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Snake Eyes (Louis Tomlinson Fan Fic)

Breaking Down Barriers

Louis POV

What the actual fuck just happened? Loren and I were in the midst of what was definitely the most erotic and intimate encounter I’ve ever had – and I’ve had a lot of ‘encounters’. Her innocence is the sexiest turn on for me. I felt her give into me with complete abandon and I know she wanted me as much as I wanted her in that moment. When she let loose and started jerking me off with such enthusiasm, I was ready to cum right then and there. And then, she took off running to the bathroom and I’m confused as hell.

She apologized, but I’m not sure for what? Did she realize she really didn’t want to do it and left? She couldn’t have thought she hurt me, not the way I was responding to her. Maybe she doesn’t want me, and never will, which will make this marriage challenging. I’m unsure what to do. Should I leave and give her some privacy? Do I try to find out what’s wrong and work it out? Why am I even worrying and bothering to care? The only thing I do know for certain is that my dick is about to explode from the built up pressure Loren aroused in me.

I rise from the bed and groan when I look down and see the tent pitched in my boxers. I’m not going to attempt to adjust myself until I’m back in the privacy of my own room for fear of setting off an embarrassing reaction. I glance at the bathroom door and then towards the closet door where I will need to make my escape. It’s like I’m staring at a fork in the road with two life choices to decide from and I don’t know which is the right choice. Path one is the known one: go back to my room, jerk off, blow Loren off, and go about the charade as before. Path two is the unknown: go try to talk to Loren, find out what’s wrong, and see if we can fix it.

Why do I even care about the second path? She left me high and dry in the cruelest way possible; I should be the one locked in the bathroom crying. That’s it. She’s probably thinking she really played me; it’s all an act with her. She got me worked up and then just left me like that; she’s not sorry at all. Loren is probably in there trying to hold in her laughter. Well, I know what to do now. I storm towards the closet door, mad as hell.

I reach for the doorknob and then I hear it…Loren sobbing.

Just wonderful. Every time I think she’s wronged me, she ends up the victim. I look up to the ceiling, eyes closed, inhale deeply, and then let out a long sigh trying to relax my tensed body. Then, I walk silently towards the bathroom door. I pause for a moment contemplating what to say.

“Lor, will you open the door please?” I ask softly and I hear her gasp loudly.

“No, please leave me alone Lou,” She cries and I feel a stabbing sensation in my chest. I hurt her; I must have been so carried away that I was too rough with her. Now, I feel like an ass.

“No Lor. Please let me apologize. I’m so sorry I hurt you. I didn’t mean to get so carried away,” I plead.

“What? You didn’t hurt me. I hurt you!” She’s crying harder now. I feel terrible, but I start chuckling.

“Love, I told you that you would not hurt me. Where did you get that idea? I was on the verge of climaxing because your touch is the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt.” I hear her gasp again and I can just imagine the cute look of confusion on her face. Oh, her innocence will be the death of me.

“Well, y-y-you screamed at m-m-me like I broke a body part,” she half stutters out. I really want to laugh loudly, but I don’t dare. This is insane. I need to have this conversation face-to-face with her.

“Lor, we need to talk face-to-face. Open up the door.” I don’t ask this time.

“No, I can’t look at you. I’m too embarrassed,” she whines like a little child and I hear her sniffle.

“Loren, either open the door or I am going to break it down. I’m not going to let you beat yourself up over doing everything right,” I practically shout.

“Everything right?” she sounds astonished.

“Yes. Now, open this door or I’m breaking it down on the count of three.” I wait a moment and nothing. “One. Two.” The door clicks to signal she’s unlocked it, but she doesn’t open it. I wait a few seconds and then take the initiative to open the door myself.

When I enter her bathroom, which is definitely the largest bathroom I’ve ever seen in my life, I don’t see her right away. As I walk through the room, I spot her sitting on a chaise lounge in a bay window. Loren’s back is to me, knees pulled to her chin with her arms wrapped around her shins. I slip behind her and wrap my arms around her and she flinches for a second when I make contact with her – and it hurts me inside.

“Talk to me love. Why did you run away from me?” I whisper in her ear.

