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C'mon C'mon

Chapter Twenty-Four

Kat’s P.O.V
One Direction was officially out of the States. The morning they left I went to the airport for a quick goodbye. It wasn’t really sad or teary eyed seeing as how there were only twelve days before I flew out to London. There wasn’t really a reason to be dramatic (that’s not my style). So instead we had a quick peck on the lips and a hug. Then I drove back home to study for midterms.


“If you talk to Harry let him know that I am just fine.” Sammy ordered as I packed my suitcase. She had been saying things of the sort since the day after the boys left. Her and Harry got a little too happy and had a drunken one night stand. When their sober minds realized what happened the next morning, Sammy decided to pretend like it never happen and cut off their friendship. Yet here she was sounding bitter because he hadn’t contacted her.
“I really doubt he’ll ask about you if I do see him.” I calmly reminded her while rolling my eyes and zipping the suitcase. My flight was in the morning and I had waited to the very last minute to pack. Procrastination was my specialty.
Sammy shrugged, “Well either way don’t forget what I said.” She pointed at me sternly as she sat on my bed. I rolled my eyes once again leaning against my dresser. “Are you excited?’ Sammy bounced suddenly her bubbly self.
“Um, yeah, I am pretty excited.” I admitted with a smile.
Sammy nodded eagerly, “I bet the sex…” I shook my head furiously holding my hands up to cut her off. She laughed wickedly.
“Don’t even finish that sentence Sam. I swear your mind is worse than any guy’s.” I made way to the bathroom to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything. Sammy went towards the front of the apartment. Upon deciding that I had indeed gotten everything essential, I went to the living room to watch some TV. With midterms finally being done I was finally able to have leisure time which lasted all of an hour before my eyes began to fill heavier than a pillow filled with thirty bars of soap. The smarter decision was to just go to bed. My flight was scheduled to leave at five, it took twelve hours and I would land at eleven PM London time. If I wanted to stay awake during the flight to not have to go through jet lag then I definitely had to get sleep before it.
As I made my way to my own bedroom I knocked on Sammy’s door. She opened it with her phone to her ear. The expression on her face was an annoyed one.
“I’m going to bed,” I quickly informed her. She nodded once before closing the door angrily. In bewilderment I stood in the hallway staring at the closed door with scrunched eyebrows and a cocked head. What has her panties in bunch? I wondered to myself as I finally padded to my bedroom. Groggily I changed into my pajamas and pulled back the covers. In eight hours I would be on a flight to London.


Third Person P.O.V
Zayn looked around the living room of his home one last time. He had really tried to clean up without any help. Of course Doniya and Waliyah were sitting on the couch pointing out his mistakes the whole time.
“I think you need to clean up the dust,” Doniya commented causing Zayn to shoot her a glare. She lifted her hands innocently, “I’m only trying to help. That’s what we’re here for.”
“I thought you were here to nag.” Zayn mumbled plopping down on the small couch opposite of his sisters.
Doniya looked at him curiously, “What was that?” Zayn shook his head with an innocent smile.
Waliyah leaned forward looking directly at her brother, “Why are you trying so hard to impress her? She’s already dating you.” She questioned.
Zayn sighed, “I’m not. I mean I am, but there’s isn’t a reason.” He babbled his explanation causing both Malik girls to exchange a look before looking at him curiously. “Shouldn’t you guys be leaving? It’s a long drive back to Bradford.” He changed the subject.
Doniya stole glance at her cell phone and stood, “He’s right Waliyah we do need to go before it gets late.” Zayn stood as Waliyah stood walking them to the door. As the three siblings stood in the doorway hey hugged before exchanging temporary goodbyes. “Are you coming home tomorrow with Kat?”
“I doubt it.” Zayn answered honestly.
Waliyah pouted, “Oh, but I wanted to see her.” Her voice had a slight whining edge.
“She’s going to be here for three weeks Waliyah. You will get to see her.” Zayn reminded her. The girl shrugged. “Tell Mum and Dad I said hi.” Zayn called after his sisters as they walked down the driveway to the car. He stood in the door watching them as they drove away. When they turned off of his street he went back inside the modest yet comfortable house he owned. There were three hours until he had to leave for the airport. It was plenty of time for him to catch a nap.


