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Snake Eyes (Louis Tomlinson Fan Fic)

Chapter 29 - Work It Girl

Louis POV

After nearly getting my arse beat by Fonzi this morning, the rest of the day has gone rather well. Loren, Mum, Fonzi, and I all met for a few hours over brunch to iron out the rest of the wedding details. Loren was furious because we wouldn’t share any of the engagement party particulars with her. She was adorable when she pulled a full on pout, but I stayed strong. However, I nearly caved when she started running her hand up my thigh under the table and kissing me. Thankfully, my brain won out over my hormones – for once.

Perrie took Loren to her gynecologist appointment three hours ago and I’ve been a nervous wreck waiting for Loren to get back home. Mostly, I’m concerned with how her appointment went and how she is doing, but we also have to get going to the Rolling Stone photo shoot and interview that will serve as our engagement announcement when it’s published at the end of the week. Simon called in a favor and the magazine was happy to get the exclusive on the story.

I’ve been pacing the foyer, for what seems like an eternity, when finally Loren’s limousine pulls in front of the house and I fly out the front door to meet her.

“Lor! Are you okay? I was worried about you!” I practically shout as I help her out of the car and pull her into my arms into a tight hug.

“I’m fine. There was nothing wrong with me. You know that,” she laughs at me, “Lou, you’re checking me over like I just returned from a tour of duty instead of a doctor visit,” she swats at my hands.

“Did he hurt you?” I stare into her lovely brown orbs.

“Just my pride,” she says with a bashful smile.

“What did he do to you love?”

“Calm your pants Lou, he didn’t do anything to her,” Perrie chimes in with a smirk on her face and places a hand on my shoulder.

“Then why does she look so pale and mortified?” I ask Perrie.

“Loren, would you like to tell him or should I?” She asks with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh I swear I hate you Perrie,” Loren says while glaring at Perrie.

“Will someone please tell me what happened?” I ask completely exasperated with the two females who are obviously keeping something from me.

“Perrie’s mouth happened,” Loren sasses.

“What did you do to her Perrie?” I feel myself becoming angry and try to reign it in.

“Just tried to help you out Lou,” she winks and begins walking towards the front doors, “I’ll leave you two to discuss it in private,” Perrie waves a hand while walking into the house. I turn back and look at Loren.

“Baby, tell me what is going on. You’re worrying me,” I plead.

“Oh my God Lou, nothing happened. I was just embarrassed by the conversation with Dr. Shaw,” Loren says in a frustrated tone.

“I’m waiting,” I raise an eyebrow and give her a gesture to continue talking.

“Ugh. This is so embarrassing! I wanted to crawl under the desk when the doctor pointed out newlyweds prefer to eliminate the inconvenience of periods. Perrie decided to be helpful and tell the doctor that you are a horn dog who can’t keep his hands off me. I’m so thankful that my new doctor will be in England so I never have to see him again. And I will go alone next time!” She put her hands over her face and I could see her blushing. I wanted to laugh at how innocent she was, but I didn’t want to anger her further because it appeared Perrie did a good job of that on her own.

“Sooooo…” I give her a questioning look.

“What?” Loren asks in a whisper.

“What did you decide on with the doctor love?” I chuckle.

“Oh, uh the 90 day pill packs. He assured me YOU will be much happier only being inconvenienced four times a year,” she rolls her eyes.

“Yes!” I jump in the air and fist pump and my reaction surprises her.

“Seriously Lou?” She crosses her arms trying to be mad at me, but I pull her into my embrace and kiss the top of her head while I rock her side-to-side.

“Oh yes. Love, you aren’t going to be able to walk the first few months we’re married,” I whisper into her hair and inhale her wonderful scent. I smile when I feel her shiver at my words.

“You are a fiend,” she looks up at me.

“Without a doubt,” I give her a quick kiss on the lips, “Now, would you like some tea before we go? We have to leave for our photo shoot and interview in a bit.”

“Don’t remind me,” Loren whines.

“You’re going to do great. Just be yourself,” I reassure her.

“I’m not a model. Nor am I a celebrity who desires to be interviewed by reporters,” she retorts.

“Well, you are more gorgeous than any model I’ve seen and get used to being interviewed because you’re going to be the wife of a famous pop singer,” I say dramatically.

“Oh God. Not the international pop singer thing again,” she teases.

