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Snake Eyes (Louis Tomlinson Fan Fic)

The Morning After

Louis POV

I wake up from probably the most restful sleep I’ve had in the past three years. Something is tickling my face and I wiggle my nose to free myself of the offending item. Unfortunately, the result of my action is that I still feel something light covering my entire face. I begin to blink the sleep from my eyes to figure out what is happening and realize my vision is impaired by a mass of dark hair layering my face – Loren. I reach up and move her hair off of me.

Looking down, I see Loren still is sound asleep. She has her left cheek on my chest and her right arm and leg draped across my body. Her body is so soft and warm, I think I could lie here peacefully like this all day. Loren’s body actually feels really good against mine. Hoping she’s a deep sleeper, I take the opportunity to run my right hand down her back to her bum and give it a light squeeze. In her dazed state last night, she didn’t realize I got her to sleep all night without her panties. Yeah, I’m a bad man.

I repeat my action and it causes her body to stir. So, I relax my frame and stay still for a minute until I’m sure she’s back in a deep slumber. Then, I rub my hand in a circular motion on her bum again until she starts to move again unconsciously. And by move, I mean she’s grinding on my leg in her sleep and I am enjoying her reaction to my touch tremendously. I continue massaging her and eventually she starts moaning. The sound she makes is so sexy it starts to turn me on, which might not be a good thing. I’m not sure how she’s going to feel about me this morning after what I did to her last night, but I just couldn’t help myself. Her body sings to me when I touch her and I feel the need to control her.

After a few minutes of my continuing to massage her and enjoy her reaction to my touch, Loren puts her chin on my chest, but her eyes still are closed. To give her a wake-up call, I harshly grab both her butt cheeks and give them a rough squeeze as I pull her lower body to grind against my now throbbing erection. In response to my actions, Loren’s eyes shoot open and she gasps.

“Louis!” She tries to scold me but fails when she cracks a smile.

“Morning love.” I give her a bright smile.

“Aren’t you cheeky this morning?” She raises one eyebrow at me. I reach down and grab her naked bum.

“Yes, I’m definitely down with being cheeky this morning,” I wink and she swats me on the chest.

“You’re a pervert,” She scoffs.

“And you don’t have any panties on,” I sass her and the look on her face is worth a million pounds. She reaches behind her and realizes she is commando and I can’t stop laughing as she tries to wrap covers around her to separate her body from mine. Of course, I’m stronger and her attempts are useless against me.

“I want my panties!” Loren tries to push off my chest and I pull her tightly to me.

“And I want you.” She freezes and looks at me in disbelief.

“You WHAT?”

“What? Don’t look at me like that. I wake up with your half naked body on top of me, no less grinding on me, mind you, and you’ve got me aroused.” I give her my pouty look that always gets me what I want.

“Don’t go making cute little pouty faces at me. You aren’t going to get your way like that.” Well, it works with everyone else.

“You think I’m cute!” I taunt her with a smirk on my face and she sighs in frustration.

“Yes, you are just adorable,” she reaches up and pinches my cheeks, “now, can I have my panties, please?”

“No, I like you panty-less.” I reach down and grab her bum again to make my point and rock my hips up into her. Loren responds by gently throwing head back and moaning. I quickly take the opportunity to roll her onto her back and I’m on top of her. She laughs at my actions.

“Lou, you are persistent if nothing else.” Loren wraps her hands around the back of my neck and plays with my long hair twisting her fingers into it. Her touch feels so good right now.

“I want my good-God-Lou-you-are-so-sexy-looking-in-the-morning kiss.” She laughs at my ridiculous statement and I lower my face to hers and our lips brush.

“You do think highly of yourself, don’t you? I had no idea there was a special kiss named just for you.” Loren smiles at me and the look in her eyes hits me deep inside and I don’t want to play around anymore.

“Shut up and kiss me,” I say with a smile and then kiss her. We both tighten our hold on each other. This isn’t a desperate kiss. It’s sweet, but intense, and she’s melting me from the inside out. I’m starting to think she affects me as much as I affect her. I pull slightly away and bite her bottom lip and Loren’s eyes open wide and roll back in her head.

“Louuu,” she half garbles since I have a hold on her lip. I release her lip and then collide my lips with hers again. Slowly, our lips move together and a fire begins burning deep inside me. I want Loren, badly, but I know I can’t take her - yet.

I move my right hand to cup the side of Loren’s face and deepen the kiss. Using a little pressure with my hand, I push her head back to expose her neck and I begin to kiss my way down to her collarbone. My exploration for her sweet spot commences and I don’t stop until I find the buried treasure. Loren’s moan is so guttural that it resonates in my groin and I let out a loud moan as the sensation rolls through my body. I raise my head and we are staring deeply into each other’s eyes.

“Baby, I want you so bad,” I tell her and she makes big eyes at me and shakes her head in the negative, which makes me pout.

“No. I hardly know you.”

