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Snake Eyes (Louis Tomlinson Fan Fic)

Luck of the Irish

**The Previous Night**


Louis and I had another nice dinner out. He was really enjoying the perks of being a 'high roller' at the casino. The owner, Alfonso Franchescho, sent a personal invitation to the yacht for Louis and I to join him in his private dining room for dinner. Since hitting it big in One Direction, we've had many exciting experiences, but this one ranks at the top.

We arrived at the casino entering through a private entrance in the back. Two burly bodyguards greeted us and escorted us to a private suite upstairs. We entered the dining room and the staff greeted us with filled champagne flutes. We were escorted to a sitting area and made comfortable while we waited for our host to arrive.

Several minutes later, we were greeted by a gentleman who exuded power, confidence, and wealth. He was a little intimidating being well over six feet tall with Mediterranean good looks; you could tell this was not a man who messed about. This man was Alfonso Franchescho. He was overly pleasant, I thought, and overly praised Louis' craps playing skills. Alfonso appeared nice and I enjoyed talking with him, but I couldn't understand why anyone would be so amenable to someone who walked away with millions of his money. The ever confident, cocky, and sassy Louis Tomlinson ate up the attention and I couldn't stop chuckling at Lou's overconfidence. He's no dummy, but engaging in a battle of wits against Alfonso would be a sure loss for the sass master.

The questions Alfonso asked Louis almost seemed like he was interviewing him for a job. Alfonso was fascinated with Louis' estate he was renovating, his security systems, and Louis' investments. I was almost wondering if he was planning to visit Lou with the level of interest he showed! He told Louis he was the most mature and responsible young man he'd ever met and wished he had a son like him. Are you kidding me? Tommo sure was investing his money well in his house and planned for the future, but Liam was way more responsible and mature. Louis has a Peter Pan complex; I don't know if he'll ever truly grow up. What fun would that be though? We all love Louis just the way he is.

Alfonso treated Louis and me to an amazing seven-course meal. So many foods were placed in front of me I'd never seen before. I didn't question; I taste everything and it was all fabulous. After three hours, our meal and time with Alfonso was coming to an end.

"Mr. Tomlinson, Mr. Styles, again I thank you for honoring me with your presence this evening. Meeting the two of you was truly a fascinating and enlightening experience. I know our paths will cross again," Alfsonso said while rising from the table and shaking our hands. Finally, our clue to leave.

"Fonzi, thank you for a great meal. Massive thank you mate. And please, call us Louis and Harry." Yes, only Louis could get away with calling the most famous gambling mogul in the world a nickname from an American television show that's over 30 years old and get away with it. Thankfully, Alfonso laughed.

"Louis, the pleasure was all mine. Please go enjoy yourselves in the casino. You will find your high roller account is in order. Harry, I also took the liberty of comping you a high roller account. Perhaps your friend's luck will rub off on you tonight."

"I doubt it. Louis is the luckiest man I know." It's the truth. Things just come naturally to him.

"That's because I have the luck of the Irish! My own personal leprechaun!" I roll my eyes at Louis.

"I knew it! Where are you hiding Niall?? I joked.

"Oh I should like to find your friend, Niall, and hide him before Louis bankrupts my casino tonight!" Alfonso jests and we all have a good laugh.

“And don’t worry Harry, everyone’s luck changes at some point,” Alfonso says as he shakes mine and Louis’ hands one last time.

The two bodyguards who have been with us since we arrived escort us to the casino floor after snaking through back passages. Louis and I are escorted to a private banking room where we sign papers for our casino accounts. There is a lot of paperwork to sign and so much small print I can’t comprehend all that I am reading. Honestly, it makes me nervous. I'm not one to blow big money on gaming, but I can see the spark in Louis' eyes and I know he is itching to hit the floor and play the part of the 'high roller'. It's going to be an adventure tonight. I can feel it already.

"Let the games begin!" Louis yells in his creepy announcer voice, places his hand on my shoulder, and marches me out to the casino floor. Lord help me.


If I thought things were out of control last night, I was sadly mistaken. Tonight is twice as crazy. Louis is out of control with this high roller stuff. I don't know how many bottles of Crystal we've been served, but I know Louis has outdrank me two to one. I'm buzzed, but he is positively flying high. He's always been a happy drunk, but now with him being the center of attention and on another winning spree, he is louder and crazier than ever.

