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Snake Eyes (Louis Tomlinson Fan Fic)

Babies and Breakfast

Loren POV

Once Louis left, I finished getting ready for breakfast. As I made my way downstairs, I saw Louis’ mum ahead of me. She walked gingerly down the grand staircase carrying her newborn twins in her arms. I quickly noticed there was no one around to help her so I rushed to catch up with her.

“Morning! Can I help you with the babies?” I ask in a cheery tone.

“Good morning Loren! Ah, I’ll be so happy when Dan arrives tonight to help me out with these two. How are you love?” She leans over to give me a peck on the cheek and her warm and friendly tone allows me to relax.

“Wonderful. Please let me help you. Where is everyone?” I ask looking around.

“Thank you. Here, you take Ernest. He’s sound asleep. The girls deserted me the minute they heard there was a breakfast buffet waiting downstairs,” she chuckles.

I reach over and take the sleeping little cherub from her arm and I snuggle his warm little body in my arms. The biggest smile creeps onto my face when I look upon angelic visage. I rock him in my arms as feelings of warmth and content wash over my body.

“He’s so beautiful,” I coo as I continue to stare at Louis’ infant brother.

“Yes, and before you know it you’ll be holding your own baby. Have you and Louis talked about how soon you are going to give me grand babies? I’m looking forward to being a nan.” I almost choke at her words and silence myself so I don’t disrupt a sleeping Ernest.

I realize as I stare at Ernest and think about having my own children – with Louis. Jay’s question really stunned me into silence. How do I respond to her? She obviously has bought into our story and I feel guilty deceiving her. What would she think of me if she knew the true story – that I only met and got engaged to her son in the past 24 hours and, no, we haven’t even come close to the topic of having children. I aim for as much truth as possible in my response.

“I do hope we have children as soon as his schedule allows.” It’s an honest answer because I don’t know what Louis’ touring and recording schedule will afford us. Plus, I don’t know what his personal ‘schedule’ is as far as having kids. What if he doesn’t want a family? Especially with me. Watching him with his siblings last night, expressly with this little angel in my arms, it’s obvious he loves children. I imagine he would be a wonderful father. Jay’s voice snaps me out of my daydream.

“You have it bad for my Boobear, love. It’s written all over your face.” I feel guilty betraying her.

“Well, he is very special.” Lord knows that’s the truth. He’s a piece of work who will probably be the death of me.

“I’m glad he found someone like you Loren. These past three years since he’s been gone, I worried so much about the type of girl he would get involved with and I wanted someone like you for him. He’s not exactly known for always making the best choices.”

“There’s nothing special about me.” I protest.

“Oh love, you are so wrong. You are a very special, lovely, and intelligent girl. Your father told me all about your accomplishments at Cambridge and how talented you are musically and with dance. More importantly, I saw the way Louis looked at you when he sang to you last night. I’ve never seen him look at anyone like that. You are special to my son and that’s really all I need to know.” She’s mistaken, he’s a great actor. In fact, I should nominate Louis for an Oscar after last night. Oh this is terrible to be living a lie; I don’t know if I can handle this.

“Well, I am lucky girl.” I am very lucky he is going along with this sham. Although, I have to admit that I am extremely lucky to kiss him and be with him like I was last night and this morning. In fact, Louis made me feel like a new person after one night with him. Oh stop now! I’m with his mum! I can’t be thinking about his hands and his mouth all over me. Crap! Stop! Look at the baby. Focus for God’s sake!

“Seems to me you’re both very lucky to have found each other.” Funny, it was his unlucky roll of the dice that landed us together. I respond with a smile and continue walking with her towards the breakfast room.

“Loren, after breakfast, why don’t I get the girls to take the babies and you and I can take a walk and get to know each other.”

“I would love that.”

“Great. I look forward to spending some quality time with my future daughter-in-law and start planning this wedding.” Her entire face lights up at her words.How would she feel if she learned her darling son was marrying a complete stranger who he has no feelings for whatsoever. She’d hate me. “Oh, I hope that’s not presumptuous of me! You don’t know me yet. I’m sure you have your own ideas for the wedding-“ I cut her off.

