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C'mon C'mon

Chapter Twenty-Three

Kat’s P.O.V
As compensation for not being home for Christmas I spent Thanksgiving with my parents and dragged Zayn along. Karlos was home as well which became extra awkward when Sammy stopped by with Harry. Despite that we had a great time together and my dad seemed to have warmed up to my boyfriend. Or should I say we had a great time later that day, because the first half was not that fun.
“He’s not going to try anything while they out there right?” I asked my mom looking out of the window over the kitchen sink where my dad, Karlos and Zayn were standing outside near the deep fryer that was currently cooking the turkey.
“Of course not honey.” My mom assured me as she chopped up some celery. “Check on the dressing.” She ordered. I forced myself to leave the window and walk over to the double ovens. I pulled down the door of the bottom one and peeked inside.
“It can bake for a few more minutes.” I decided closing the door. “So what do you think about him? Never said anything after you met him the first time.” I leaned against the refrigerator looking at my mom. Nothing had changed about the house I had grown up in. It wasn’t a mansion or close to it. It was just a standard three bedroom American home located in a cul de sac.
“He seems like a nice boy.” She responded oddly.
“Why do I feel like there’s more to that statement?” I cocked my head curiously.
“But I don’t know if he’s the right one for you. I understand that you like him, but honey is it worth it? I’ve seen some of the things those magazines and shows say about you and it is not nice.” She was referring to the latest rumors which accused me of having an eating disorder. Their evidence was my habit of running every day (more like every week now). One article claimed that I was unhappy with my body while E! News speculated the Zayn was unhappy with it. The rumors broke the day I changed my Twitter AVI to a picture of me and Zayn at the beach. I was wearing my newest bikini with Zayn’s arms wrapped tightly around my waist as we shared a kiss. Sammy originally posted the picture, but when Zayn asked we assured him it wasn’t in response to the rumors. Although Sugarscape did speculate that it was crowing me the new sass master.
“Mom those people are paid to gossip. Gossip is the spreading of rumors that are most likely false. It’s all one ridiculous game.”
She stopped chopping vegetables, “Is that what Zayn told you to say?” She asked suddenly taking me off guard.
“No,” I spoke through my teeth. “It’s the truth.”
She placed her hands on her hips, “Katarina Beltran do not take that tone with me. I am only concerned about your well-being. How do you know he won’t go and cheat on you with the first girl that throws herself his way?”
“Girls throw themselves his way every stinking day!” I burst. “It’s quite common and he’s perfected the art of turning them down.” We were in a stare off. I wouldn’t budge and neither would she. We were both stubborn females who believed we were always right (even when we were wrong). We just stared at each other until the sound of the back door opening caused us to look away. Karlos entered the kitchen first with Zayn close behind.
“It’s kind of chilly out there,” Karlos admitted rubbing his hands together. “How about some hot chocolate?” He wagged his eyebrows looking back and forth between me and Mom.
“If it will you get you out of my kitchen then sure.” My mom responded turning back to the cutting board. Karlos kissed her cheek quickly. She turned to Zayn, “Would you like some hot chocolate too?’ She asked with the fakest smile ever.
“Yes, thank you.” He responded politely. Before he walked out of the kitchen he stole a glance at me. My face was stone cold. My mother had successfully pissed me off.
“Then she has the nerve to act like a saint for the rest of the night.” I complained to Sammy when I got home that Saturday.
“At least she didn’t say anything out of the way in front of Zayn.” She offered but I rolled my eyes and shook my head. Sammy sighed, “I ship Zat harder than any Directioner fangirl, but maybe she has a point.”
In a cautious daze I set aside my laptop and turned to look at Sammy, “What do you mean?”
“Just that if all of the attention starts to bother I will be the biggest advocate for a Zat split.” She informed me. “But honestly I think your mom is just being a mom. It’s like their jobs to worry or something.”
I nodded lifting the technology back onto my lap, “Trust me a bunch of nosey and jealous people are not going to drive a wedge between us.”
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Third Person P.O.V
Harry nodded his head eagerly, “That’s a great idea.” He exclaimed as Louis shook his head quickly.
“That’s an awful idea.” He countered.
“I have no experience in that department and cannot give you legit advice.” Niall piped in.
Zayn scratched his head nervously, “Why is it a good idea Haz?” The curly haired boy shrugged. “Okay Lou why is it a bad idea?”
“I said awful.” Louis corrected him.
Zayn rolled his eyes, “Just answer the question.” He pressed. This was one of those times when he needed the guys’ feedback before he made a decision. To his dismay Louis shrugged as well. Zayn groaned, “Neither of you has a reason?” they both shook their heads. He turned to Niall, “Do you have anything?” Niall shook his head with an apologetic smile.
“Don’t listen to them.” Liam spoke up. When he had Zayn’s attention he continued, “Just do what you think is right.”
“That does make more sense.” Louis spoke dismissively. Harry nodded in agreement as Niall shrugged. “Paul where the hell are we?” he shouted to the front of the SUV as Zayn pulled out his mobile phone. They were on their way to a summer awards program. As usual they weren’t allowed to have dates so it was only him and the guys. However he had been exchanging text messages with Kat all day.
Kat: Watching the red carpet interviews now. Where are you guys?
Zayn: Uh almost there?
Kat: You have no clue.
Zayn: Not my job.
Kat: Whoa now. Calm yourself there Satan.
Zayn: Satan? I’m Satan now?
Kat: It’s a saying… You wouldn’t get it.
Zayn: Yeah we’re here now.
Kat: I’m staring at the TV patiently!
The lads unloaded the SUV stepping onto the red carpet. The fans on the sidelines cheered as they came into view. Zayn wore his signature smolder as the stood in front of the backdrop posing for the various cameras. After their picture was taken numerous times they were ushered forward to an interviewer.
“Now I have with me One Direction.” The young woman announced looking into the camera. “Hello boys, how’s it going?” They responded with a chorus of hellos and such. The short interview kicked off. They were asked about their album which was a work in progress. They were asked about the awards they were nominated for and more.
“We don’t expect to win them all, but one would be nice.” Niall answered getting agreements from the other four singers.
The interviewer pulled the microphone back to her mouth, “Now you guys have been here in the States for about six months and you’re due to leave soon. How have you liked your extended visit?” She directed her question to Zayn.
“Uh it’s definitely been memorable and we’ve gotten a lot done. It would be nice to do it all again.” He answered smoothly.
The interviewer smiled, “Well thank you all once again and good luck in there.” She dismissed them turning back to the camera until the next celebrity appeared.
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Okay guys there's probably two chapters left. I really hope you like the ending.


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