Personally, I am getting tired. I am not drinking enough to keep my buzz going and I stopped gambling when I lost £20,000. Louis is up about £750,000 and looking as lucky as last night. It doesn't look like I am going to get him to agree to leave anytime soon. I pull out my iPhone and press the home button to check the time. It's nearly 3:00 am. I groan knowing this could turn into an all-night event at the rate Louis is going. Suddenly, there is a pause in play and I hope I can get Louis to leave.

"Thank you ladies and gentlemen. Have a good evening," the barker nods and makes the customary 'x' cut with his hands parallel to the gaming table indicating his shift is over and a new barker will take over the table. The crowd didn't seem happy about a change when the table was hot. Of course, Louis was the most vocal.

"Are you shitting me? Changing in the middle of my roll? I was on a hot streak!! I demand to speak to Fonzi!! Louis half screamed, half slurred. If he becomes a belligerent drunk, watch out.

"I'm sorry sir, but the casino has strict rules on the hours barkers are allowed to work at one time at any given table and shifts," the soon-to-be leaving barker tried to placate Louis.

"I know it's not your fault Sam, but it's not right!" Louis continued to yell. Yes, Louis is on a first name basis with all the casino staff he has been in contact with the last two nights.

"Mate calm down. You don't want to embarrass yourself or get kicked out. Maybe it's a sign it's time to leave," I attempt to reason with Louis. Notice I say "attempt".

"Hell no Hazzah! I am on a roll! I'm NOT leaving! They are not going to break my mojo!" Yeah, no reasoning with him now. I notice the new barker smirking at Louis and I think the rest of the night is not going to go well if this guy starts egging Louis on.

"Okay Louis. It's your money. Go right ahead," I wave my hands and step back as they prepare to start the action again.

"Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets. Roller getting ready to come out," the new barker announces. Bets are placed and the die are sent to Louis. I noticed that with a new barker comes new die.

Louis picks out 2 die from the group, kisses them, rattles his hand, and tosses them down to the end of the table and...

"SEVEN!" Louis and the barker simultaneously yell and the crowd screams,

"Well, guess I am just that hot. They can't break me with a change in play," Louis sasses and I roll my eyes.

"Lou, why not quit while you're ahead? You're up £1.5 million!"

"No! Let it ride!" He gestures in the air like he is leading the cavalry into battle.

"You're mad!" Seriously, I think he is certifiably insane.

He picks up the die, rolls again, and...

"Craps!" The barker yells and Louis looks stunned. You literally can hear a pin drop because the crowd is stunned Louis lost the roll.

"Oh well, it was bound to happen eventually," Louis dismisses the loss as if he lost pennies.

"Lou, let's go. You can't afford to lose anymore," now I am pleading with him.

"Harry, you worry too much. Let me win it back so I'm even and then we'll go." Now I'm panicking.

"Lou! You cannot afford to lose anymore!"

"I won't Hazzah. Calm your tits mate! I'm sure I'll win it back."

"And if you lose?" I am freaking out.

"I won't!"

"Lou, there is confidence and there is stupidity and I'm not sure you are on the right end of that spectrum right now!" I am pleading with him to cut his losses and leave.

"Ye of little faith. Relax Harreh." He pats my shoulder, turns his attention back to the table, and signs an IOU effectively mortgaging himself to the casino.

The other rollers are having mixed luck. Louis still has about the same amount of chips when the roll comes back to him. He turns to look at me. I want to be physically ill right now I am so nervous for him.

"Harold, please a little more confidence in me. One roll, all or nothing and we can leave."

"Okay Lou. Good luck mate." I am terrified for him.

"All in!" Louis yells and the crowd cheers. He picks up the die and repeats his ritual. The die land and we all look on in shock as the barker yells...


I look down again at the table and see the offensive die, each sporting one spot. Right now, I’d like to be sick, faint, anything just to remove myself from this situation. Unfortunately, I am going to need to be Louis’ support system. Suddenly, I feel a dead weight in my arms. Louis fainted right on top of me. I look around to see the astonished looks on peoples’ faces and two familiar looking bodyguards coming my way. This cannot be a good sign.


I wake up feeling panicked and my brain feels like it’s lost in a fog. Slowly, I open my eyes and I am greeted by familiar green ones that look like they’ve seen a ghost. My eyes wander around the room. I can feel that I am lying on a couch, but the surroundings are unfamiliar. We are definitely not on the yacht. Finally, my eyes connect with a desk; I am in someone’s office. Whose? I look back to Harry who finally speaks.