“No, that would be wonderful to have your input. I’m sure my father explained my mother is dead. Having a staff of people to handle all the details is not the same as having a mother to help plan a wedding. I would love your help.” Knowing that my mum will not be involved in my wedding is sad, but suddenly realizing that having a mother-in-law like Jay in my life is a blessing. I will be the best daughter-in-law I can to her because she’s been so accepting of me that I owe that to her – and that includes trying to make Louis happy if he’ll let me.

We finally arrive at the breakfast room and I hear the sounds of loud and jovial conversations spilling into the hallway. When we enter the room, I see Louis has his young twin sisters both fighting over sitting on his lap while he tries to pull them apart. Harry and Liam are talking with my father. Zayn and Perrie are having a conversation with Lottie and Fizzy. Niall is in a world of his own with three full plates of food in front of him and I laugh when I see him eat with such gusto and swat Harry who tries to steal a croissant from him.

Apparently, my laughing was louder than intended because Louis noticed my appearance in the room. He looks down to the package I’m carrying in my arms and his facial expression softens and a huge grin graces his handsome face.

“See love, that’s the look I’m talking about,” Jay whispers to me and I feel bad because I know the look on his face is out of endearment for his baby brother, not me.

Louis continues to look at me and I cannot tear my gaze away from him. In a fluid movement, he grasps Daisy and Phoebe’s wrists and rises from his chair bringing both girls into a standing position. He releases them and then strides over to us.

“Mornin’ mum,” he says giving Jay a kiss on the cheek and then he bends down to kiss his sleeping sister. Then, he turns his gaze back to me.

“Morning my love,” Louis presses his lips to mine and I respond without even thinking. He’s playing like we are just seeing each other for the first time this morning. After a moment, I hear ooohs and ahhhs.

“Look what a cute little family they make,” Liam chuckles and I notice everyone staring at us like we are an exhibit at the zoo.

“I can’t wait until you two have babies!” Lottie squeals.

“Can you please let us get married first before you plan on extending the family tree Lottie?” Louis sasses her and I giggle. He turns to me and raises an eyebrow giving me a questioning look.

“What?” I ask him. He just looks at me with an expression I cannot read on his face.

“Nothing,” he replies in a sing-song voice and then he attempts to steal Ernest from me.

“Nope. You can’t have him Tomlinson,” I keep a firm grip on the baby.

“But you see love, he is my brother.”

“But you see dear brother, she is going to be his sister and the mother of your children,” Lottie sasses and the look on Louis’ face says a light bulb went off in that frightening brain of his. I’m just not sure what exactly was illuminated for him.

“Well then,” is his only reply. He grabs me by the elbow and escorts me to the seat he previously occupied. Wow, he’s an actual gentlemen and is going to give me his seat.

“Louis! What?!” I exclaim in surprise when he sits down and pulls me onto the chair sitting between his legs. “Now, how is this a reasonable way to eat breakfast when there are a dozen open chairs at this table?”

“Being reasonable is highly overrated love,” he says rolling his eyes.

“You’re an idiot.”

“Your idiot,” he responds and kisses my cheek and I hear laughter erupt.

“I feel cheated you kept Loren from us for so long. We could have been entertained all this time with your bickering and making a fool of yourself Lou,” Liam says with a chuckle.

“Yes. Well, I don’t like to share,” Louis responds.

“That’s evident,” I dead pan and he looks at me with mischief in his eyes. Oh Lord what is he up to now?

He leans into my ear and whispers, “I will never share you,” and then shocks me further by rocking his hips into me from behind where I feel a prominent part of him I became acquainted with earlier in an aroused state. I can’t even imagine what the look on my face is projecting.

“Louis William Tomlinson! You be a gentlemen or I’ll beat your arse!” Jay scolds him and, thankfully, everyone laughs and the focus is back on him and away from me. Louis just makes a silly face and then reaches around me to grab a piece of bacon off his plate and eat it.

“I’m so looking forward to watching Jay and Loren whip your sorry arse into shape,” Perrie speaks up and I laugh when Louis starts to choke.

“I used to like you Perrie,” Louis says dryly.

“You still love me and you know it!” She smarts back at him and Zayn smiles at her. “Loren, why don’t you ditch lover boy and we’ll go have some girl time.”

