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Snake Eyes (Louis Tomlinson Fan Fic)

The Ties that Bind

Louis POV

“What the fuck Lor? This was all a trick? You’re a cruel bitch!” I yell and attempt to push her off me, but she’s strong enough to present a challenge for me. Plus, she’s got a grip of my manhood.

“Talk about tricks! ‘Oh Lor, I’ve only had two relationships. Oh Lor, I love you.’ Bullshit Lou! You’re a man whore and you lied to me!”

“Who the hell told you that?!”

“Perrie! She told me everything!”

“What? Whatever she thinks she knows about me, she’s wrong! She thinks we’ve been together for a while and I’ve been hiding from you! She had no right to tell you whatever she did! I swear I was going to tell you everything tonight! I didn’t want to scare you. Since you were gone, I talk to Harry a lot about my past history and I wanted to come clean. Face it Lor, in two weeks we’ve come a long way, but I was not about to lead off with my past and lose you before you got to know me.” I’m furious, panicked, and desperate all at once.

“Liar!” She made to kick me but I locked her leg down with my own. “How convenient you just happened to pick tonight to come clean! Where was your confession until now?!”

“Oh that’s rich! You couldn’t ask me straight out?”

“You would have lied Lou!”

“How can you say that? You didn’t give me a chance to prove you wrong? Instead, you made me worry for days. I knew something was wrong that night on the phone and I hoped you’d talk to me about it. Why do you think I came tonight fully clothed with wine? I was hoping we could talk about what was bothering you and I wanted to open up to you about the one night stands. I see how you chose to handle it though. Teasing me out of my mind. Making me think you really wanted me. I was happy, delirious and now I’m disgusted you would pull anything so low.”

“Oh no Lou! You don’t get to make me the bad girl here! You are a lying man whore! There are moments I think you really do love me and then I remember you use up women! I’m just a challenge and as soon as I give you what you want, you’ll be off bedding others!”

“What the hell? I do love you! We’re going to be married! I’m not going to cheat on you. Is that why you’re so mad?” Really. Is that what she’s worried about - that I’ll stray?

“What? No! And married people cheat. As if I’d expect you to be faithful to me knowing how you are. I’ll perform my wifely duties, but you are not laying another hand on me until I know you are clean.”

“You really don’t believe that I was going to tell you everything? Why would I lie about it?”

“Because you are caught Lou!”

“No and I’ll prove you are wrong about me.” In a burst of strength fueled by anger, I flip us over so I am on top of Loren. I take the satin strips at her wrists and tie one, and then the other, to the headboard irons.

“What are you doing? Let me go!” Loren yells as she struggles.

“No! I will force you to listen to the truth.” I sit on her to stop her legs from kicking out and reach over to the bedside table for my phone.

“What are you doing?” She asks incensed.

“Getting to the truth of the mater,” I say ignoring her as I select the appropriate contact and click on the number to dial. “Harry. Yeah mate. Can you do me a favor? Great. Come up to Lor’s room. I need you to help me set her straight. Yes, the back way. Thanks. See you in a minute.” I look at Loren and her eyes are ready to pop out of her skull.

“Cover me up! Harry can’t see me like this!”

“As if I’d let anyone see my fiancée like this,” I scoff. My anger continues to rise. “Jesus, I need a drink.”

“So do I!” Loren shouts.

I open the bottle of wine on the table and pour a generous glass for myself. Taking a big gulp, I don’t even take the time to savor the amazing vintage. The squirming female underneath me is doing nothing to sooth my temper.

“Will you keep still?!” I snap.

“No! Release me!”

“No! Not an option!” I yell in her face.

“I’ll yell for my father!”

“You do that love and I’ll be happy to tell him what we’ve been up to every night in your bed,” I call her bluff.

“You wouldn’t?!”

“I would.” I say as coldly as possible.

“You are no gentleman!”

“I never claimed to be one!”

“Please Lou,” she begs and makes with the tears in her eyes.