“Can’t escape it love. It won’t last forever. Fame is a fleeting thing. Now, shall we get you some tea?”

“Yes, please.” We head to the library hand-in-hand.

** A Few Hours Later**

I watch as the photographer, Mark, stomps about yelling that we are behind schedule.

“The light will be all wrong for the shoot! Does your bird always take this long to be made up?!”

“First of all, her name is Loren and she is my fiancé – not my bird – and second, this is the first time she’s ever been styled for a photo shoot,” I say staring him down.

“Jesus! Why did no one tell me this? A novice! Oh this will be a disaster!” Okay, I appreciate that artists are temperamental – I’m one myself – but this guy is over-the-top.

“She will be perfect and you better treat her respectfully or I will walk on this exclusive,” I threaten.

“Uh, yes Mr. Tomlinson. I apologize for my rudeness.”

“It’s okay mate, just don’t let it happen again,” I nod and walk towards the trailer where Loren has been held up for nearly 2 hours.

When I reach the door and knock, I’m greeted with the stylist telling me they will be out within five minutes. For some reason, I’m nervous to see her. As I’m lost in thought while waiting, I hear the trailer door creak open and Mark gasp. I look at him to see his eyes practically bulging out of his sockets. When I turn and look at Loren, I feel the smile grow across my face and reach my eyes. She looks positively stunning in a black cocktail dress. It’s a classic design and she looks like a film star from a black and white movie, not to mention it shows her curves perfectly. Her hair is styled in waves, like an actress from the 40s, and she looks like a femme fatale. I hold my arms out as Loren approaches me.

“Cat got your tongue Lou?”

“Yes. You are beautiful,” I breathe. She leans in to kiss me before we are interrupted by screeching.

“No! No! No! Don’t mess her up Mr. Tomlinson! We are behind schedule!” Mark flies into one of his fits again.

“Yes, my apologies,” I respond and Loren giggles. “Come on gorgeous,” I take her hand and walk over to Mark.

“Mark, please allow me to introduce you to my fiancé, Loren Franchesco. Loren, this is Mark Seliger, chief photographer for Rolling Stone,” I make the introductions and they shake hands.

“A pleasure Mr. Seliger,” Loren says politely.

“No. Please call me Mark. Mr. Tomlinson did not exaggerate your beauty,” he takes her hand and kisses it. Immediately, I am jealous that he placed his lips on any part of her body.

“Thank you,” Loren blushes.

“Well Mark, shall we get going?” I ask.

“Yes. Mr. Franchesco was kind enough to clear a section of the craps tables for the first part of the shoot. Follow me please.”

We get on a golf cart and head through the maze that is the network of tunnels under the casino. Once we arrive at our destination, we are in the high roller craps room. This area is lusher than the rest of the casino. Velvet curtains line the walls, the tables are white instead of dark wood, and there are gold accents everywhere. Mark escorts us to the craps table in the center of the room which appears to be in restricted use as it is cordoned off with velvet ropes. Immediately, I recognize it as the table that I lost at and set all these events in place.

“I need you to take off your shoes and climb onto the table, please,” Mark says to Loren and she looks at him like he just grew another head.

“Are you mad? My father would kill me!” She shouts.

“No, I’ve cleared it with him. Please, the table. Now. We are behind schedule.” Mark takes Loren’s hand and steadies her as she removes her shoes. When he goes to lift her, I step in.

“Here, allow me.” I pull Loren from him and lift her, placing her gently on the table.

“I feel like such a rule breaker. I can’t believe my father is okay with this,” Loren giggles.

“He mentioned something about gifting the table to Mr. Tomlinson,” Mark says and I burst into laughter. Loren looks at me and then recognition hits her face.

“Lou! Is this THE table?” She asks.

“The very one love,” I smile. Loren looks down fondly at the green felt and begins to stroke it.

“I love this table,” Loren sighs and shoots me a beautiful smile.

“Me too Lor,” and just as I go in for a kiss, I get yelled at again.

“No kissing. You’ll smear her lipstick. Now, let’s get to work,” Mark barks. He spends a ridiculous amount of time posing Loren on the table. Once she is in position, she looks like the perfect pin up girl. Fully clothed and looking glamorous, but so sexy I can hardly control myself. Mark poses me next to the table leaning on my elbow and leaning towards Loren’s direction. We take several shots of me throwing the die at Loren. Unfortunately, I beaned her once in the eye, but I didn’t hurt her.

