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It Takes Patience III: Stripped

Chapter 26: Highly Stressed Situations

*Reagan’s POV*
I woke up on the couch in the living room with the television on. After Harry and I got off the phone early this morning, I found it hard for me to sleep. Tamsin seems to be omnipresent when I’m not able to be by Harry’s side and something about her bothers me more than it should, especially right now.

Even when I was in England, the way that she looked at me whenever we were in the same room together made me feel as if she were always challenging me, as if she knew something that I didn’t. I know that I shouldn’t have let her get to me when I saw her there in Anne’s house, but I’m starting to notice that the littlest things are beginning to bother me because I am away from Harry and it’s only day four.

I’m going through a withdrawal, but this has to be worse than one that involves a drug addiction of any type. Using one hand to rub over my eyes as the realization came to me, I used the other to turn off the television. Just as the sun began to rise higher in the sky, clearing the horizon and the tree’s, my phone lit up with notification from Dr. Koch.

I scoffed when I saw his name. After managing to finish reading through the documents that he had actually wanted me to work on, I haven’t really tried to say much to him or keep in contact with him as much as I probably should seeing as how he is still technically my boss and my professor for the semester. I’m still too angry and annoyed with him and I’m afraid that if he does call me, or I him, that the wrong thing will come out of my mouth and my “vacation” home will turn into a permanent dismissal.

I pick up the phone to read the text, a bit upset that his is the only one in my inbox.

From: Koch
There’s more work in your email. Need it done by 9 tonight your time. I’m assuming that you’ve also read the other documents I’ve sent you. You’ve been forewarned. Dr. James Koch

I rolled my eyes at the message and dropped my phone back onto the couch. Seeing as a forewarning alludes to something that is yet to come, I don’t understand what he means by the comment. The folder labeled H.E.S remains on my computer desktop and I plan on deleting it soon. I’ve read through every legible document in those files until I could barely see straight and under my impression, there was nothing in them that gave rise to a forewarning, unless he’s sent me something more to try his case against Harry. Even if he has, I vowed to myself not to read anymore and I plan on sticking to it.

The deep red halo of blood that surrounded Clive's head, and his battered face from the photographs flashes in my memory catching me off guard, but I quickly shake it away in time enough to seem normal in front of my parents as they come down the stairs together.

“What are you doing up? It’s barely seven in the morning and this is supposed to be your time off.” My mother speaks while stretching and I take in her and my father’s work out gear. They match.

I smirk at them before I answer. They’re annoying but cute at the same time and I look forward to being in a relationship that’s as strong as theirs one day.

“I couldn’t sleep. It’s been four days but I think I’m still on London’s time.” I smile at them before putting a tea kettle on the stove top embers.

I have another session with Dr. Stone today and I’m less than excited to tell her about my completion of my assignment, but then again, it could be looked at as a breakthrough. I know that Harry isn’t here in a physical sense, but he was still a part of a sexual experience with me. I’ve only had one session, but hopefully in this case one can be more than enough and I can be released to go back to London earlier than expected.

“What’s today's date?” I ask as my sense of time has become more and more jumbled into one giant blur since I’ve been home.

“It’s October twentieth and it’s absolutely beautiful outside. We’re going to the gym if you want to come?” I look at my mother dazed. Surely it’s not, Surely more time has passed.

“Reagan are you alright?” My mother asks looking at me intently.

“I’m sorry. I’m fine.”But I’m wondering how Harry is handling today, and how Anne is.

I walk back to the living room to grab my phone and send Harry a quick message before I turn back to the kitchen to catch my mom and dad before they leave.

To: Harry Pleassssse?!
Are you and your mom and your family okay?

“Dad, I have some more errands I need to run today. Do you mind if I take the car again?”

“The keys are in my office on my desk. Just put them back there when you get done.”

I nod my head and wave at them before they leave then grab the whistling tea kettle off the stove top and pour the steaming water into my coffee mug over the green tea bag. Harry has yet to respond to my message, but I can only assume that it’s because he’s preparing to go to session himself. I shake my head at the thought of how broken that we both are, but the sooner that we are able to be together the sooner that we can retrace our steps and help each other mend the mass of chipped, cracked, and shattered pieces that we’ve left behind.

