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The Dragons Echo (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Chapter 11

His dad replied "I want my son, isn't that to much to ask for? You never visit anymore"

Niall snorted "Yeah, gee, wonder why that is?"

His dad said, though by the sound of his voice he sounded like he was pleading "Look Niall..."

"You never told me! You never told me what you were?!" Niall snapped back.

Wait...never told Niall what he was? What was his father? But I felt a sudden shiver go down my spine. Why did Niall use what instead of who?

"My mother kicked you out when she found out what you where! S-she...'" Niall gulped down tears. "She told me she'd never felt so disgusted with herself'! She tried to kill me! Because of you! When she found out she was pregnant!" He said, his voice trembling.

I knew at that moment Niall probably wasn't aware of my presence. He was to caught up with letting his feelings lose.

"I'm sorry! We should of told you earlier" His father pleaded.

"Should of, could of, why didn't you?!" Niall spat.

His father said "I wanted to you to feel normal!"

His father gave a bitter laugh "Though your mother wanted to tell you straight of, to let you know what a monster I am"

Niall said coldly "Funny how that word suits you better than what you achauly are"

His father said "Look, you're not like me! Your human! Your mothers genes won! Your fine!!"

Niall spat "I could have been like you though couldn't I?! And I'll always have a part of you inside of me! The school had to fix my bracelet when I came here! Did you know that? It kept on saying I was infected, I brushed it of when mum reassured me and got the school to fix the bracelet, saying it was just broken! But those bracelets never brake! I guess I should of sensed something funny from that day!"

His father said "Niall please I-"

Niall snapped "You could of told me!!! Instead of me finding out like I did, I felt like an outcast!
Like I couldn't go back to school! That everybody would make fun of me when they found out..."

Niall took a deep breath in and said in tears "That m-my fathers an Alien"

I stiffened, feeling myself tense up. No! That couldn't be true? Could it? Niall hung up the phone quickly after he said that and stood there breathing hard. I stared at him.

'How?" I asked softly.

Niall gulped and said brokenly "My mum and dad were together, my mums human, she didn't realise he was an Alien, intill it was to late. She was pregnant with me, she wanted to get rid of me, scared that I'd be a monster like my dad....though at the clinics they told her there was a chance, her human DNA would override my fathers and I'd be...well mostly human. She couldn't bare the thought of killing me if I did turn out human, so she waited and she gave birth to me...She told me she was over joyed when she realised I was human"

Niall took a deep breath and continued looking at the ground.

"She stopped contacting my dad and she raised me but when I was old enough and wanted to know about my father she contacted him again, she let me visit him once a week...No one told me what he was... I was tested throughout my life to see if anything was...well wrong with me...my mothers told me they were just doctor check ups. They found out I was slightly faster, slightly stronger than the normal human at my age but...it was hardly noticeable. I thought I was human, I am sort of but I'm not pure, they'll always be dads blood running through my veins"

I said slowly trying to make sense of what he told me. "So your like...half Alien, half human?"

Niall shook his head and said "I've got more human in me apparently, its only like..." He put his fingers up as if showing me something tiny "That much Alien"

Niall said neveresly "You don't seemed to be freacking out..."

I smiled crookedly at him as I said "I'm silently freacking out in my mind..."

Which was kind of true.

I was screaming inside thinking 'WHAT ON EARTH DO I DO NOW????? HOW AM I MEANT TO REACT TO THIS???

While on the outside I told Niall dryly "Well at least I know now why you can kick my ass so easily in defence"

Niall smirked at me and said "No, you are just a scrawny kind of guy"

I scowled at him and pouted.



I almost had a heart attack...I thought this book got deleted. Because I kept trying to search for it, but then I realized...I was spelling it wrong Lmao xD

Ahhh I need this to be updated by the way love the minion

It's alright please update it

Thank you!! :D :D