“Yes, but you know how hard you make me.”

“Louis! She squeaks and she looks too adorable.

“Can we fool around? Pleeeeease?” I make a pleading face at her.

“So you can spank me again? No thanks.” She tries to move away from me, but I have her pinned down.

“I gave you an option. You chose wrong.” I run my nose along her throat and I feel her shiver; she’s right where I want her. “Let me make you feel good Lor. You know you want me to do it.” I start attacking her neck trying to get an unfair advantage on her so she won’t reject me.

“Mmmmm. You don’t fight fair. Ahhh.” Her struggling attempts begin to weaken against me.

“Never said I did love.” I mumble against her neck.

“I’m NOT getting naked.”

“You’re already half naked,” I pop my head up and wink at her and she takes a swat at my head.

“And I told you I want my panties back!”

“No, I’m keeping them.”

“You’re sick.”

“No, it’s just because if you’re wearing panties, I can't do this." I reach down between us and rub two fingers along her slit. Loren's eyes shoot open in shock.

“Lou,” she says breathlessly.

"You're already wet for me love. Besides, I want to see your face in the light when you come undone at my touch." I slip one finger inside Loren and she throws her head back into the pillow and lets out a loud moan.

"Ohhh God Lou. Mmmmm."

"Does that feel good baby?" I ask as I pump my finger into her and curl it deep inside. Loren gasps and arches her back off the bed.

"Yessss." The sound that comes from her makes me want to push her over the edge.

"Do you want more love?" I tease her by removing my finger and she whimpers. Damn, that's sexy as all fuck.

"Yes!" She practically screams and I chuckle at how worked up she is already. Without warning, I plunge two fingers deep into Loren who, in response, bucks hard into my hand and grinds her hips in a circular motion.

I prop myself on one elbow kissing her and driving my fingers into her. Loren is already starting to build towards her climax as I feel her walls occasionally spasm around my fingers. I am so aroused and hard at the sight of watching her moan and grind with pleasure that it's painful. I need more of her.

"Baby, I need you to touch me." Jesus, I sound like a needy, begging child. Loren stiffens at my words.

"Lou, I-I d-don't kno-ow how." I smile at her innocence.

"I'll show you how. I am dying for your touch love." Honestly, I'm about to explode from the need she's invoking in me. She looks up at me with uncertainty in her face and I pulse my fingers into her again. Loren bucks into my hand, grinding hard against me, once again and after a loud moan emits from her mouth she responds to my unanswered question.

"Okay." She whispers it so softly the sound barely issues from her lips.

Loren POV

What the hell have I gotten myself into? This boy is the devil incarnate. Louis has me caught up in his spell. I can't believe I'm letting him do the things he's been doing to me. It’s just that his touch feels amazing. Now, he expects me to touch him and I have no clue how to - and I just agreed to do it without thinking! I mean, aren't those 'things' sensitive? What if I do something wrong and injure him - permanently?! We'll never have kids. Oh God, kids. That means sex. I can’t think about sex right now! This is too much pressure. Why didn't I just say no? Of course, when am I ever going to learn to please him? At some point, this is going to happen. No time like the present? I am a certifiable disaster. Louis’ voice breaks my concentration.

"Really?" He asks. His eyes are bright and I could just get lost in that aqua ocean. I'm an idiot.

"What?" I ask confused. Apparently, I was so lost in thought that I missed a crucial part of this conversation.

“You’re willing to touch me? You just said okay.” He speaks to me like he’s watching a wild animal who is about to escape. “Are you feeling alright love?” Isn’t he cute? He looks concerned as his forehead crinkles. That, or he thinks I am crazy. He wouldn’t be far off the mark.

“Uh, I’m afraid. I’ve never done anything like this. What if I hurt you?” He looks so adorable right now trying not to laugh at me. Oh I just want to smack him.

“Oh, trust me love. You aren’t going to hurt me. Quite the opposite in fact.” Damn him. He gives me that cheeky look and winks.

“Could this be anymore awkward?”

“Loren, there is nothing awkward about this. It’s perfectly natural. You don’t have to if you really don’t want to do it. I can go take care of business myself.” Now I don’t know how to feel. I’m nervous as hell, afraid I’ll hurt him, but I want to touch him and learn what he feels like. I mean look at him. Who wouldn’t want to be with him? Not to mention, what kind of girl am I to let him pleasure me and deny him his own pleasure? Honestly, I don’t even know what kind of girl I am right now. Until last night, I’d never been kissed. Today, I’ve slept, half-naked, with a man and let him touch me all over. There is too much thinking and analysis going on in my brain. He’s looking at me again like he’s waiting for me to run so I might as well voice my concern.

“Lou, do most people talk this much about, uh, well you know.” Again, I’m unable to even say it let alone do it.

“No love, they don’t. Most people just do it naturally without a lot of thought and conversation. Actual sex, that’s a different matter entirely.” I feel the heat rise in my face when he mentions sex. At this point, I might as well have a big neon sign on my forehead flashing ‘virgin’.