“I told you. When you screamed, I thought I hurt you and I was mortified.” She won’t look at me, her head still facing forward.

“How do I make you understand how you made me feel? No one ever has gotten that reaction from me just by touching me. I wanted your touch so badly and when you took it away, I thought I was going to die from the pain your leaving brought me.”

Apparently, that got her attention. Loren snaps her head towards me and her eyes are huge and filled with wonder.

“You liked when I got, uh, rough with you?” She asks a little unsure of herself, her embarrassment evident and refreshing.

“Loved it and now I’m suffering because you left me.” If it’s possible, her eyes double in size and a small smile threatens from her lips.


“Yes really. I told you before Lor, talk to me. Don’t run away. We’ll work through it together.”
She’s almost as fast as a ninja when she spins around, wraps her arms around me, and kisses me. It takes me a second to catch up to the change in her mood, but I kiss her back with urgency.

“I’m sor-“ she mumbles against my lips and I cut her off.

“Stop apologizing. Make it up to me.” I look at her with a raised eyebrow and a smirk on my face, challenging her.

“Yessss,” she practically hisses and kisses me. Once again, I pull away and this time she pouts and is completely breathless.

“In the shower.” At my words, Loren’s facial expression changes to one I haven’t seen before. I expected her to look nervous and put up a fight. Instead, I saw desire written all over her face.

“Come.” Now, she’s the one issuing commands. She stands and extends her hand to me. I rise and follow her to an open door way. I realize that her shower is actually a walk-in room. Loren hits some controls and water cascades from six different locations on the walls. I wrap my arms around her from behind and she turns in my arms to face me and kisses me roughly.

The state that Loren has me worked into robs me of all self-control. I reach down and grab the backs of her thighs and lift her as I go to the nearest wall and ram her against it. The sensation of our bodies pressed together and the warm water flowing on us increases my arousal. The contact still is not close enough for me. I raise my hands to Loren’s chest and, with a show of force, rip her pajama top open, the buttons falling all over the marble shower floor.

“Louis!” Loren shrieks and tries to cover herself.

“No! I want to see you. I need you against me skin-to-skin.” I step back to discard the soaked garment from her body and I am stunned into silence and frozen in my tracks. Once I regain my thinly veiled composure I blurt out in disbelief, “You’ve been hiding THAT all this time?”

“Wh-what?” She stutters and again tries to cover herself. I slide her top open, off her shoulders, down her arms, and then leave it around her hands to hold her from batting me away.

“Sweet Jesus Lor! Your body is mind-blowing and I’m the only one who gets to see it. How the fuck did I get this lucky?” Loren’s face is bright red, but I don’t care. Her body is beyond fit; two perfect breasts stand at attention and her abs. I know some fans like my abs, but Loren has a perfect six-pack, but yet looks feminine. I already knew her waist was small so that didn’t surprise me, but her legs. They weren’t scrawny little sticks; they were lean muscle with delicate definition and the thought of those strong thighs wrapped around me sent a stabbing pain through my groin. With a body like that, she’s going to keep me in a state of perpetual hard on.

“Stop it. You are embarrassing me!” Loren thrashes her head around trying not to look me in the eye. I grab her chin and force her to look at me.

“Why would you be embarrassed? You are perfect. How did you get this fit?”

“I’ve danced since I was four years old, several hours a day,” she says shyly.

“Remind me to build you a dance studio in our house,” I murmur against her lips and I feel her smile against my lips. I kiss her with abandon and there is so much hunger and need between us. I reach down and free Loren of the soaked clothing confining her hands. Immediately, she wraps her arms around me tightly.

My desperate need for her increases. I pull our mouths apart and Loren groans in protest. I run my lips down her neck to her sweet spot and, when I hit it and suck hard, she moans and squeezes my bum and that turns up my level of excitement that she’s touching me without me asking her. My lips next connect with her collarbone and Loren twists her fingers into my hair with one hand while squeezing my bum again and pulling me into her. I swear if she thinks of running this time, I will tie her up.