“Thank God Lou! I was worried you were going into a coma. You’ve been passed out for hours!”

“Where are we Harry?”

“Don’t you remember?”

“No. What happened? Why are you such a wreck?” I am confused by Harry’s flustered state; he couldn’t have been that worried something serious was wrong with me.

“You fainted.”

“What? Have you gone mad? Fainted? That’s for screaming teenage girls, not Tommo!” I try to sit up, but immediately become dizzy.

“Well, I guess Tommo is a screaming little teenage girl because you most certainly fainted!”

“Why would I faint Harry? I’m hardly the star struck type!” He is really pissing me off accusing me of being weak.

“You REALLY don’t remember, do you?” I look at him like he is crazy.

“Apparently I don’t. Please enlighten me.” Just as I sit up successfully, I hear the door open and close behind me. I turn my head in the direction of the noise and see a familiar person, Alfonso, who is smirking.

“Louis, so glad to see you woke up. I’m sure the shock took its toll on you.”

“Shock? What shock?” A moment passes and then the memories come flying through my mind. Oh my God! What did I do??? I pray this is a bad dream. Many moment pass before Alfonso speaks.

“I believe you remember what happened early this morning Louis. You are in debt to my casino to the tune of £3 million.” I gulp…a couple of times.

“I was positively pissed. I don’t know what I was thinking. Can I have the chance to win it back?”
“Unfortunately Louis, no. You exceeded your line of credit with the casino on your last bet. You were only covered to £1.5 million.”

“See Lou! I told you to stop at that last bet!” Great time for ‘I told you so’. I roll my eyes at Harry. This sucks because it’s going to take a good chunk of my next royalty check and put me behind on the house. Oh well, I gambled away the money. I have to repay it.

“Fonzi, I can pay you in full plus interest in two months when I get my next royalty check.” He smirks and then begins laughing.

“Oh Mr. Tomlinson, I’m afraid it does not work that way.” Never a good sign when you go from being called by your first name to your proper name.

“What ARE the repayment terms then?” Damn. I should have read the paperwork last night. I see Harry from the corner of my eye giving me another ‘I told you so’ look. I stare him down and he knows if he opens his mouth I’m going to pop him one in the face.

“Payment in full – immediately. No exceptions.” Alfonso simply states and takes a seat behind his desk.

“That’s impossible Fonzi,” I say breathlessly. Literally, I feel all the air leave my body.

“Nothing is impossible Louis.” The way he says it makes it sound more of a threat than a reasonable statement.

“I told you last night that all my money is tied up in my estate and early withdrawal penalty investments! I’ll have the money, I just don’t have it today! I’m part of the biggest group on earth for God’s sake! I’m good for it!”

“Famous last words Louis. You don’t know how many of the rich and famous have said the same thing in your situation.”

“Well, what did they do?” I am desperate to hear a happily-ever-after scenario.

“They paid.” He says flatly.

“Surely someone was unable to pay on the spot.” I am practically begging now for a glimmer of hope.

“True.” He gives nothing away.

“Well, what happened to him?” I hold my breath.

“He met with an unfortunate accident.” I hear Harry gasp beside me and I try to pick my jaw off the ground. What the hell am I going to do? I either find a way to pay or die? An idea that sickens me comes to mind.

“You can have the note to my estate until I get paid in good faith.” My heart breaks at the thought of potentially losing the estate I have put my heart and soul into, but it is a material good and I prefer to live.

“No Louis, I do not want your estate. I did my research and the market value of your estate less all the outstanding work will not cover the debt. If this was after it was completed, it would be a different story. You’d be free and clear. Furthermore, the real estate market is bad.”

“I bought Harry and I matching Ferraris with my winnings the other day. Take those, please!”
“Louis, for someone supposedly so smart, you should know better. Those vehicles hold no use for me. I have three Ferraris and by the time I sell them, I am at a loss on broker’s fees. You need to pay me cold hard cash, now. No exceptions.”

“So you are going to kill me just like that?” Okay, I am officially terrified for my life. Harry grabs onto my arm. Oh God! Harry! They can’t hurt him too!

“Please don’t hurt Harry! Fonzi, he’s innocent!!” I plead.

“Relax Louis! I am not going to kill YOU or Harry. That is, if you cooperate.”

“So no one is going to die?” I probably sound like a preschooler. Relief washes through me.