My favorite shots were when Loren got on her knees in front of me and attempted to take the die from me. They were beautiful and sexy shots and the way she looked at me, with that mischievous gleam in her eye, was irresistible.

“I believe we have several good options to work with from this scene. Let’s get you changed for the portrait shots,” Loren and I nod in agreement. We get back into the golf carts and head to the trailers to change while the crew tears down the equipment.

While in my trailer, I question what this next scene will be. I’m barefoot, shirtless, and only wearing an old pair of jeans. When I am escorted to the scene, I find only a plain white backdrop and white bear rug. Moments later, Loren arrives in a fluffy white robe, clutching to it for dear life and my curiosity is piqued.

“Lor, you’re wearing a robe in this scene?” I question.

“I wish. I’m half naked under here,” she whispers.

“What do you mean you’re half naked?” I ask nervously.

“Exactly that, they won’t let me put on any pants, just a shirt.”

Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about so much of her being revealed. Her body is for my eyes only and I’d like it to stay that way. Just as I am about to speak, Mark comes running in shouting.

“Quick changers, I like that! Okay, let’s get going. We only have 2 hours of light left outside and we have to get the last scene shot out there. Loren, let’s get the robe off.”

“Is this really necessary?” Loren asks.

“Yes. You’ll be fine. Completely covered,” Mark says too enthusiastically for my liking and begins to take Loren’s robe off until I stop him.

“Excuse me Mark, but I’d like the honors,” I say as I move him away from Loren.

“Of course,” he grumbles and walks to his equipment.

“I don’t want anyone else undressing you, but me,” I say as I untie her belt and pull the robe away from her. She smiles and my heart beats heavily as I look at her. Loren is dressed only in a white men’s dress shirt. The sleeves are loosely rolled up to the middle of her forearms and the shirt hangs a few inches below her bum. The buttons are undone to the middle of her chest and she looks incredibly sexy. I get what the scene is and what it implies, but I’m unsure if Loren does or how she will feel about it.

“Okay lovebirds, come over here,” Mark calls out to us. We walk over and the posing begins.
We spend the next 30 minutes cuddling in various positions. My favorite shot was Loren sitting on my lap with her legs wrapped around me and her back to the camera. The shirt was pulled down to expose one shoulder and she closed her eyes softly and rolled her head back with her facing toward her exposed shoulder while I gazed down at her. Mark rushed us back to our trailers to change for the outdoor shots he wanted to get while the lighting outside was perfect.

Again, I find myself waiting for Loren and the door to her trailer locked. I think she secretly enjoys making her grand entrance to see my reaction. Mark starts fussing that we are going to only have 90 minutes before we lose the light and outdoor pictures require time. Ten minutes later, the trailer door opens and out comes Loren wearing a beach cover up with her hair teased and wild looking. Her eyes look equally as wild.

“What is wrong Lor?” I ask.

“Who says anything is wrong?” She attempts to keep her voice even.

“Baby, the look in your eyes says it all,” I chuckle.

“Oh. I’ve just never worn a bikini before. I’m not used to being so exposed to the world.” I smile at her and at the thought of what she looks like under that cover up.

“If I’m honest, I don’t know if I want the world to see this much of you,” Loren raises up on her toes and pecks my lips and then flinches when Mark yells about messing her makeup again.

“Come one. Let’s go before he throws us off a cliff outside.”

Once outside, Mark and his crew lead us down to the beach. Great. Just what I want – to get wet and filled with sand.

“Okay, we are going to do some sexy, romantic shots,” Mark says excitedly.

“What did you consider those last pictures?” Loren asks innocently.

“Portraits,” Mark responds like she’s an idiot and I hear him mumble, “novices,” under his breath. I glare at him for insulting Loren and he straightens up when he sees he’s angered me.

“Sorry darling,” Mark stumbles over his words, “the other two scenes were designed to show you as a glamorous couple in the casino and natural and relaxed. This scene will show your sexuality and make you the ‘it’ couple,” he gushes. Loren rolls her eyes and I stifle a laugh.

“Come along, let’s get to work before we lose the light.”

Mark ushers us to the shore and Loren waits until the last possible moment to take off her cover up. She’s self-conscious and my eyes pop out of my head. Immediately, I feel myself get hard, which is embarrassing considering I’m only wearing board shorts. I reach for Loren and pull her towards me, which gives me two benefits: I hold her practically naked body against mine and it covers up my hard on.