Loren arches her back, pushing her breasts into me, and I can’t resist attacking those two flawless spheres.I massage her left breast with my hand while I lower my mouth to the right one and I’m not in the mood to be gentle. I suck hard on her nipple and Loren’s response surprises me.

"Fuck Lou, that feels good,” she moans and I lose it. I keep sucking hard, but remove my left hand and go straight to rubbing her clit with my thumb and she starts thrashing against me. Without warning, Loren’s hands strike at my erection. With one hand, she grabs my balls and the other starts pumping my swollen rod.

“Shit Lor, don’t you dare leave me now,’ I choke out in a strangled moan.

She responds with her own moan and a series of curses as we pleasure each other. Never have I ever wanted anyone as much as I want her right now. It’s killing me because I know this moment isn’t going to last much longer.

Loren is pumping me hard and at a merciless pace and I am matching her stroke for stroke. Her walls begin to spasm and close in on my fingers and she cries out as she hits her climax. I watch as she throws her head back against the wall, her eyes roll back into her head, and her mouth opens as she cries out in ecstasy.

And it sends me over the edge.

Mercifully, I hit my own climax hard. My hips violently buck into Loren as cum shoots onto her and I bury my neck into her shoulder to muffle my desperate cries.

After the most intense orgasm of my life, I am completely spent. I pull away and Loren and I just look at each other and smile. I give her a light peck on the lips and then wrap my arms around her.

“You were amazing love,” I coo. She blushes and smiles. “Imagine how miraculous that will feel when we actually have sex.”

“Lou, I cannot handle thinking about that monster inside me right now.” I burst out laughing.

“Monster? Hardly a monster love?” I joke with a pouty face.

“Okay, let me shove a boa constrictor inside you and we’ll talk about it,” she sasses and I am in awe of her ability to surprise me on so many levels.

“That’s the best compliment I’ve ever received love,’ I give her another peck and she swats at me. “Why don’t we shower and then get ready for the day. I hear we’ve got a lot of planning to do today.”

“You want to shower with me?” She asks in an incredulous tone.

“Lor, after what we just did in this shower, you are going to protest actually getting clean with me in here?”

“You have a point.” She gives me a smug look and then we proceed to enjoy another round of getting dirty in the shower before we actually embark on getting clean.

A half hour later, Loren and I emerge from the bathroom wrapped in large, fluffy white Turkish towels only to hear frantic knocking at her suite door.

“I’ll get it,” I go towards the door and Loren grabs me.

“Wait! You can’t answer my suite door half naked,” she gestures to my naked torso.

“We’re engaged. Really? You think someone is going to throw a hissy fit?” I sass.

“Please, just stay in the bedroom. I’ll be right back.” She kisses me and walks off, pulling on her floor length dressing gown.

Harry POV

I have been running around frantically searching this monstrous mansion for the past hour looking for Louis. He’s gone missing and I am terrified of what’s happened to him. I know Alfonso isn’t involved because he needs Louis for his plan to protect Loren. At first, I thought maybe he went off to explore the grounds. After taking a golf cart and covering the whole acreage, there is no sign of him. I asked all of the staff if they had seen him, but no one had.
Suddenly, I’ve come to the realization that Louis ran and didn’t tell anyone to keep us all safe. I’ll kill him if I ever see him again. How could he just leave all of us knowing we are all in danger just to save his own hide? What will happen to our band? He’s never going to be able to come back to us. Again, I can’t comprehend how he could do this; it’s just not in his character to run.

I decide that Loren should be the first to learn my discovery since she suffers the most from his leaving. When I went to her door the first time, I thought perhaps she still was sleeping or in the shower. Now, I’ve been banging on the door for 10 minutes with no response and the door is locked. What if something happened to both of them? What if Morel snuck in and kidnapped them? Panic is racing through my body and I’m near tears when Loren’s door finally opens.

“Oh my God Loren! Thank God you’re okay!” I rush through the door, grab her, and pull her to my chest.

“Why wouldn’t I be Harry?” She says looking confused at my outburst and I realize she is not privy to the information I possess.

“I’ve been banging on your door for 10 minutes straight and you didn’t answer and when I came by earlier you didn’t answer.”

“I’ve been in the, uh, shower,” she responds nervously.