“Don’t start that shit. I’m not falling for your acting skills again,” I snap at her. “Open your mouth,” I order. Taking another sip of wine, I lower my mouth to hers and deposit a small amount of wine into her mouth claiming the rest of it as I swallow. Oh yes, I had an effect on her. Good. She can be miserable along with me. At least she stopped thrashing about. Loren looks up at me with a blank look on her face.

“Do you want more?” I ask.

“Yes,” she responds hesitantly. I repeat the process and, even though I am furious with her, I allow my lips to linger on hers – until we are interrupted by screaming.

“Oh my God! I can’t un-see this! Louis cover your arse!” I can’t resist smiling because I can imagine the scandalized look on Harry’s face.

“Harold you’ve seen my bum a hundred times. Relax.”

“Yes, but not naked on top of Loren! Oh my God are you having sex? What is wrong with you? Cover yourselves!”

“Turn around and give me a moment,” I try to calm him down and Loren who is screeching with embarrassment.

“Yes. Turning around would be good,” Harry says to himself.

“Then do it already!” Loren yells and Harry jumps and spins in the air.

I get off the bed and pull on my boxers. Then, I cover Loren with the duvet.

“Okay Harry. Your virgin eyes are safe,” I say rolling my eyes at the ridiculousness this entire night has taken.

“Uh mate. I hate to point out the obvious, but Loren is tied to the bed,” he says embarrassed.

“Brilliant observation Harold. Will you please untie me since Louis refuses?” Oh, I’m Louis again. Well, suits me fine after what she did to me.

“Touch her Harry and I will kick your arse,” I say sternly.

“I don’t know what kinky stuff you two are into, but I don’t want to be part of it,” Harry says as he starts to back towards the door with his hands up.

“Stop right there Harry. Loren needs to listen to reason.”

“This,” Harry motions to Loren, “does not look reasonable mate.”

“See. Harry sees how deranged you are Louis!” Loren yells.

“Oh. Shall we tell him what you did love? I’m sure he’ll find that quite reasonable,” I smirk and the look on her face says she’s immediately backing down. “I thought not. Harry, it appears I need your assistance.”

“I’m afraid to ask with what,” Harry says with weary eyes.

“Can you please tell Loren about our conversations while she was away? She refuses to believe me.”

“Well, for anyone who knew you before Loren, it is kind of unbelievable Lou.”

“You’re not helping Harry,” I snap, “the truth. Now. Please.”

Harry looks at Loren and walks closer to her. She eyes him suspiciously and he turns to look at me.

“Louis, can we please release her?”

“No. She’ll bail on me and I won’t allow it.”

“I’m going to be chained to you for life. Where am I going to go Louis?” Loren asks.

“No.” Okay, even I realize I sound like a petulant child.

“Well, can I at least sit next to her? This is awkward. Really.”

“Very well Harry. Sit if you must, but tell her the truth. All of it.”

“Everything?” Harry gulps.

“Everything. Including my past. Open book. Hold nothing back.”

“I wouldn’t even know where to start. What do you want to know Loren?” He asks while eyeing me as if I’ve lost my mind. I’m beginning to question it myself, but Loren pushed me to this.

“Harry, I’ll tell you what I do know. Louis is a man whore who had one night stands with hundreds of girls and he lied to me and told me he only had two relationships.”

“Oh. Um. Well Lor, he really didn’t lie about the two relationships. He didn’t lie to you about that.” Loren looks ready to attack Harry and she opens her mouth, probably to give him an earful, he puts a finger over her mouth. “Until you, Louis really only had two real relationships. Yes, he slept with a lot of girls on tour. He never cheated on either girlfriend if that’s your concern; Lou is a loyal guy.”

“Yes. But-“ Loren makes to speak but Harry again places a finger over her mouth.

“Lor, let me finish before you say anything. The best thing Lou ever did was buy his estate. It gave him purpose and made him think of the future. He realized he wasn’t going to find a lasting relationship or build a family the way he was acting – and he stopped sleeping around and I know he’s been celibate the past six months.” I look at Loren, who finally darts her eyes towards me, and I see the slightest bit of softening in them.