Kat’s P.O.V
Looking around the busy airport at all of the unfamiliar faces one thing was for certain; I was going to kill Zayn Javaad Malik. My plane had landed twenty minutes ago and he was nowhere in sight. Repeatedly I called his phone and got no answer. It would ring, ring and ring, then go to the generic voicemail. I sent him five text messages and nothing.
“Zayn you better have a damn good excuse,” I muttered to myself as I scrolled through my contacts for any other number. One caught my attention: Harry. It was worth a shot. He answered to my relief. He was also available and in London which caused a relief filled sigh to escape my lips. He promised to be at the airport in twenty minutes so I took the time to get a nice cup of coffee to calm my nerves before gathering my luggage and making my way to the exit. I spotted the curly haired green eyed one immediately. “Harry,” I waved my hands over my head trying to get his attention in the sea of people.
He noticed me and rushed over, “Kat,” he hugged me quickly before taking my luggage and leading the way. “What happened?” he asked when we were in his Range Rover. “Where is Zayn?”
“That’s what I would like to know,” I huffed. “He was supposed to be here, but obviously he is not.”
“I’m sure there’s a reason.” Harry assured me as he drove smoothly to wherever we were headed. I looked out of the window trying to take in the sight. All of the old unfamiliar buildings and parks rich with history sparked my interest. As he drove I tried to see as much as possible. Eventually the scenery began to change. There were fewer buildings, less crowded streets. The houses got bigger, nicer, newer. The cars were sleeker, prettier, higher. Harry turned onto a street and began to slow in speed. Eventually he stopped in front of house not too short of being mansion, but definitely not too flashy. He pulled into the driveway in front of the garage door and parked. “We’re here,” He announced opening the door and getting out.
“Where?” I asked dumbly while taking in my surroundings.
Harry chuckled pulling my luggage from the back, “At Zayn’s, got to get that explanation.” He joked walked to the door as if he owned the place. He stopped looking back at me, “Don’t tell him I told you this, but Louis made a copy of his key and hid it.”
“Where?” I asked in a near whisper. His eyes travelled upward and I followed. “Above the door, the key is hid above the door.” I stated with a sigh. It was clear that I would have to be the one to retrieve it. I stretched up on my tippy toes as far as I could stretching my arm. My hand roamed around until I felt something cold and metal. I clasped it quickly feeling satisfied when I saw that it was the key. I handed it to Harry.
“Not comfortable just walking into your boyfriend’s house,” he teased as he unlocked the door and pushed it open. He stepped aside. “Ladies first,” he made a small bow. I rolled my eyes and took a cautious step inside of a bright foyer. Harry followed stopping my suitcase by the door. “Follow me,” he ordered leading the way down the hall. He made a sharp turn to the right which revealed a living room with cream suede furniture set, plasma television, manly coffee table, and off-white carpet floors. There wasn’t anyone in there, but something about the design seemed off to me. I shook away the feeling as Harry walked out of the room going to the staircase and walking up. He went straight done that hallway stopping at the last door. “You can go first. My nude ways have spread to the lads.” Wordlessly I opened the door trying to not make a sound. My eyes scanned the large bedroom. They landed on the plush bed in the center of the room last where Zayn lay on top of the covers sound asleep. He was completely dressed, shoes and all. I sighed my anger instantly dissolving at the sobering look on his face.
“Thanks Hazza, I got it from here.” I gave Harry a quick hug before he left. I heard the door close downstairs after him as I kicked off my shoes and slowly climbed into the bed. Gently I shook Zayn’s shoulder trying to wake him up. I knew he was capable of sleeping through the apocalypse, but I was hoping a miracle. He didn’t stir. “Great,” I muttered shaking rougher and still he stayed asleep. I pursed my lips folding my arms staring at him. Eventually I gave up. Instead I got retrieved my suitcase, changed into my pajamas and got under the covers. He would wake up eventually.