“Oh, I didn’t think you would be that long if that was the case. I need to talk to you because we have a serious problem.”

“What’s wrong? Did my father do something since we went to bed last night?”

“No, but Louis did.” How am I going to tell her this?

“How do you know what Louis did last night?” She asks with her eyebrows raised and I’m taken aback. She was in on it?

“You were in on it?” I ask in astonishment.

“Well, of course,” she looks at me like I’m an idiot, “but how did you find out?”

“It wasn’t too hard to figure out when he went missing this morning.”

“Oh,” she giggles. What is wrong with her? Does she not understand the seriousness of this situation?

“What’s so funny? Do you not realize how serious this is and how much trouble we’re all in? I could just kill Louis for doing this!”

“Why are you so out of sorts Harry? It was going to happen sooner or later with the wedding being inevitable. And, why are you so freaked out about this? Why is it anything to you?”

“WHY IS IT ANYTHING TO ME?! ARE YOU SERIOUS??!!!” Does she think I don’t care for what happens to her, Louis, and the rest of us?

“What happens between Louis and me is no one else’s business but ours,” she says with attitude and now I’m really pissed.

“Excuse me, but when your fiancé runs out on you and leaves us all to certain death, it becomes my business!” I get in her face and yell and she laughs, quite loudly, at me.

“Run out on me? Harold, you do have an active imagination!” She’s still laughing and my anger continues to increase because she is not taking me seriously. I place my hands on her shoulders and get her to look me in the eye, but she’s still laughing. Perhaps she’s had a psychotic break?

“Loren, listen to me. Louis left. He’s gone. Run off. Abandon all of us. Do you understand? I’ve been looking all over the mansion and grounds for an hour and cannot find him anywhere. The arse didn’t even have the courtesy to leave a goodbye note!” Now, Loren is doubled over laughing. A familiar voice interrupts us and jolts my attention.

“Arse? Who are you calling an arse Harold? And why all these false accusations mate?” Louis strolls into the room wearing nothing but a towel, his hair wet obviously from a shower.

“Lou-how? When? What?” I am speechless with too many questions running through my mind. Then, I pause and look at them. Louis has his arm around Loren’s waist and I notice her hair, too, is wet and hanging to her waist from an apparent recent shower. Louis is half-naked and Loren is clad only in a dressing gown and my suspicions grow.

“Spit it out Harold. What would you like to accuse me of?” Louis sasses and Loren giggles.

“You! Louis! Where were you last night?”

“Here,” he states simply.

“Here, as in Loren’s room all night?” I inquire.

“Yes,” they say simultaneously.

“And all morning?” I am getting a sickening feeling in my stomach that Louis took advantage of Loren and I want to smash him one for it.

“Yes Harold. Do you want to know where I slept? Is that what you’re trying to get at?” He’s goading me on.

“Quit calling me Harold! I told you to lay off Loren!”

“Why are you so concerned what I might have done, or not done, with my fiancé last night?” He raises an eyebrow and challenges me.

“Harry, Louis and I spent last night and this morning together and I fail to see why this is upsetting you. We are both adults who are going to be soon married,” Loren turns against me when I’m trying to protect her from my womanizing best friend.

“Apparently, you spent time in the shower together too!!” I shout and Loren flinches. Louis wraps his arms protectively around her and I’m a little surprised at his actions.

“You are out of line Harry. I did not, nor do I plan on, running out of Loren. I spent the night with my fiancé and I plan to do it again tonight. We are working on being a couple and yes, all that implies, and you my dear friend need to chill the fuck out!” Louis raises his voice and his face turns red with anger.

“Wait! You are really a couple now?” I think the earth just shifted on its axis.

“We’re working on it Harry,” Louis says and kisses Loren’s temple and she snuggles into him. I notice a peaceful smile grace his face and I couldn’t be more pleasantly surprised. I’ve never seen Louis behave the way he has with her.

“I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry Lou for wrongly accusing you. I guess I should say congratulations that you two are ‘together-ish’? I’m just so confused.” I cover my face with my hands and rub hard hoping the action will clear my mind.

