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The Dragons Echo (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Chapter Four

They didnt look at me, just my green bracelet then they let me go past.

I dont remember them dragging Taric away as I wasn't there but when they took Lucy away, poor sweet Lucy, I was there, in the classroom with her...I remember it now.


We walked into class, each of us showing us our bracelets before we walked in, I was sitting at the back of the class, We were in our maths class.

I remember seeing Lucy opposite me, her bracerlet, it was green at first but she looked...ill, she was pale and I noticed how every minute she trembled slightly as if she was cold but how could that be? It was useauly and was boiling in our classrooms.

The Teacher (Miss Jah ) started teaching, in her useaul boring and graverly voice she said "So if I had 81 Alians and I needed to destroy 72 of them, how many woul I have left?"

No one could be bothered to answe to Miss Jah sighed irritated and said "Lucy? How about you come up hear and give us the answer?"

Lucy tried to protest but Miss Jah wasn't having any of it, now I think about it, did she know? Did she know her bracerlet was going to tern a different colour? She looked more terrofied than useaul as she stumbled up in front of the class.

Lucy gulped and said "T-the answer is 9..M-Miss"

Miss Jah said "Very good, sit back down"

Lucy almost took of as she tried to scrurry back to her seat, I remember staring at her, who was that eager to sit back down again?

Then Miss Jah suddenly let out a gasp of horror "Miss Tith! Your bracerlet!"

It wasn't green anymore but a bright yellow, bright yellow meant one thing...Possesion.

The alarms in the school went of beeping fraticly and the autermatic doors slammed shut locking us all in, it was what always happened when someones bracerlet turned a different colour.

Only the guards could move the doors now.

Lucy must of known what was going to happen to her, I expected her to laugh wickidly or show us that the real lucy was no longer in control of her body, its what useauly what happened in the movies.

I'd only seen infected kids being taken out, I only knew about what had happened to Louis when I'd gotton home, I hadn't seen the alien that had taken his form to pretend it was human.

I'd never seen a possesnion before, only in movies but none of what I was expecting happened.

Lucy trembled with fear and pleaded with Miss Jah "My bracerlet was acting up! Please! Its been doing that all morning! i'm not possesed! Please!"

She was crying now infront of the whole class but Miss Jah just backed away and said coldly "Stay away from us!"

Lucy's knees buckled and she was on the floor crying and sobbing, I could hardly hear what she was saying "Please.....Please.....Dont let them...T-take m-me! Please! I-I...you dont understand! My mum and dad!-"

Miss Jah snapped "There not your mum and dad! Not anymore! Your a monster! A monster in a girls body! You wont put anyone else at risk!"

Lucy cried harder and whimperd "I'm not possesed! I'm me! Please believe me! Please!"

It was the hardest thing I had to watch, I couldnt do anything as the guards stormed in and grabbed her, she struggled and screamed "Dont let them take me! Dont let them take me! Please Help me! Help!"

They dragged her away from our classroom, I could hear her strangled crys still as they got faiter and faiter, everyone waited in silence, I felt like I wanted to throw up.

Miss Jah got her text book and told us "Ok everyone, turn to page 66" like nothing had happened.

Everyone did, I stared at the pages, nothing seemed to make sense, The writing looked murky then I realised why, I'd started crying silently, I knew I'd never see her again.

After class I ran to the toilets and emptied my stomach contents into the sink, poor Lucy's crys still ringing in my ears...

Flash back over.

"Harry, you alright?" Someone asked me.
I blincked as I stared into the bright blue eyes and bright blond died hair of my good freind Niall.



I almost had a heart attack...I thought this book got deleted. Because I kept trying to search for it, but then I realized...I was spelling it wrong Lmao xD

Ahhh I need this to be updated by the way love the minion

It's alright please update it

Thank you!! :D :D