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Something To Live Up To

Vinte e Oito

The next morning I woke up to a warm breathing in my ear. Sleepily I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful sleeping Harry next to me. He looked so peaceful, mouth hanging and a paused breath that I couldn't fight the urge to stroke his messy curls on the pillow. This earned me a moan from him making me smile slightly, his moans were so cute! He then slowly opened his eyelashes as I pretended to be sleeping. First I felt him lazing softly before wrapping me tightly in his arms while placing a sweet kiss in my hair followed by a deep sigh. I knew the reason for that, my departure which was worrying me. I never told him but I am not the kind of person who believes in long distance relationships and I am not talking about the love ones but friendship too, it's inevitable even if you really care for the other because something will eventually pull you apart.

"I wish we could stay here forever." He murmured kissing my temple.

"I'm awake Harry." I decided to inform him looking up to meet his dazzling eyes I haven't yet seen.

"Oh good morning." He greeted. God, his raspy voice in the morning was so unbelievably sexy!

"Hi." I pecked his cheek shyly. "What time is it?"

"Almost mid-day."

"What? Already?"

"Yeah, we fell asleep late so..." He shrugged not really worried.

"I need to go, my father should be already waiting for us." I prepared myself to get up but got mobbed by a pair of strong arms.

"Please don't." He hugged me pouting.

"You're always like that in the morning?" I asked.

"Only when I wake up next to you." He winked.

"That's quite embarassing actually. I think I've never slept in the same bed as another guy, at least not that close."

"Well I'm flattered." His smile spread from ear to ear.

"Oh don't be so cheesy." I slapped his away away. "I didn't say you were the first one I slept close to."

"With who else you slept close then?" He sat more properly. That's when I noticed he was shirtless.

"Are you naked?" My eyes wided.

"It depends. Do you want me to be naked?" He smirked teasingly. I moved to the bed and cupped his cheek sweetly.

"You wish so." I left a pouting Harry in the bed not removing from my head the picture of his abs on the white sheets.

"Well well look who decided to join us." El sipped from ter cup looking behind me. I turned around and saw Harry close behind still shirtless and grinning largely. I knew my hair was probably a mess and my clothes rumpled which would give the wrong impression of the previous night.

"Good morning." I decided to ignore all the stares and smiles of everyone gathered in the kitchen table.

"Did you help Harry removing the rest of the ice cream?" Niall blinked inocently as everyone coughed.

"Niall!" I gasped. "I expected that from Louis, not you."

"That was very well played mate." Louis high-fived him proudly.

"Why are you so quiet? Do something!" I hissed at Harry, hands in my hips.

"What do you want me to do love?" He shrugged trying not to laugh.

"Maybe explain to them nothing happened last night!" I threw my hands in the air hopelessly.

"Don't worry, we know how Harry works." Dani winked at me. I realised nothing I say would make him change their minds.

"Okay you know what? I give up, you m..." The doorbell interrupted my speech. Zayn immediatly got up in a rush.

"What happened?" I pointed at him.

"Perrie's in town." El clarify.

"Someone won't be sex deprived tonight." Harry stated from behind me. I looked at him shocked.

"I spend 24h with Louis." He shrugged at me.

"You're unbelievable." I shoked my head.

"Oh I miss you too." A very strong accent echoed from the door. Perrie I assumed.

"Hey guys." She smiled hand-in-hand with Zayn.

"We have a new member. This is Mia." Zayn gestured to me.

"Hi I'm Perrie." The blondy girl smiled and kissed my cheek.

"I'm Mia." I returned the warm smile.

"So to which guy do you belong to?"

"Harry." They all echoed. Could I get more embarassed this morning? I don't think so.

"I'm just a friend." I tried to smile to eliminate my killer instinct right now.

"Are you Perrie from Little Mix?" My sister came from nowhere. I hadn't even noticed she was up yet.

"Yes. And who are you cutie?" She lowed to India's level.

"I'm her sister." She pointed at me.

"Yeah I see the similarities." She commented sweetly. The was really kind and much more beautiful live I mean the blue eyes were mesmerizing.

"Can I take a picture with you?"

"India no we should..."

"It's okay." Perrie interrupted me. India took his phone and handed it to Zayn as Perrie kissed my sister's cheek as Zayn pressed the button.

"Thank you." India hugged her.

"Sure sweetie." Perrie rubbed her back comfortingly.

"Well we really gotta go now."

"I'll take you." Harry stood up.

"No. You're always taking me. We have cabs for that." I stated.

"And? I have a car." He crossed his arms.

"You're not even dressed!" I pointed at his bare torso.

"It takes one minute to put a shirt on!" He raised his voice a little.

"Ugh fine!" I yelled. "If you don't get back in 5 seconds I'm leaving!" I said while he ran upstairs.

"You're both so stubborn. I can't even image a real fight between you too." Dani commented.

"Well I'm leaving tomorrow so..."


Mia is leaving soon!
Please if you like my story keep voting! Thank you :)


Thank you!! I'm not very happy with this fic actually because I wrote it a while ago and it has toooons of mistakes like spelling and all so in the aspect I think the sequel is better and I hope you like it, I've received a lot of positive comments on the sequel... :)
Yeah, Portuguese! Yes I'm portuguese from Portugal that's the reason why it has so many errors like I told you above. x

So i just finished this fan fiction and i absolutly love it!!! <3 nobody absolutly nobody can or will change my mind about that and i am very happy you are making a sequal becuase that was a major cliff hanger!!!! Anyways i really pove this story and i am very glad you wrote it! And i have one question: do you speak porgougeuse? (And sorry if i spelt it wrong)

ohw,i didn't c that part

crushingonniall crushingonniall

This story is no longer updated, only the sequel.. ;)

DreamLand DreamLand

please update...

crushingonniall crushingonniall