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Snake Eyes (Louis Tomlinson Fan Fic)

The Big Reveal (Part I)

Louis POV

Recap from End of Chapter 24 (Louis POV)

There she stands, her back to me, but what a beautiful sight. Her hair hangs down the middle of her back in soft curls and I can see the new golden highlights in her chocolate tresses. She’s wearing a form-fitting royal blue dress that comes only to the middle of her thighs. I can’t help but stare taking in every inch of her. I admire the tight bodice that shows off her tiny waist and how the straight cut of the skirt shows off her curvy hips and the shape of her glorious ass. Her gorgeous legs are enhanced by the high heels she’s wearing. As beautiful as the sight before me is, all I want to see is her lovely face.
“Loren,” it comes out as little more than a whisper.
It’s like the earth moves in slow motion. Slowly, she turns to face me and all I can do is…gasp.
-----------------------End of Recap

As I gaze at Loren for the first time in several days, I am astounded with the vision before me. I’m sure my shock registers on my face for her. My eyes feel like they could pop out of my head, my mouth goes dry at the sight of her and I’m sure my jaw hit the floor. No words will come out of my mouth. I take two steps towards Loren, prepared to pull her into my embrace. Then, the awkwardness of this sweet reunion hits me. I’m glued to my spot, just staring at her, drinking in every inch of her. The view from the front is simply breathtaking because before me stands the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen.

Admiring Loren from the back is nothing compared to seeing her gorgeous face. While I figured the makeover would enhance her looks, I had no idea how complete her transformation would end up. Gone are her thick brows and in their wake are highly sculpted, arched brows which really allows me to appreciate Loren’s big and beautiful brown eyes. Those eyes that are sparkling and penetrating deep into my soul right now. Lined with coal and a smoky eye, Loren looks so exotic that she could easily pass as one of the great beauties in ancient history who brought men, and their empires, to their knees. If I could move, I’d drop to mine right now, but alas all I do is stand and stare.

My eyes drop down to her luscious lips that have the most beautiful shade of red gracing them. I find myself instantly aroused thinking about that red lipstick smearing all over as she puts her lips on me. My breath hitches.

Traveling down her body, I admire her more than ample cleavage and, between her lips and breasts, I am about to explode with need - but then I have a sober thought. Is my girl still there under all the makeup and designer threads? My fear and excitement combine and leave me paralyzed, unable to go to her.

“Louis, Please say something,” I hear the panic in Loren’s voice as she barely chokes out the words and I realize I’ve failed to articulate how beautiful she looks. Hell, I’ve failed to articulate anything at all.

I try to speak, but nothing comes out. Instead, I hold out my arm and motion with my finger for her to give me a 360 view. Loren sighs, but complies and slowly gives me a full turn. Beautiful. It’s the only word that keeps running through my mind. And, she’s mine. All mine. Forever. I must be the luckiest son-of-a-bitch on earth because I’ve done nothing to earn this woman. But I promise I’ll spend my life being worthy of her.

“Fine! Don’t say anything! You hate it! I went through all of this for nothing! You sir are an ass!” Loren shouts, snapping me out of my funk and I hear the choking sound in her voice. She starts to pass me to leave and my arm shoots out, grabbing her and pulling her to me. Finally, I am holding her in my arms and I didn’t realize how empty I really felt the past few days until this moment.

“I-,” no other sound comes out of my mouth. I clear my throat and watch Loren glare at me and it makes me smile. It’s a truth face-splitting smile because, in that moment, I realize she still is the same girl I fought with passionately a little over a week ago. “As cheesy as this sounds love, you’ve left me speechless. I don’t know if there are any words adequate to tell you how incredibly beautiful you look.”

“Y-y-you like it?” She says filled with shock and, I believe, hope in her voice.

“Hmmmm. Understatement. More like shock and awe Loren. You’ve stunned me into silence and I don’t think anyone has ever accomplished that feat.”

“Oh thank God,” Loren gets the words out in a huge rush of breath and I feel the tension leave her body.

“Were you as nervous as I was love?” I ask smiling down at her.

“Probably more,” she chuckles, “Wait! You were nervous?” Loren asks in disbelief.