“Harry, please tell Lor about my original plans for this evening,” I request.

“Doesn’t look like you stuck with the plans Lou,” he smirks.

“Apparently. Continue please.”

“Yes. Please get to it Harry so he’ll release me and I can go to sleep,” Loren sasses and I’m in no mood to put up with her.

“Lor, who says I have any intention of untying you tonight? Let alone allowing you to sleep?” I ask in all seriousness.

“You wouldn’t?!” She gasps.

“I would. Now be quiet and let Harry vindicate me,” I admonish her and Loren groans, “Harry, carry on mate.”

“Okay. So tonight. Louis and I talked the past few days about his past with girls. Honestly, he’s been wrecked since you left. All I heard was how much he missed you and how he needed to tell you all about himself. He was terrified you’d be disgusted with him when he told you about his sexual past-“

“Well, he was right-“

“Quiet. Listen. Interrupt him again and I’ll spank you – and you know I’ll do it,” I scold Loren and she gasps again.

“Really Lou. This is a bit ridiculous. Can’t the three of us have a more civilized conversation?” Harry questions me.

“No. Loren created this situation and she can just lay there and listen to the truth,” I hold my ground.

“Oookay. Anyhow Lor, Lou worried for two days – day and night – how he could talk with you about this without fear of you hating him. We decided the best way was to just be completely honest with you and tell you everything tonight when you two were alone.”

“Are you done?” Loren asks Harry.

“Yes, unless you want to hear, in detail, how Lou whined and worried about your reaction the past few days. He barely slept – and neither did I – because we stayed up half the night talking about you.”

“Are you serious?” Loren asks, shock evident in her voice.

“Absolutely. I wouldn’t lie to you to save his sorry arse,” Harry tells her. I notice Loren cracks a smile. I want my anger subside towards her, but I’m still pretty pissed about what she did to me.

“Do you believe me now?” I ask Loren.

“Can we discuss this privately?” She asks.

“Don’t have to ask me twice to leave. Nite. Uh, hope you two work out whatever is going on here,” Harry motions between Loren and I as he backs out of the room. Just like that, he’s gone.

I walk over to the bed and stare down at Loren. Now that I have her where I want her, I whip the duvet off her and she struggles against her restraints.

“Lou, please,” she begs. I’m Lou again. Well, to her I am. Right now, I’m still damn mad and want to keep some distance.

“Please what? Forgive you?” I tease in a voice laced with a tinge of venom.

“No. Please let’s talk and figure this out.”

“You don’t think what you did was wrong Loren?” I notice her flinch at my words.

“At the time, no,” she confesses.

“And now?” I raise an eyebrow challenging her.

“Now that I know the truth,” a long silence and then she sighs, “yes.” Aha! Victory!

“And what do you have to say for yourself?” I’m gloating inside as my anger begins to subside.

“I’m sorry Lou. I should have just asked you about it instead of all this,” she wriggles around demonstrating her foiled plot.

“Don’t be too sorry. You look incredibly sexy. Pity to waste all this,” I motion my hand up and down her body.

I sit on the bed next to Loren and look at her. Unable to help myself, I run a finger down the center of her abdomen and smirk when my touch elicits a moan from her as she arches her back into my touch.

“So, we’re good?” I ask.

“Not quite. I still want a clean bill of health.” Oh that. Easy.

I reach for my phone and she looks panicked.

“You’re not going to take a picture of me like this?!” She squeaks.

“I wasn’t planning on it, but now it sounds like a great idea.” I switch to the phone app and snap a pic of her while she gapes at me in horror.


“You don’t get to play the prude after all you’ve done tonight,” I sass her. She closes her eyes in defeat and lowers her head back to the pillow. I open my email app and scroll to an email from three weeks ago from management. Opening the file, I turn the phone for Loren to read it. “Here, read this. It should put your mind at ease.”

I watch as Loren’s eyes scan the screen. A mix of emotions, mostly relief, cross her face.

“You have to take monthly drug and STD tests?” She asks shocked.

