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The Dragons Echo (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Chapter Two

"Harry! You forgot again!" My dad yelled as I tried to walk out of the doorway to school, I groaned, not again, why do I keep on forgetting those stupid bracelets?

My Dad waited on the sofa while watching television projections, its like telivision apart from the images are like out side of the telivison, like 3d, apart from the fact they literaly are out of the screen and you don't need glasses.

No one used television these days, why would you anyway? Telivision is defiantly somthing of the past.

My Dad was holding a bracelet for me to put on, it was one of those detective bracelets, you know the ones where you put them on and they detect anything alian in your blood stream, either you could be possesed, infected or an alien in disguise.

But you know that already right? I mean its not like you are from 2014 or around those dates right?

Its not like you can go to the future.

I grabbed the bracelet and put it on my wrist, after a minute I waited with bated breath and I let out a gasp of relief when it flashed green, I was clear.

My Dad rolled his eyes at my relief "You know you won't be stupid enough to get infected right?" My Dad said.

I said quickly "David Luk was infected last week, the police came round and took him away, we've never seen him since..."

My Dad snorted "That was because he was fool enough to go and fiddle around with some dam Alien equipment that was lying around"

I said "Lucy Tith was possessed ...and so was Taric Harris, you remember him?"

My dad nodded and said grimly "Yeah, its a shame really, I don't know about Tith but Harris was a nice young boy"

I said with more hesitation, it was a case that had happened two months ago, one of my friends...turned out to be an Alien, well not quite...

An Alien pretended to be him, no one knew where my true friend was, it was a touchy subject for Dad, he was still angry he hadn't caught the Alien that had posed as my best freind...Louis Tomlinson...

I gulped as I asked "Have you still not found, Louis yet Dad? You said he must of been kidnapped didn't you? The alien decided to get him out of the way before it pretended to be him?"

My Dad nodded but didn't look at me, I turned to go but I looked back at him as I croacked close to tears "You don't think his...dead do you?"

My dad sighed and stared at the floor as he told me softly "I can't know for sure Harry, his been missing for two months now..if...if they have him...theres no gurantee what they'll do to him"

I nodded jerkily and quickly walked outside, school time.

My names Harry Styles.

I'm 19 years old.

I live in 4010.

My best freind was kidnaped two months ago.

I hate Aliens.

Welcome to my life...



I almost had a heart attack...I thought this book got deleted. Because I kept trying to search for it, but then I realized...I was spelling it wrong Lmao xD

Ahhh I need this to be updated by the way love the minion

It's alright please update it

Thank you!! :D :D