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Souderton Abbey

Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun

Chapter 9

Niall stumbled back two steps and wiped his now stolen lips with the fabric of his formal uniform. He couldn't believe what had just happened to him and had no idea how to react either. On one hand he wanted to yell every vile word he had learned while growing up, but on the other hand he wanted to run and hide because of what Charles had just done to him. He knew if he went with the first option most likely he would be fired and unable to find another job that was nearly as good as Souderton. The second option seemed the best, but how would he be able to get out of working for Charles in the morning?

"Niall, why are you looking at me like that?" Charles began to back away in fear of Niall's next move. He knew what he just did was a mistake, but by the look in Niall's eyes he truly felt like the disgusting person he was. He got lucky last summer by having a summer fling with a family friend's son, but by the end of the summer his so called 'lover' realized what they were doing and ran off to France for boarding school. He felt a sliver of hope with Niall that was never there, and now he was going to hear it out of the horse's mouth.

"I'm sorry, sir, but I do not condone what you just did at all, and I'm going to have to ask to not serve you anymore in exchange with my promise not to inform anyone about this." Niall turned towards the door when it opened and out came Amanda in her nightgown and her eyes sparkling with mischief.

"No need to make a deal, Niall. I'll make sure your little secret won't get out." Niall only nodded his head and left the room as fast as he could. When he was finally out of earshot, Amanda closed the door swiftly behind her and walked towards the bed and pretended to be intrigued by the bedsheets. "You know I was in a similar situation like this, but you're lucky because he was willing to keep quiet. My situation was not as lucky."

Charles was confused and on the verge of tears by this point. "What happened with you?"

Amanda only smiled and lifted her eyes to Charles. "Oh no, we will get to my story later. For right now let's talk about you. What, did you think he was an attractive, nice, young fellow looking for another lonely soul. Did you create in your head conversations you would have with him and daydream about going on dates and spending quality time with him? Did you think that you had a chance with him because he was constantly putting up with your bullshit and suddenly forgot that he was being paid to do it? Did you ignore the looks and glances between him and Carrie, those young, innocent looks?"

Charles soon felt his chest heaving up and down and the teardrops landed on his bare chest making him feel cold. "I didn't ignore, I was naïve. I thought he was just being polite."

"That's where your problem lies. You're too naïve. Did you ever stop to think about the feelings of mom and dad, let alone the stain you would leave on our family if word about this gets out?"

Charles stood up quickly and wiped the tear stains on his cheeks away. He turned towards his sister with annoyance creeping up his spine. "Oh please, mother would never let anything bad about our family get out. Isn't that what she did for you, little princess?"

Amanda was actually trying to help her brother but soon realized that he doesn't trust her, hell, she couldn't even trust herself. "Well actually yes, she did. That bastard that I convinced myself I was in love with actually wanted to keep the baby, as did I. But when we told mother she was not fond of the idea, as you would expect, so she offered him money, and much of it, to keep quiet and leave."

Amanda put her hand on her lower abdomen and rubbed her thumb against her soft nightgown. She felt a growing heaviness in her chest and her throat began to dry up at the memory of what happened. Even worse, the fact that she is actually admitting to someone what happened. "See, mom only told you that we had an 'affair', but she never told you how much of an affair it actually was. Before I had the chance to explain, mom told him privately that I had an abortion, but still offered him the money. He was so appalled that I had an abortion because we already had plans and dreams of leaving and raising the baby together. He left the next day without saying goodbye."

Amanda's heart felt as though it was slowly coming apart at the seams yet she still managed not to shed a single tear. After all those nights of crying she felt that there was no emotions left for her to cry about, the situation just made her feel numb.

"The next morning, mother told me that he had skipped town and left, and that I now had to get an abortion. It was the only choice I had left, or so I thought." The dreadful feeling as though she needed to hit herself in the head became overwhelming. How could she believe everything her mother said to her that day? "Luckily now I know the whole truth. He actually sent me a letter explaining why he never said goodbye, but it meant nothing to me because everything had already been done, and now he's getting married." For some unknown reason, Amanda smiled when she said the last sentence and let go a small tear that has been waiting to be cried out for the past six months.

Charles walked over to where his sister was sitting on his bed and held her in his arms as she cried and cried more than she ever had. He now knew why she has been so cold lately to Carrie, she's jealous that she hasn't been in a situation like her's, but is also scared that soon she will be in one with Niall. Charles turned his head and kissed his sister's forehead and whispered, "I'm getting my own place out in the fields in Ireland. I want to start a new life there, I know being gay will not be accepted for many, many years, but hopefully I can make it acceptable in my own house?" Amanda chuckled lightly and she wiped her tears from her face and turned towards her brother.

"I doubt if you have workers that many of them will accept it, but I'm proud that you're willing to even take the chance. I was too coward to run away with him when he asked me."

"Well then that's you're own fault now, isn't it? Come with me so I can help be less of a punk and less of a bitch, if that's even possible." They both laughed as the night went on with everybody sleeping soundly in their rooms, except for Niall. He felt as though he had just been robbed of his first kiss but better yet, he felt as though he was spoiled for Carrie. What would she think? Would she be mad that he kissed her cousin and best friend of all people? He was beginning to regret his date with her on Monday, but hopefully he can tell her or at least find a way to not act weird around her for the next few days, possibly weeks.


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@ericajaine thank you so much! I really tried to make it more like a story than just another fanfiction

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I read one effing paragraph and holy shit, you're amaze-balls at writing!! Your attention to detail, and writing style is very impressive. <333