“Part of my contract love.”


“Yes. Oh.”

Crickets chirping. Dead silence. I decide to break it.

“So Lor, refresh my memory. What did you say about my coming clean and producing a clean bill of health? Oh yes. I get to stick my cock inside you. Weren’t those your terms?”


“Shhhhh baby.” I lean down and cover her lips with mine and she immediately kisses me back. My anger dissolves and is replaced by desire. After I have her good and weak, I speak again.

“You will never tease me like that again. Will you baby?” I stare into her eyes willing a

“No Lou.”

“I really wanted to take a step back tonight and talk, but that can wait until the morning. You’ve pushed me beyond reason tonight. So, now I am going to punish you. I’m going to pleasure you until you can’t take anymore – and then I’m going to push you beyond that. And when I’m done, you’ll give me whatever I want. Do you understand?”

“Y-y-y-y-y-yes,” she responds with a shaky breath.

“Good girl,” I place my hand on her cheek; she leans into my hand and I know I have my girl back. “Do you know how crazy you make me Lor? You have me caught in between acting like a lovesick girl over you and wanting to bend you over and fuck the living hell out of you.” Her eyes pop open at my words.

“Sounds like a serious problem,” she whispers with her eyes wide and alarmed, as she should be.

“Yes and I plan to relieve myself of some of my predicament right now.”

I take her mouth violently and Loren responds wildly to my kiss. I cup her breasts in my hands and twist her nipples. My mouth absorbs her cries and my body reacts by waking up my groin, which was previously hiding in shame over being duped. I kiss along her jaw to her ear and bite her lobe.

“You’re going to stay tied up and take everything I give you baby.” I whisper in her ear and I see her shiver. Kissing my way down her neck, I torture her nipping, sucking, and kissing her sweet spot. Loren thrashes about trying to get closer to me, but I keep that last precious inch of distance clear between us to torture her for her earlier actions.

I make my way down her body and, when I reach her breasts, I hold nothing back. If I could devour her, I would. Loren cries out as I suck and bite her tender flesh. Finally, I press my full weight onto her and give her the friction her body seeks so desperately.

I press her breasts together with my hands allowing me to alternate attention between them easily. As I suck, bite, and twist, Loren continues to grind against me and cry out until I feel her body spiral out of control. The orgasm hits her by surprise and hits her hard and I continue my assault on her breasts to prolong her ecstasy. After several minutes, she’s rung out, but I’m only getting started with her. She’s in a bliss state and starts to close her eyes.

“Oh no baby. Open your eyes. We’re just getting started. We have days to make up for and you were a bad girl tonight.”

“Will you untie me if I promise to be good?” She asks dreamily.

“No. Now is the time for you to be bad love,” I say and lean down to kiss her, “I want to be very naughty with you right now.” Loren blushes bright red as I run my finger down the side of her face. “Tell me Lor, did you mean any of what you said before when you were leading me on? Or was it all an act?” She gulps and takes in a deep breath before she answers me.

“I meant every word Lou,” she says in a rush of breath.

“Good. I might just forgive you now.” In truth, I already have. How could I not forgive her? I love her and I realize if I’d have been upfront, she wouldn’t have done that. Actually, I admire her spunk. “I do love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Now you can prove it by trusting me,” I kiss her again and run my hands all the way down to her thighs. “Let’s fully use this lingerie,” I wink at her and scoot down the bed. I pick up her foot and run my fingers along the satin strips hanging from her ankle. “We can have some fun with this.”


“You wouldn’t have put it on if you didn’t want me to play with you baby. So helpful that you’re a dancer too.”

I kiss the instep of her foot and begin kissing up the back of her calf. My rewards are the little sighs and moans coming from Loren. When I reach the back of her knee, I suck on the delicate skin a shiver runs through her body along with another moan. Stretching her leg straight up, I kiss all the way up to the bottom of her bum. When her foot is next to her head, I tie the satin ribbon to the head iron rail.

“Is that too uncomfortable baby?”

“Mmmm no. It’s a good stretch.”

