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C'mon C'mon

Chapter Seventeen

Kat’s P.O.V

After taking a quick shower and changing out of my uniform I drove to the hotel. The elevator ride seemed longer than usual or maybe I was just anxious. I walked to Zayn’s suite trying to distract myself from the picture that Sammy showed me. It’s nothing Kat, calm down. I mentally assured myself as I knocked softly on the door. Zayn answered looking exhausted wearing gray cotton sweatpants and a white t-shirt. He stepped aside so I could come and instantly went to the couch.
“Someone needs some sleep,” I commented placing my bag like purse on the counter of the kitchenette and sitting beside him on the couch.
“Always,” Zayn agreed as he lay over placing his head in my lap. I pulled my fingers through his hair.
“You could have just gone to sleep. I didn’t have to come over.” I reminded him. He sat up leaning against the arm of the couch and pulling me with him.
“I wanted you to.” He mumbled clearly sleepy. I lay my head on his chest listening to his breaths. We stayed that way in comfortable silence. As his breathing began to even I spoke once again.
“How’s rehearsal going?” I asked in my most casual tone.
“Great, can’t wait for you to see.” Zayn answered before adjusting the position he was laying in and closing his eyes. I pursed my lips not wanting to wake him again. Eventually my need for a nap succumbed me as my eyes drooped and I slipped into unconsciousness.

Someone was shaking me. That was the first thing I was aware of when I woke up. Opening my eyes slightly I saw that someone was Zayn. He was standing over the couch shaking me awake. When I opened my eyes to look at him, he smiled.
“I’m hungry,” he stated in all seriousness. It was as if he was delivering life altering news. I gave him a look of disbelief. “Well I didn’t want to leave you to wake up alone.” He explained before leaning down to kiss me quickly. “I forgot to do that when you came over.” I was entirely too sleepy to question his logic right now. “Come on babe I need food.” Zayn rushed bouncing on his toes as I slowly stood up from the all too comfortable couch.
“Weren’t you exhausted an hour ago?” I asked him in an annoyed voice.
Zayn smirked, “Yep and now I’m completely energized.” He winked as he twisted the doorknob and open the door.
“Mmm, sounds like you need to find a way to burn all of that energy.” I teased walking past him and into the hallway.
He grabbed my waist pulling me against his chest, “I’ve got a way.” He stated boldly before kissing me yet again. We stood in an intense lip-lock before the loud clearing of someone’s throat caused us to pull apart.
“I now know more about you than I want to.” Liam announced. He was shielding his eyes. My face instantly heated up with embarrassment as Zayn shrugged pulling me towards the elevator. Liam got on the elevator as well. As the door slid close he looked over at us, “Try to control yourselves.” He advised as we descended to the lobby.
“I don’t know Liam.” Zayn joked as he squeezed my waist pulling me closer to him. Liam was already uncomfortable enough.
I stepped away from my horny boyfriend, “He’s joking.” I looked at Zayn and shook my head, “That’s not funny.” I knew the boys liked to torture each other, but sometimes they took it too far. There are certain jokes that are just a bad idea from the start.
“Liam’s face is pretty funny.” Zayn muttered giving off a small laugh. Liam looked anxious. When the doors of the elevator opened he nearly ran out into the lobby. “You alright?” Zayn slapped his shoulder as we walked past him.
Liam nodded, “Yeah, I just had to get away from you. Desperation is an awful smell Zayn.” He smirked and walked towards the exit. My mouth popped open in humored surprise. Judging from the look on Zayn’s face, that round definitely went to Liam.

