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Home Sweet Home

Chapter Three

Liam’s POV

Today the boys and I were starting the process of learning choreography for tour and I offered to drive everyone. The lads and I were getting in my car when Harry pointed something out.

“You and Tris are getting along pretty well yeah?” he asked as I pulled out of the car park.

“Yeah,” I said smiling at the sound of Tris’ name, “Thanks for forcing me to ask her to lunch mates. We’re becoming close.”

“No problem mate,” Niall said smiling at me, “We all love her so we figured you needed to sit down and get to know her too. How was bowling with her the other night?”

“Fantastic,” I said smiling a genuine smile for the first time in a few months.

“Seriously Liam,” Louis groaned, “If you say brilliant or fantastic today I think I will murder you.”

We all laughed at Louis’ comment.

“Well I’m glad you two are getting along,” Harry said, “because Lou said that Tris was a bit happier since you two started hanging out more.”

I just smiled at his comment because after Tris and I had told each other our deepest and darkest secrets to each other we had this weird but special bond. Tris always knew what was on my mind and I was the same with her. It was a weird thing but it was why we considered us such good friends after about a week of just goofing around London.

“That’s good,” I smiled.

“She’s made you happier too,” Zayn said, “You smile more and are becoming more and more like the old Liam.”

“You think so?” I asked as I contended with traffic.

“Yeah,” Harry said, “I don’t think I’ve seen you smile this much in a long time.”

“Well I think I’m slowly healing now,” I said being honest with my best mates, “It’s kind of nice.”

“Well if you want my opinion I think you like Tris as more than a friend,” Louis stated smirking at me and I could see the lads all smirking now.

“We’re just friends mates,” I said, “And nothing is going to change because we don’t like each other like that.”

“You are so lying Liam,” Harry teased, “Liam we’ve known you for three almost four years. We can totally tell when you like a girl.”

“Well nothing is going to happen anyway,” I replied knowing they could read me like a book, “I don’t think she’s ready for a relationship and I’m in no shape ready for one either.”

“Wow the old Liam is coming back,” Louis said grinning, “I’m a bit excited.”

I just snorted and rolled my eyes and then we all heard my cell phone go off signaling I had a text and I groaned inwardly. Harry quickly snatched the phone from my cup holder and smirked as he read the name.

“Look lads Tris text Liam,” Harry said as he opened the text message, “Morning Liam! Hope you and the lads have fun at dance practice! Bust a move! xTris.”

“Well isn’t that the cutest thing ever,” Louis smirked and I sighed.

“Mates give Liam a break,” Niall said, “He’s just trying to make friends. Leave him alone.”

Harry and Louis just laughed lightly and put my phone down. We had pulled up to the studio where we were going to be learning some moves to some of our set list and all four lads flew out of the car. I just rolled my eyes and text Tris back telling her to have a good day and good luck on the meeting she had today. Her and Lou were going to talk to Simon about asking for her to come along on tour with us so she could help us with makeup and hair. I then got out of the car and walked into the dance studio to find the lads already goofing off and Paul just shaking his head.

“Hey Paul,” I said throwing my bag into the pile of bags.

“Hey Liam,” he smiled at me and walked up to the lads.

We had spent a couple of hours of us messing around and making Paul and bit frustrated for us we got through a couple of songs and we were all tired since we were laughing and goofing off.

“I’m pretty sure we need to bring Tris to one of these practices,” Niall said, “I think she’d be laughing her arse off at us.”

“Along with Lux,” Harry said, “Did you know that her and Lux share the same birthday.”

“Really,” Louis said.

“Yeah,” Harry said, “When she couldn’t come back she’d skype Lux and they’d talked for like hours.”

“She absolutely adores her niece,” I spoke up as we grabbed our bags, “She’d do anything for that little girl.”

“Tell me about it,” Harry said, “I made one comment about her outfit and she almost ripped into me. She’s super protective of Lux.”

“She’s protective of all of us,” Zayn said, “Perrie was telling me that some girls were being rude to Perrie and Eleanor and she just straight up asked the girls if they even knew the girls or us that much other than from what was put on the internet. When the girls didn’t respond she said that we love our fans but we’re normal people too and we have feelings and have the right to love whoever we wanted to.”

I just smiled lightly as the lads talked about how much they enjoyed having Tris around. Tris really was a blessing in disguise for all of us. Since she’s been here, the lads and I have had this rejuvenation about going on tour again. We were all a bit upset about doing another worldwide tour because we kind of wanted to relax after being busy for three years straight, but since Tris has been here she’s put it in a new light. She made it like we were going on our first world tour.

“Hey Liam want to go to Nando’s just us lads?” Harry asked breaking me out of my thoughts.

“Sure,” I said as we headed to the car, “You lads want to have a giant hang out day? We go back to the flats after lunch and they everyone can come over and we can play video games.”

“Yes!” the lads exclaimed and I just laughed at their enthusiasm as we pulled out of the car park and headed over to the Nando’s we always went to.

The boys again piled out of the car and I got out of my car. As I walked inside the restaurant I saw Lou’s car and I immediately started looking for Lou or Tris. I walked over to the table that the boys had gotten when they noticed something about me.

“Who are you looking for mate?” Louis asked.

“I saw Lou’s car here,” I said, “Did you see Tris or Lou anywhere?”

“We’ll start looking,” Niall said smiling at me and all the boys and I started looking around for our friends.

“Found Tris,” Harry said and we all turned to see her laughing and talking to another person.

“Who is that?” I asked and they all shrugged our shoulders.

“Oh I know who that is,” Zayn said, “One night we were all over Harry’s flat and Perrie and Eleanor were trying to set her up with one of Perrie’s stylists for Little Mix. I think his name is Anthony.”

We all looked over at them and I frowned. I didn’t know why it bothered me so much because we were just friends but it bothered me deeply. I was trying to see what was going on and Louis nudged me.

“Go fight mate,” Louis said, “Go show that Anthony guy that you’re interested too.”

“No she’d hate me,” I said looking over at their table and saw both of them laughing.

“And here’s the chivalrous Liam,” Louis replied, “trying to be the gentleman.”

I just rolled my eyes and I grabbed my phone. I quickly typed something into my phone and the lads looked at me confused. I was about to answer when my phone lit up and I opened it.

“You sent her a text,” Harry said and all the lads were smirking, “Well played Payne.”

“What did you send her?” Zayn asked.

“I asked if she was having fun on her date,” I replied.

“And she said?” Niall said.

“Where are you and how do you know I’m on a date,” I replied.

I was about to respond when someone came up to our table.

“Did Perrie send you to spy on me?” Tris asked and I looked up to see her glaring at us.

“Whoa calm down Tris,” Niall said, “We didn’t know you had a date. We just got back from practice.”

“Oh,” she said and looked at us apologetic.

“Who was the lucky lad?” I asked and she sighed plopping next to me.

“No one important,” she sighed.

“You two looked like you were having a nice time,” Zayn said and she just shook her head.
“He told me that he just wanted a strictly friends with benefits relationship right off the bat,” she said, “So I friend zoned him as quick as possible.”

“I’m sorry love,” I said, “At least you’re getting back out in the dating world.”

“I forgot just how much it sucked,” she said and I then stood up, “Well I’ll let you lads enjoy your lunch. Hope you all had fun. Text me later!”

She then kissed all of our cheeks and rushed out of the restaurant.

“Looks like you still have a chance lad,” Harry smirked.

I just rolled my eyes and the lads just laughed at me. However behind the eye rolling I truly was excited to find out that Tris hadn’t had a great date with that lad because I knew that I needed to sweep her off her feet soon before tour started.


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