too strong. "Just let me go." I sobbed completely defeated soaking his shirt. He allowed me to cry, stroking my hair in silence as I grabbed his shirt.

"I'm so sorry Mia, so sorry." He whispered against my forehead pressing his lips to it multiple times.

"Please leave me alone." I said letting go of him.

"No Mia." His voice was filled with pain but I couldn't think clearly also because of the alcohol from the party. "You have to hear me."

"That's the thing Harry!" I went back to shouting. "I don't want to speak to you, hear you or even see you. If you're not going away I am." I was about to walk away when he grabbed my wrist and pushed me to a wall attaching my lips to his. I stayed frozen as he tried me to kiss him back and I almost did if I wasn't that mad at him.

"No!" I pushed him. "You ruined my perfect day, it was my eighteen birthday and you managed to ruin it. I can't forgive for that, not now not ever." I was even madder that he thought by kissing me it'd be okay.

"But Mia---"

"I hate you!" I tossed at him. He looked blankly at me with tears emerging from his eyes when such words came from my mouth. He stared at me, completely stupefied with what I just said.

"Well then I guess should leave." He murmured those words swallowing hard. I could see it completely killed him inside. A part of me just wanted to hold him and apologize but the other, the bigger one, just wanted to kick him out. I was blind with madness.

"Yeah you should." My eyes looking into his sad ones.

"So this is it? We're done?"

"We're done." I clarified.

"Harry…" I called when he headed towards the door. "If you start to miss me remember I didn't walk away, you let me go." I pointed out. "This time, you were the one who caused me to go away… You let me go."

"I'd never let you go on propose." And with that he walked away. I watched him go away until there was nothing else to look at.

I leaned against the wall and let myself go, pushing my knees to my chest and let the sobs fill the vacuum.

I was completely broken this time and no glue was strong enough to collect the pieces back together.




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