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Souderton Abbey

Morning Encounters

Chapter 3

The next morning, Niall applied the third button from the top on his new uniform when the bathroom door between the two wardrobes opened and revealed a shirtless Harry. His toned stomach and strong arms were put on display with no shame whatsoever. Niall quickly glanced at the sight in front of him and began to instantly chuckle to himself at the boldness of his room mate for the past 24 hours. "Harry, if I would have known you weren't an uptight room mate I wouldn't have done my laundry before I got here."

Harry laughed at Niall as he pulled his under shirt over his head making his curls bounce a bit. "Well then if you're not going to do your laundry then I'll just walk around in the buff as much as I want." Niall's faced turned sour as he laughed at the same time.

"I'd much rather go on with life and only see my own junk, thank you very much." Harry only laughed once more as he put on his uniform jacket and grabbed his shoes from under his bed. Niall double checked to make sure his shoes were not damaged in any way from yesterday's outing. He smiled softly to himself remembering how Lady Carrie offered to give him a tour of the town square even though it was basically unnecessary.

"What are you smiling about? My guess is that something happened yesterday on you outing with Lady Carrie." Harry looked knowingly at Niall even though he knew Niall wouldn't do anything stupid. At least not yet.

"Nothing happened, she just gave me a tour of the town square and took me to her and her sister's private apartments for when they want to stay in town for longer periods of time."

Niall noticed Harry's body tense up before Harry turned around abruptly looking Niall dead in the eyes with nothing but seriousness. "Did it seem as though anybody had been in there recently? I don't mean to worry you but Carrie's older sister Kristen is fearful of thieves and has asked me to check up on it periodically. I meant to go yesterday but I wanted to make sure you were ok, you know? Settling in here may not be the easiest thing." Harry was only lying through his teeth, but he had surely hoped Niall did believe him. He couldn't tell him the truth obviously, for he had only known him for exactly a day.

Niall luckily had not noticed Harry was lying to him and honestly informed him that it didn't seem as though anybody had been in there for awhile. "I wouldn't be the best person to ask though, considering it was my first time in there I couldn't tell you if anything had been taken." Harry's hard expression softened when he could tell Niall was answering truthfully, unlike himself.

"Oh well, how 'bout we go down to breakfast before your first day as being a butler, eh?" Niall's face showed nervousness once again from the thought of his first time being a butler ever. Luckily Harry taught him the need to know basics before they went to bed last night, but he more did not want to make a fool of himself before Carrie, let alone her family. Harry could sense Niall's nervous and instantly felt bad for giving him any reason to be upset. "Don't worry Niall, they truly are a wonderful family, just remember what I told you last night and you'll do great." Smiling at the reassurance given to him, Niall nodded his head towards the door.

"Thanks but I am more nervous about the sounds my stomach will make if I don't get any breakfast soon." The two young men laughed as they left their room towards the servant's dining table, mentally preparing for the day ahead.

At breakfast, Carrie made sure to smile at the new face in the room discreetly only so Niall could see. Niall smiled with his mouth closed as he bowed slightly towards her. Though he knew he wasn't allowed to, he still found himself glancing at Lady Carrie more than often.

As breakfast finished, Carrie tried to move quickly to catch up with Niall and thank him for yesterday, but was stopped by her father standing within her path. "Carrie, in 15 minutes do you mind meeting me in the library?" Slightly confused as to why her father would need to talk to her in private, Carrie couldn't help but feel that she was in trouble.

"Sure Papa, but I can't help but wonder if I am in trouble for anything." Her father only smiled showing his laugh lines created over the years.

"Of course not honey. I just want to ask you something that's all." With that her father went about his business and left Carrie to her search for Niall once more. With no sight of him, Carrie only assumed he had gone back to the servant's quarters.

Letting out a small sigh in defeat, Carrie turned the corner and hadn't noticed the person also trying to turn the corner at the same time. Letters flew on the ground as a result of the collision and both of them bent down to pick them up.

Embarrassed, Carrie apologized to the still unknown person as she helped him pick up the letters. Looking up, she met blue eyes that she had also met the day before knowing very well who they belonged to. He quickly counter apologized saying how he was the one at fault and that she had nothing to worry about.

As the two stood up, Carrie had forgotten what it was she wanted to tell him before. "I was actually looking for you to tell you something but I have already forgotten what it was." Niall only smiled at the thought that Carrie wanted to talk to her because truth be told he couldn't stop thinking about her.

"Well whatever it was I hope it was good news." Carrie only smiled at remembering how nervous he was yesterday.

"Of course it was good news. You've given me no reason for any bad news. It's actually quite nice whenever we get new staff here because some of the staff have been working here for as long as I can remember. Meeting new people is actually quite.... Refreshing." Carrie continued to smile as Niall tried to hold onto his smile but it became quite hard to. When she said the word 'staff' Niall seemed to have forgotten why he was even at Souderton in the first place. He was a worker, and that's all he will probably ever be.

"I should probably let you get on with your day, Lady Carrie. I only came up her to deliver these letters to your father." As Niall was about to take a step and continue his search for the man the letters were delivered to, Carrie quickly stepped infrint of him and held the letters in his hands without taking them out of his grip.

"If you want I can take these to him, I was actually on my way to see him right now." Looking into Niall's eyes, Carrie looked for assurance even though she didn't know a reason why he wouldn't allow her to. Both still held onto the letters and Niall did wish there were no letters in between them and reluctantly let go as he nodded his head in assurance for Carrie.

Niall turned around and headed towards the servant's quarters when he heard Carrie let out his name. As he turned around Carrie had finally remembered what it is she wanted to tell him. "Thank you for yesterday, we should do it again sometime."

The Irishman's smile reappeared as he was thought of being alone with her flashed through his mind. "The pleasure was all mine." With that, they went their separate ways each of them smiling to themselves at a successful morning encounter.


I'll post chapter four in about an hour I just need to tweek it a bit!


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@ericajaine thank you so much! I really tried to make it more like a story than just another fanfiction

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missed you!!

I read one effing paragraph and holy shit, you're amaze-balls at writing!! Your attention to detail, and writing style is very impressive. <333