“I’m so sorry Lou. Please be patient with me. This is all new and unexpected for me.” He grabs my chin and stares me in the eye.

“Hey, don’t apologize to me. This is about you and me. We don’t have rules on what we do together. If you need to talk, we’ll talk. Whatever you need until you are comfortable Lor.” I think my insides completely disintegrated. He’s so sweet and sexy at the same time. My brain shuts off and my body decides it just wants Louis. Without another word, I lift up my head and kiss him.

Louis halted his movements while we were talking and I want him to keep touching me. After last night, I think I’d happily do anything to experience that feeling of pure bliss again I never knew existed – even if I make a complete fool of myself in the process. Feeling brave, I decide to embark on this new adventure.

I raise my left hand to Louis’ cheek and hold it there while we kiss. Louis slips his tongue into my mouth and a feeling of warmth washes through my body. Slowly, I let my hand trail downward. My index finger traces down Louis’ neck to his collarbone and he lets outs a moan that tells me he likes what I am doing. Reaching his chest, I flatten my palm against his skin moving against his light dusting of chest hair at the top of sternum, which I find incredibly sexy.

When I reach his abs, I turn my hand so my fingers now are pointing downward. The sensation of his hard muscles under my hand sends strange feelings throughout my body. Suddenly, Louis gasps as his muscles contract under my hand. I look at him, concerned I’ve already done something wrong. His eyes roll back into his head and then his gaze settles back on me. Louis grabs my hand and places it back on his lower torso.

“If you stop now, I might die.” His words shake me to the core. I can’t comprehend that my touch is effecting him like this. Louis is looking down at me and I dig deep for some bravery and continue my journey south while we just stare at each other. My finger finally makes it to the waistband of his boxers and I’m not sure of what my next move should be.I trace my finger back and forth along the elastic waistband and watch, slightly amused, as Louis begins breathing heavy and his eyelids grow heavy.

I decide I am not ready to venture under the cotton fabric. Instead, I run my finger down to his prominent bulge. As my finger touches his hard length, Louis’ eyes open fully and he hisses. Immediately, I pull my finger.

“I-I-I-I’m so sorry Lou.” I just knew I’d do something wrong and hurt him.

“For what?” He asks seriously confused.

“I hurt you.” He groans.

“No baby, it feels good. Relax. More please.” Louis grabs my hand and places it over his erection. My entire palm is on him and the feel of him makes me want more. I look back into his eyes and I see lust in them and it makes me feel sexy and powerful. In this moment, there is nothing more that I want than to have power over Louis’ body.

Feeling bold, I reach up and slip my hand inside Louis boxers. My reward is the look of excitement in his eyes as I grab onto his length skin-to-skin. Louis throws his head back, closes his eyes, and his mouth forms a perfect ‘o’. Okay, now what? Really. I’ve reached my destination, but I’m at a loss for what to do next. Thankfully, Louis comes to my rescue.

“Here love, like this,” he pants. Louis places his hand over mine and curls it around his shaft. What I first notice is how silky his skin feels even though he is hard as steel underneath. He begins to move my hand up and down his length. Louis parts his lips, breathing harshly, and starts bucking his hips into me. This is amazing to have this domination over him.

Louis surprises me when he crashes his lips onto mine and begins kissing me harshly. His right hand begins exploring my body again massaging my left breast, twisting my nipple over the cotton fabric, and I gasp into his mouth. He answers with a moan and quickly makes his way to my core where he thrusts his fingers into me.

Now, we are a entwined mass of sensation. Our hands are pleasuring each other at the same pace. My hips are bucking up into his hand, his are bounding into my side in time with my strokes. Louis’ tongue is plunging into my mouth in time with our hands and everything is spiraling out of control in pure ecstasy.

I got so caught up in sheer eroticism that I lost myself to what I was doing. A little too enthusiastically, I grabbed onto Louis’ length and gave him a strong squeeze as I pumped my hand downward toward the root. And that’s when it all went to hell…

"Holy fuck Loren!" Louis cried out with his eyes screwed shut and it scared the shit out of me.

“I’m so sorry Lou!”

Without a thought as to whether my bum was covered or not, I flew out of bed, ran to my bathroom, locked the door, and slid down the door feeling humiliated.

I can’t ever face Louis again.


Is Loren going to come out of the bathroom? What do you think is going to happen? Did she hurt Louis or her innocence get the best of her?

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Omg this story is AMAZING!!!! Please tell me you're still writing. I may die if there are no more chapters. You're awesome keep it up!!

Sorry it took long to load now it's like this

Hey please update while its the summer holidays even though zayn and perrie broke up and zayn let keep it how it is I really like this book

Hey please update while its the summer holidays even though zayn and perrie broke up and zayn let keep it how it is I really like this book

Hey please update while its the summer holidays even though zayn and perrie broke up and zayn let keep it how it is I really like this book