“I’d love to, but Jay and I were going to spend some time together after breakfast. How about I catch up with you afterwards?”

“But I want to spend some time with Loren too!” Fizzy shouts and I see Lottie, Daisy, and Phoebe all nod in agreement.

“Does no one want to spend time with me?” Louis shrieks.

“No.” Niall mumbles with a mouth full of food and the room explodes in laughter while Louis pouts.

“Ah Boobear, I’ll spend time with you,” Harry speaks like he’s talking to a toddler. Which, let’s face it, this is Louis we’re talking about so we’re not that far off the mark.

“Jeez. Thanks Harry,” Louis says rolling his eyes. “This is why I am keeping Loren all to myself. You all are trying to take her from me already,” he says as he wraps his arms around me looking like a child trying to hold onto his favorite toy.

“Chill Lou,” Lottie says as she rolls her eyes. This family really is into rolling their eyes at each other.

“Let me get you some breakfast since Lou seems to have you and Ernest anchored to the chair,” Perrie gets up and goes to the buffet to gather my food. I thank her when she returns with my plate and attempt to eat while holding Ernest and Lou still holding me to him. It really isn’t working so well for me.

“Uh Lou, do you mind holding Ernest while I eat?” I hate giving that baby up, but the ensuing smile that graces Louis’ face is worth it.

“Come here bugger,” Louis greedily grabs his brother and sits back in the chair while I eat.

The rest of breakfast is relatively uneventful, just more conversation with everyone. Quickly, I realize that Zayn is the quietest of this lot and Niall is the loudest. I hear my father telling Jay about his casino business and the two of them loosely speaking of general wedding plans. Louis seems oblivious as he rocks his baby brother in his arms and talks with the guys.

After breakfast, my father left for the casino to work. Perrie went off with Louis’ sisters and the twins, Louis and the guys decided to have a kick about on the lawn, and Jay and I went for our walk. We must have walked for a good hour. I showed her around the grounds telling her about the history of everything on the property and we talked about ourselves and our families. Finally, we reached the pool house, which overlooked the Mediterranean, and I called up to the house for tea while we got comfortable and the topics of conversation turned to all things wedding and Louis.

“Loren, do you and Louis have any idea on how soon you want to get married?”

“Louis said that tour rehearsals start in six weeks and they go on the road in two months. So, we were thinking of having the four weeks out to fit in a honeymoon before he leaves,” I say nervously.

“What?” You are going to plan a wedding in four weeks?” Jay asks in disbelief.

“Yes. The wedding and reception will be held here. I would like an outdoor ceremony and the reception in the ballroom. We just need to get the guest list together by tonight and the invitations will be created by the printer and mailed in two days.”

“But it’s so soon,” Oh no this is not good that she’s resisting the rushed marriage.

“We need to be married before tour,” I say fearing her response.


“Uh yes.” Okay, I can weave the truth into this. “Now that I am graduated and no longer in London, I planned to move back here. Louis wants me to spend a good part of tour with him, but I can’t.”

“Oh, do you have a job? Pardon my rudeness, but obviously money is not a concern for you going with Louis on tour.” Oh God this is going to be embarrassing to tell her.

“No definitely not an issue. How do I say this? Um, Louis and I…we…uh, I can’t go with him because it would be appropriate.” I hope she understands what I’m saying.

“You and Louis haven’t-“ I cut her off because she clearly understands my meaning.

“Correct. We haven’t. I don’t believe that we should until we’re married. Louis refuses to leave without me. So, we need to be married before tour.” That was humiliating and I pray Jay agrees with the timeline now.

“I don’t know what to say. I am pleasantly surprised. How can you say there is nothing special about yourself Loren? You are the most unique girl I’ve met. Now I know my son must love you for you and not just the chemistry between you. You certainly have my blessing to marry as soon as possible. I understand why Louis is so eager for the wedding now.” She winks and I want to die. Is this entire family cheeky? Now, here I sit thinking about sex with Louis – in front of his mother – who as much just alluded to the fact that she thinks her son is eager to have sex with me. Can the ground just open up and swallow me? Maybe I should jump in the pool and drown myself. Speaking of the pool, our conversation is interrupted by loud splashing noises.