“Well, you and Harry are safe. I can’t promise others won’t be harmed if you don’t cooperate.” I look at Harry and I know the other show is about to drop.

“Which OTHERS will be harmed? Are you threatening our band mates?” How could I have been so stupid to jeopardize the lads’ lives because I was out of control?

“Among others. I understand your friend, Zayn, has a pretty little wife. Of course, there is always your mother, sisters, and baby brother.”

My reaction is so base. I run to the waste basket and empty the contents of my stomach. I would rather Alfonso kill me than harm Perrie or my family. Bile rises and anger courses through my body that I’ve never experienced before.

“What kind of sick bastard are you Franchescho?!! You threaten innocent women and children?!! You are no man! You are an evil predator!!!” He rises from his seat and I know I should be afraid that I crossed the line, but I don’t care. He threatened my family.

“The ONLY reason I do not kill you for your comments is because I respect your love for your family and friends. Which brings me to our negotiations.”

“Negotiations? You said no exceptions.” Perhaps there is a glimmer of hope. I listen attentively.

“Yes, the debt must be paid immediately. You have only one thing I want Louis.”

“Name it and it’s yours. Just please do not harm my family and friends.”

“I want you.” Holy mother of God. Are you kidding me? He’s gay? Maybe he could just kill me because I don’t think I could let him touch me even to save my life.

“Uhhhh, um. I took you for a ladies man.” Alfonso bursts out into loud laughter as do his bodyguards. The joke obviously is on me.

“Oh Louis! Just another reason why I know you are the right man. You are a funny boy. No, I am straight. I do not want you for me.” If I didn’t know this guy was into me for £3 million, I’d be elated right now.

“Oh my God! You want me to be a prostitute?!! Noooo!” I am mortified. Kill me now! Why are they laughing even harder at me? Harry looks like he is about to piss himself. He’s as confused as I am.

“Louis, not exactly. I want you to be my son-in-law.” He says in a matter-of-fact tone.

“You what???!!!!!! You want to force me to marry your daughter???” Death is looking better again.

“Simply? Yes.”

“That’s it? Care to give me anything else to go on?” I am becoming livid again as they all continue to laugh at me.

“Alfonso? You want Louis to be family?” Harry is in as much disbelief as me.


“God sake why man?” Harry stands and stomps over to the desk. I rush over to stop him in his tracks. We don’t need him getting hurt because I got myself in a jam.


I sit there observing Louis and Harry. They are brave boys. Of course they are frightened of the situation they are in, but I was right to choose Louis for my Loren. Despite his error at the table, he’s a smart boy with a good head on his shoulders, personable, funny, kind, obviously devoted to his family, and planning for a family. The fact that he is talented, rich, and famous is just a bonus. This is the boy I need to protect my daughter. It was worth cheating him at the table to have him indebted to me.

“Well Harry, if you must know, the global economy is down. That means the casino business has become more competitive. My daughter, like Louis’ family is to him, is the reason for my existence. Her life is in danger if the competition ever decides to play hardball to try to take over my interests. I need someone to protect her who is brave, strong, loving, and will guard her. Louis is the man for the job.”

“Wait! Did you fix it so that I would lose? Is this all a trap?!” Louis is too close to the truth, but I won’t confirm his suspicions.

“Are you accusing me of cheating you Louis?” I say raising a brow to look menacing. I notice his face change from anger to frightened. He knows he crossed the line again with his accusation.

“No Alfonso. It’s just an awfully convenient coincidence.”

“Louis, business is all about seizing opportunities. This marriage is a business transaction to ensure my daughter’s future and your family’s safety.”

“Seriously?! You just expect me to marry a total stranger?!” He is a brave boy. I like that he has no trouble standing up to me.

“In a word – yes. You have no choice. What is your decision? Marry my daughter and secure both your futures or leave and watch as I destroy your family?” I am enjoying riling him up. Louis’ face turns bright red with anger and Harry grabs his arm to try to calm him down.

“Why? I just don’t understand. Why me?” He asks almost rhetorically.

“Louis, you have a good head on your shoulders. You are the type of man I want for my daughter. I’ve had her locked away to protect her and I want her to live. You are the man for her.”

“I will not love her. I might not be even nice to her.” He is returning to his sassy, defiant self. Again, the type of man I want for her. He has no idea that this is a match made in heaven.

“You’d be surprised Louis. I’m rarely wrong. You will, however, not mistreat or disrespect my daughter. And, you will consummate the marriage, be faithful, and give me grandchildren. Or I will go after your family.”

