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Something To Live Up To

Quarenta e TrĂªs

I stayed still, frozen in my spot for what felt like hours.
I was pretty sure the guy in the picture was Harry but it could have been from previous relationships except for the date in the end of the photo: 07.02. The day before yesterday! It was during the five days we were apart before I came here.
I know a lot of people is against our relationship and want to ruin it but it all makes sense, the picture is on the beach and it's summer, it is exacly like Harry unless he has a twin that's him and as much as I want to forget about it, he had a lot of relationships and dates with other girls.

Could he cheat on me?
I did a few research and found out it is some girl named Emma. She was a part of one of the clips for the band and was spotted kissing Harry later on. Also they dated for a brief moment last year. Although it is that they met again a few days ago. Could this be?
I called one of the few persons who would probably know something more concrete.

"Hey Mia!"

"El hi. Look has Harry dated some girl named Emma?"

"Ehm, I don't think so. Why?"

"Are you sure? Please think again!" I pleaded.

"Well in second thought he did dated a model named Emma but it only lasted like weeks it was nothing major."

"When was that?"

"I don't know. Last year maybe, Why all that questions, is everything okay?" I decided on wether I should tell her or not. She is dated a popstar for longer than me so probably she has more experience.

"Well some girl sent a picture of him with this Emma but it's dated from a few days ago."

"Let me see." I heard some noise of what I guessed being a computer. "I'm watching it."

"So?" I asked impatiently.

"It looks like him but it was probably from the times they were together."

"El look at the date! It was 3 days ago. Can you please remember what he did that day?" I was getting worried and her silence was killing me. "El?" I asked again.

"I remember that day." She said quietly.

"So?" Now I was getting annoyed.

"Well I remember Louis trying to calll him in the afternoon but he wouldn't pick up. We only saw him the next day when he got down for breakfast."

"I see." I swallowed.

"No Mia, he would never cheat on you. I'm sure there's some easy explanation for that!" She tried very quickly.

"What about the picture then?"

"You know photoshop!"

"It's impossible. Look again, it's too real." I yelled.

"Mia, calm down please. I'm coming over."

"It's okay El, there's no need to." I hung up not bothering to hear her answer.

Everything matched perfectly! He was missing that day!
How could he do this to me? He knows I'm not easy at trusting people and everything he said about meaning every word. He was a liar, a fucking player that tricked me into this and sleeping with a stupid model at the same time.
I knew it was too good to be true, happiness doesn't last forever.
I closed the laptop and threw it to the sofa.
A heat started rising from my stomach as it felt like fire burning in my throat. It was dry and hard to swallow. My heart suddenly weighed a ton, every beat feeling like a stab. A stab in my heart. It hurt like hell.
But no, I was not allowing myself to cry, that's not the kind of satisfaction I was giving him. He may have stolen my heart but I'm not gonna give him my tears.


Harry's POV

I parked the car in the garage and climbed to the elevator, waiting impatiently to see Mia. She had been alone for hours and I felt bad for it.
I opened the door but the flat looked empty.

"Mia?" I called. No one answered. "Mia you here?" I went upstairs checking my room. Nothing. "Mia is this a game?" I opened every door. Still nothing. What the hell?
I checked my phone, no texts or missed calls. If she were to leave she would inform me.

"Mia!!" I tried again louder. The only reply was my echo back.
Immediatly dialing her number I waited impatiently to hear her voice but no one answer. If she was home the phone would have ringed!
Where was she? It's not even the part of London she knows!
I tried again but once more it was directed to voicemail.
I dialed another number.

"Dani. Is Mia with you?" I went straigh to the point.

"Ehm no, we haven't spoken today. Why?"

"She's not home, I called her but no answer."

"That's weird. Let me try."

"Okay call me if you hear anything." I hung up.

I was ready to dial Eleanor number but got interrupt by some knock at the door. It was probably Mia.

"Mia?" I opened the door in one move.

"Ehm no." El answered confused. "I came to see her."

"She's not here." I pushed the door opned giving her a better view of the empty flat.

"What do you mean she's not here. We spoke on the phone like 30 minutes ago."

"Well she's not here and her phone goes to voicemail everytime I try." Now I was worried. How could she be missed?

"Oh." Was all she said.

"Oh? What does oh mean?"

"Well.." She hesitated.

"Tell me!" I raised my voice visibly worried.

"She called me earlier telling someone send her a photo on twitter."

"What photo? Answer me El!" I pleaded.

"A photo of you and Emma."

"Who?" Now I was confused.

"Emma Ostilly? A girl you dated."

"Oh that Emma. Wait I don't see the connection." I shoke my head. "It was like ages ago."