“I take it you approve Lou,” she laughs as she feels by body’s response to seeing her in a bikini.

“I think you went along with this just to torture and publicly humiliate me,” I say into her hair and kiss the top of her head.

“Well, if you are a god boy, we’ll take care of your situation later,” she looks up at me and bats her eyelashes and I groan.

“That just made my situation worse. Step away from me vixen.” I move to push her away and she grabs onto me and laughs throwing her head back.

“Perfect! So natural!” Mark shouts and I hear the faint sounds of a clicking camera shutter. Loren freezes.

“That was a private moment,” Loren pouts.

“Get used to it love. We never know when a pap is nearby snapping private moment,” I tell her.

“Really? That will be our life?” She asks.

“For now, yes. It won’t be like this forever,” I try to encourage her and she seems content.
For the next hour, Mark has us walking on the beach holding hands taking shots of us coming and going and from the sides. Things get interesting when he has us get on the sand just where the water hits the beach. He has us in a variety of poses, Loren on me, me on Loren, shooting down at us while we lie side-by-side on the sand. Loren on all fours crawling over me almost had me undone; I didn’t know whether I was happy or mad we had an audience because I wanted to attack her. Loren was terrific; if I didn’t know her history, I would have thought she’d been swimsuit modeling for years. She definitely won over Mark. Just when I thought we were home free, things got a little interesting.

“Okay, we’re almost finished. I’d like to try a few last shots. We have just enough sun left to squeeze them in,” Mark commands and Loren and I await our direction. “Let’s push the envelope with this.” Mark sounds a little too excited.

“What exactly did you have in mind mate?” I ask him, suspicious of his idea. Loren looks at me and raises her eyebrows questioning Mark’s motives too.

“Why topless of course.” You can hear crickets chirp and Loren almost crushes my hand in her grip upon hearing his words.

“Are you delusional mate? Loren is NOT going topless!” It takes all my self-control not to lunge at him for his absurd suggestion.

“Relax! I didn’t mean front shots! Just the illusion of her being topless from behind!”

“You HAVE lost you mind,” Loren looks at Mark like she wants to kill him.

“Hear me out, please. This can be private. We’ll put you out in the water. You will be hugging and we will only see her bare back,” He looks hopeful. I have to admit, it doesn’t sound too horrible, but I am going to leave the decision to Loren. I look to her for direction; she seems to be thinking it over.

“As long as no one else will be out there with us, I guess it is okay.” Once again, this woman amazes me with the chances she is willing to take. Mark rubs his hands together and tells us to get going. I pick Loren up and carry her to the water with her giggling and struggling – I can tell she thinks I am going to drop her. Our spontaneous moment of fun is being captured on film as I hear the clicking of camera shutters because the water is so calm.

I set Loren down in waist deep water and she wraps her hands around my neck and looks up at me with those gorgeous big brown eyes. Screw the makeup. I lean down and kiss her and I don’t stop. Mark seems to be happy because he isn’t screaming direction at us. Slowly I run my hands down Loren’s back to her bikini top strings and pull at the tie. She gasps and, after a breath, deepens the kiss. Loren appears to be totally into this and she moans lightly into my mouth. I pull the string until the strings fall down and she crushes her chest to mine.

Pulling away for a moment, I smile down at her and then kiss her again. This time, my hands travel to her nape and pull at the strings faster and the top falls away. Loren surprises me by jumping up and wrapping her legs around my waist. I grip her bum with my hands and we are lost in our own world to the point we are getting carried away in front of the crew.

“We are done! You can come back in now!” I hear Mark shouting to us, but I hate to stop kissing Loren. We pull away both panting.

“Lou, can you hand me my top?”


“Lou! You did hold onto my top, didn’t you?” Loren panics.

“Well, you attacked me and I didn’t think about it!” I defend myself.

“Attacked you?! Ughhh!”

In yet another shocking move, Loren cups her breasts, swing her hair whacking me in the face with it, and proceeds to march towards shore. I don’t dare remind her she is topless. When I look to shore, I see Mark grab a camera and start shooting her and I dive into the water to swim in front of her. She kicks me when I try to jump up and keeps going. By the time I recover myself, she’s on shore and being handed a white, fluffy terrycloth robe.

“Definitely one of the most passionate relationships I’ve ever witnessed – and I’ve seen quite a few. You are a lucky man Tomlinson,” he nudges me and winks.

