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C'mon C'mon

Chapter Ten

Kat’s P.O.V
“What do you wear to go out with your friend who you had sex with last night?” Sammy rhetorically questioned as she looked into my closet.
“The same thing I would wear any night to the club. It’s not a big deal Sam.”
“You slept together and it’s not a big deal?” she looked at me curiously. “What happened to Miss I-Don’t-Have-Sex-With-A-Guy-Unless-I-Really-Like-Him?”
I shrugged, “People change.” I commented as I pushed aside so that I could look in my own closet. There were four certifiable club dresses and none of them were appealing right now.
“People change, but Katarina Beltran does not. You like him, but you won’t admit it. Why?” Her question went ignored causing her to groan. “Fine, but I’m still waiting to deliver that huge I told you so.” She headed towards the door. “Oh and don’t want a dress unless you’re trying to look easy.”
“Go get dressed,” I rolled my eyes at her turning towards my dresser. In my bottom drawer there was a pair of black, high-waist, parachute shorts. Pairing them with my purple singlet made a cute outfit. My hair was straightened and swept over to my left shoulder. I pinned it in place before starting on my make-up. The only thing I really wore was eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, and gloss.
“Well don’t you look pretty,” Sammy commented coming into the bathroom. She was dressed in a silver sparkly club dress. Her hair was a mess on her head. “What am I going to do to this birds nest?”
“Do something pretty so Harry has even more reason to flirt with you.” I advised finishing up my make-up.
“That boy is trying so hard to get into my pants.” Sammy huffed picking up the black flat irons.
I nodded, “And you’re not wearing any pants so that makes it easier.” I joked.
She rolled her eyes, “I’m not the one denying my feelings for one-fifth of One Direction.” She countered. I groaned sitting down the eyeliner pencil and walking out of the bathroom. “Yeah! Runaway from your problem!” Sammy called after me with a small laugh.
There was a short knock on the door before it opened revealing a dapper Zayn followed by Niall, Harry, Liam, and Louis.
“Tommo the swag master,” I nodded appreciatively at the best dressed boy band member. Louis did a quick spin before striking a pose. “Nice,” I said in a sing-song voice.
“I know,” he snapped before plopping down on the couch. “Where’s the blonde one?” He asked looking around.
“I’ll find her,” Harry headed down the hallway confidently. I looked after him in wonder. Does he honestly like Sammy or is it just a joke?
“He’s a huge flirt,” Liam commented as if he was answering my mental question. I nodded sitting on the arm of the chair which Zayn happened to be sitting in.
“Ready for some fun Kat?” Niall questioned wagging his eyebrows.
I shook my head with determination, “I will not drink with you.”
“But you’re the only one who can keep up.” He whined.
“Oh well,” I shrugged carelessly as Zayn chuckled. “Why don’t we find you a nice girl whose conversation is so great you won’t drink endlessly?” I clutched my hands together and leaned towards him.
“Good luck,” he muttered causing my hopeful smile to disappear as Sammy entered the living room being trailed by Harry. “Finally,” Niall sighed.
“Hello love,” Liam greeted my friend with a smile.
“Let’s go!” Louis shouted jumping up and basically running to the door.
“To the car!” Harry pointed forward as if ordering us to charge, but instead he got cheers.
“The boys are back,” Zayn announced as we got onto the elevator.
“And they’re in the presence of greatness,” Sammy added. We high fived with confident smiles.

Third Person P.O.V
Zayn watched as Niall talked to a cute brunette at the bar. Harry was on the dance floor with Sammy and Kat who had pulled Louis with her. He was sitting with Liam. They were all having a good time. Kind of.
“Remind me why I’m here again,” Liam requested in a bored voice.
Zayn shrugged, “Uh I think you’re here for Niall.”
“Yeah, but he doesn’t seem need me.” At that they both turned to look at the bar. The girl giggled as Niall smiled. It looked like their conversation was progressing smoothly. “Why are you here?” Liam asked suddenly.
Zayn look at him as if he had lost his mind, “It was my idea.”
“No, why are you here, sitting down while Tommo is badly dancing with Kat?” Liam waited for a response, but Zayn was silent. As an attractive blonde in a fit swoop neck black dress passed by Zayn looked back at Liam and smirked mischievously.
“You’re right mate,” he agreed before jumping up and catching the girl’s attention.
“Not what I meant Zayn!” Liam called after him, but the boy was long gone. He didn’t have time to process before Niall appeared alone. “Where’s your friend?”
“She had to leave, but I got her number.” Niall was proud. The guys liked to give him a hard time for kicks, but tonight they couldn’t. “Where are Harry and Lou?” Liam nodded towards the dance floor. Kat was attempting to teach Louis what appeared to be a simple dance move, but he kept adding his own twist. “Um, I don’t see Zayn.”
“Let’s hope Kat doesn’t either,” Liam mumbled as Kat, Sammy, Harry, and Louis rejoined the group.
“I’ve never danced so much,” Louis huffed taking a seat in the booth.
“Because you’ve never partied with us,” Kat laughed at him. “Liam you should try it.”
“Maybe I will,” he nodded in agreement as they settled into an entertaining chat.
They had been talking for several minutes when Sammy interrupted with cries of hunger. Niall quickly joined her.
“I could go for some food,” Kat shrugged.
“Me too,” Harry admitted.
“Well I’m just getting started. Where’s the Bradford Bad Boy? He can be my partner in crime.” Louis asked looking around as it occurred to all of them that Zayn was missing in action. Liam opened his mouth to fess up, but Louis beat him to it. “Found him, who’s he talking to?”
“Uh, I’ll go tell him we’re leaving.” Liam offered leaving the group to discuss the sight. He made his way through the people reaching Zayn and the mystery blonde that looked a little too happy. Zayn was holding a fresh drink and Liam could tell he was in his prime, but he interrupted anyways. “We’re leaving mate. Louis wants to know if you’re staying.” He announced talking over the loud music.
“Yeah, I’ll find him and Kat in a few.” Zayn nodded turning his attention back to the girl.
“Kat’s not staying,” Liam informed him. Zayn turned to look at him with a questioning expression. “She’s going with us.” Liam added.
“Give me a minute,” Zayn told the girl following Liam back to the table of friends. The girl hesitantly followed afterwards making sure to keep a safe distance. She watched with a glare as Zayn gripped the back of Kat’s chair and leaned down. “You’re leaving?” he asked only for her to hear.
Kat angled herself so that she was looking at him, “Yeah I’m kind of hungry.”
“We can get something when we leave,” Zayn offered. He wasn’t exactly aware of what he was doing, but he didn’t want Kat to go just yet.
She shook her head, “Nah I’m going to go now. You stay with Louis. Have fun.” She stood to follow after the exiting crew. As she walked away Zayn grabbed her hand pulling her back.
“I’ll call you later,” he told her. Kat could smell the alcohol on him, but she smiled anyways. He leaned down and kissed her quickly. She pulled back stealing a quick glance at the blonde who was now fuming.
“Bye Louis,” Kat smiled at her new found friend and made her exit. Zayn watched her leave debating following. He went to take a step forward and Louis placed a hand on his shoulder.
“You alright mate?” he asked.
“Yeah,” Zayn answered turning to look back at the girl who was now smiling expectantly. Her name was Britney and she was an aspiring model. He wasn’t exactly sure why he had wasted so much time talking to her. Liam managed to get under his skin and he wanted to prove a point. What was the point? Even I don’t know.


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