“It’s a lovely view too.” I kiss her and then head back down the bed to repeat the process with her other leg. Within minutes, I have both ankles tied next to her wrists and she is defenseless against my plans for her.

“I feel scandalized Lou.”

“You should. That’s my goal.”

I lower myself between her legs and waste no time latching onto her clit. How I missed the warmth of Loren’s body and her responses to my touch and mouth. I tease her with my tongue and become more excited as she attempts to wriggle but has no purchase because she is bound. She’s proper turned on judging from the sounds coming from her mouth, her desperate attempts to move, and how wet she is. Just when she is about to cum, I exact my revenge and pull away.

“Lou! No!”

“What love? You want to cum?” I tease.

“Yes. Please.”

“Now you know how I felt earlier,” she begins to protest,” shhh I’ll take care of you baby.” I plunge my tongue inside her as I massage her clit with my fingers and I can feel her building and tightening inside – and I pull away again.

“You are killing me Lou! I’m going to explode.”

“If I let you cum, will you do anything I want?”

“Yes. Anything!”

“Including finishing what you started earlier?”

“Anything you want Lou. Anything.” I can’t help but smirk knowing I am victorious.

I lower myself again. This time, I insert a finger inside Loren and become increasingly aroused as I watch her try to arch off the bed. Slowly, I pump the finger in and out, all the while watching her struggle and thrash her head on the pillow while she moans. Wanting to give her more, I insert a second finger and, a few pumps later, and third finger pushing Loren to the brink of insanity. With the small purchase she has to move, she tries to bear down on my fingers to deepen the penetration. Her eagerness excites me and I thrust harder into her.

“God Lou! I can’t take anymore!” Loren cries out her climax begins to roll over her.

“Yes. Take it all baby.” Just as the waves of contractions begin to ease on my fingers, I up the ante. I continue to pump into her and lower my mouth to suck on her clit again. Loren squeals and thrashes as much as she can, but she’s helpless as all she can do is bounce her lower back off the bed. I don’t stop my assault. Her climaxes start to roll into each other until I can’t even tell where one begins and the other ends. Loren goes completely limp after, what I could count, were four intense orgasms.

I make my way back up her body and she looks unconscious. Gently, I untie her foot and massage her ankle. A smile graces her face and she opens her eyes a little.

“Feel good baby?” I ask.

“Feel like jello.” Loren looks like a woman who has been thoroughly loved up. The smile is not coming off her face and she’s flushed with color. She looks breathtakingly beautiful.

I release her other ankle, massage it, and then she stretches out like a cat. If it’s possible, Loren looks even sexier. She looks at me and wiggles her wrists, silently asking to be untied and I comply. Lying down next to her, I pull her into me. Loren pops her head up to look at me.

“Are you quite done with me Lou?”

“I’m afraid I’ll kill you if I do anything else to you,” I laugh at her.

“Hmmm. Good. Now let me give you what you want.”

“Lor, I was just teasing you. You’re exhausted and I pushed you quite a bit.” She surprises me by rolling on top of me.

“I. Want. To. Please. You. Do you understand Lou? I want this as much for me as for you.” Just when I think Loren can’t surprise me anymore, she does.

“Are you sure?”

“Positive. However, you want it. Let me give it to you.” I stare into her eyes and I see determination and desire. She kisses me and there is so much emotion in her kiss that it touches me all the way into my soul. When we pull away, I take a deep breath before I speak. If she wants this, we’re going all out. She opened this door and I’m going to walk her through it.

“Okay. Get on your knees on the floor.” A little to eagerly she hops off the bed and gets into position managing to surprise me yet again. I get up and stand in front of her. “Take my boxers off me.” She lifts her hands to my waist and I place my hands on top of hers to stop her. “With your teeth.” Her eyes glimmer with that same mischief she had earlier and begins a slow, teasing process of removing my boxers. Her innocence and eagerness increase the eroticism. My boxers finally hit the ground and I step out of them and kick them aside. I walk behind Loren, lean down, and kiss the top of her head before I issue my next command.

