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C'mon C'mon

Chapter Fourteen

Kat’s P.O.V
Zayn Malik’s girlfriend; that’s what they were referring to me as. The media, tabloids, and fans (of course). It was like they had forgotten my name which was odd. When mentioning the tweet I made about Harry stealing Niall’s food and him finding out, the gossip show host called me Zayn Malik’s girlfriend.
“It’ll change eventually.” Zayn assured me as we sat in his suite. I was pacing in front of the couch ranting.
“Yeah, but it’s like I don’t have my own identity. It’s ridiculous!” I threw my hands up exasperatedly. Zayn rolled his eyes as stood to block my path. He took both sides of my face forcing me to look directly at him.
“Don’t pay attention to them. It’s going to be like this if we’re going to be together. They’re going to do and say things that will get under your skin, but you can’t react because that’s what they want. You have to be the bigger person. Can you do that?” He waited for me to answer, but I seriously had to think. Being the bigger was a lot easier said than done. “Kat?” Zayn sounded concerned. It had been some seconds.
I sighed, “Yes, Zayn, I can be the bigger person and ignore them.” He kissed me laughing as I folded my arms. He pulled away waiting on me to continue. “But they can at least use cute pictures of me, I mean honestly every freaking picture of you looks straight out of GQ magazine.”
“Well…” Zayn shrugged smugly. I glared at him. He stopped, “You look better than any model I’ve ever seen.”
“Aw, nice way to compliment while subtly saying there’s some model out there that is more attractive.” I gushed jokingly before pecking his lips. After pulling away I clapped my hands together loudly and stretched onto my tippy toes. “Okay Malik let’s go. I haven’t run in four days and you’re coming with me.” Zayn groaned, but didn’t argue. It wouldn’t have helped him to do so anyways.

Zayn Malik and new girlfriend spotted running in downtown LA
Although neither Zayn Malik (One Direction band member) nor Kat Beltran (his supposed girlfriend) have confirmed their relationship. It has been acknowledged by their friends and family. Yesterday Zayn and Kat (Zat) were spotted having a quick in downtown LA. After their exercise session the couple apparently rewarded themselves for their hard work with ice cream from Frost Bite. Kat tweeted a picture of their frozen treats using the caption “I think we earned these fair and square.” No word yet on how long couple have truly been a couple, but one thing is clear. They are happy.

“Your mom called,” Sammy informed me. “I answered, but she said she would just call back later.” I had just gotten out of the shower after my run with Zayn. “Maybe she saw one of the articles.”
I rolled my eyes retrieving my cell phone, “I hope not. That’s a two hours conversation that I am not willing to have.” Sammy laughed as she continued to flip through the magazine. Tonight was girls’ night. We hadn’t done one since forever or at least that was how it felt when we planned this one. Tonight was girls’ night. We hadn’t done one since forever or at least that was how it felt when we planned this one.
“You should cut your mom some slack.” Sammy advised. “You never visit home and I bet she misses you like crazy.” She wore a serious expression letting me know that she wasn’t playing around. “You should go see her this weekend and take Zayn with you.”
“I’ll go, but Zayn will not. He’ll probably be busy.” I responded with a shrug as got comfortable on the couch.
“Oh, so you know his schedule?” Sammy countered when I didn’t respond she laughed, “You’re scared to introduce him to your parents!”
“Well duh! His freaking arm is covered in tattoos! He’s a smoker! He has an earring.” I lowered my voice dramatically. “Zayn Malik is the poster child for the bad boys fathers warn their daughters about.”
“And your dad would rip him to shreds.” Sammy commented moving her head to her words.
I nodded, “Exactly.” I agreed.
“You still have to take him.” She informed me later that night as we watched Easy A.
“I know.” I groaned disappointedly. It was only fair after all. I had met his parents and the thing to do would be return the favor.

