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C'mon C'mon

Chapter Two

Chapter Two Third Person P.O.V
“What are you doing mate?” the blonde Irish boy questioned Zayn as he plopped down next to him on the couch. They were on the tour bus headed to yet another venue.
“Nothing,” Zayn answered vaguely as continued to toy with his phone. Lately he kept it basically glued to his hand.
“Who could you possibly be messaging? I thought you and Perrie were done.” Harry commented taking notice of Zayn’s distraction.
“A friend,” once again he gave his band mates a vague answer. Niall and Harry exchanged a look. They nodded simultaneously before Harry jumped on Zayn and Niall snatched his phone.
“Guys,” Liam groaned as profanities flew out of Zayn’s mouth. He grabbed Niall’s arm trying to retrieve his pone, but Louis stepped in and took it. He turned his back to the madness that was unfolding behind him.
“Who is Kat?” he asked causing all of the boys to suddenly look at Zayn for answers. Take as advantage of the distraction, Zayn flipped Harry onto the floor and stood up.
“No one,” he answered attempting to snatch his phone away. Louis stepped out of his reach.
“You sure have exchanged several Twitter messages with this no one,” he continued. Niall and Harry walked over to glance at the phone.
“She’s fit,” Harry shrugged causing Louis to shoot him a questioningly look. “Her picture looks like she’s fit.”
“Is Kat a fan?” Niall questioned taking a seat. Zayn glared at him refusing to answer.
“You might as well tell us mate. They won’t leave it alone.” Liam advised. He was the only one who hadn’t bothered to take the phone.
“She’s a girl who I started messaging on Twitter a few days ago.” Zayn answered with a huff. Louis smiled appreciatively and returned his phone.
“Do you like this girl?” Harry asked in his slow deep voice. The other boys turned to look at Zayn once again wanting an answer.
“She’s a good friend. We get on well.” Zayn answered honestly. How could he like a girl that he had never even met?
“And how long have you been exchanging messages?” Liam questioned.
“Um, four days now, I think.”
“Four days?” Niall gasped with wide eyes. “I knew nothing.” He tried to continue his rant but Harry covered his mouth.
“Don’t you think it’s time you two start texting?” he suggested.
Zayn shook his head, “Harry it’s not…”
“I’ll help you out.” Harry interrupted taking his phone once again and sending a quick message before anyone could stop him.

Kat’s P.O.V
I pulled my phone out of my back pocket as I walked out of the bookstore. I had a new direct message from Zayn. We had been exchanging messages for four days, crazy right? Having a conversation with him was as natural as talking to Sammy. Somehow we moved off of the subject of music to general topics. I figured he would stop replying after that first day, but when I woke up in the morning there was a message waiting on me. zaynmalik: Wanna text? I nearly laughed reading the message. Granted I knew that Zayn and I had a budding friendship, but the fact that it took four days for him to ask for my number was astonishing. KatBXoXo: Sure 555-4315 As I drove home my message notification sounded. Sammy would never let this go if she knew, but she still didn’t know how long Zayn and I messaged each other the first time. It wasn’t that I was hiding anything. There was nothing to hide. Sammy was busy with finals and work. She worked as an assistant at a radio broadcasting company.
“Sammy,” I called out as I entered our apartment.
“In the shower,” she called back. I nodded and headed towards the kitchen to grab a snack. It wasn’t until Sammy started singing loudly that I remembered my unread text message. I swiped the lock and saw a foreign number that I didn’t recognize. Unkown: Hi
Me: Zayn?
Unknown: Yeah… Instantly a smile spread across my face. Our friendship had moved up a notch. If Zayn was my crush instead of my distant friend this would be a major move. Or at least that’s what Sammy would say. Me: Don’t you know that you’re supposed to include your name when texting someone for the FIRST time?
Zayn: Uh no I must have missed that memo.
Me: It’s not a memo, it’s a life rule.
Zayn: How do I learn these life rules?
Me: I have a book. Zayn: Oh I guess I’ll never know because I don’t read. I laughed out loud reading his response. As I began typing a reply Sammy appeared in a black V-neck and hot pink soffee shorts.
“Who are you smiling about?” she asked while sitting on the couch. I contemplated my answer. I could either shrug off her question vaguely or I could be honest. The decision made was to be honest.
“Remember when Zayn Malik replied to my tweet?” I inquire trying to see if that would jog her memory. Sammy nodded as she flipped through channel, “Well we’ve been messaging each other every sense.” Her head snapped in my direction. Hesitantly I continued, “We’re almost friends. He’s a cool guy to be known around the world for being vain.”
“You’re dating Zayn Malik!” Sammy squealed. My eyes widened in surprise as I shook my head quickly.
“No, we’re just friends. We’ve never even met.” I reminded her. It was amazing how she took my words and made them into something else.
Sammy pouted, “You’re so lucky. A member of One Direction noticed you and you’re not even a fan.”
“One Di… Oh yeah! That’s the group he’s in.” I slapped my forehead remembering. It wasn’t that I didn’t appreciate their music. It was just that I didn’t get hung up on celebrities. It took too much energy and I was lazy.
Sammy rolled her eyes, “So what do you and your friend conversate about?” she inquired. I shrugged carelessly. “Come on, you have to give me some details to this budding relationship.”
“It’s not a relationship,” I stated firmly shaking my head at her talent of hearing what she wanted to hear. Sammy had selective hearing in every sense. You could tell her a chicken crossed the road and she would swear that you said you ran over a cow.
“Fine it’s not a relationship, but when you’re wearing a goofy smile after he’s laid one on you I’ll be the first to say I told you so.” She wagged her eyebrows heading back into her room. I stared after her in awe. Sure she was right about these things most times, but Zayn and I had never even met and probably never would.


SORRY! I know this chapter is super short, but it's really a filler.


Love it!









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