“Harry, thank you for worrying about me. I’m very lucky to have gained a friend like you,” Loren walks over to me and engulfs me in a hug and kisses my cheek.

“Hey! No kissing anyone but me!” I roll my eyes at Lou’s childishness, but it is fun to see him like this with a girl.

“Oh get over yourself. I’ve kissed you enough in the past 10 hours,” she sasses him and he grabs her from me and crashes his lips onto hers while he holds her in his arms.

“Oh God! Enough you two! I don’t need to see you half-naked, getting it on in front of me!” They pull away from each other laughing at me.

“Go on now Lou. Go with Harry. He’s already jealous enough I stole you from him and I need to get ready.”

“No, I want to watch you because you’re going to cover up from head to toe again and I won’t see that body until tonight,” he pouts.

“Overshare! I do not need to hear this!!” I scream and stuff my fingers into my ears. I am so having a talk with him about his ungentlemanly behavior.

“Okay Harry, let’s get going before you have a damn heart attack,” Lou chuckles.
The three of us begin to walk towards the door when it dawns on me that Louis is going to go out into the main hallway in nothing but a towel.

“Hey Lou, where are your clothes mate?”

“Uh, I don’t have any,” he laughs.

“I don’t even want to know. Don’t say another word.” I shake my head trying to free my mind of the possible scenarios under which Lou is here with no clothes. These two can’t stop smiling and giggling like little kids who have a big secret. I’m seriously thinking they are perfect for each other.

We step through the doorway and I expect the farewell to be unceremonious, but no these two are nothing but full of surprises. Louis pushes Loren up against the hallway wall, presses himself into her, and kisses her to the point that I feel like an intruder. Can you say awkward third wheel?

“Okay, let me see that strut Lou,” Loren swats his bum and I have no clue, thankfully, what they are talking about. Louis takes off towards his room walking like some over-the-top runway model. Loren is laughing and I join in. I’ve missed having silly Louis around for quite some time. It’s not lost on me that it’s Loren that’s brought this out in him again and I am grateful to her for it.

“Are you coming Harold?” Louis calls out as he poses by his suite door and I see him batting his eye lashes dramatically.

“He’s all yours Harry,” Loren waves as she goes back into her suite and closes the door.
I walk into Louis’ room and close the door. I follow him into his bedroom and see that he’s just pulled on a fresh pair of boxers.

“Lou, you got some ‘splaining to do,” I say as I throw myself onto his bed.

“I’m not going to kiss and tell Harry,” he looks at me wearing a serious expression. This is different for him. Normally, I’d be yelling at him to spare me all the details of his conquests.

“Somebody’s got it bad,” I tease him.

“I do not,” he argues.

“Oh, if you say so,” I nod not believing him for one second.

“I hardly know her Harry.”

“And yet, you are different with her than any other girl I’ve seen you with – ever – and you’re acting more like your old, fun self.”

“This situation is also different than any other I’ve been in Harry.”

“Maybe it’s fate Lou and Loren is your destiny.”

“Pshhh. Don’t be ridiculous. If we have to be married, we might as well enjoy each other. We’re just trying to make this relationship work and be believable.”

“Again, if you say so, but I think there is more to the two of you than you want to believe. You are different with her. I’ll let you finish getting ready. See you at breakfast mate.” I get up and leave Louis with something to think about.


I had to bring in Harry for comedic relief. So, do you think Loren is changing Louis? If so, he seems to be blind to it. How do you think the wedding planning is going to go? I'm dying to hear what you all think.

On a whining note, I've been stuck at 19 votes forever it seems. Please, can we get beyond 20? I've been a good girl and gave you two updates in two days :).

As always, thanks for reading! Vote and subscribe please!


Omg this story is AMAZING!!!! Please tell me you're still writing. I may die if there are no more chapters. You're awesome keep it up!!

Sorry it took long to load now it's like this

Hey please update while its the summer holidays even though zayn and perrie broke up and zayn let keep it how it is I really like this book

Hey please update while its the summer holidays even though zayn and perrie broke up and zayn let keep it how it is I really like this book

Hey please update while its the summer holidays even though zayn and perrie broke up and zayn let keep it how it is I really like this book