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The Dragons Echo (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Chapter Five


I frowned trying to remember what we had been told about the legends that surrounds dragons, they were some kind of Alien species weren't they?

I said this to the teacher and he just said "And?"

And what?

I said "Um..."

Mr Ringo rolled his eyes and said sarcastically "Funny , we've been talking about them all lesson yesterday, I thought you and Mr Horan were having an intersting conversation about them, obvioursly not"

Dam, I thought busted.

My clever response was "Um...oops?"

Mr Ringo raised his eyebrows at me and said "Ok, morning detention, 2morrow Styles, sit down, detention for you two Horan"

I sighed as I sat back down again as Niall groaned besides me.

Mr Ringo said "Right! Now let's talk about dragons! This is what they are thought to of look like"

He pulled out a projector which showed us a painting of the dragons.

I couldn't stop the gasp of awe coming from me.

Some girls screeched, Others gaped, some boys muttered ew, while others yelled "Wickid!"

I did none of those things, I said "It's....It's amazing"

Mr Ringo achaully looked at me almost fondly as he said "Arn't they just? Imagine if they were real? Some Aliens have claimed to have seem them, Legends has it they are the most strong and powerful Aliens ever to exist"

I couldn't help but wish and wonder?

Could they be out there?



I almost had a heart attack...I thought this book got deleted. Because I kept trying to search for it, but then I realized...I was spelling it wrong Lmao xD

Ahhh I need this to be updated by the way love the minion

It's alright please update it

Thank you!! :D :D