I walk up the stairs and go into the bathroom to shower and prepare for my second session when my phone vibrates against the marble counter top of the bathroom sink. One set of rings symbolizing a text.

*Harry’s POV*

From: Glasses
Are you and your mom and your family okay?

To: Glasses
Oh you’re over your jealousy issues and talking to me now? Why wouldn’t we be? I'm fine.

I stuffed my phone in my pocket after replying to Reagan and slowly entered Dr. Bakers office. She held up her hand as a gesture for me to have a seat as she finished up her phone conversation. She’s never ready for these stupid sessions when I am and I start to get annoyed at the thought of having to sit here any longer than I need to. I furrow my brow after rolling my eyes and crossing my arms on my chest as I slouch down onto the couch, resting my head on the back of it counting the tiles on the ceiling as I wait. Something else I used to do besides counting the endless awards and plaques on Dr. Baker’s walls when I didn’t want to answer her questions or talk when I was living in Maudsley.

“Yes he’s here now...And I’m asking for you to reconsider, James….” Dr. Baker glanced at me and her tone became more hushed than it was before making the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. Was she talking about me? “I’ll call you in a bit. I have to start now. Give me until the end of the session...Bye.”

After she ended the phone call, her greyish-blue eyes met with mine and a grin curled her lips. Bemused by the whole situation, I didn’t return the happy gesture, only a blank stare. I already want to leave. These fucking sessions are pointless and they’re not helping anything. The more I think about it the more I think that I can’t be helped and never will be.

“How are you today Harold?”

“If you were busy I could have stayed in the waiting room.” I snapped at her somewhat both intentionally and unintentionally. My mood has been all over the place today since I got off the phone with Reagan and since that text message I got from-

“You’re cranky today Harold.” Dr. Baker cuts off my thoughts.

I’m more than cranky. I’m tired, aggravated, stressed, and sexually frustrated. All of the above rely require one person. One remedy to solve the majority of my issues and she’s half way across the world.

Note to self, add depression to that list.

I can feel my mood start to shift and my shoulders slump slightly. “Can we just get on with it? Go along with your normal line of questions so I can not give you the answers that you’re looking for.”

Dr. Baker raised an unimpressed eyebrow to my mood, sitting coolly back against her chair with her notepad in hand and staring. A few seconds of awkward silence passed between us before she spoke again.

“You do realize what today is, rather what it would have been?”

She looks at me over her glasses and I shrug my shoulders.

“It’s October twentieth, Harry. Your mum would have been a married woman today and you would have probably been truly freed of any restraints that I’ve put on you had it not been for the stunt you pulled.”

My facial expression falters momentarily before I regain my composure. My mum was quite quiet today before I left and she did seem to be upset by something, but I just hadn’t realized what. I thought that it was because my court date being just around the corner. I had completely forgotten that doomsday was supposed to be held today.

I’m sorry for her, but at the same time I get a sort of selfish satisfaction from it being cancelled.It’s for the best.

“What do you mean I ‘would have been freed’? Why am I not?” I ignore her previous statements.

“You haven’t held up your end of the bargain. You were supposed to show growth and acceptance, but since the wedding has to be pushed back so does our deal. Besides, seeing as how you have court coming up and a possible one way ticket back into Maudsley looming over your head, I don’t see much point in keeping my word to the fullest.”

My jaw tensed and I my breathing increased in anger as the threat escaped her lips.

“I’m not coming back here. There’s no fucking way I’m coming back here!”

“Language! And is there not Harold? I told you that you were being watched and from the looks of things the odds are against you.”

“What are you talking about?! I haven’t done shit since I was arrested.” I struggled to keep my anger and other emotions under lock and key while talking to her.

“There’s a report of you vandalizing the alley behind your job and destroying some of the property there. You had a manic episode and thought that it wouldn’t get back to me.”

