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Something To Live Up To


I woke up to my sister buzzing in my ear and jumping on the bed.

"Get off India, I'm trying to sleep" I covered my face again with the duvet.

"But I'm hungry!" She cried a little.

"There's a kitchen for that."

"Mom always tells me not to touck anything in the kitchen because I may get hurt. Do you want me to tell her you authorised me to cook by myself?"

"Urghh, I hate you" I got up a bit unaware of the ground yet.

"Where's mom?" I asked holding her hand through the stairs.

"She's still sleeping. But I should probably wake her up, it's almost time and she has to take us to school."

"No, it's ok. Wake her after breakfast. So, what do you want to eat?" I asked.

"Eggs!" She smiled largely as I rolled my eyes.


"I'll pick you up at 1 p.m. Make sure you're ready hon."

"Sure. C'mon India." I said getting out of the car.

"Ei, where's my kiss?" my mum murmured. India immediately wrapped her arms around my mum's neck and gave her lots of kisses but she was actually looking at me.

"I'm 17 you know?"

"So? That doesn't mean you can't show some love to your own mother." I rolled my eyes but gave her a quick kiss on the cheek nonetheless.

After getting out of the car I breathed a couple of times preparing myself. It was early January and this was the first day after christmas break. I was not sure what would happen today but I knew one thing: I was definately not ready.

I got into the bar and immediately saw my friends around a table chatting and laughing.

"Hi Mia." Ana, my bestfriend, greeted me.

"Hey pumpkin." I hugged her.

"You have to see Inês' new hair. It's a bit blonder now."

"What? She was brunette!"

"And still is, she just dyed her hair tips. See?"

"Omg Inês, you look so beautiful." I said when I approched her.

"Do you like it?" She asked proudly.

"Of course. I'm not the only blonde in the group now."

"You're still the only one. Your hair is yellow, I just gave mine a bit of colour." I pouted to her comment but we all laughed out loud.

I looked around and saw the only thing I didn't want to see. His eyes. His dark green eyes that belonged to Filipe. I couldn't say he left me, we were not really dating but we had a thing going on for over a year until school break in december when he told he couldn't do this anymore because he did not like me like that.
We were kind of friends with benefits but I was hoping it would turn into something more. People thought we were just friends like we always were so no one knew our little story. Well, when I say no one I'm obviously not counting with Ana, Inês and Vicky. They're my bestfriends so they knew everything.

Filipe was the main reason why I left Portugal and went to visit my father for a week, I desperately needed to get away from everything... From him.

We hadn't seen or talked to each other in almost three weeks and he was now staring at me, his face motionless. Why was he looking at me like that? I immediately turned away and tried not to think about it anymore. That was not going to be easy once I was going to see him everyday. Thank God we're not from the same class, I would literaly cut myself. But we still had to see each other inbetween classes.


After the first class I greeted some more friends I hadn't seen this morning and stayed around just talking about christmas presents and stuff. Alice, a friend of mine, was telling a really fun story about her new puppy but she wanted more people to hear it.

"Filipe come here. You got to hear this, it's hilarious." Alice called him. He looked at me first but joined the group reluctantly. We both joined the conversation, talking and laughing but never speaking directly to each other. Although we glanced at each other a couple of times every now and then.

We heard the ring warning us to get back to class so we all entered the building again. As I was trying to get to the door someone did to at the same time.

"Oh sorry" I heard. Of course it had to be him.

I looked up to meet his eyes but then I noticed his hands were on my waist trying to hold me after the impact. I was sure my body was out of blood now.

"It's ok." I responded getting his hands of my body and heading to the classroom.

He seemed a bit hurt by my cold reaction.

This day was just getting weirder and weirder.


I was going to knock on my sister's door to tell her dinner was ready but I heard a noise when I was about to.

"If you don't wanna take it slow
And you just wanna take me home
Then baby say yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah
And let me kiss you"

Of course she was listening to One Direction. She was crazy about them and knew everything. She had actually improved her english after watching their interviews and understanding the song lyrics. I was probably a bit guilty about her craziness, but just a little.

"India, dinner's ready." I told her from the door but I didn't get any answer.

"India?" I entered the room.

"Harry Styles follows you on twitter and you didn't tell me? What the heck? How am I not aware of that?" Oh I see.

"First: watch your language. Second: I don't know. It happened a few days ago." I shrugged.

"What?" Her mouth shapped a perfect "O" in disbelief.

"Well you know, that things they say "RT this if you follow bla bla and I'll follow you" you know?"

"So know he follows you back?"


"And you can talk to him?"


"Omg" she interruped me "Do you know what that means? You can DM him!" She yelled.

"It's not like I'm going to, but yes." I blinked.

"NO! You have to talk to him. Please! Tell him to follow me! Please!" She pleaded me.

"What? I can't do that. He won't even obey me!"

"Try pelase! For me! I'm your little sister, you love me don't you?"

"Sometimes." But she ignored my comment.

"Please!" I rolled my eyes at her.

"India drop it."

"But I really love them!" I couldn't resist her pleading eyes.

"Ok I'll do it."

"Yeeeees!! I love you!!!" She jumped on me making me fall to the bed.

"Ok c'mon give me the computer" She did as I said extremely quicky. That was new.

I logged in and looked for his twitter. I clicked to send him a private message. I sighed before started writting.

"Hi Harry. I know you're probably extremely busy but could you just follow my sister? She really loves you, that would me everything to her. Thank you x)"

"Ok done" My sister watched me intentively as I wrote and a really big smile crossed her face when I sent it. "Jus so you know, you owe me. Big time!"

She kissed on the cheek and got out of the room.

The computer screen lighted up and I realised I had a new message.

"Sure, just give me her twitter. Hey aren't you that girl I ran into in London?"

Oh God.


I decided to do a second update today because I'm really excited about this story!
I know there's not a lot of Harry in this chapter but please be patient, I had to clarify some things first to make the story right..


Thank you!! I'm not very happy with this fic actually because I wrote it a while ago and it has toooons of mistakes like spelling and all so in the aspect I think the sequel is better and I hope you like it, I've received a lot of positive comments on the sequel... :)
Yeah, Portuguese! Yes I'm portuguese from Portugal that's the reason why it has so many errors like I told you above. x

So i just finished this fan fiction and i absolutly love it!!! <3 nobody absolutly nobody can or will change my mind about that and i am very happy you are making a sequal becuase that was a major cliff hanger!!!! Anyways i really pove this story and i am very glad you wrote it! And i have one question: do you speak porgougeuse? (And sorry if i spelt it wrong)

ohw,i didn't c that part

crushingonniall crushingonniall

This story is no longer updated, only the sequel.. ;)

DreamLand DreamLand

please update...

crushingonniall crushingonniall