Third Person P.O.V

The couple went to the nearest McDonald’s accompanied by Liam who was apparently hungry as well. Zayn and Kat weren’t aware that he was coming with them until they reached Kat’s car (which they chose to take because it’s less recognizable) and Liam got into the backseat. They both looked back at him with curious expressions.
He shrugged, “What? I’m hungry and Lou said he could hear you talking about food. You know the walls are really thin.”
Kat turned forward and started the engine, “Meet a guy on Twitter, become friends, start to date, and you realize his band mates are strange.” She shrugged talking more to herself. “My life ladies and gentlemen!” The college girl pulled out of the parking lot still shaking her head as Zayn played with the radio. He stopped a station that was currently playing a Jay-Z song. “No way,” Kat said reaching to change the station. Zayn slapped her hand away.
“The driver has no say.” He stated as if it was a law.
“No, I am not a fan of Jay-Z.” Kat reminded him. They had discussed their contrasting music taste before.
Liam leaned forward, “Jay-Z is a rapping genius.” He stated in a serious voice with a smile playing on his lips. Zayn looked back at him momentarily before turning to look at Kat.
“Two to one, you lose,” He shrugged and spoke quickly turning the song up to drown out Kat’s complaining. Liam laughed from the backseat. It was entertaining to watch. Zayn and Kat were nearly complete opposites, but they seemed to fit perfectly.
“Oh yeah, because I really had a chance at winning.” Kat muttered audibly. Sarcasm reeked her voice. Zayn looked amused. He fought his smile and laughter. Kat groaned and continued driving. She just had to make it through four minutes and the song would be over.
The station had just started playing Kiss You by none other than One Direction when they arrived at McDonald’s.
“Thank God. I wouldn’t have made it through the song.” Liam huffed getting out of the car.
“It wouldn’t have lasted. Kat doesn’t like boy bands or at least not ours.” Zayn informed him looking at his girlfriend with a pointed expression.
Liam turned to Kat with folded arms, “You don’t like our music?”
Kat paused, “I heard one of your songs and it was really good, catchy too.” She nodded with a cute smile trying to get Liam to drop the subject.
Liam shook his head, “One, only one song? You didn’t even give us a chance.” Kat shrugged walking into the fast food joint. “Humor me this, what is it you don’t like?”
Kat sighed looking at Zayn, “Thank you.” She said sarcastically before turning to Liam. “I didn’t say I don’t like One Direction. I’ve just never heard enough of your music to declare myself a fan.”
Zayn shook his head with a small smirk, “She practically said we can’t sing.” He spoke as serious as possible. It took everything in him not to laugh.
“You’re not helping!” Kat exclaimed as she turned to slap Zayn’s chest. He turned his shoulder narrowly dodging the blow with a chuckle. As she stalked towards him, Zayn backed away now full out laughing. He felt himself bump into someone turned around. His laughter stopped and his face froze in a wide eyed expression as Perrie smiled back at him.
“Zayn!” she exclaimed happily.
“H-hey Perrie.” Zayn greeted the blonde with dip-dyed pink ends in a cautious voice. He was aware of Kat watching their interaction.
Perrie lightly touched his arm, “What happened to you last night? You disappeared.” At the mention of the night before Kat’s ear perked up. She folded her arms wanting to hear Zayn’s explanation as well.
“Uhh…” Zayn struggled for the right words. Suddenly he took a step back. “You remember Kat, right? You two have met before.” Subtly he gripped Kat’s waist pulling her between him and the touchy-feely Perrie. Perrie’s smile didn’t falter. She looked at Kat as if they were best friends.
“Yeah, you’re the one from the club.” She pointed as she remembered.
Kat nodded stiffly, “That’s me.” She spoke in a low voice. Zayn knew he had some explaining to do. Perrie nodded in a ‘that’s nice’ manner. She turned to Zayn and her smile grew.
“Well, I’ll see you later.” She walked away followed by Leigh Anne who waved as she passed. Zayn nodded following them carefully with his eyes. When he looked down at Kat she had an eyebrow raised.
He smiled innocently, “We should order something to eat.” Zayn stated turning to the cashier counter, but Kat grabbed his hand causing him to look back.
“What happened to you last night?” She repeated clearly having heard that bit of the conversation as well.
“We had rehearsals at the same time as Little Mix and afterwards we all caught up.” He explained in a casual tone.
Kat folded her arms, “That’s all that happened?” It was more of a question rather than a statement.
Zayn tucked in his chin looking at her with slight disbelief, “Yeah that’s it Kat. You know me better than that.” He pecked her forehead and turned to order. Kat nodded to herself. She believed him, but something about the way Perrie spoke had her suspicious. Call it woman’s intuition, but Kat knew something was up.


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