“Terrified. Now that I see you, I’m even more frightened. You’re much too beautiful. Now I have to worry about other men trying to steal you from me.” I squeeze her tightly demonstrating how much I need to – and intend to - hold onto her.

“That will never happen,” she rolls her eyes as if I’m insane and my heart melts. Yes, that’s my girl again. She really doesn’t know how beautiful she looks even now.

“Better not. Now please let me kiss you. I’m going to explode here with need,” I pout.
Loren raises her hands to the side of my face, something she’s never done before, and cradles it gently. She pulls my face down to hers and when her lips touch mine, I feel my knees go week from the sensation. I want to ravish her as lascivious thoughts run through my mind, but she pulls away too quickly. I pout and she gives me an odd look.

“What’s wrong Lou? Was the kiss that awful?” I blush knowing that I’ve now been caught with my erotic thoughts running wild. Chuckling, I shake my head in the negative.

“No. I just had dirty images of how sexy you would look with that red lipstick smeared and all over me.” I’m rewarded with Loren blushing profusely.

“Um, no smear formula,” she giggles.

“Hmm. Maybe we need further testing.” I grab her and proceed to kiss her senseless. Again, my amorous attempts are thwarted when obnoxious knocking and shouting can be heard on the other side of the cabin door. I groan as Loren pulls away again.

“Louis William Tomlinson! You better open up and be in presentable condition or I’ll kick your large arse!”

“Keep your knickers on Perrie,” I shout. Looking at Loren, I give her a peck. She shrugs her shoulders in defeat and I walk to the cabin door to give the intruder entrance.

“I told you I was coming back in if you took too long,” Perrie says with a smirk as she checks out our condition – which is presentable. Loren is laughing while I have a scowl on my face.

“You could have given us a reasonable amount of time to be alone,” I sass.

“Yes, well knowing you, five more minutes and you would have had Loren’s knickers off,” oh she’s so pleased with herself.

“Perrie!” Loren gasps and the embarrassment is clear on her face. I walk over to Loren and fold her into my embrace.

“Perrie, must you be so crude? Have you no regard for the esteem I hold Loren?”

“Dear God. You sound like you fell out of a medieval novel Louis,” Perrie laughs as does Loren. I feign exasperation.

“Come you lot. Romance is definitely lost on you two.” I guide Loren out of the cabin while the girls continue to laugh at me. When we get to the front of the plane, I stop before walking Loren down the steps.

“What’s wrong Lou?” Loren has a puzzled look on her face.

“Nothing. Just wanted to take one last look at you before I have to share the new you with the rest of the world. Are you ready to face Harry and Zayn?”

“Yes. I can’t wait to see what they think.”

“Let’s do this thing!” Perrie cheers and bounds out of the plane.

I step out in front of Loren and take one hand to guide her down the stairs. Ahead of me, I see Perrie talking animatedly with Zayn and Harry, all three laughing. Suddenly, Harry catches my eye and his eyes nearly pop out of his head when he sees Loren. Without thought, my blood boils at his reaction. My best friend, who I know wishes me nothing but happiness with Loren, but the look on his face sends a wave of jealousy through me. This is what I feared: how every man will look at Loren from this day forward. Harry runs to meet us at the end of the stairs.

“Loren! I can’t believe it’s you! You are simply stunning!” Harry shouts excitedly with arms wide open.

“Harry, I’ve missed you!” Loren jumps into his waiting arms and I want to pull her back to me. She didn’t run to me like that. I stand there watching him swing her around. Why didn’t I greet her that way? Why did I have to be stunned stupid and mute when I saw her?

“Oh my God Loren! I don’t believe it! Come here gorgeous!” Zayn pulls her from Harry’s embrace and into his own. Even though Perrie is standing two feet away, I’m still irritated these two buffoons have their hands all over my girl. In fact, I can’t stand it any longer.

“Okay, can we all stop pawing my lovely fiancé? Please?” I pry Zayn’s fingers off Loren and pull her into me.

“Yeah, got it real bad,” Zayn laughs and elbows Harry in the ribs. They both get a chuckle at my expense, but I don’t care because I’m holding Loren in my arms again and I give her a light kiss not caring that they are all watching us.

“Shall we go?” Harry asks.

