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Something To Live Up To


"Ok mum they're calling my flight." I stood up and took my small bag.

"I don't understand why can't I go with you." My sister crossed her arms and pouted.

"India, you'll meet me there next week in order for mum not to be alone for these entire two weeks!"

"But I want to go now!" She frown.

"You're so spoiled India. C'mom give me a kiss." I went down in one knee to her level and hugged her tight. "Take care of mum okey?" I whispered.

"Ok my turn now." My mother approched us.

"I'll see you in two week." I hugged her. "Love you."

I entered the plane and sat the most confortable I could and closed my eyes preparing myself for the flight. The last thing I remember was thinking about a acertain curly-haired boy.


"So, I have to go now but I promise I'll come in time to prepare you a special dinner and catch up." My father kissed my forehead as he left me in my room to unpack.

I sighed and put a few things in my closet but I was not really in the mood for that so I went downstairs and turned the TV on when HE appeared on the screen. One Direction were performing on X-Factor.
I watched attentively as they sang. Damn, hw was really hot tonight!

As soon as they finished everybody clapped and screamed as usual. They were asked a few questions about their journey and fans. Harry answered happily and with a smile on his face. When he looked straight to the camera seemed like he was looking at me and butterflies erupted from my stomach.
What the hell was going on with me??

I pushed that thought away and picked my computer. I wrote a quick tweet "Hello London! :D" to let my friends know I was fine and everything went well.

It was know 11 p.m. and since my father hadn't returned I went to the kitchen and started making some eggs and rice. I placed my computer on the counter and put some music on, dancing to the rythm. I really liked dancing it makes me feel freer.
I started dancing happily when the the music changed and "Kiss You" played. I rolled my eyes and changed it. This song was chasing me!

As I changed the tune I quicky looked at my twitter and noticed someone had replied to one of my tweets.

@Harry_Styles Where are you? :)

Well, the song was not the only one chasing me!
I didn't want to have this public conversation because if Ana or InĂªs see it they would totally scream in my ears about that so I sent him a quick private message letting him know my whereabouts.

"That's not far from where I am. Can I see you tomorrow?" My mouth dropped to his message. I think I'm not ready for this! On the computer is one thing, face to face is another I mean I had only seen him once! He made me nervous, he was to charming for me to be able to spend some time alone with him.
I refused first but he was so persistent that I agreed nonetheless.

After a while I logged out and went to bed. He was picking me up at 11 a.m. for lunch and it was pretty late now so if I wanted to save a nice skin in the morning I should sleep.


I woke to the ring of my phone at 9 a.m. I quicky got up ant took a shower. I opened the hot water and tried to relax. I mean what could go wrong today right?
From what seemed just a little while later I was dressed, had my hair done and a little make up, just a little bit of mascara and lip gloss as I didn't want to give him a wrong impression.

I looked at my phone and it was now 11:01 a.m. He should be here any minute soon.


Oh God here we go.


Tell me what you think so far! :))


Thank you!! I'm not very happy with this fic actually because I wrote it a while ago and it has toooons of mistakes like spelling and all so in the aspect I think the sequel is better and I hope you like it, I've received a lot of positive comments on the sequel... :)
Yeah, Portuguese! Yes I'm portuguese from Portugal that's the reason why it has so many errors like I told you above. x

So i just finished this fan fiction and i absolutly love it!!! <3 nobody absolutly nobody can or will change my mind about that and i am very happy you are making a sequal becuase that was a major cliff hanger!!!! Anyways i really pove this story and i am very glad you wrote it! And i have one question: do you speak porgougeuse? (And sorry if i spelt it wrong)

ohw,i didn't c that part

crushingonniall crushingonniall

This story is no longer updated, only the sequel.. ;)

DreamLand DreamLand

please update...

crushingonniall crushingonniall