“Clap it up for that body. Clap it up for that body.” Sammy sang as I hip rolled while vacuuming the living room floor. We had somehow managed to completely mess up our apartment during our girls’ night. It must have been a combination of popcorn, scary movies, and no guys to hold onto to.
The sound of someone clearing their throat caused me to stop my dancing momentarily to look over my shoulder. Zayn stood in the door with a skeptical expression. Sammy stifled a laugh looking at me. I shrugged and continued to dance. It made cleaning fun.
“Should I come back?” he asked still standing in the doorway. Sammy threw the towel she was using to wipe down the tables on the kitchen counter. “You two look busy.”
I snorted, “You won’t interrupt. Trust me.” I assured him as I turned off the vacuum. Sean Kingston’s Rum and Raybans was still playing from my phone which was connected to the dock. As I made my way to the hall closet to store away the vacuum a line in the song caught my attention. I turned back to look at (who was now comfortably sitting on our couch) and Sammy. “What is a mad black truck?” I asked them in all seriousness.
“Why are you asking me? I don’t know.” Sammy responded rolling her eyes and continuing to wipe the counter off. It had been awhile since we did a true cleaning. I looked at Zayn expectantly.
He shrugged, “I’m not even sure what you’re talking about.” I sighed disappointed continuing on my mission. “At least I’m being honest.” He called towards me.
“Props to honesty!” Sammy added. Having those two in the same room was always a challenge.
Once we were done cleaning Sammy and I joined Zayn in the living room. He was already dominating the remote so I folded my legs underneath me and sat in the middle of the couch. Sammy threw me a pointed look before reaching for her laptop. When I ignored her she coughed obnoxiously. Zayn looked at her questioningly, but said nothing. Sammy folded her arms stubbornly before closing her laptop and setting it back on the coffee table.
“Kat aren’t you going to see your parents Saturday?” she asked a little too loudly.
“You are,” Zayn asked. I swear he has selective hearing. When I asked for help cleaning his suite he swore he didn’t hear me, but if I even fixed my mouth to insult his hair he would be all over it.
I rolled my eyes in annoyance at Sammy before looking at him, “Yeah, I decided to yesterday. I’ll probably stay the night and come back Sunday.” I shrugged as if it wasn’t anything and turned my attention to the TV. Sammy shook her head.
“That means I get to actually sleep until I want.” Zayn commented dropping the subject just like that. I felt the tension in my shoulders quickly subside.
“So you aren’t busy Saturday?” Sammy asked him leaning slightly forward in the plush chair. What is she doing? My telepathic insults weren’t fazing her in the slightest.
Zayn shook his head, “Nope, we have the weekends off.” Sammy opened her mouth to say something, but I quickly cut her off.
“You should come with me.” The fake excitement oozed through my voice. He would say know. I knew he would say no.
“Okay.” Zayn agreed with debate. Like he didn’t try to get out of it at all. I just knew that he would say no. Unfortunately I was mistaken. My eyes widened as I realized he had agreed to come with me to visit my parents. “Are you okay?” Zayn asked taking a glance in my direction.
“Give her a minute.” Sammy advised as she stood. “She’s in shock.” She informed him as she made her way to her bedroom. Zayn waved a hand in front of my face, but I was frozen. My mind was going ninety to nothing. There had to be a way to change his mind. It wasn’t that I didn’t want him to meet my parents. It was just that past experience served as examples of why he should not. For instance, I dated this guy my junior year who was known for his eventful parties. My dad did not take well to that.
“Um, babe you’re worrying me.” Zayn spoke slowly as he sat up to look at me full on. I blinked rapidly coming back to the present.
“Did you say okay?” I asked him in bewilderment. He nodded. “Huh,” I tapped my chin thinking. “Well this will be fun.” I decided with a shrug before reaching for the remote.
“Oh no,” Zayn shook his head taking it back. “I’m sorry Kat, but I can’t handle hours upon hours of Criminal Minds, Law & Order, or any other twisted show you want to watch.”
“As if what you watch is any better. I mean, Family Guy, really?” I countered scooting back to lean against the arm of the couch.
“I watch other shows.” He corrected me.
I folded my arms, “So do I.” We stared at each other. Neither one of us was willing to back down anytime soon.
“Who wants ice cream?” Sammy asked loudly as she reappeared. “Whoa put the daggers away.” She placed her hands on her hips.
“I want ice cream.” I decided standing up. “Let me go change.”
“Why?” Zayn asked looking after me as I walked around the coffee table.
“So we can go get ice cream.” I spoke slowly. His selective hearing needed major improvement.
Zayn wore a blank expression, “You look nice in what you have on.” Says the guy who looks like a GQ model every day of the week. Even today he was exceptionally good looking in his khaki shorts, black graphic t-shirt with red lettering, black kicks, and un-quiffed hair.
I smiled, “Aw, you have to say that, BRB.” I skipped out of the living room. My outfit of choice were my favorite acid wash capris, red V-neck , and the black snapback I stole (borrowed if anyone asks) from Zayn.
“Hey, I’ve been looking for that hat.” Zayn exclaimed when I walked back into the living room.
“It’s mine now.” I teased heading towards the door. Suddenly I was thrown over his shoulder. “Seriously Zayn, you resort to force.” Sammy laughed as she grabbed her keys.
“You move entirely too slow,” Zayn explained as Sammy held the door open.
“Don’t drop me!” I ordered as he walked down the hallway. He dipped down quickly as if he had lost his footing. A small scream escaped my mouth.
Zayn laughed, “Have I ever dropped you before?”
“Kill the image!” Sammy suddenly yelled as she repeated the motion of covering her eyes and blinking rapidly once she uncovered them. “Oh my gosh it’s still there.” She whined dramatically as the elevator doors slid close. I turned my head to look at her in disbelief. When we got to the ground floor there were a few photographers outside. They must have followed Zayn, who was still carrying me on his shoulder. Sammy held the door opened obviously enjoying this torture.
“I think I’m closer,” I informed them. “Sammy has a spare key.” Zayn nodded heading towards my car. Once again his devious ways were helped by Sammy. He threw me, literally slung me of off his shoulder, into the driver’s seat before walking around to the passenger side. “Jerk,” I muttered. He chuckled getting into the car. The paps moved closer to get more pictures as I started the engine.
“Ow, they should really move. You aren’t the best driver.” Zayn spoke in a serious tone. Sammy snorted with laughter. She clearly agreed with him. “Oh the poor lads. They won’t even see it coming.” Zayn continued to pick as I shifted the gear to forward drive. “Yay you didn’t commit murder!” he cheered when I managed to pull off without any casualties.
“Oh my gosh, he’s the best boyfriend you’ve ever had.” Sammy was dying of laughter in the backseat. I rolled my eyes at them both.
We made it to Frostbite but not without notice. Different pictures of me dangling over Zayn’s shoulder or him tossing me in the car were all over tabloids and blogs. The stories stretched from playful flirting to abusive relationship. It was amazing really.
@KatBXoXo: Note to self: Next time just give him the hat.


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