“We can’t yet. They need to unload the cargo hold and I want to make sure nothing gets damaged in the process,” Loren says.

“Exactly how much did you buy love?” I ask.

“Too much and I must admit it was fun,” her eyes sparkle with joy.

We stand on the tarmac as the cargo begins to be transferred to the waiting truck. Loren answers Harry and Zayn’s questions about her transformation process. I’m content to have an arm wrapped around her and watch her tell the story complete with animation and impersonations of the various people she encountered. Perrie would join in and they’d tell one raucous story after another. One particularly large crate catches my eye that is at least 10 feet large.

“Loren, what is in that crate?” I inquire. She begins to fidget and holds her breath before she responds.

“That’s my wedding gown,” she says so softly in a voice filled with emotion. I feel a huge smile grace my face. When she sees my reaction, her response mirrors mine.

“I cannot wait until the day I see you in whatever is in that crate,” I kiss her and then place my mouth to her ear and whisper, “actually, I can’t wait for the day you wear it because when I take it off of you, it will be to make love to you for the first time.” I feel a shudder rack her body and I smile at her reaction to my crude words.

“Well, that was the first item loaded so we should be safe to leave. Shall we?” Loren gestures toward the limo.

“Yes, let’s get you home where we can unveil you to everyone,” Perrie says excitedly.

We begin walking and then Loren stops. “I left my toiletry bag on the plane.” She turns to go back to get it, but I stop her.

“Let me go get it love. You go ahead to the limo. I’ll be right back.” I take off in a jog back to the plane.

A few minutes later, I emerge from the plane and I’m confused when I see them all standing outside the limo with an additional person who wasn’t there when I left. Immediately, I get a sense something is wrong. Harry has his arm wrapped protectively around Loren and my hackles rise. As I get closer, I recognize the woman standing with them and cringe. I jog and, when I reach the group, pull Loren from Harry’s arms and into mine kissing the top of her head.

“Oh you and Boobear sharing your hoes now?” The witch dares to speak about my fiancé like that. My blood boils in my veins.

“Not that this is your business, but Loren is MY fiancé,” I spew with as much venom as I can and I am rewarded with a look of horror at the realization of how offensive her words were and how far over the line she crossed.

“Not that you would understand the concept of marriage Taylor since you can’t keep a man for more than a few weeks without making them crazy, including me. And I have the patience of a saint!” Harry spits out.

“That’s low, even for you Styles,” America’s angel of pop says while glaring.

“I think it’s best you apologize to Loren before I forget I’m a gentleman,” I demand.

“Oh, um. Of course. Please excuse me. Loren, is it? I didn’t realize. I hadn’t heard. I’m sorry I offended you.” Taylor stumbles all over her apology nervously.

“Yes. Of course. I’m sure I don’t understand what’s passed between you. No offense taken.”

Loren graciously accepts Taylor’s apology and extends her hand to her, which is gladly accepted. “In consideration for not taking offense at your insulting words, I request you speak to no one of the information you just learned. Louis and I are planning to announce our engagement shortly and I would prefer the surprise not be ruined. This much you owe me in apology.” I am impressed with Loren’s command of the situation. Taylor nods in acceptance.

“Yes. I promise I will not speak of it. I wish you the both the best of luck.” She looks contrite and then nods to Harry. “Goodbye. Again, I’m sorry.” Taylor turns and walks away towards a plane in the next hanger.

“Well, what the hell were the odds of that?” Harry says scratching his head.

“Styles you need to settle down so we don’t keep having run-ins with your exes,” Zayn laughs and slaps him on the back. Harry shakes his head laughing and then looks at me and Loren.

“You two better get on making this announcement before she writes a damn song about it,” Harry warns.

“Oh God that’s all we need! I do not wish to be the target of her next song,” I cringe, “What was she doing in Monaco anyhow?” I direct my question to Harry as if he should keep track of his ex-girlfriend, which I know is unreasonable, but I’m feeling protective of Loren.

“She is performing at a private party tonight,” Harry says shaking his head as if trying to clear it from seeing her again.

“I feel sorry for her,” Loren surprises us all.

“Why in heavens name? She’s a predator!” Harry gasps.

“No, she’s very sad and empty. I think she’s lonely.”

“Why do you think that?” I ask her.