“Cannon ball!” I hear Louis scream and then I am splashed with a tidal wave after all five guys simultaneously jump into the pool. Jay and I both screech.

“Louis!” I shout at him. He jumps out of the pool and jogs over to me. I can’t help but notice how the wet fabric of his t-shirt clings to his chest and abs. My mouth goes dry when I look down and notice how his wet shorts cling to his body and I have to force my eyes up to his face. I am sorry when I look up at him because that cocky smirk is plastered on his visage.

“Like what you see love?” Oh that boy.

“Of course LouBear,” I respond.

“Oh you will pay for that!” Louis charges my chair, picks me up, and carries me to the pool.

“Put me down!” I scream and the boys and Jay are laughing.

“Gladly,” and before I can react he drops my fully clothed body into the pool. I decide to get him back and pretend I’m drowning since it is a diving pool. I allow my body to drop to the bottom while pretending to flail. The last air bubble escape my mouth as I hold my breath. It doesn’t take Louis very long to think I am in trouble and I see him above dive in and swim down towards me, four other male bodies making their way down to me. I close my eyes for good measure.

Louis’ strong arms pull me up and within seconds my back is hitting the cool deck. Obviously, someone didn’t take lifeguard training. He fails to check for breath and goes right to mouth-to-mouth. I try not to laugh.

“Maybe you should open her top?”

“Why?” I hear the high pitched panicked voice of my fiancé.

“I don’t know. Sounds like a good idea.”

“Harold you arse! Someone help me!” Oh poor boy he sounds terrified, but I want to teach him a lesson.

“I’ll run to the house for help!” I hear Liam’s voice fade as he leaves. Oh this really is evil of me.

“Lou keep giving her mouth-to-mouth!” The usually calm Zayn yells sounding completely freaked out.

“Lor! You can’t leave me! Mum help! You’re a nurse do something!” Oh God, now I’m feeling bad. He really is freaking out.

“Louis, listen to Zayn. Give her mouth-to-mouth and we’ll start chest compressions.” This is getting out of hand. I need to let him off the hook.

I feel Louis’ sweet breath close to my mouth and then his lips cover mine. He blows air into my mouth and I stifle a giggle. To surprise him, I plunge my tongue into his mouth and I hear and feel him gasp. He wastes no time kissing me back and practically crushes me to him.

“Lou, that’s not CPR mate. You’re snogging her!” Harry is such an idiot. I hear Niall, Zayn, and Jay laughing so they obviously realize my prank. Finally, Harry realizes what is happening when I wrap one arm around Louis’ waist and the other behind his neck.

“I hate you two!” I hear Harry whine, “I’m out of here.” I open my eyes and see Harry walk off.

“Don’t you ever scare me like that again,” Louis warns me with a stern face when he pulls away from our kiss. His intensity surprises me.

“Did you think you lost me?” I tease.

“Yes, and I didn’t like it.” His admission shocks both of us. We both stare at each other, wordless. I hear someone clear their throat and realize it’s Niall.

“Uh, maybe we should give them some privacy,” he says embarrassed.

“Yes, no mother should see her son like this. Loren, make him behave. I’ll see you two later.”

“Later,” says the ever talkative Zayn.

Within moments, Louis and I are alone. He kisses me with so much passion that I am breathless. I’m still lying on the cool deck with him on top of me. When we pull away from each other, we just look into each other’s eyes for what feels like an eternity. Louis finally is the one to break the silence.

“Lor, I want to be with you. For some reason, I need what’s between us to be real. Will you give me a chance to make you fall in love with me?”

How the hell do I respond to that?


So, how do you think she is going to respond? ;)

Yay! Thanks for getting me over 20 votes - finally!! You are great! Keep it up!!!

Any new readers who came over from WYLYHW - thank you so much for reading!!!!


Omg this story is AMAZING!!!! Please tell me you're still writing. I may die if there are no more chapters. You're awesome keep it up!!

Sorry it took long to load now it's like this

Hey please update while its the summer holidays even though zayn and perrie broke up and zayn let keep it how it is I really like this book

Hey please update while its the summer holidays even though zayn and perrie broke up and zayn let keep it how it is I really like this book

Hey please update while its the summer holidays even though zayn and perrie broke up and zayn let keep it how it is I really like this book