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C'mon C'mon

Chapter Twenty-Two

Third Person P.O.V
Zayn checked his reflection once again. He was dressed nice in dark jeans, white button down and a black blazer. Today was Kat’s birthday and he had plans (courtesy of help from Sammy). They were going out as in a date. He made sure to keep it a complete secret from Kat. As he left the hotel in the black sleek SUV he had arranged to have a driver for them for the night, he felt excited. When the driver stopped in front of Kat’s building he made his way inside with a jittery edge. He knocked on the door before quickly hiding his hands behind his back. Kat opened the door dressed beautifully under whatever false pretenses Sammy had told her. She was surprised to see Zayn and stood there with a confused expression. When he pulled the single red rose from behind his back a smile spread across her lips. Zayn offered her his arm and she took it happily. He led her outside. Kat stopped noticing the transportation arrangements.
“Where are we going?” she asked eyeing him suspiciously.
Zayn smirked, “I’m not telling.” He opened the door for her and helped her into the vehicle. Zayn nodded at the driver who pulled off. “You’re going to like this.” He assured her pecking her cheek as they settled into the drive.

Kat’s P.O.V
We arrived at our destination about twenty minutes later. A valet opened the door for us and stepped aside as Zayn got out and helped me out as well. My breath caught in my throat as I realized we were outside of a nice restaurant (and I do mean nice). My steps faltered as I attempted to take in the glorious sight surrounding me. The lobby of the restaurant had light golden walls, a custom hostess stand and a small crystal chandelier. The hostess smiled politely guiding us into the massive dining room where a huge chandelier hangs. The tables round covered in white-gold cloth with shiny gold metal chairs with cushioned seats. Zayn held my chair out for me clearly amused by amazement.
“This is really nice.” I spoke in awe facing him not trying to hide my excitement. “How long did you have this planned?”
“Why don’t you ask that question again after dinner?” he suggested with a wink. Silently I agreed. It was clear that he had more up his sleeve and I didn’t want to ruin any of it.
After we had finished our dinner (I chose simple pasta because everything else looked too complicated) and the plates had been cleared away Zayn stood and reached for my hand. Smiling I placed my hand into his own. He led us out of the restaurant. To my surprise we didn’t go back to the car. Instead we walked in a comfortable silence down the partially lit sidewalk. As we continued to walk I noticed the change in the sidewalk. It went from concrete to gravel and eventually sand. There was a white fence with twinkle lights guiding the way to what I assumed was the beach. There was a small table with a candle sitting in the middle and a covered tray. I turned to Zayn suspiciously waiting on an explanation.
“One time,” he started taking my hand and pulling me towards the table, “I was trying to get a nap and you kept going on about some movie you watched with your friends.” He pulled the chair out for me. “I put a pillow over my head, but you didn’t notice.” He smirked knowingly at me, “I don’t remember anything you said about the movie. I do remember right before you realized I was trying to sleep you said you’ve always wanted to have dinner on the beach.” He motioned to the table we were currently sitting at. “I couldn’t get us dinner here, but I figured dessert would do.”
“You were listening.” I smiled. He shrugged as if it was no big deal lifting the platter cover to reveal my all-time favorite red velvet cake. Yum!
“I do control my selective hearing.” He spoke picking up a fork and handing it to me. “Since June,” he said unexpectedly causing me to look up at him.
“What?” my eyebrows pulled together.
He looked up, “I’ve had this planned since June after our first kiss.” He admitted in a low voice as a red hue tinted his cheeks.
“So for two months you knew exactly what we would be doing on this night?” He nodded in response to my question. “Props to you.” I waved my imaginary pom poms causing him to shake his head in amusement. “if Sam was here she would say that you deserve the ‘Boyfriend of the Year’ award.” I stated.
Zayn’s eyebrow rose, “Really?” I nodded. “Do you agree?” I tapped my chin in thought as he folded his arm patiently waiting.
Eventually I shrugged my shoulders, “I think you definitely earned a nomination with this great birthday surprise.” As I spoke I was leaning forward.
“I’ll take that.” Zayn closed the distance and our lips touched only for a brief moment before I pulled back.
“I love you.” My heart accelerated as the words left my lips. Zayn pulled back further looking me directly in the eyes. It was silent except for the crashing of waves. Is he going to say it back? Did I just put my foot in my mouth? If he doesn’t say something in the next ten seconds I am getting up and leaving.
“I love you too.” As his words hit my ears I released a breath that I hadn’t realized I was holding.
I placed a hand over my heart, “Thank goodness. That would have been tragic.” Relief washed over me as he reached inside of his jacket. Curiously I watched as he pulled at a thing long envelope and slid it across the table to me. Silently I lifted it carefully opening the sealed flap. Zayn watched clearly expecting a reaction from me. Inside there was a round trip flight ticket.
“We leave at the end of November and you have classes so I was thinking when you get out for break that maybe, if you want, you could fly to London and spend it there, but that’s only if you want to.” He spoke almost as if he was nervous which was strange. We had just said the L-word for the first time to each other and airplane tickets made him nervous? What?
“I would love to spend my winter break with you.” I assured him before quickly pecking his lips.
“What do you mean you’re not sure if you’re going?” Sammy demanded. “College Halloween parties are a rare occasion.” She continued dramatically.
I looked at Zayn who was sitting on the couch beside (in his suite) before turning back to my friend and shrugging, “It’s a weekday and I have class the next morning.” I informed her.
Sammy placed her hands on her hips, “And your point is?” I rolled my eyes refusing to answer her. She crossed her arms in a huff and stamped her foot. “You’re being ridiculous Katarina.” Declared the girl acting like a child. She acted as if this would be our only opportunity to party. The fall semester had been in session for nine weeks and we had six weeks left to it. “I’m going to Harry’s suite.” She announced leaving the room.
“Why aren’t you really going to the party?” Zayn asked as soon as the door closed behind her.
I turned back to the television, “The guy throwing it has a creepy stalker infatuation with me and I have a feeling that he would try to drug my drink.” I admitted shivering slightly.
His eyes widened, “What? Why didn’t I know about this?” He demanded standing up.
“It’s not a big deal.” I tried to play down the situation. In actuality it was the creepiest thing ever. Zayn wasn’t buying my story either. Instead he folded his arms giving me a pointed look and waiting for a better explanation. I threw my hands up, “He doesn’t say or do anything too bad. I would say something if he did.” I reached his hand pulling him back onto the couch. He sat with a frown pulling me into his arms. “You’re cute when you’re overprotective.” I teased trying to lighten the mood.
He rolled his eyes, “You’re weird.”
“You love it.”
“Definitely,” he nodded slightly pecking my lips and turning his attention back to the TV. We went back to doing what we were doing before Sammy barged in demanding an explanation to the text message I had sent her.


There's one more chapter left guys and I promise that you WILL like it. Give me some feedback!


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