“You forget Lou. I lived a life of seclusion myself,” Loren gives me a sad smile.

“Never again my love. The only seclusion you will experience is being locked away with me and it will be enjoyable I promise,” I wink at her and watch her blush.

“Come on lovebirds. Let’s go.” Perrie chides and we all walk toward the limo.

Once at the vehicle, Perrie, Zayn, and Harry sit on one bench and Loren and I sit opposite them. I position Loren so that her legs are slung over my lap and my arms around her. Our friends are involved in their own conversation and I am grateful for that so I can expend all my energy and attention on Loren. As we make our way back to the estate, I keep staring into her eyes, telling her I love her and how much I missed her, and praising her beauty and bravery. As much as I try to restrain myself, I can’t keep my hands to myself any longer.
My hand travels up her leg that’s closest to my torso so the others can’t see my actions. I reach the hem of her dress and Loren’s eyes grow big and she freezes.

“Lou, what are you doing?” She whispers scandalized.

“Treasure hunting,” I smirk and she grabs my hand to stop my exploration.

“Stop it. They’ll see.” Loren’s eyes dart to the other end of the limo.

“A challenge. I like it.” I kiss her and the moment she relaxes into the kiss, I resume my attentions. Sliding my hand under her dress, I am surprised to find the lacy top of a stocking and a garter attached to it. My arousal stirs and Loren’s eyes widen when she feels it grow under her bum.

“Louis!” Loren whisper yells.

“I can’t help it. You should not be so tempting,” she gives me an exasperated look and makes to turn her face away from my heated gaze. I grab her chin and force her to look at me.

“When I come to you tonight, I want to take these off of you.” Loren’s face flushes and then the look is replaced with one of desire.

“What am I going to do with you?” She asks.

“Don’t worry. I can think of several things.” She playfully smacks me and then immediately becomes distracted when we pull into the estate entrance. Loren takes a deep breath.

“Are you nervous Lor?” I ask.

“A little. I don’t know how my father will react, not to mention your mother and sisters.”

“Lor, they are going to be amazed. I guarantee you they will all tell you to find someone more deserving of you than me.”

“Oh please. You think too well of me Lou,” she scoffed.

“No. I think the world of you.” I lean in and give her a peck and a reassuring hug as the limo comes to a stop. “Are you ready love?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”


So sorry I was away on business and really didn't have any time until now to post this. Thanks for being patient. As promised, I am posting a few of my favorite pics from the Detroit concert. The jumbo tron pics are from the second night. My favorite is the pic of Niall with all the camera lights on in the stadium. As tired as I am, I did promise promise to tell some stories of our Detroit adventures.

When we checked into our hotel, the registration clerk told us not to be surprised if we ran into any of the boys in the hotel because they were staying there. Needless to say, we all lost our minds, but were told to keep it quiet. The bad news is we never actually got to see them because they hid them in service elevators and entrances. It's lousy because if you notice, Detroit was like the only stop where you didn't see the boys out and about much. Luckily, we got to hang with the crew in the lounge every night. Seriously nice guys, many are musicians themselves and VERY knowledgeable about music history. We really enjoyed talking with them. One was even nice enough to take the drum sticks and get them signed by Josh and Ashton and brought them back the next night.

The highlight was the second show. When Liam stopped to notice signs in the audience, like he did the first show, he called Niall over and commented to him that he had made the big time because his name was in lights. Yeah, that was our sign! We kept looking around to see if he was talking about a different sign. No it was my sister's sign and she almost died on the spot along with the people who were seated all around us. So glad she ripped the lights off the signs her friends made for the first show and did a tight outline of Niall's name with all of them lol. I honestly don't think she's ever fully recovered from her "Niall Moment" (as she calls it).

Some 1D Detroit Pics


Omg this story is AMAZING!!!! Please tell me you're still writing. I may die if there are no more chapters. You're awesome keep it up!!

Sorry it took long to load now it's like this

Hey please update while its the summer holidays even though zayn and perrie broke up and zayn let keep it how it is I really like this book

Hey please update while its the summer holidays even though zayn and perrie broke up and zayn let keep it how it is I really like this book

Hey please update while its the summer holidays even though zayn and perrie broke up and zayn let keep it how it is I really like this book