Third Person P.O.V
Zayn’s eyes slowly opened as the sun peeked through the crack of the curtains on his windows. He rolled over sighing, closing his eyes. He prepared to settle back into sleep when suddenly he stopped. His eyes popped back over and he jolted up. Without thinking he jumped out of the bed.
“Shit, Kat, I fell asleep.” He exclaimed rushing towards the door.
“Can you shut up I’m trying to sleep?” a groggy voice stopped him. Zayn looked back at his bed where Kat was sitting up scratching her head.
“Am I crazy?” Zayn asked more to himself as he walked to sit on the foot of the bed.
“No, but you fell asleep.” Kat slapped his chest. “Why did you do that? I was waiting.” She hit him again.
Zayn rubbed his chest from the sting, “Ow. I’m sorry babe. I meant to take a nap. How did you get here?”
“I called Harry,” Kat responded getting out of the bed and stretching tentatively. “At least he answered his phone after only one call.” Her voice was bitter and there was a pout on her lips.
Zayn reached for her hands, “I’m sorry Kat. I will make it up to you I swear.” She stood pouting in his grip. Zayn gave her the puppy dog expression, “I love you.” He said in a childlike voice.
Kat rolled her eyes, “You better,” she mumbled before placing a sweet morning kiss on his lips. She pulled away, “Now I really do need my sleep. I was up past midnight and I’m slightly jet lagged.”
Zayn stood clapping his hands. “We can stay in bed all day. We can even have breakfast in bed.”
“You cook?” Kat questioned raising her eyebrows as she lay back on the bed.
“Pssh no. There’s a place that delivers with the best breakfast.” His response made Kat snicker. “I’ll be right back.” He promised kissing her cheek before running out of the bedroom. Kat sighed laying her head on the pillow.


Kat’s P.O.V
I arrived with four days to spare until Christmas. I spent the first day being lazy with Zayn which was great, because we had never just laid around before without anyone to interrupt. Sammy or one of the guys was always around. The next day Zayn had some type of thing with One Direction so I explored London on my own until I ran into Eleanor and we hanged together for a while. We helped each other pick out presents. The third day I spent packing for Zayn because we were going to Bradford to stay overnight. I’m not saying that he’s lazy, but if he can get out of doing it he will.
“Why are you packing so much we’re only going to be there two days?” Zayn questioned hovering over me as I knelt beside the small overnight bag.
“I only packed three outfits,” I informed him. “An extra outfit for the dinner.” I stood patting his chest lightly and walking out of his bedroom.
He followed grabbing my waist and pulling my back against his chest, “Have I told you how happy I am that you’re here?” he spoke in a low voice.
A smile played on my lips, “No, I don’t think you have.”
He kissed my cheek tentatively, “I’m really happy you’re here.”
I looked back, “You are?” He pecked my lips quickly and nodded. As I turned to full on face him there was a knock on the door. I frowned as Zayn released me and went downstairs to answer it. Curiously I walked through the upstairs hallway. There was a lot I still hadn’t seen and I didn’t want to appear nosey and go downstairs. As slowly opened a door not sure if I should a loud voice jerked me back to reality.
“Kat-a-rina!” Louis yelled as he walked up the stairs. I met him at the top of the stairs with folded arms and a curious glance. “It is you!” He grabbed me in a hug making me laugh.
“Hey Tommo,” I greeted him when I was finally able to talk. “I saw your lovely girlfriend yesterday.”
“Why do you think I’m here?” Louis countered grabbed my hand and pulling me down the stairs. “I hear we have exactly eighteen days left with you here. It’s so sad.”
I rolled my eyes, “You’re counting down?”
Louis mock gasped, “No.” He shook his head as Zayn walked in the living room now dressed in dark pants, white t-shirt and a red snapback.
“Let’s go,” he looked at Louis who stood and nodded obediently.
“You’re leaving?” I asked sitting on the soft and comfortable sofa with my legs folded underneath.
Zayn nodded coming towards me, “It won’t be long.” He kissed my forehead before walking to leave out of the door.
“We must go do something mischievous.” Louis winked walking out of the living room. I pursed my lips looking around the corner into the foyer. I was in time to see the door close behind them. I sighed pulling out my phone.
@KatBXoXo: Things are different in London.