"Yeah well apparently The photo was dated from days ago."

"Days ago? How is th... Wait, she thinks I cheated on her?" I blinked incredulous.

"She asked a lot of questions and now that I think about it I may have caused a few doubts on her."

"You what?" I tossed at her.

"I said you were missing that day. She probably thinks you were missing because you were with the other girl."

"What? Are you crazy? Why on heart would you say that?" I hissed at her, anger boiling at surface.

"Because no one saw you that afternoon and you didn't even explain why!" She threw her arms in the air.

"If you had asked your bloody boyfriend you'd understand!" I yelled. "I was out all day yes but I was not cheating on Mia. She's my girlfriend for God's sake."

"I'm sorry. I was just thinking out loud. I'm sorry okay?" Her eyes watering slightly.

"Well see where your out loud thinking got us!" I immediatly took the phone to call her again. Nothing! "I can't believe you thought I'd cheat on her."

"I didn't. I-I..."

"You what El? You what? I can't believe it. You know me! I'm your boyfriend's bestfriend!" I was so angry I couldn't even think clearly. I was scared. No, I was fucking scared. Mia was missing in a part of London she doesn't even know and she's hurt. That's the worst of combinations. If anything happens to her I... No, that's not even a viable option!

"She probably went out for a walk and will be back in no time." El stepped forward.

"I can't believe you did this." I stepped back.

"I'm sorry Harry, I didn't know she'd act like this."

"What the hell is going on here?" Louis entered the house.

"Why don't you ask your girfriend?" I hissed at him.

I tried calling Mia for the 100th time. Still nothing.
This time I decided to leave a messagem.

"Mia? Where are you? Please come home! You don't know this part of London and it's getting late. Please Mia."

"I'm so sorry." El broke down in tears, sobbing in Louis' chest.
I knew she was scared just like me and I contributed to it but right now I didn't care. The only thing I want is Mia, safe and in my arms.
She's so stubborn. She could at least wait till I get home.

"Okay you need to calm down. Both of you! You're too stressed to think clearly and if any..." I blocked his voice out of my head. Right now the only person I wanted to hear was somewhere in this town yet nowhere to be seen.
The worst think was not she leaving. The worst thing was she believing I would do something like that to her. After all the months talking, the amount of time I waited patiently for her, trying so hard not to scare her away when every nerve in my body wanted to pull her to me and kiss her so badly.
Why on heart would I ever do that to her? It doesn't even make sense. I knw the paps watch every move I make! Only a dumb guy would do something like that right under her nose.
She may be hurt right now but I was completely broke, broke into a million pieces!

"I'm so stupid. This is all my fault." El's sobbs echoed on my ears along with conforting words from Louis.

I couldn't just stay here, feeling hopeless. I need to do something.

"Where are you going?" Louis asked when I grabbed my keys.

"I'm looking for her." I stated as it was too obvious.

"You're not going out no. It's almost night! Plus you have no clue where she is. Are you going to wander around with no destiny? You have no bloody idea where she is!" He reasoned.

"It's the only thing I can do! She's not answering my call and as far as I see, she hasn't walked through that door has she?" I raised my voice again.

"First you need to calm down, you're only stressing us all. It doesn't do any good to you. And second you don't talk to me like that. I get you're angry but there's no need to yell at me, it's not my fault Mia left." He shouted angrily. I knew he was right but I just couldn't calm down. It's impossible to remain calm when your girlfriend is nowhere in the map and alone in the night of London.

"Dani told me what happen. Has she appeared yet?" Liam walked in the room with Danielle right beside him.

I merely sat on the couch, head in my hands rubbing my hair harshly.
I just wanted her, that's all I ask. HER.


"I knew you were trouble when you walked in.. la la la..." Ahah, just kidding :b


Thank you!! I'm not very happy with this fic actually because I wrote it a while ago and it has toooons of mistakes like spelling and all so in the aspect I think the sequel is better and I hope you like it, I've received a lot of positive comments on the sequel... :)
Yeah, Portuguese! Yes I'm portuguese from Portugal that's the reason why it has so many errors like I told you above. x

So i just finished this fan fiction and i absolutly love it!!! <3 nobody absolutly nobody can or will change my mind about that and i am very happy you are making a sequal becuase that was a major cliff hanger!!!! Anyways i really pove this story and i am very glad you wrote it! And i have one question: do you speak porgougeuse? (And sorry if i spelt it wrong)

ohw,i didn't c that part

crushingonniall crushingonniall

This story is no longer updated, only the sequel.. ;)

DreamLand DreamLand

please update...

crushingonniall crushingonniall