I could feel all of the blood drain from my face as I ran my hand through my hair anxiously. That night replayed in my head, but the only person that saw me lose it then was Tamsin. I become paranoid however when I try to think of any other night of indiscretion and someone watching me. The only time that I saw anyone was the night that Reagan left and there was a dark figure standing by my front drive. I was so drunk and sleep deprived that night though that I thought that I was imagining things.

“I didn’t.” I try to lie, but Dr. Baker sees through it.

“There’s proof of it Harry. You cant deny it.” She walks to her file cabinet and pulls out the manilla folder that contains my readmission papers into this hell hole.

When she reaches into it this time she takes out pictures that weren’t there before. They would have been really nice action shots if it weren’t for the content of them. They’re pictures of me destroying the space behind the bar. Pictures showing me what I don’t even remember doing, I just remember the aftermath of it all.

I sat back against the couch with my bottom lip in between my thumb and forefinger searching the room frantically for any kind of peace of mind.

“The person who’s watching you can use these pictures to help secure you a spot right back in your old room Harry and there would be nothing that I would be able to do about it. You have a court date and now this against you and it’s making it harder for me to not agree with Maudsley’s board,” She pushes a picture of me punching the brick wall in front of me and I stuff the hand that I scraped on that brick in my pocket subcontioiusly, “ If you’re hit with an assault charge and if I can’t get him to hold off from turning these pictures in that show you to be a danger to yourself and possibly others to Director Leerman, you will be here. You have to keep yourself under control. There’s only so much that I can do.”

Dr. Baker spoke sternly and I nodded my head slowly in agreement before I was dismissed from her office. I turned back around and barged back in m much to her surprise to ask her another question.

“You know who’s watching me don’t you? You said you’re trying to get ‘him’ to hold off. Who is it?” Dr. Baker put the folder back in her desk before she answered me.

“I can’t tell you who it is Harry. All I can tell you is to keep yourself out of high stressed situations and lay low until your court date.”

I roll my eyes before I turn to leave again. That’s fucking impossible seeing as I have to work and agreed to talk with Tamsin after my shift is over.


Hi lovesss How are you all?? I have an UPDATEEE AHHH I'm excited lol I'm feeling much better guys Thank You so much for your well wishes :* Anyway, what did you think of this chapter? I know there's a lot going on but I hope you all enjoyed it anyway. Also I hope that all of you guys are still subscribed to ITP 1 and 2 because there is a lot of things in these last few chapters and the upcoming ones that connect in a big way to things that happened in the previous books! Poor Harry :( He needs Reagan back more than she could ever imagine right now. But it looks like someone else is planning on being there for him. Who do you think is watching Harry? And aren't you anxious for his court date? I know I am lol ;} I cant wait to read and reply to you guy's COMMENTS on this chapter so PLEASE LEAVE ME TONS OF THEM! Also if you are reading this little old story and enjoying it and haven't done so yet, please vote and subscribe!




Hi there lovely, I am a big fan of your books and you don't know how happy I am to see you back here. I LOVE THIS TRIOLOGY so dam much......so let me get this straight....you are not updating this story anymore on here? You are only going to continue this story on wattpad?? .....despite what decision you make I will be waiting for you because I want to know what will HAPPEN ....sorry I am weird xxx

No problem xx


@polisson just added you on watt pad can't wait to see what you have in store! Starting uni daze as we speak thank you for replying to me!!! :)


Hi love! I am XOXOH I unfortunately can't log into my account on here for whatever odd reason??? Google gives me an access denied message but it still shows me when people comment here.Anyway, I will be posting this story again on wattpad under the user polisson it's gonna be a revamp so it will probably be a bit longer and have new parts. I wish I could log in to tell everyone about it. I also have another story that you may like there called Uni Daze. I'm sorry that I can't post here anymore :(

polisson polisson

MISSING THIS SO BAD. My favorite book ever and ive been rereading to fill the whole in my heart! Truly miss your writing it's the only thing I have to look forward to when I get on here! Miss you hope to hear from you soon!