We arrived at the Malik home the next day and were greeted by all three of Zayn’s sisters opening the door. Safaa ran to me with an excited hug as Waliyah grabbed my arm steering me into the house. Doniya followed as we came upon Trisha who, unlike her daughters, was waiting patiently. The girls released me long enough for me to be grabbed again by Trisha.
“Hello dear,” she hugged me with a warm smile pulling back to greet her son.
“I missed you,” Safaa informed me. She took my hand once again.
“You’re not the only one.” Waliyah added.
I laughed lightly, “I missed you guys too.” I admitted as we arrived in the living room. I knew the next few hours would be spent catching up before getting ready to go out for dinner. It felt nice being back around all of them.


Third Person P.O.V
Zayn was leaning against the wall with folded arms watching Kat interact with his younger sisters easily. She always seemed to be genuinely happy to be around them. And they constantly asked about her. Even his parents seemed to be fond of her.
“Are you going to do it?” Doniya asked sneaking up beside him. She wore a sly smile and looked forward into the living room.
“Do what?” Zayn questioned glancing at her. He hadn’t told anyone except for the other lads about his plan. He knew if he told any of his family they would make a big deal out of it. It really wasn’t anything to get worked up over. Nothing was guaranteed.
She nudged him, “You know what.” She spoke pointedly before walking into the room. Safaa looked up as she entered pointing to Kat’s laptop where they were crowded around viewing something. Doniya’s eyebrows rose as she glanced back at her brother before joining in. Zayn eyed them suspiciously. He had no clue what they were doing. Periodically they would all laugh loudly and go into a quick whispered conversation with Kat nodded excitedly and Waliyha wearing a humored smile.
“Your father is looking for you,” Trisha informed her son as she took her daughter’s place. “I think he wants help outside.” Zayn nodded turning to leave. Trisha reached out for him, “It’s good to have you home son.” She kissed his cheek with bright eyes. Zayn smiled back at her before walking out of the door to find his dad standing with his hands in his pockets looking out at the street.
“Dad,” Zayn called out as he neared him. “Mum said you were looking for me.”
Yasser nodded, “It’s supposed to snow tonight and we have to drive through it.” He informed his son turning to look at the cars parked in their driveway.
Zayn looked at his father in disbelief, “You want to talk about snow?” He questioned slowly. He didn’t believe that was all his father wanted. He knew him too well. His suspicions were confirmed when Yasser grimaced slightly and turned to face him.
“Well actually…” He was cut off by Kat’s voice. She stood on the small porch holding onto to the doorway.
“Zayn can you…” she trailed off. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt.” She smiled apologetically.
Yasser waved it off, “We’re finish dear.” He walked inside of his home stopping to warmly greet Kat with a hug. “It’s nice to see you again.” With those words he left the couple alone.
Zayn looked after his dad curiously, “What do you need?” He asked shaking away his thoughts and turning to Kat. She smiled innocently batting her lashes. “I have a feeling I’m not going to like this.” Zayn muttered following her inside.


Okay guys there are two chapters left I hope you are prepared for it! Please tell your friends to read this story and also check out my other story "Over Again (A liam Payne fanfiction)".


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