“Well, apparently your daughter is going to be my family if you have your way! You are going to force me to have sex with your own daughter? This is maddening!”

“You are starting to see the light Louis.” I can’t help but smirk. It’s obvious I’ve won.

“This is insanity! You can’t force Louis into a marriage!” Harry pleads his friend’s case.

“Harry, I believe I just have. Louis, what is your final answer?”

There is a long hesitation. Harry and I have our eyes focused on Louis. He has his eyes down focusing on something of interest on his lap. Finally, Louis open his mouth.

“I’ll do it. I have no choice.” He is completely defeated while I feel like I just won the biggest jackpot of earth.

“No Louis!!! You can’t!!” Harry is beside himself at Louis’ acceptance of my deal.

“Harry, I have no choice. When is this wedding to take place?” Louis suddenly becomes calm and sensible.

“Let’s say in a month. That will give you and Loren time to get to know one another.”

“I don’t care to get to know her. She can be my wife in name only…except for warming my bed.” Louis looks at me with a devious smirk. He thinks he’s getting under my skin, but the joke is on him.

“As long as you keep her safe and produce heirs, I don’t care. But know this, if she ever leaves you because you’ve mistreated her, the deal is off and your family is fair game.” I say in as menacing a tone as I can muster. Louis keeps the smirk on his face.

“Well, I’ll just have to keep her in my bed. That will keep us both happy.” I just shake my head at him. He’s trying to get under my skin, but he’s just amusing me.

“Do what you must to keep her with you. Harry, please excuse us as we need to sign some paperwork. I’m sure you want to call your friends and Louis’ family and invite them to come to Monaco as soon as possible. Louis will not be permitted to talk to anyone until they arrive here. Oh, and you, your friends, and family will now be my guests at my compound. My men are moving your things from the yacht to my home now. It will be easier to plan the wedding and for Louis to get to know Loren that way.”

“Wait! You are already moving our things?! Did you plan this?” That Louis is smarter than I thought.

“Only once I knew you couldn’t pay the IOU. Come along, we have much to do. Then, we need to get you settled into your new suite, and prepare you to meet Loren tomorrow. You may use my office to make your calls Harry.” I rise and motion to Louis to follow me.

“Can’t hardly wait,” Louis says sarcastically as he rises and then looks at Harry as we walk out of the room.

Now that I have Louis where I want him, I have to break the news to my daughter that I arranged her marriage to a total stranger.


Louis follows Alfonso out of the room and I am officially freaking out. How in the hell did we go from a guys’ getaway to Louis ending up in an arranged marriage? Oh I know! Idiot couldn’t control himself gambling! Okay Harry, calm down and focus on calling in the troops. Who to call first? I search my contacts and know the right person.

“Hey Liam. I need you to gather the lads, Perrie, and Louis’ family and join us in Monaco as soon as possible. I’ll text you the address and instructions as soon as I receive them.”

“Harry! What’s wrong? Is Louis okay?” Liam shouts through the phone.

“Yes, he’s just brilliant. He’s getting married.”

“What the fuck are you about Harry! Not funny!”

“No, it’s NOT funny! But, it’s true. Now get everyone together and get down here tomorrow night!”

“Can’t you stop him?”

“No, that’s not possible Liam. Just get here and we’ll explain it all. And whatever you do, keep it quiet! Don’t tell Simon or management!”

“Why isn’t Louis calling to tell me the good news? Are you sure he is okay?”

“Because it’s not good news Liam and yes, he’s fine. He’s literally made his bed and is going to be lying in it with his new wife. I’ll see you tomorrow night. Bye.”

I hang up the phone and sit with my head in my hands. How did Louis manage to screw up this badly? Is there any way this situation won’t end up a total disaster?


So sorry it took forever to update! This was a long chapter and I rewrote it a couple of times until i was happy with it.

Let me know what you think!!


Omg this story is AMAZING!!!! Please tell me you're still writing. I may die if there are no more chapters. You're awesome keep it up!!

Sorry it took long to load now it's like this

Hey please update while its the summer holidays even though zayn and perrie broke up and zayn let keep it how it is I really like this book

Hey please update while its the summer holidays even though zayn and perrie broke up and zayn let keep it how it is I really like this book

Hey please update while its the summer holidays even though zayn and perrie broke up and zayn let keep it how it is I really like this book