“Yes. Yes, I am,” I can’t help but smile looking over to Loren who now is approaching me with a smile.

“I really am sorry love,” I kiss the top of her head.

“It’s okay Lou. No harm done. Whatever is left of my modesty is intact.”

“Let’s get you both inside and cleaned up so we can get you to Michael for the interview.”
We follow Mark back inside the casino to the suites. Thankfully, we aren’t going back to the trailers, but normal suites to shower and change. I begin to follow Loren into the suite when Mark halts me.

“Your suite is next door, everything is set up for you in there. Mr. Franchesco insisted on separate suites.” Loren giggles and I shrug my shoulders. Gotta love Fonzi – he’s a step ahead of me.

I walk into my suite and take a look around. Like everything Fonzi does, the suite is luxurious with everything gilded in gold. The fabrics are all jewel toned velvets and satins. Standing there taking in the beautiful room, I jump when I feel an arm wrap around my waist from behind. I turn to see Loren dripping wet in a towel.

“How did you sneak in here love?”

“Adjoining door,” she jerks her head in the direction of the open door. “You didn’t shower yet,” she says while pouting, “guess I’ll just go get dressed.” She tries to walk away and I grab her a pull her to me.

“You’re not going anywhere baby,” I lean down and kiss her and attempt to take off her towel, but she stops me.

“No, you go get your shower,” she orders.

“Join me Lor.”

“No. We spend more time in water than on land. Go and get cleaned up and I’ll wait for you,” she says as she shoos me off.

While my instinct is to scoop her into my arms and carry her into the bathroom, I decide I’m better off respecting her wishes. So, I head off to the bathroom, alone, and quickly shower off all the sea water and sand. When I come out into the bedroom area, I find Loren in my bed and she appears to be sleeping. I know we don’t have much time as we are meant to be getting ready for our interview, but I want to spend a few minutes cuddling with Loren. So, I climb into bed. Loren snuggles into me and sighs.

“Lor, we need to get ready. They’re going to come knocking on our doors soon,” I whisper into her hair.

“Mmmmm. Let them wait. I want to kiss you.” She closes the distance between our lips and I am lost in her scent, the feel of her naked body against me, and I am instantly rock hard.

“Oh love. We need to stop. I’m too hard,” I groan.

“Shhhhh. I have you Lou.”

Loren pecks my lips and then kisses down my neck and chest. I know what she’s going to do, but we don’t have time.

“Lor. Baby, we have to get ready,” I plead.

“Relax Lou,” she giggles. Before I can respond, I feel her take me into her mouth and I almost come undone on the spot. She’s moaning as she sucks me off and I can feel my eyes roll back in my head. I want to make it last, but she feels so good I know I’m about to cum, but something has me unsettled. Suddenly, I realize what the problem.

“Oh! Forgive me Mr. Tomlinson! Miss Franchesco! I didn’t realize you were occupied! I’ll just leave and wait for you in Mr. Franchesco’s office! So sorry!”

Loren has thrown the covers over us and buried her face in my chest and she’s shaking.

“Lou! Who was that?” She asks in a panicky voice.

“That was Michael Hastings, our interviewer.”

“Oh my God! What are we going to do?” Loren is in full freak out mode. I hold her to calm her down.

“We’re going to get dressed, go out, and do this interview.”

“I can’t Lou! I’m too humiliated!”

“Lor, after what he just witnessed, he’ll never question our relationship.”


No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth and I didn't forget about the story. I had bits and parts written for months. My life has just been that crazy. Thank you all for staying with my story! I really will try to get you the next chapter in a more reasonable amount of time! :)

So, now what do I do with Zayn being gone? Do I write it as outlined or make changes to have him leave the band? Any other authors trying to figure out this same problem?

I hope the wait was worth it for this chapter!

Please comment so I know you're still reading!! Thanks!!!


Omg this story is AMAZING!!!! Please tell me you're still writing. I may die if there are no more chapters. You're awesome keep it up!!

Sorry it took long to load now it's like this

Hey please update while its the summer holidays even though zayn and perrie broke up and zayn let keep it how it is I really like this book

Hey please update while its the summer holidays even though zayn and perrie broke up and zayn let keep it how it is I really like this book

Hey please update while its the summer holidays even though zayn and perrie broke up and zayn let keep it how it is I really like this book