“Hands behind your back.” Loren complies and I run my hands down her arms before I gently tie her hands behind her. I move back around her front and she looks so calm. Cupping my hand behind her head, I pull her forward into a kiss and then release her. Staring into her eyes I speak softly, “Are you sure?” Her response is a beautiful smile and a nod. “Okay. Tell me if you want to stop.”

I stand in front of her and hold my aching cock in my hand. Loren looks up at me and scoots closer. When she licks her lips in a show of anticipation, I almost cum on the spot.

“Lick it baby.” Before I finish the words, Loren’s tongue is flitting across the tip of my cock and I swear I’ve died and gone to heaven. Without prompting, she takes the crown into her mouth and starts sucking working her head back and forth. The moans and sucking sounds coming from her mouth send me to the precipice of orgasm.

“I’m going to fuck your mouth. Hard.” Loren moans in response and sucks harder. I place one hand on the back of her head and the other on her shoulder and start thrusting hard into her mouth. Loren takes me all the way to the back of her throat and my knees buckle from the ecstasy. The room is dead silent except for Loren slurping and moaning and my cursing and groaning. I’m climbing a steep incline chasing my orgasm.

“Lor. Oh God I’m going to cum. Let me pull out.” Her protest shocks me as she clamps down on my cock and sucks harder. “Sweet Jesus.” I pump harder and feel myself begin to release into Loren’s mouth. The orgasm is so intense it racks my body. I can’t stop the spasm of muscles and I can’t get my body under control at all. A never ending orgasm continues and Loren eagerly continues to suck me until I am bone dry.

When I finish, I still am semi erect and Loren looks thoroughly pleased with herself. I’m positively wrecked as it was an earth shattering climax. I get on my knees in front of Loren and hope she can see the look on my face is filled with love and admiration. I place my hands on her face and pull her forward into a kiss. Reaching around, I untie her hands and pull her into my lap.

“You’re full of surprises Lor.” I say shaking my head.

“Thank Perrie. She’s a great tutor.”

“I don’t even want to know. I’m not sure if I want to wring her neck for corrupting you or buy her anything her heart desires in thanks. Come on now. Up with you.” We stand up and I help her into bed. I pull her to me so we are face-to-face and gaze at her.

“Are you okay Lor?”

“Perfect Lou.”

“Yes, you are love,” I smile and kiss her, “You sure I didn’t push you too far?”

“Mmmmm. No. Perfect.”

“That’s all you can keep saying? Perfect?” I chuckle as I gaze at her beautiful face bearing a dreamy look.

“Yes. I’m tired. Hands off you fiend,” she says with a giggle as I rub my hands down her back.

“Okay love. Let’s get some sleep. We’ll talk in the morning and then we have a lot of wedding details to deal with tomorrow.”

“I heard you were a busy boy,” she smiles.

“Yes, I was and I hated doing all that without you. Don’t leave me again. It was horrible without you.”

“I missed you too. Never again. Promise.”

“And Lor, make sure to pack this set for the honeymoon. I have big plans for you.”

“Lou!” She giggles and swats at my chest and I pull her closer.

“Go to sleep baby. You’ve had enough for one night. Love you.” I kiss her again and close my eyes to enjoy what hopefully will be the best night’s sleep since she left.

“I’ll never get enough of you,” are the last words I hear Loren say as I drift off to sleep.


Okay, the end was raunchy *runs and hides behind the sofa*

I am moving starting the end of next week so it is going to be a few weeks before you get the next chapter. Please bear with me while I transition.


Omg this story is AMAZING!!!! Please tell me you're still writing. I may die if there are no more chapters. You're awesome keep it up!!

Sorry it took long to load now it's like this

Hey please update while its the summer holidays even though zayn and perrie broke up and zayn let keep it how it is I really like this book

Hey please update while its the summer holidays even though zayn and perrie broke up and zayn let keep it how it is I really like this book

Hey please update while its the summer holidays even though zayn and perrie broke up and zayn let keep it how it is I really like this book